Poem a Day – The Etiquette of Dua

Ammar Alshukry


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Make steal your heart. Let it be present with your audience with the King of Kings let it be broken for word spoken or not token win hearts lead from shattered things. With purity face the fibula begin with praise, humbled and awed and make no mistake where you may face there is the face of God and raise your hands for no hands returned to him empty handed and send blessings upon the profits that are beautiful and expanded and entry entrance before you begin by seeking forgiveness for every sin and begging implore and then employ some more do not buy delay be defeated, for he loves for asking to be repeated and entrance to be entreated and invoke Him and hope and fear with names he

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holds so dear and a charity that would proceed helps best the request proceed. And if you included phrases that One the prophets praises and acclaim are the ones he said invoke God's greatest name. If you were to include all of this in your prayer with excellence perfected such a dua would hardly ever be rejected.