Musleh Khan – Tafseer Suratul Fatiha – Al-Hamd #1

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Allah's protection from the evil and evil actions of others. The concept is that Allah is the source of pride and pride is the source of pride. The speaker explains that Islam is a psychological and educational process that gives the first impression of everyone. The speaker also discusses the importance of praise in the process of pride and pride is the source of pride.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who were buried. So we have finished with the virtues of the best manner let's just go right into the first aim because this is what we initially we wanted to do after the break anyway. So let's begin in sha Allah with the first official of sorta tel Fatiha Allah I Scylla gel begins off al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen the first point is that I'll hand this is what we want to look at the word unhemmed it comes from the word hammy de yah, yah, my Doom, but more importantly it comes from the word hamidah also it comes from another mustard word, which is Handan this literally means to protect yourself, literally it

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means a protection. And in addition to that, a connotation or in addition to the to the whole definition of a hand is protecting yourself from

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meaning that you are asking for protection from Allah azza wa jal did this action of asking for protection. Allah azza wa jal, this is called a Hamid so I'll hand is the actual protection or if you'd like praise, Allah Hamid is the source of protection and the one worthy of that praise. So this is the difference between the two if you say Alhamdulillah it's just the actual protection itself. But I'll Hamed is not the name of Allah. The name one of the names of Allah is that he is a Hamid, which encompasses both protection comes from Him, He is worthy of praise, and he is also the source of praise. This is where we get our protection and if Allah azza wa jal praises an individual

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based on their actions or their deeds, then that praise comes from the source which is Allah azza wa jal himself, I'll hand or Hamid. This is the most comprehensive description of Allah azza wa jal out of all of the 99 Names of Allah, the most comprehensive one is that he is Al Hamid.

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Having said that, brothers and sisters, Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen we can only discuss the first word in this section, and then in sha Allah in our next session, we will discuss al hamdu. We will discuss lilla Hill Robin. I mean, the reason why I'll hand is the first word here is scholars they've given us a bunch of psychological benefits if you'd like as to why this happens. If you start off with a hammer, you start off with praise You, you automatically entailed gratitude, you automatically Intel forgiveness, you automatically entail protection. The fact that Allah azza wa jal literally made this the first word you look at and you read when you come to his portal, earn

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all praise and glory is due to Allah. It gives you a very profound outlook of what the Quran is going to be talking about this book here. To start off with the praise of Allah, it's got to be a book filled with great good. It's got to be a book that would fill my heart with positiveness optimism in my life, I would have something to look forward to be why Allah describes himself as unhemmed. He starts off with the praise. So there's a psychological benefit behind this, even in addition to that, whenever you want to speak to somebody about the religion, from this verse here, the fact that Allah is going to start his discussion about this world with the praise with something

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positive. It shows you an either when you start off a discussion about this religion, and you start off a discussion about who we are, start off with the things that are positive, start off with the things that are praiseworthy. How do you do that little lair? You start off by talking about Allah azza wa jal. This first word here is so comprehensive, some of them will first sudo and say that one word summarizes the entire poor end. The fact that Allah just says al Hamd sawtell Baqarah is a type of praise because it gives us the first insight of our history of the time of Musa alayhis salaam, it gives us the first command that Allah issued for all of mankind. Yeah, evenness or blue aura back

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home, all mankind worship Allah, all of this goes back to Allah when we praise Allah Isaiah Jen became

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Has He's given us the first command. He's giving us the history of this world. He's telling us about the profits. He's telling us about the dounia, the athlete, every single thing, every rule, every guideline, every halaal, every Hold on, everything that we need to know. All goes back to the praise of Allah azza wa jal, this one word alone, literally psychologically, practically logically, every aspect that you look at, summarizes what the entire poor end is going to discuss. And this one word makes the Koran so unique and very strong, both spiritually and even practically, and separates it from any category and any other book anywhere in the world. From that point until Yokoyama, no book

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we'll start off by praising the author itself. And especially by saying that that author is worthy of all the praise, nobody is going to be able to do that. So this alone shows what is going to come as we discuss the hand or the praise of Allah azza wa jal

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