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The Hadeeth discusses the importance of lying and connecting markets in the world, as well as the rise of online shopping. They touch on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business, travel, and wealth, as well as the importance of creating reality TV reality TV. The speakers emphasize the benefits of selling gas stations and creating houses to make them more profitable, as well as the need for people to create their own reality TV reality TV. They also discuss the issue of giving media coverage to those without knowing them, as well as the increase in fraud and the prevalence of fraud.

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Allahu anhu. The prophets, Allah Sallam said the hour will not be established. And we explain what that means. That means that the Day of Judgment won't come until this thing happens. And that means that becomes one of the signs. Before the Day of Judgment, what are the indicators that the day of judgment is coming and or is near

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the hour will not be established until trials become apparent. So there'll be a lot of trials and tests, lying becomes prevalent. And that's actually so simple right doesn't need much explanation. Lying becomes prevalent we see lying everywhere, lying on the internet, lying on WhatsApp, videos, hoaxes, lies, commercials, lies, all lines lies everywhere, and the lies spread so quickly as well, because of the internet, I mean, in seconds or reach around the world. But this is the part we really want from the Hadeeth. And markets become interconnected, markets become interconnected, it's really amazing and beautiful, how the profits are seldom mentioned this 1400 years ago that nobody

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would have known that markets will be so connected, you know, meaning, if you look at Alibaba and eBay, and Amazon, you've got all these, you've got everything basically under the sun in one place. You see, that's one way the markets are connected under one banner. That's one example. Another example, would be like, if you, for example, if you buy an automobile, if you buy a car. So now you dealt with the automobile industry, right. But in order for you to drive that car, you have to go to another industry, that's insurance, and then you have to go through the bank for the financing. So you see all these markets coming together. In the case of the automobile, even in the case of

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building the automobile, it comes from all over parts from all over, you've got the you know, the radio and the sound system, you've got the engine, you've got tires, you've got all these industries coming together to create this one, you know, commodity,

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then markets being interconnected stock markets, for example, a powerful example of that stock markets and is a powerful example of the market interconnected,

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or the dollar, you know, rising or, you know, the dollar increases or decreases in effects currencies around the world that affects markets around the world. So all of that shows you markets being connected together. And that's one of the signs before the hour, not necessarily how wrong or bad or anything. But it's just amazing that the process I mentioned something like this 1400 years ago, and it is it is the reality and the norm of markets and our life today.

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Others mentioned also that it could be that, you know, it could be that you could quickly find out you know what's happening in other markets that they're connected in that sense that you can very instantly or instantly find out, you know, what is rising, what is falling, what is doing well, what is not doing well. And then other said it could be the ability to travel markets being connected meaning now you can easily go from this market to that market or from you know, even though the distance was is far you can easily connect you know, if you're doing business with China, for example, you know, you can be on a plane and then within a day, you're in China, and you're

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connected with that market. Whereas, you know, without planes Look how far that would the distance would be. Anyways, that was a really amazing and that's what's happening right now as we speak. Another one mentioned by an ISA Rahim Allah

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the Prophet Salim said indeed from the sounds of the hour is a person will want to buy something, but he will be told not until I seek the permission of the businessmen from such and such tribe, and a person who will seek a scribe in a large area, but we'll find none. Okay, basically, this one is talking about how few people will control the markets. And there is such an amazing visual here, you know, even if you if you search, there's an image that has all the companies in America and their parent companies and you'll see that almost every product, they just go back to five or six major companies that own everything, and you just spend hours going through that document and you'd be

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amazed at how many this company is owned by that company. All of in the end go to it's going to be you know, you know one of the three General Electric And

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don't forget, forget the rest of the major four or five, and everything else is owned by a company owned by company owned by company then it goes back to those.

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That's the same also for for

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channels you know, or you know, TV stations, you'll see that in the end, they're just four or five that own all of them. So that's something again, that's the reality of our world now and the Prophet Allah mentioned that 1400 years ago. Next one is Al Bukhari narrated Bible hora. Allahu Allah la hora Sallam said they will come upon the people at a time when a person does not care about their wealth, whether it is from halal or haram, their wealth. So we're not talking about meat, or we're talking about wealth, a person will not care if their wealth is from halal or haram.

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Now, I'll give you an example. Look this, this young man came to me in Canada, and he said that I have gas stations, but I am going to get rid of all of them. So why not? And he doesn't sell alcohol, by the way, doesn't sell any alcohol. But he said, I'm going to get rid of all I'm going to sell all of them. And he's a young man who's got a number of gas stations, good business, right? just said, Why are you going to do that? He said, because up to 70%. And maybe this is just so don't quote me on that. But that was related to his specific area in this part of Canada. He said, up to 70% of his from tobacco, from selling tobacco products, 70% of his income comes from that those of

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you who know about gas stations, you don't really make much money from selling gas, you know, it's like you make 15 cents a gallon or something pathetic like that. But what they really where they really make their money is from the convenience store inside, you know, from selling all these other things. Of course, if you sell alcohol, that's where the majority of the money comes from right after that would be the tobacco, and then people buying sodas and you and coffee and all that. But

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But it's interesting how I knew someone else who was looking for a gas station. And then I told him what this guy said about, you know, 70% of his income being from tobacco, and he just kept looking, it didn't faze him at all. Like a lot of times you'll find people, they couldn't care less, where their income is coming from if it's halal or haram. They couldn't care less.

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I remember this man is simple man, really, this was many years ago, he was working

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and owned by a Muslim. And so all the other workers were Muslims. And then the owner gets them all together for a meeting. And it says, I know all of you work here because we don't sell alcohol. And but I am sorry, I'm not making enough money. So I'm going to have to sell start selling alcohol.

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So this guy, and he's just a simple man, but he tells him I have a better idea. Forget alcohol, let's sell drugs. Let's sell drugs.

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Like a drug ring put together, you know, package it and sell it and all that stuff and cut it I don't know. I'm gonna pretend like I know drug terms. All right.

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But in the end, he said we can make a lot more money than than alcohol. And the guy says, Oh, no, no, we can't do that. You know, the police will get arrested will get in trouble. He says upon law, you're afraid of the police. And you're not afraid of rubble. Al amin says that took the man was taken by that. And he selling alcohol anyways, but the idea that a lot of people don't care where the income comes from. They don't care if it's halal or haram. It's one of the signs before the day of judgment. Okay.

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an interesting one here in another movie, narrated by Abu huraira.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the hour will not be established until the people build houses, which they adorn, like the way clothes are in a cow on clothing, you'll find embroidery, people will adorn their homes in a similar way, in a very similar way, they're going to adorn their homes. Now, what's interesting is that there's nothing wrong with designing and adorning your home. So it's just towards the end, okay, let me put it this way. You live at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and people have simple homes, that they mean they even have the concept of hanging a painting on a mud wall or anything like that. So the concept of design home didn't even exist,

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really, for them, you know? So he's the problem. All he's doing is he's mentioning a time in the future, when people will be able to design their homes now we can put lights on our walls, and we can change the walls themselves and put pillars and put arches and put paintings and and put those digital frames and I don't know what the point is. That is just to say that this is how much the world will change that people will adorn and design their homes the same way you would design a garment. No, and that's all it is. It's not saying it's Haram. It's not saying it's macro, right.

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Okay, then

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Another interesting one here.

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And we're just like I said, we're just trying to cover as many of the minor signs as possible. And it's just they're so interesting, aren't they? Right? And it's so interesting that the prospect lamp, who was in a completely different world knew and described our world so perfectly, which is, again an indication of a genuine Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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noted by torani and symptomatic narrates the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the days and nights will not stop, what does that mean? Same meaning when will the days and nights stop when the day of judgment comes? The days and nights will not stop? Until the most prosperous person in this world is? Look I know Luca, Luca, Luca, huh? All right. So

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laughing because I visited the country and they had a soda comes in a bottle and it was called look up. Look up. Anyways.

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It's so what does it mean? Look? eigner? Luca, it's a generic term. That means most lowly, the Son of the Most lowly, it means someone

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someone that has a nobody

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one very rich,

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but it could be not necessarily through inheritance. So look at a person that is ready anessa what it has a layer of law who also what are you mad la Hola. Hola. Hola. So when is someone have bad and low lineage? Okay. And he's not his origin is not known. Nor is any good quality or mannerism known to me and he's not known for having any good quality, or good manners or anything of that. So it means these people they will be in charge of people's affairs and they will control things or and

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or control the wealth of others. So it's not a good thing. So don't go naming your son look out so he becomes prosperous. And look out here mean someone who's unworthy someone, really, for lack of a better term trashy who just becomes wealthy and prosperous. Now?

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Isn't that the case today? All right, I'm just speaking about America. Isn't that the case. And you will see some trashy and, you know, family or a trashy person. And then they have their own reality TV show. And what is on their show, the whole episode, she is fighting with the other one. And they're calling each other names and bleeps bleeped bleeps, and therefore, the whole episode is just garbage. You're just fighting over garbage and hitting each other beside of it. And then you go into the store and you see a towel with their name on it pop into

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I wouldn't buy trash can with your name on it, or a garbage bag with your name on it. But now, these people and all we see from them is just bad manners and trashy behavior and fighting and cursing and cussing each other on television. And now suddenly, they want me to buy a product and a frying pan with their name on it. So people have no value intellectually bankrupt. But suddenly they're popular and they're selling us products and they're making so much money. They're getting deals and and all that look up, ignore just people who are not worthy. And they're the most prosperous. And that's the situation we find all around us now.

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Yeah, okay.

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I've got another interesting one here. This is mentioned as a Muslim jarabe Abdullah Golan, he mentioned the prophet SAW, Selim said, it will soon be that the people of Iraq cannot receive food, nor money following it will soon be that the people of Iraq cannot receive food nor money. We asked from whom would this be and he replied the non Arabs. He then said, it will soon be that the people of a sham cannot receive food nor money. We asked him from whom would this be and he replied, The Romans or Rome, which, at that time also meant the Europeans didn't mean just Romans in that sense. He then remained silent for a while after which he said towards the end of my oma there will be a

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leader who will pour out wealth without counting towards the end of my oma, there will be a leader who will pour out wealth without counting. All right.

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Now, then, and that's amazing, because it's happened and is happening. The problem said the people of Iraq will not be able to receive food nor money. And we know, could this be referring to the embargo that that happened to Iraq, you know, some years ago, it could very well be, and it could, as the scholars always leave it open. It could be that event, and it could be another one coming as well. But the point is that we did see this happen.

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We did see an embargo on Iraq, they were not able to receive food. They were not able to receive money, people were not able to deal with them financially and so on and business. And one of the amazing things I remember this, if you remember, Madeleine Albright two at the time of Clinton, they were interviewing her they told her that it is. It's reported or an estimated that 1.5 million babies died in Iraq because of the embargo. 1.5 million babies died in Iraq, because they weren't able to bring medicine into the country, there was this embargo. And I'll never forget the interview with her. She just looked right at the person interviewing her. And she said, that's just the price

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you have to pay 1.5 million babies, can you just

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1.5 million babies on the ground and tell me that's okay. Anyways, so yes, the embargo and it was from non Muslims and non Arabs could have meant non Muslim because at that point, a lot of the Arabs were a lot of the most or all the Muslims were Arabs. So at that point, at that time period, if you said non Arab, it meant non Muslim. But as we know, the majority of Muslims are not Arabs. So

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then it

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shouldn't be that the people have,

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excuse me, a sham cannot receive food or money and the Sham and everybody immediately thinks of Syria. And it could that be the only interpretation of the editor could be another one. We don't hope there isn't. But this is happening, no food, no no money reaching the poor people in Syria or people in the shop. And we've seen that

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and will also ask illogical to facilitate their affairs and give them

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so then, and he said this was from the Romans being the Europeans, then they proceeded to remain silent for a while after which he said towards the end of my own mother will be a leader who will pour out wealth without counting. Now, there is little disagreement that that is the Maddie because we have another Hadith describing him in exactly this way. And that's why if you remember we said from the guidelines, you put the nourishes together you get a more complete picture. Okay.

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is a beautiful one. And Hakeem Rahim Allah mentions in in the mustard rock, Abu hurayrah de la narrated by the one in whose hand is my soul, so the problem is swearing by Allah. The error will not be established until evil and stinginess are prevalent. And until the honest ones are thought treacherous, and the treacherous honest.

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The hour will not be established until evil and stinginess.

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We see that and until the artists are thought to be treacherous and the treacherous thought to be honest, I don't know Do I need to explain that one? We see that all okay? If you need an explanation of that, for the most part,

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look to the Muslim lands and look at the leaders and that that's your explanation.

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Are the honest ones the ones in power the ones that are thought to be treacherous or the treacherous ones thought to be honest.

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decision for yourself. Okay, this one is interesting here and nurtured by him. I'm not gonna lie on this road. For the long run, who narrated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said before the hour strikes, and before the day of judgment comes, people will only give Salaam to their acquaintances to sleep, aloha sleep, to sleep and cost so people give salam to those that they know specifically, only specific people. Commerce will be plentiful to the extent that a woman will help her husband and his business, the ties of kinship. People will give false testimony and truthful testimony will be hidden, and literacy will become widespread. Okay, so let's, let's see, there are a number of

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things in this howdy one.

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People will only give salam to those that they know. And this is so true right now, right now, if you don't, a lot of times you find people giving serum to those that they know sometimes even in the masjid, they'll see if they don't know someone they just then they see someone that knows that it can get hot. Now

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if you give the lamp to someone that you don't know, sometimes they'll they'll be like, Do I know you? I remember one time and this is like many years ago or maybe not that many but I was like 17 or what have you sitting in front of the house and I must have walked by this is overseas so I said I said I'm article. He said while he said um he went to the store or something. He came back maybe 20 minutes later walked by I said Salaam Alaikum. So he came up to me like I know son. Do we know each other? I said

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you know, but Tim is like okay, you gave me some 20 minutes ago were you giving me some time again? But and I don't I'm you must know me that the fact that you're giving me set up, but we said from the signs of the hour and

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If this began, what's interesting is this began at the time of the companions when Tom with the tie between a man came and give Salaam to just the companion. And the problem told him that the problem said from the signs of the hour to sleep aloha so that people only give Sam to those that they know. And of course, you can imagine becoming more pronounced towards as time progressed, though, is the first one people only give Salaam to those that they know. The second one says commerce will be plentiful to the extent that a woman will help help her husband in business in his business. And I remember there used to be people whose to misunderstand this Hadith, they thought that if your wife

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helps you in your business, that means this is such a bad sign that you love the dunya so much that your wife is not working with you. Okay? There's nothing wrong with your wife working with you and helping you with your business. Because I think we can agree that a woman can go work somewhere, right? She can go work at a company and get a paycheck. Hello, I hope everyone agrees with that. Now,

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if she can work at some other men's company, which is better that he or she works at our own husband's company, which one? So why would it be haram or bad Danny, which is hard for her to work for someone other guy, but for her own husband, it's a bad thing. Because you know, of course, we all know the advantage. If she works at her husband's company, then really, she's the president of the company, true or false, right. But that's not the point is that what the problem is describing is describing a different world to the companions. And to that generation, they were living in a time where you would go out to the market, and this is what's interesting, they would just make

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enough money to pay for what they need for the day. Let's say I'm just throwing a false number out, let's say someone knows that they need, let's just say three Durham's per day that that's their daily expense. So if he opens a store, and he makes three items by mulgara, or by officer, he'll shut down and come home. If he makes three Durham's in the early part of the day, he'll shut the store and go home. Like they only got what they needed for the day. Now,

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even as a business mentality that's completely different today, like today, let's say I only need three Durham's per day. But if I make him the early morning, I'll immediately start Okay, well, let me keep working then, and put in extra hours. So I can make nine dividends per day, today. And now I'm three days ahead, then I can hire other people like that, like that famous story, the funny story about this man, who is sitting by, you know, by at the dock, you know, watching the sunset, just enjoying it, watching the sunset and sitting on his chair, then a young man who studied business comes down and says, He says, what do you do? He said, I'm a fisherman. And he says, How

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many he says, What do you look? How much do you work? He says, I know, I just get this much fish per day. And then I sit and come and relaxing. And watch the sunset. He says you shouldn't do that the young man tells him you should not do that. What you should do is you should work extra hours, push yourself even four months, push yourself extra and make a lot more than what you need. He says then what he says then you'll have extra money to get another boat. And he says then what he said push that other boat as well. You work in both boats extra time overtime, making more than what you need. He said then what said then you'll have a whole fleet of boats, she's then what do we do this is

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when you have that much fish, you can open your own fish warehouse, and then sell fish. And then this is then what this is then you can get your own, you know, refrigerated trucks and you can be delivering and you can have a whole Corporation. He says, then what he says once corporation is making a lot of money. He says then you can finally retire. He says then what do I do when I retire? He says you can sit by the dock. And watch the sunset.

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Basically brought them back exactly to where he already was, you know, long story. But the point is that that was the same mentality that they that they had the early Muslims, like a man who just work when he gets his what he needs for the day, sometimes he wouldn't, you know, shut down the store and just that's it.

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So anyway, selasa lamb here is telling you that how the world will become commerce will be so plentiful. So in the old days, you know, I sold onions, let's say I would sell onions. And when I make what I need for the day or I sell the onions that I have, I go home and my wife is sitting at home, there isn't even if she comes to work with me, there is nothing but to sell these onions. But the problem is saying that commerce is going to be so plentiful in the future that I'm gonna have to instead of my wife staying home waiting for me, I'm gonna have to I'm gonna need her to come to work and help me out. That's how much business and money there is. So it's not saying there's anything

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wrong with if your wife helps you out in your business.

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The ties of kinship will be severed, we understand what that means. And we've seen that we see sometimes family members that don't speak to

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each other at all some others who have been speaking spoken to each other for years,

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over whatever it is, but we've seen that and relationships severed completely. People will give false testimony and truthful testimony will be hidden and literacy will become widespread meaning a lot of people will know how to read. Now if you compare this one to the one before to the one coming up now and say Bukhari and Muslim, the prophet lamb narrated by NSF nomadic said, the hour will not be established.

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Or he could have said the narrative since from the signs of the hour is that knowledge will be lifted, ignorance will become prevalent, alcohol will be consumed, adultery will be widespread, men will decrease and woman will increase until there is a single man to 50 women and each 50 woman will have 1am someone looking over their affairs. Okay, so we've got ignorance becoming prevalent was the one before we had literacy becoming widespread. Literacy increasing, and ignorance increasing? How is that possible? One explanation, it could be that we're talking about different time periods. Alright. So it could be that literacy increasing, that's one period of time, and then time

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progresses, and then

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ignorance increases. That's one. Another explanation could be a lot of people know how to read. But we're talking about ignorance and their religion. If it's talking about ignorance in the religion, knowing how to read has nothing to do with it, which is very similar to what's happening today. Today, most people know how to read meaning. Let's just let's just stick with North America, like most people know how to read, and how much ignorance is there about people with concerning their own religious religion about Islam. So they don't have to contradict that's one. But let's see if we can finish this one, at least today, in the time we have left, there will not be established until

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knowledge will be lifted. We explained last time how knowledge is lifted, its knowledge is lifted, when the souls of scholars are taken, it's not by them suddenly becoming ignorant. Ignorance will become prevalent when that happens. So that that's why many believe that this hadith is towards the, towards the end of time, even though some of the things are happening today. But it's towards the end of time, especially the 50 woman to one man. So when knowledge is lifted from the hearts of the scholars are taken, knowledge is lifted, ignorance will become prevalent, that's towards the end of time, alcohol will be consumed that started already, you know, if you look at most, you know,

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whatever they're about 60 Muslim countries or something like that. How many of them have alcohol prohibited, like for real for real?

00:27:44--> 00:27:46

it's debatable, like something we used to have this debate in class.

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One or two countries actually, really have alcohol prohibited. But then the rest have it by law. But you there's no punishment if you're consuming alcohol, and so on and so forth. Adultery will be widespread. And we'll see that we're seeing that happening in Muslim lands increasing so much, that you wouldn't think something of the top major sins would be increasing so much. I remember I was in a Muslim country. And there was a joke in the newspaper about, you know,

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it was just someone read it to me, and I was so offended. Like, how could you put a joke like this for the believing men and women? Look, what is funny about that, like, now, I have no hatred of a major sin. I hear about it. And I laugh. That's one problem. And number two, when you keep joking about things like that, what happens is that it becomes the norm like I'm not shocked or turned off when I hear about that anymore, because it's such so much of a joke. And that's why By the way,

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I never ever, ever, just sharing this with you, about my school wide was stolen.

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If even if it's funny, I'll change it to a hobby

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shop, you know, but never ever told these Mostel jokes ever. It's kind of folly. And when you read all these jokes, you just think that alarm and ARB is nothing but massarotti bus running around women local mostoles jerky with harminder ECMO is only one who gets it. But

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anyways, the point is that for those who didn't understand what I was saying, you know, all these jokes about people being high and being smart, and so many jokes about people being high that it becomes the norm if someone's high, what's the big deal? That's, that's what so make sure do not joke, you know, jokes about adultery in Zina and things like that nature. And if you really think it's funny, you want to share it, tweak it and master copyright tweak it and make it about something else. Anyways, that's all the time we have. We'll continue next

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knucklehead from you're attentive, listening

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