Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #546 Q&A

Muhammad Salah
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Allah Our God is the greatest

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glory to Him.

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You must to be the best and give his best religion to allah God is the greatest, the one and only Glory to him on any illness to be the best, again as best religion

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back to another live edition of gardens of the pious Bismillah AR Rahman Al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ALA and he almost have her back, my dear viewers in this episode, which is episode number 546. We'll continue with chapter number 244, the book of Allah scholarship, the book number 15.

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That is going to be the fifth session in this chapter, the chapter which deals with the excellence of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and the encouragement of doing so of increasing the remembrance of Allah.

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And today's first Hadees is Hadith number 14 114.

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It's a sound Hadith, collected by Imam Muslim, and it is narrated by one of the great great companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, sad in your costs are all the Allahu Anh.

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And hopefully in sha Allah after we study and code the Arabic texts of the Hadith and the approximate English meaning we get a chance to shed some light on the great companion Saudi Arabia costs, but of the Allahu Allah

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and Saudi Arabia cos Radi Allahu Anhu called the Arabi Yun Illa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Afrikan I live near Kelemen a Kulu call por la ilaha IL Allah Who are the WHO luxury killer? Allahu Akbar who Kabira while Hamdulillah he can see Allah Subhana Allah He Rob Bill al Amin. Wala How will our La Quwata illa Villa Hill as us in hockey? Paula for her hula Illa rugby family. Paula Cole Allahu Melfi li for harmony. Wa dini. WorkZone the Hadith Raja hula Imam Muslim. So in this hadith bedwin came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and said, Yeah rasool Allah Oh prophet of Allah, teach me a few words to recite on regular basis.

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So the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, when he should say, La ilaha illa Allah Who Who lashari Kala and that means, there is no ILA there is no god but only one god that is Allah alone. He has no partners. Then you say Allah Allahu Akbar will Kirby Allah, Allah is the Greatest and greatness is only for him.

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While Hamdulillah he can see your Alhambra means the praises thanks, gratitude and to be grateful to Allah and all praises due to him

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as many times as it pleases Him module praises Cassie you're on Cassie Euro too many times. Many many times. We're so behind Allah He Rob Billa mean, but this V was studied before it means 10 Zhi hula, he and CO Linux to declare that the Almighty Allah is free from any imperfection. What Bill Allah mean the Lord of everything that exists. Well, how will our Quwata illa biLlah biller he lives he is in Hakeem and there is no how there is no mighty there is no power, but with Allah, the Almighty, the old wise

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and the word Howl is taken from the heart will

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the How will means changing from one condition to another.

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So there is no changing from one condition to another

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Other, there is no changing to anything in the universe. Except by the level of Hola, la Hola. Hola, hola. And no one has any power, no mighty to do any change, even the slightest change, let alone the great and then the greatest changes. No one has any power nor mighty to do any changes except Allah who was the Almighty, the all wise

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and then the red one said oh prophet of Allah

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whatever you taught me, was Neeraj B, these are all words of praise is to glorify and to praise my Lord. And what do I get?

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You know why the Companions used to wait and not as the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam cushions, and they would wait for a bad one to come because they were blunt.

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They would not feel any sensitivity. They would not hold back any word they have in the hearts or in their minds, whatever is on the tongue, they will just say it baboons. Okay, that is expected from them. So imagine, he's saying, okay, whatever you taught me this is to praise to glorify and to magnify my Lord.

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What about being what do I get? Teach me as IK. So it will benefit me directly. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him call,

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you should say Allah homophily What harmony were Dini or Saucony beautiful and comprehensive dua as far as Give me, give me what they'll finally give me my Fuhrer grant me forgiveness, or how many have mercy on me. And if Allah subhanho wa taala, have mercy on anyone, then he's or he has achieved the ultimate success.

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Once Allah Almighty have mercy on anyone, this person has been saved, what had any and guide me What is so funny and this is for the dunya matters and provide for me, what kind of provision all kinds of provision the provision is only about the food consumption, the drink,

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not only the clothes, not the salary, health is risk. spouse, wife or husband is risk. Children, good children, risk boys and girls risk. Peace of mind is risk. Seeing a good dream while asleep is risk being saved from a calamity is risk mahabir to Nancy laka when people love you, this is also a risk. You know people pay a lot of money so that people would like them but they end up cursing them like politicians.

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the muhabba when another Almighty cast his love upon anyone then he makes his servants love this person. This is risk.

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So there's or provision when we say that,

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that Allah Almighty is the best of providers, the provision isn't only nor is it limited to the food and the drink. It has a wider and a deeper scope than just eating and drinking. As I said, for me sitting here right now and present and this this is the risk for me, masha Allah and for any of the audience who happen to tune in and to listen to this is your share of the risk, health is risk, wealth is risk offspring is risk Eman is risk. Memorizing Khurana learning deal is risk you name it. So when you say what zucchini and provide for me what kind of provision or comprehensive it will also say this in between the two settings are both fairly or hum new howdini as your new iPhone it

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was so corny.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam thought the bedwin noted the entire OMA but the bed would ask the answer was recorded and it has been transmitted in a sound Hadith. So all of us have been addressed by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to c'est la ilaha illa Allah wa who luxury can Allahu Akbar o Kaviraj Alhamdulillah he cathedra was to be Han Allah herbal al Amin, la How will our La Quwata illa biLlah Hill Aziz in Hakeem Allah homophone Lee, what how many were had any WorkZone This is a comprehensive supplication or thick that the Messenger of Allah taught the in

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Far oma in the person of this bed one who came to ask who got it? Who said one of your costs are the hola Juan.

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So I didn't have your costs. Let me begin from the end not from the beginning

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is a companion who came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and say do rasool Allah,

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Allah Allah and Allah and he musta Jabba Dawa?

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Would you please ask Allah to make all my wishes answered? So whenever I raise my hands, and I make dua right away, he will answer me. Jabba to do ah is to answer the invocation and the supplication on Oh Prophet of ALLAH ask Allah on my behalf that whenever I asked from him, he would answer my dua. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam could have done that in a minute piece of cake. Allah Houma as you do as Asad Allahu Madang. sadden mudarabah Dawa. But he didn't you know what the English parable says, you know, teach me fishing. Better than giving me a fish. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't want the benefit to be limited to one person even though this person is a very special

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person. That is sad, because the prophets uncle, may Allah be pleased with him, one of the 10 Heaven bound companions and the only person whom the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam on the battle of Oh had said aremy feedback every you owe me. He gathered the sacrifice of both his parents. It's an Arabic phrase, when you admire somebody so much you say may or may my father be a sacrifice for you.

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This is a metaphor this how much you you're gonna protect him?

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The only person who the Prophet sallallahu sallam said ever to him, may my parents be sacrificed for you that was sad if your costs are the Allah one. I agree. Great, great companion. So it says although Allah and Allah named Mr. Jabba Dawa and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says yes, that automl Tehama catacomb was the jab at Dawa. What about if I teach you how to make your supplication always answered?

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You said how you said make certain you eat from Halal eat lawful food and the food that you bought from lawful sources of income, then don't worry about the rest your DUA will be answered. This is not only for sad, this is for me. And this is for you. And this is for everyone. Those who keep calling and keep pushing Allah's wisdom I have been asking from you for years. You never listen to me Wallah, he is listening. He is listening carefully. Semi

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semi da Mooji bond Nida. He is Semia he's all here Mooji he's always answering, but there is some hindrances.

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There is a big obstacle that is barring you from extending to the heaven and for being answered. What is it? The earning of us is haram. So eat from haram and you were from haram and you drink from haram. You send your kids to school and you pay the tuition from haram. And they say Allah,

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Allah is not answering your DUA until you realize that you've done something terrible. You trust them you could the Haram then insha, Allah your DUA will be as in this beautiful Hadith. We have learned some praises, words of praises to the Almighty Allah and some supplications respect of benefit in yourself. Allah homophily or how many were had any was opening. And now with the following Hadith, you know what number is it? That was 1414 So the next one is 1415 as another sound Hadith

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and so then what are the Allahu Anhu God cannot Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you don't sort of I mean solidarities tell phonathon wilcon Allah whom Anta salah or Minca salah the work they'll generally will equal

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one of the generators of the Hadith by the name and he was asked kafer is the father and how he used to say a cell for Allah said to say a cell for Allah Estelle for Allah. Cell Ben was one of the prophets servants may Allah be pleased with him lovely companion. He said whenever Rasulullah May Allah's peace and Salutations be upon him concluded his prayer. He would

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ask Allah for forgiveness three times.

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And then he will recite the following supplication. Oh Allah, you are SLM one Minca Salam and from you comes peace and security, the bacteria that gel early when it Crom Yanni you are blessings, or you have the majesty and nobility.

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The narrator of the Hadith for one of the narrator's of a hadith, Al Azhar, he was asked, because Taliban said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam use means to see forgiveness twice. So one of the audience said, how did he use to see forgiveness? He's asking about the wordings the format. He said by saying Estelle for Allah, Estelle for Allah Estelle for Allah three times.

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Allah man, enter salah, why did you chef escape the word As Salam and he just said it in Arabic and he didn't say it's English meaning which appears to be your the grantor of security. Okay, this is one of the meanings and that's why the following word Minca Salam and from Newcomb security. So he is a grantor of security. But what does the word Salah

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actually means Salah means perfect. So So perfection, free from any faults. drawbacks are in errors. Salam you know Saleem, when somebody is studying his intact, he's fine. He's not hurt. He's not walking. If Allah subhanaw taala says about one of his condition a summer halacha savasana tiempo volken.

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seven layers one on top of another. And he said look at them. Look at them.

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Do you see in efficiencies? You see any cracks? Do you see any hooks or shackles you see in a purse? In the pillars? left in the heavens? No. So maj Elbasan Komotini. Then, after he investigate it, check it out with the telescopes with the magnifying glasses and you say Nope, it's all perfect. It's amazing how it is left. Without shackles. How has this been maintained? intact? No fissures. No drawbacks. You say oh,

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maybe this maybe that look again and look again. Yo J illogical bizarro hacia Anwar has it you would never find any faults. Why? Because this is. So now law hymnody at conical luxury. This is Allah's job. This is manufactured by the Almighty Allah who perfected everything that he has created.

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perfected our creation, perfected the creation of the heavens and the earth, perfected the creation of what is in between, and the other species. Those who may know about and those whom we have no clue about, perfected the creation of the rest of the planets. The galaxies, called Luffy fella King, yes, but who? Soon Allah Allah, the upcoming kulesza This is all done by Allah. So if the creation is that perfect, then what about the Creator as salam he is free from any faults, free from any rollbacks free from any

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imperfection? You know, some people one of the major deviant sects are okay.

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They believe in something called albida. About Allah, what is a Betta? Just to show you why when we say one set is deviant. It's not we are distributing faith, and you are a believer and because you differ with us politically, then you are an unbeliever, no matter of Allah. It's not like that. It's about your perception concerning Allah, the word the simple La Ilaha illa Allah, very simple,

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but its application requires investigation. What am your Kula who go forward? And no one is equivalent to him. This is a whole chapter of the heat you got to be aware of. And number 11 sort of the short let's say chemistry issue on ha Samoset. He's a sinner. What are you talking about SLM

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he's the omnipotent. He is the most powerful, perfect. He is going to have security. He is the source of a man security and peace and perfection.

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Nothing is like him and he's all

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Here are his old SEO. So they say about Allah, that there is something called better. What is better that the Almighty Allah, according to them, in Arabic, our shoe taught us now Penal Code free les sabich. If

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you meet that you're about to say a word of disbelief. Yes. I'm going to quote what some people will claim to be Muslims.

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They claim about Allah and the scribe to Allah and they think they are Muslims. And why. Just say in the statement, and the straight about Allah, this evil trait ascribing this evil trait to Allah nullifies the concept of a Salem, he's a Salam

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and nullifies one's faith, if he truly says La ilaha illAllah.

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a theory that God may decide a matter, then after a while, he recognizes that it wasn't really the best decision so he changes his mind and does something better.

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And you say there are Muslims. You see brothers and sisters, I don't want anyone to get upset. But I want to explain to the viewers, I know that some of the viewers are watching ger, some of the viewers are Qadiani. Some of the viewers are losing Osiris. You're all most welcome if we welcome Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, welcome Oh non Muslims and atheists when we welcome people who say La Ilaha illa Allah, but they are confused about it.

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Well, in your face, your leaders believe al Budda is one of allowes traits. And if you believe so then you're not Muslim. If you think that Allah Almighty doesn't know the future doesn't know the unseen, so he keeps trying things. It may work out then it is okay. And if it doesn't work out, then he changes his opinion. And you know why in heaven, that they got this idea about Allah? Because he believed in what is called the Imams the 12 Imams for innocence. Okay, you know what I'm talking about. So the Imams never ever make mistakes are infallible.

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Okay? They're more infallible than the prophets. Okay? They never make any mistakes or errors, and they know the unseen. So what if they say things they never own? We realize that they were wrong. No, they were not wrong. It was to the best of their ability about our laws, they to the best of their knowledge about Allah's decision so they transmitted to us what Allah has decided but it is Allah who changed his mind Estelle for Allah may Allah pardon us May Allah forgive us our sins, then you don't believe that Allah is a Salem? Hey, wouldn't you think the prophets Allah Allah Allah cinema scene in LA disheartened, what is a NSmen Manasa Hello, Jana.

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In all our schools across North America, it is very important to make the kids in Islamic schools memorize the names of Allah and by the way, they're not only 99 And we did cover that before they will be on count but they memorize the 99 names of the hadith of a Tirmidhi and this thing is in a song in an A sheet okay and sometimes with music, that's it.

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That's said, what you don't know the meaning of

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a Salah men own more homey and all Azizullah Jabba Holmatro cambio you just memorize them, you know approximate meaning in English but you don't know the meaning of the word Salam, the meaning of the word Jabbar,

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the meaning of the name and the description the trait of Allah of being Muhammad

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So, it is not sufficient Manasseh duckula JANA the one who comprehends them, who knows the meaning. So he knows the names, he knows the meaning and he behaves accordingly. Not to say that Allaha

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is characterized with albida that he makes a decision, then he changes because he finds out that something is better, but it wasn't the best decision. This is an act of disbelief, irrespective of app either.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:52

In the previous Hadith, we say one of the top of zyk the word that the prophets Allah Salam thought the bed when he said to say well our holy water il we learn allies using hockey.

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We learn the meaning of how you will find it in all the English books how there is no mighty nope

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power. But this is not exactly accurate, how we need to how wall to change the position and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam most frequently recited that year, mocha label Kulu Sabbath can be allergenic because the hearts do change who changes them Allah? So you ask him the source directly keep my heart firm. He's the one who does the How will so keep my heart firm, unchanged, but in which condition

00:25:33 --> 00:26:19

already on the straight path. So Allah subhanaw taala is the one who changes the conditions and why does he change the condition if he wants to? Number one because he's able to do it. He's Almighty as He is. But he doesn't do anything just because he's able to do it. He does it because he's full of wisdom. He's a source of wisdom, because of his hikma. But you don't say that Allah made something because you ate something or made a decision. Then after a while, he realized that he was wrong. So we corrected it. This is an act of disbelief. So our key that will better is equivalent to this belief in Allah. Because this is this belief, respect of Allah's beautiful names and attributes. All

00:26:19 --> 00:26:23

of that we've just learned from the Name of Allah, a Salam

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insha Allah we'll take a short break

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and we'll be back to continue some more beautiful as car please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Our phone numbers beginning with Area code 002 Then 0238 treble 5131. Alternatively, code 00201, double 05469323 and the WhatsApp numbers Area code 00134780600 to five and finally, last WhatsApp number is area code 00136149150 through let me share something with you. Brothers and sisters before we indulge or embark on studying the following Hadith or even taking any of your calls. Before the program I had severe headache. And you know, my body was kind of shivering I wasn't feeling well at all. Well Allah He the blessings of zyk and talking about it. I feel like I'm a totally different person. What happened? I didn't take even

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an Advil or Tylenol or any medication. I didn't even have Turkish coffee. You know, just water Hamdulillah shockula I just realized that making music gives you peace of mind. And Lavina man Oh adult woman in polo boo home be the creme de

00:28:21 --> 00:29:05

la creme. He thought oma in Kulu. Indeed, in the remembrance of Allah heart do find rest. May Allah grant us old peace of mind. The following hadith is a beautiful one. And I hope not just you brothers and sisters are watching. If you can bring your your your children use your youngsters so that they know what do we say after you finish the prayer? And why don't we jump right away and start checking out our WhatsApp and Facebook and social media? What are their hand around we sit for a couple minutes? What do we say?

00:29:06 --> 00:29:49

What do we keep saying in private? They don't understand. And why do we say it and the merits of saying so. And trust me, if I don't know the meaning from saying there is no point of saying it. And that's why most of us they're negligent of saying it because they hear people send soup soup soup soup, soup soup soup Subhanallah I mean, that's not the way to say and he hear the Imam saying Oh ALLAH young father J dominical. J L you have no clue what is the JAD? Minko. Jed is is a shell talking about the grandfather the jet or what is it? Exactly? We'll learn about the insha Allah shortly. I think we have some callers a Salam Alaikum

00:29:50 --> 00:29:53

Hasson from Pakistan Welcome to the program your husband

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

by the Queen shalom, how are you? I'm doing great and hamdulillah Anu

00:30:02 --> 00:30:23

So I just am not going to ask a question just, I wish more Muslims can hear this and just a plea from all my brothers around the world. Please pray for Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, all the affected Muslims around the world. And I just want to share that.

00:30:24 --> 00:30:31

I'm sorry, I have to say it this way, but we're already weak, the Muslims are weak. And

00:30:32 --> 00:30:44

we need to do something, okay. I mean, we should start thinking about doing something. I mean, look at Kashmir one year ago that was occupied by

00:30:45 --> 00:31:26

armed force. And many of the Muslims over there are being killed, as well as in other parts of the world. And after a certain time passes, people forget these issues. And one year has passed and it's become a norm, it has been sort of accepted that okay, bad things are happening there, and we can do anything about it, we should not be like this. It's a desperate plea of mine. If I'm a Muslim, and just as the Holy Prophet peace be upon him, and he says that a Muslim is one that when another Muslim is hurt, and another corner of the globe, he's like a similar body part to that person. And just like how a body part hurts.

00:31:27 --> 00:32:05

One part of the body is hurt. The other part also fields depend, Muslims are also like that. I am a very weak believer, very weak. If a weak believer like me, can feel the pain of someone out there. I'm sure all of you can do most of you are probably better Muslims than I am. It's my plea to all of you that in Surah, tauba, brother, number 91. It has been mentioned that believers are those who are protectors of one another. So please, let's start shedding some light on protection of one another. We can Zach,

00:32:06 --> 00:32:53

brother, Hassan, I wish I can give you all the time you're saying beautiful words of reminder. May Allah Almighty grant you and all of our sincerity and make us truly united on his correct Dena nakida. Me and I just want to share with you Al Hamdulillah, along with our education almost an every episode we are talking about, whether in ask Buddha or guardians of the pious or my programs or other shield programs. Yesterday we were talking about Kashmir and praying for them. And it's not only in the program, it's in our hearts. You're right, we're weak, but we're strong with the help of Allah subhanho wa taala. We've been persistent in our faith, learning our deen and improving

00:32:53 --> 00:33:09

ourselves trying to be better believers. So the Almighty Allah will change our conditions when we are willing to change. Listen to brother husband's advice from Pakistan include your brothers and sisters, whether in Kashmir in Burma and

00:33:10 --> 00:33:20

in Syria, Palestine and everywhere else in your diet. May Allah ease the way and may Allah subhanaw taala grant victory Amin Salam aleikum,

00:33:21 --> 00:33:24

Nori from the USA As Salam aleikum nori

00:33:26 --> 00:33:27

Alaikum, salaam,

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00:33:34 --> 00:33:43

your question to ask Sure. If you don't mind please answer me. These questions are very important for me.

00:33:44 --> 00:33:52

So the first question is about the code that we use here and it has

00:33:53 --> 00:33:57

that the bank gave us a cash reward

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00:34:06 --> 00:34:10

Nori Yes. Can you hear me? Yes? Yeah, go ahead and repeat your first

00:34:13 --> 00:34:15

your cut off we didn't hear the question

00:34:19 --> 00:34:21

Okay, your question is about

00:34:26 --> 00:34:32

the brothers in the control please collect brother notice question for the sake of time, a certain walakum

00:34:33 --> 00:34:36

Isha says that our Aisha from Canada

00:34:39 --> 00:34:40

how are you?

00:34:41 --> 00:34:44

Not Allah here to sister Aisha. Welcome to the program.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:53

Thank you, chef. I had two questions. I've been trying to ask this for a while and it's hard to get hold of you.

00:34:55 --> 00:34:56

So I have

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

a sister asked me a question and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

I didn't know the answer. So I said I would ask you and deliver her the answer. So she, she got married

00:35:11 --> 00:35:19

without her parents permission, and she wasn't a practicing Muslim at the time. So

00:35:20 --> 00:35:22

sorry, can you hear me? Yes, I can.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:28

Okay, so, after a while, he decided to

00:35:29 --> 00:35:30

make her race.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:33

Right and then get closer to Allah.

00:35:34 --> 00:36:09

And so while she was researching about Islam and Burdine, she found out that her marriage was invalid and marriage, and because he didn't ask her parents permission, so and it was done secretly after that, so she stopped seeing the guy in better relationship. So how's her relationship with her family after she came back to Allah and repented? The secure relationship with our family? It's hard to hear you.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:17

Can you hear me? Yes. Okay. How's her relationship with her family?

00:36:20 --> 00:37:11

To be honest, I really don't know. Okay. Let me answer you for the sake of time. The messenger Allah peace be upon him said it is now permissible for a Muslim woman to get herself in marriage without the consent of her guardian. So now she really wants to repent. She would have to process a new marriage contract, and her representative would be the guardian, whether it is the father or the brother, or the uncle, whoever is the guardian in charge, keeping the order Barack hello for all the young sisters out there who want to get married. Please, if you are a Muslim God, or understand that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is no valid marriage without the consent of the

00:37:11 --> 00:37:14

Guardian, and to just witnesses.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:27

Any woman who gives her stuff in marriage without the consent of her guardian, her marriage is invalid. This is what the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said Baraka lofi calm

00:37:29 --> 00:37:34

the Hadith Hadith number 14 160. And in movie errata

00:37:35 --> 00:38:14

Ibni shorba are the Allahu Han and Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can either federal aminos Salatu was Salam ala carte La ilaha illa love WADA hula Cherie Keller the whole moon koala hula hamdulillah who Allah Konishi in Kadir Allahu mela man yah Nima are tight, while more clearly my man out while I am Pharaoh with El jefe the main culture and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever he would conclude his prayer, after the prayer is concluded he would recite the following da

00:38:16 --> 00:39:14

la ilaha illallah wa who la sharika the is no god but Allah alone, he has no partners in worship, law home MOLKO Allah who will hand To Him belongs the dominion the sovereignty and to Him belong all the praises, well who are other coalition in Kadir and he is indeed able to do all things. Then there comes the interesting part. So the first segment all of that was words of praises, praising glorifying Allah subhanaw taala declaring the word of the Oneness of Allah of Tawheed. Then, alone Malema and Colima are tight. Oh Allah none can deny that which you bestow, none can prevent what you have been given or what you intend to give, while more LTL in Minot, and none can be stored that

00:39:14 --> 00:39:52

which you hold back, none can give anything which you do not intend. You do not want to wish to give. No one can give anything without your leave and permission. While I am farewell Jedi mean Kel Jett and the greatness of a great person, whether it is in the form of wealth, it is in the form of health IT is in the form of plenty of offspring or opposition. All of that will not avail to them against you. That is the meaning of lion Pharaoh, the Jedi Minka Jett

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

Subhanallah this da was also recited by Prophet there would Allah He

00:40:00 --> 00:40:15

Salam. Whenever he would finish his prayer, he will recite a similar dua he used to say. Allah Who else literally Dini, a lady Jalta who is matter, Emery, who Allah said right my religion which is the controller of all my affairs,

00:40:16 --> 00:40:43

whilst the dunya let you out if you have not hamachi and sit right, my dunya my holy life in which there is my livelihood, and earning my living, taking care of my family and so on. Gehalt if you have much alone mania or the variable i come in Southie Oh Allah, I seek refuge in Your Pleasure, again, is your anger, beautiful, although better welcoming, salty,

00:40:44 --> 00:41:05

well, they'll be awful can then necrotic and they seek refuge in Your pardon against your punishment, and your anger. Well, they'll be coming care and they see seeker fish with you and in you again, as you may get angry with me, you may punish me you may dislike me. So I seek a fish with you. Again Is any of that.

00:41:06 --> 00:41:14

This is similar to what Allah Almighty says in surah is there yet fulfill you il Allah Allah

00:41:15 --> 00:41:17

run away. From whom?

00:41:19 --> 00:41:24

From Allah, to whom, towards whom? towards Allah.

00:41:25 --> 00:42:19

He is the only resort and he's the only one in this existence that whenever you fear Him, you don't run away from him. You run away to words him for fear rule Illa Allah, indeed, I am a clear warning or to you. A prophet Sallallahu sallam was instructed to say to his people, federal, federal, federal and Allah, Rana will towards him. Fleet worsen. So Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam in Surah to Shara vocht Allah subhanaw taala says Allah to Zinio manga sunnah yo man I am Pharaoh man who Allah Munna in lamb and at Allah have Jacobians early in this yet every man is acknowledged that on the Day of Judgment, nothing will avail nothing will help neither wealth nor children yell lion fat oh man on

00:42:19 --> 00:43:09

Wall Obon will Allah disgrace me not on the day of resurrection on the day now that wealth no sons will avail no benefit? What will event then in learn Annette Allah heavier coil? Certainly. Only those who come to Allah with the sound heart, may Allah make us among them. So the AYA confirms, where did I Oh, to just learn Nyan thought with a jet domain called jet? In this dunya when you meet some people, sometimes I'm giving a talk and they say if this person just walked in, he wants to shake hands with you. Alan was Alan, how are you brother? No, he's Mr. Sound. So he's a very big businessman. He owns this factory, and he's a multi millionaire. He's actually a billionaire. This

00:43:09 --> 00:43:55

is how people perceive and treat rich people or people of high positions or give the hope of somewhere where there are some big shots, generals and corners and say shut up so that you can shake hands with this person while he's the general. Okay, if he's interested to shake hands with me, I'm sitting making a demo Salah his most forceful welcome to come by in Russian to shake hands with anyone I'm busy with Mo salah, but the human perception of wealth, the human perception of position, the human perception of Jad J and greatness, this is how they appreciate it and they give precedence to people who have wealth, who hold high positions because they are powerful, right.

00:43:57 --> 00:43:59

But all of that before Allah

00:44:00 --> 00:44:15

has no value. So what has value only one thing in lemon at Allah has been selling in other reference, the yard 1516 and uncertainty and also total faith in which Allah Almighty says

00:44:16 --> 00:44:26

and Mal insertable either mother Tala Hora boo Kurama who wanna who fair pool or be acraman

00:44:27 --> 00:45:00

patella HuFa cada Allah is fearful or be a Hannon. It confirms what we just discussed the human perception. When Allah He has used the word Test, test in both conditions, either an herb teller who whenever Allah tries whenever Allah tests somebody by giving him wealth by giving him possession, and health dunya so he says, I'm indeed honorable Milo

00:45:00 --> 00:45:32

God has honored me, he loves me. And whenever he ate Taylor who in the following EMTALA, who tested him he have used the same word for further Allah hears for so he made his risk Torah tour a little bit. He restrained his wrist, he says, My Lord has disgraced me. Nay, no, it's not like what you're thinking. So the wealth, the children, the positions, all of that are not the means of online or disgracing, has no count.

00:45:33 --> 00:46:18

Look at the dunya tab below in the legend, I have an older Mercer comment hashtag Catherine Shobana shot with this whole life was even most a window for fly before Allah, then Allah would deprive the kaffir from a sip of water that the dunya and all what it contains, is not even worth a winged fly. That's why enjoy taking on and that's why the believers in this dunya whenever they're given what they're grateful, whenever they are deprived of wealth, they are patient and they know that this is not the factor which determines your fate. We are in a short and brief journey. But if you're tested with this, you're tested with that you know how to handle the test. Okay. So that is the meaning of

00:46:19 --> 00:47:05

thorough Daljit domain kuljit So initially you say Allahu melomania anima albite whatever you decide to give no one can stop and whenever you decide to prevent no one can give that set of your Salah Salem was teaching this young boy Abdullah versus uncle about 1213 years old, he says you have to learn listen carefully young boy. Allah means young boy doesn't mean only a slave. Abdullah does the prophets on cousin he says a&m and alone met Anna wisdom at Allah Am I okay we shake that info Okay, let me share in credit attaboy Hello like what I was talking about our aim for okay Shane. Allah Ania de roca che in Fernando de roca levy che it. predicate about La la la. Whenever somebody

00:47:05 --> 00:47:14

applies for a job and he is going for an interview. He has a business card. That's the see a ol brother

00:47:16 --> 00:47:17

or sister.

00:47:18 --> 00:48:03

So I know the Big Shot. You're going for the interview. And if you'd like you know, the job is mine. You see hundreds of people waiting for the interview. And if you're you're the fortunate one because you have some connection, but somebody else doesn't know anyone but he knows Allah. He will get the job when Allah wants him to get the job. It's like that lamb MAN Yeah, I didn't fight while I was really my manner. So what do we learn out of that because we run out of time. When you say the supplication after every prayer, you are acknowledging that the rest is controlled by Allah and He is the one who gives his own who restraints. So this is Nokia do risk this sitting right now. The

00:48:03 --> 00:48:14

person who left and ignored the Juma prayer because the clinic is busy has lots of clients. It says, you know this is work and work is a bad he's an idiot.

00:48:16 --> 00:48:17

He opened his store.

00:48:19 --> 00:48:37

And he thought that this 20 minutes the Jomar prayer time would make him lose lots of money. During this period of the prayer Allah says in surah Juma when you hear the other is how Allah decree law was ruled by shut down your businesses, shut down your businesses.

00:48:38 --> 00:49:00

Okay, if you are in the position of shutting down the business, if it is your choice to take Friday off, or one hour during Friday, have lunch bake for the Joomla then you should do that. But obviously, people on duty II are emergency doctors, surgeons who are operating all of those are exempt. I'm talking about those who have the choice.

00:49:01 --> 00:49:46

So owners to workers in any position where you may take a big insured and what you know the risk will be affected. Yes, it will be affected. I'll tell you why. And I'll tell you how it will increase. It will be blessed is according to Salah Santosh you will fail school luck if you're in touch with spirit all over the earth. If Doublemint fugly. Let's see out of the bed the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala remember Allah much in order to guarantee and secure success? May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all success. I love to recite this diet one more time before we leave La ilaha illallah who had the hula Sharika the hormone cola will handle your who you are you meet to

00:49:46 --> 00:49:59

who Allah Felicia and Claudia Allahu melomania Halima albite. Wala Mattioli, ma'am and up. While I am follow the Jedi, mean cultured brothers and sisters, teach it to your children and do not leave after you finish the prayer.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:15

As the NAMA as the for the animals before your site, this beautiful supplication May Allah subhanaw taala unite us all success Akula we had our esta for LA honey walakum wa salam ala ala Sayidina Muhammad in the USRP of selama Salam aleikum

00:50:17 --> 00:50:17


00:50:19 --> 00:50:49

you has to be the best and gave his best religion to allah God is the greatest the one and only Glory to him on any illness to be the best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about and in paradise, we're shipping cows fire and stones sending letters to the cheapest

00:50:51 --> 00:51:02

day know that forgiving go back hello bad guys. We're shipping cars fire and stoves, selling their best were the cheapest

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