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Hi I'm Alan fun

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah amin while earlier he was a marine

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we're going to look at the tafsir or some of the deceit of certain insaan. And what cover whatever we can from the surah in sha Allah

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SoTL insaan and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite it in the ledger of Friday prayers. And the scholars said it is befitting that it is recited on Friday, because it mentions the creation of Adam and the creation of human beings. And we know from the authentic hadith that Adam alayhis salam was born or was created on a Friday fee. Hola, Adam. Wolfie,

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Wolfie origem in ham. On that day Adam was created on that day he was entered into an agenda and on that day, he left an agenda and certainly in Sun focuses on describing agenda, the different types of drinks and the servants and all the things that people will get the believers will get an agenda. In the first verse, Allah Subhana Allah says, by the hour the villa Himanshu rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Hello, Alan insane Hina Mina de la Mia. Ahmed Cora. So the first verse is in the form of a question but it's a rhetorical question has there ever come upon an in son the human being he known minute, dollar is a very long stretch of time. And within this long stretch of time was

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there a time when you did not exist when the human being did not exist? Let me show you a myth Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala said something to be mentioned, because when something exists, then it can be mentioned with a description with a characteristic. But if something cannot be mentioned at all with any description, that means it doesn't exist. So the first verse is saying has not come upon the human being a time when he was nothing to be mentioned, he was not in existence, and it's something that no one can deny.

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And it's something that brings humility to the individual. Yeah, where were you 500 years ago? What were the colors? What do you feel? What did you see what were the sense you did not exist whatsoever, so it humbles a human being. Some of them have Assyrian said the first verse is speaking about other malasana and then the second verse is speaking about the other human beings because the second verses in Hala Kunal in Santa Minato 13 am Shah Jin natali for Jana who semi Amba serum that we have created the human being from a not far from a drop um, Judge mixed and the scholar see that's the mixture from the male and the female. So that's why the second verse can't be talking

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about Adam Allison um, he was not created from a mixture. So it's talking about the rest of humanity, we have created the human being and we here Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about himself in the plural sense to show magnificence and to show grantor we have created the human being from a mixture of or drop of mixture, Natalie so that we may test him for Jana who Samia and basura a lot hotter than indicates that we gave them or we gave the human being the tools with which he can either pass or fail the test meaning a lot of student mentioned some old boss or hearing and eyesight. These are faculties through which you learn and acquire knowledge so we gave him

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intelligence and understanding. And then we gave him this test in Medina who Sabine imageshack urine were in Makkah forum. We showed him the path either he will be grateful, grateful are ungrateful, and Allah subhanaw taala. Here is saying whether he will believe or disbelieve, but instead of saying believe or disbelieve, he said, Shaka Okafor? Because when you are grateful, and you believe in Allah subhanaw taala. Or when you believe in Allah azza wa jal, you are naturally grateful and thankful to him, and you understand that all the blessings come from him. But when you don't believe in Allah azza wa jal, you're not going to be thankful to him or grateful to him so grateful and

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ungrateful. We're representing

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Believe or disbelieve in Allah azza wa jal then Allah is Odin immediately says in aterna, Lil Katharina Salah, Silla Avila lomasa Iran.

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And it's in the past tense, we have already prepared for the disbelievers. And it's scarier when the Hellfire is already prepared and it's already set ablaze, as opposed to we are going to prepare for them a Hellfire, it's already prepared. It's all already in uttered in our little cavity into the disbelievers set us ill which is plural of Silsila, which are chains of lol was a year. And a villain are basically colors and the hands are chained to these colors. So the colors are on their neck and their hands are chained to their neck. And the scholars mentioned that in order so we'll be lamella protect all of us, the first thing they meet with the fire will be their face. People spend

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money, looking at their face spending getting things to beautify themselves, and that's the most important part of the body. And it'll be the first part that meets the fire and they can't put their hands in front of their face to protect because they're chained to their necks. And in many parts of the Quran, different kinds of Hadith, different kinds of the change of the people of the hellfire. And they're also chained to the ground so they can't roll around in the ground. So we have prepared for them set us will change what I've learned callers that their hands are shackled to and set Iran. And so here is the blazing fire. But in Arabic, it's scarier because he and he are not allowed

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missoura and the sir, as you know, is rabies when a dog can run that means that dog has rabies, and it's in it completely uncontrollable and it's wild and it's insane. So Allah subhanaw taala described this now this Hellfire, that it's missoura it's blazing and wild and raging.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala immediately begins with the some descriptions and the majority of the surah is describing an agenda

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in abre Yes, rabona mean casin can Amazon do haka for the abrar so this level of righteous people they drink from cast which is a glass, but a cast in the Quran, and for the Arabs almost always referred to a glass of wine. So this is from the wine of agenda which doesn't intoxicate or cause headaches, but the righteous will drink from this this glass of wine that is wick mixed with California what is comfort and comfort and the Arabs? They knew they had this habit of adding other flavors and things to their one and camphor is more on the minty cool side later on in the surah Allah subhanaw taala will describe kanamycin Zen jobina Vila that it's mixed with ginger which the

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Arabs used to put in there one so one time you get a little cooling one time a little bit with like a sting to it or more on the and a closer to the to the hotter side basically

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can amisadai haka for a misogyny mixed with camphor I in a yes shabu Bihar about la hufa Judo and a half JIRA this spring. Yes Robbie ha not your shrub haha because it doesn't finish at all it's a spring and in the description is that your house in agenda is so huge. And whenever you want to drink you press down with your foot on the ground and there's a spring that sprouts and it is so beautiful that it further beautifies the house it's like when you put a beautiful fountain in your home. So every time you drink your house becomes more beautiful. You just press the ground and a beautiful fountain comes up and it doesn't stop and it's constantly in Split spilling water all over

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your name constantly.

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So I in a year shabu Bihar abajo, la hufa, JIRA and JIRA. And that's what you for judo. Now they cause it to gush forth whenever they want, wherever they want. The scholars mentioned that one of the descriptions are in the way the language of how they drink here. Yes, shabu,

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shabu minha. And other things indicate they hint that the people are drinking only because of enjoyment, not to quench thirst, not because they physically need it. They're only drinking for pure enjoyment, because there is no thirst and agenda, especially after people drink from the pool of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as he said in the Hadith, whoever drinks from it like he doesn't ever become thirsty. So they're drinking for pure enjoyment and not for any other reason. You fool anybody

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So Allah subhanaw taala then describes what caused them to get to this state, what caused them to become from the abroad and to have the springs and to drink from all these drinks. Then Allah subhanaw taala goes back and describes what they did some of the good deeds they did to get to this point, you find a bit in every way a harpoon a Yeoman Karna shot whom was totally wrong, they would fulfill their vow whatever they vow they made to a large majority, they would fulfill it and they always feared this day. That that's evil is widespread muster theory and widespread and wide this description because the day of judgment will be felt not just everywhere on Earth, but everywhere in

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the heavens and the earth. That's why it's called the study and we'll continue in the next clip inshallah portofolio high level stuff Rolando The money will come into

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force almost offering as close to Allah for us forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah meanwhile the early he also be here

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then Allah subhanaw taala describes we'll just do one or two more verses oil to mo Nakayama Allah hobby miskeen away a team and what a zero, will you play Mona Tom and they give food and they feed on a hobby. The scholars disagreed, some people said, and I hope is the pronoun here is referring back to a large origin. So they give food out of their love for Allah meaning for the sake of a large religion. And other scholars said they give food and and I hope he he is referring to the food itself. And when do you love food, you love food, when you're hungry, when you're full. You don't want to smell food or talk about food. But they give the food even though they're they love the food

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meaning they're in need of the food, which means they prefer the others above themselves. So they gave and they fed the poor. Well, they fed others while they were themselves were in need of the food. And then all swans are describes. They fed Myskina the poor way a team and what a serum, the poor, the orphan and the captive. The orphan the scholars say is already from the poor. The orphans are typically poor. So why I mentioned the orphan again, he's already included under the poor. And that's just to show the special place of the orphan and taking care of the orphan that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned them separately. So they give food to the poor, and to the orphans and to

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the captives. And there is the answer to can you give the money and help out non Muslims? The obvious answer is obviously Yes. But if anyone wants to evidence, there's the evidence. Because the aesir the captive after work cannot be a Muslim. He cannot be a Muslim. So they're preferring someone who is a captive with them, who may be a few weeks ago or a few months ago was trying to kill them and now they're giving them the food that they themselves are in need of in Amano. parama Camilla chilla Indeed, we only feed you for the sake of Allah azza wa jal not for any other reason. nanodomains Jessa what a shoe Cora We don't want any reward from you, nor do we desire or want

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thanks from you. It's only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and Nana half woman rabina Yeoman, Busan kantara we fear from our Lord a day that is a boost and some scholars said a boost here from Ibis El Nino the person frowns and that when a day is difficult you have this look on your face. So the day everyone will have that look because of worry and concern Yeoman Agusan company and company a facility said a long day and it is in the Hadith 50,000 years long We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of the people of Jenna and to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for long will have to

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happen was it Ba ba ba? Ba Ba for lahoma La Jolla. Dunya kabara homina I'm a blogger Elmina Noriko sirona llama la de la Motta Marsden, you as you see here hello Patrick Wales Duffy, ma sciatic Murphy hibben Marroquin Javi animal karasuma

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robotic Ratan alameen wa sallahu wa sahbihi Jemaine, were como Salatu Allah.

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Chateau La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Rasul

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Allah Helen

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Otto Palmer format is Alejandro komati sana