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In Alhamdulilah mother who wanna stay you know, who want to start 01 out of the villa Himanshu Ray and fusina woman sejahtera Marina Maja de la, la, la la la mejor little fella ha de Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de hula Sheree Khanna, Shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh. All praises due to Allah we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide him. At home ever he allows to go astray, none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and

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His Messenger.

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Yeah, you heard levena Armand otaku, la haka, Ducati one automotive Tomatina. Illa one two Muslim moon, are you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam? Yeah, you Hello, Vina Armando tapa la kulu Colin sadita useless la cama como la comme de novo come one minute arella how are Rasulullah who forgot the faza fosun are the man are you who believe, Fear Allah and speak the truth. He will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins, and whomsoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed achieved a great achievement about fantastical Hideki tabula rasa Alhaji Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Maria Medina to her

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Hakuna Matata in beta wakulla VEDA, Tim Bala wakulla and phenol. Brothers and sisters in Islam. It's been for a number of years now, whenever we turn on the news, we find some kind of calamity happening in one Muslim country or another, whether it will be political turmoil, or if it's some kind of economic problem. But we've become accustomed to the fact that there's always some kind of problem in one of the Muslim lands. And we're amazed as we watched the events unfold and we see things like Muslims killing other Muslims or a Muslim leader would call upon members of the army to fire upon innocent civilians, men, women and children. And we're amazed because how Allah subhanaw

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taala made the sanctity of Muslim life something so sacred and something so important. That enemy Salallahu alaihe salam in the greatest gathering in the history of the earth told us about how sacred the Muslim life it is. And he said, it is like the sanctity of this day of yours. komati yo Mecca mhada feabhra deikun hada Fisher Hari Kumar. kumada is like the sanctity of this day of yours in this place of your this land of yours and in this month of yours. And luck was in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says Well, my young Mina Mata Ramadan, and whoever kills a believer on purpose, not by accident, not self defense, but on purpose for Jessa, who Johanna Mohammedan fear his

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recompense will be the Hellfire to abide in it forever. Well, they've Allahu Allah, and Allah will be angered with him when I know and on top of that Allah will curse him. And the law, the curse of a large Legion means that you will be sent away from the mercy of Allah azza wa jal in this world, and in the next meaning, you will not receive the mercy of Allah azza wa jal in this world, nor in the next world, either. When Anna who I don't know who other than Allah, and he has prepared a most severe torment for him. And yet we see this being broken every other day. And when we're watching the events unfold, we think to ourselves, and we estimate that all these problems are caused because

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the Muslims have the worst leaders and the worst governments. But what we want to examine, is it possible that always in Muslim lens, the worst of humanity rise up to become the leaders? Is that a possibility? Because leaders, they don't come from another planet or from another place they come from within the population? So is it that the worst of the population always finds a way to become in charge? Or is it that everyone else is just like them, they just haven't been given the same opportunity. And that's what we want to explore in this whole book. Because the idea is that every single one of us, we would like to believe that if tomorrow, Allah subhanaw taala put us in charge

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of a nation that we would run it like a book, and we would run it like Omar, Abdullah Han Hama, and none of us would like to believe that we would run it like Khadafi, or Mubarak or fill in the name with any other blank the blank with any name here. None of us would like to believe that we would call upon injustice and have people murdered and killed and that we would steal and Rob. So are we then as a miniature version of the same people that we critique and blame for all the problems? Or are we a miniature version of abubaker nama.

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Because right now, every single one of us, Allah subhanaw, taala, has put us in charge of one group or another, whether you own a business and you're in charge of some employees, or you're a manager at a company, and there's some people that you supervise, or you take care of your young, younger siblings, or you take care of parents, or you take care of a family and you have some children, Allah Subhana, Allah has put every single one of us in charge, whether it be a big group or a very small group. The question is, in these small groups where we're in charge right now, do we behave like a mini abubaker? Do we behave like a mini Omar? Or do we behave like a miniature version of the

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same leaders that we hate, and we critique so much in the news, because the idea of brothers and sisters is that if you dislike a quality in someone, then you should make sure that that quality is not in you. If you dislike a quality in someone, make sure the quality is not in you. So we'll take some examples. The first example from the life of Omar Abdullah Isabella Otto, even though he was about 13, in order of the halifa. But historians and scholars consider him the fifth of the right LIGO that whole effort. And Omar Abdulaziz used to have two oil lamps in his home, one oil lamp, the oil was paid for by the Muslim Treasury. And as long as he was doing work at night for the Muslims

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or for the government, then he would use the lamp from that from the oil from that lamp. And whenever he needed to do something for his own self at night, whether change of clothing or something personal, he would extinguish that length, that flame and then like the other one where the oil was paid for from his own pocket. And you might think he can just estimate how much oil he used, and it will be less than a quarter of a teaspoon. But this is how detailed and how intricate he was, I'll be alone. In another example, of knob disease, he woke up one morning, and it was a cold morning, and he needed to be and the water was cold. So he told his servant to heat the bath

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water. And the servant comes a while later, and the bath water is hot. So he asked them, where did you heat this water. And the servant said, I walked into the kitchen of the treasury of the Muslims. So every morning, they would cook for the poor, the widows, the orphans, and the people would eat and then they would leave the fire burning the wood would continue burning. He said, I walked in, and I found that they had finished cooking. So I put your pot on top of it. And that's where I heated your water. So Omar Abdulaziz was shocked. He said you use the fire of the Muslims to heat up my personal bathwater. And the servant explained to him, yeah, amirul momineen, they had already

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finished cooking, and the fire was just going to burn into the air, it was just going to be wasted. So instead of letting it go to waste, I put your pot on top of it. And that's where I hated your water. And Omar Abdulaziz refused to use that water.

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So now we ask ourselves right now in the positions of power, or the positions where we're interested, do we behave like Aziz with our employers? Do we behave like Omar Abdulaziz? How many times people will come 10 minutes late over here, 12 minutes over there 15 minutes late from lunch or coming into work. And then they just round it off. And so then these minutes keep adding up until they become ours. And over the years, they become days that were otherwise not entitled to be paid for. So right now, do we behave like on a napkin or just with our employer? Or are we taking advantage of long distance phone calls? Or are we taking advantage of the laser printer and the

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color copier at work? How many people and the agreement with your employer is that they pay you for your time. But how many people while they're sitting at their desk, they're watching some kind of sports event or sports game and they've minimized it on their desktop hiding it from everyone else. Or they're even watching and listening to some Islamic lecture as if that makes it okay to deceive the employer. So right now in the positions that we're in right now, do we behave like honorable Abdulaziz? Do we behave like Abu Bakar kebab? Or do we behave exactly like the thieving criminals that we critique and we dislike so much every day in the news? And it's for you to answer that

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question for yourself. Then we take an example from the life of

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the low on Whoa. And one day walked by an area known as an himer. And that is where they allowed the animals to graze. And he found a group of camels that were particularly larger and fatter than all the other camels. So he asked to whom do these camels belong? And they said they belong to your son, Abdullah ibn Ahmad. So he called his son Abdullah and he said, What is the story behind these camels? and his son told him these are camels that I bought a while ago. And I let them graze here so that when they get bigger and fatter, I would sell them at a profit. Honorable hubub tells his son sold the camels and whatever capital you invested, take back your capital and whatever profit

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you get, you put it back into the treasury of the Muslims intubated.

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So his son asked why. And Amara de la Han who explained, he explained to him that your camels, they got fatter and they look better than all the rest, because because they got extra attention by virtue of you being the son of Amira meaning, so that people will say Eero Abel, even ameerul momineen, let the camels have the son of a middle man in graze First, let them graze longer, they'll give them more access to water, they'll give them first access to water, and so on and so forth. And that's why your camels look better than the rest. So you take back, whatever capital you invested, and whatever profit you get, you put it into the treachery of the Muslims, even though it wouldn't

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have been haram for him. But this is how fair and just Amaro the llama and was, and especially with his family members. In another incident, during the reign of Amato delanco, a man comes from a distant part of the Muslim Ummah, and he has with him a large container of musk oil. And he tells Omar, this is a gift that I brought for the believing men and woman. So now I'm not alone on who needs someone to enter empty this container into smaller vessels so they can distribute them to the people. And his wife volunteered. And Omar refused. And when she asked why, he said, because you're going to go with your finger hardcover, and then you're going to go Hakka.

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He explained to her that it's inevitable, as you're emptying out the containers into these small vessels, that it's inevitable, some of it is going to come onto your hand onto your fingers. And when a good odor comes onto your hand, you don't wash it off, you rub it onto your body or onto your clothes. And the man didn't say this is a gift for the believing men and women and for the wife of ameerul momineen, Amato de la who did not want her to get the slightest amount of this oil. And this is how fair and just he was with his own family. So now we ask ourselves, how are we with our own families, how many people constantly yell at their wives at home, and threaten their wives and

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threaten them with divorce and threaten them with all kinds of things, and even worse than all that something that is happening in the Muslim communities, but is going unchallenged? How many people actually strike their wives and hit and beat their wives constantly. And this is something that is happening. But this is something that was looked down upon by the worst of people and the worst of this oma

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and the prophets of Salaam named this man, the Federal owner of this oma, the owner of this oma when he struck a smart, the daughter of Oba he was ashamed, and he told the man next to him. I hadn't anila come to her, do not tell anyone that I hit her. He was so ashamed. The worst of this oma was so ashamed that he hit a woman. And now so many people constantly attacking and beating their wives and then still coming to the masjid and still acting religious. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made the treatment of the wife in particular, the measure of a person who is good or not the treatment of the wife the problem said, a lot of Solomon said, Hey, girl, come here, come here.

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We're Anna hierro. camellia and Libby Sawsan have said, the best of you are the best of you to their families, meaning their wives, and I'm the best of you to their wives. And the scholars explained, why is that the measure then the person who's nicest and whisper best mannered with his wife at home, and not with the community. Because the scholar said that a person might show that in public in the community in the masjid, smiling and showing taqwa outwardly, but at home, he's a monster when it comes to his family. But they said that if you're gentle with your family, most likely you're gentle everywhere else. So that means even in our religion, the measure of a good man or not,

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is how they treat their wives at home.

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This was the litmus test that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us and this is what's happening in our oma right now and the throne of the oma didn't want people to know that he struck a woman. So how many people now are fair with their siblings fair with their children and fair with people in their own home? So if we're not then what makes us believe that if Allah subhanaw taala puts us in charge of a nation tomorrow, we would run it like aboubaker and run it like Omar.

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The last example we'll take will be from the life of Imam Ibn taymiyyah scheffel assembly bin Tamia Rahim Allah, one of his students said, I wish I could treat my best friends the way the Imam treated his worst enemies. I wish I could treat my best friends, the way the Imam treated his worst enemies. He said one day, one of the worst enemies, the biggest enemies of the Imam died. So I came to his house pleased and happy to give him the good news. And I entered upon him and I said good news, your enemy so and so died today. He said the Imam became very upset, and he reprimanded me. How can you be pleased? How can you be happy that someone across town has died? And across town there are people

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this is the worst day in their life. Their children, they are brokenhearted today because they're

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Dear sweet father passed away, and this is one of the worst days in their life. His wife is heartbroken if his parents outlive them, they're heartbroken today because they lost their child. his siblings lost their brother, his best friends are heartbroken, his neighbors are saddened, so many people are suddenly across town. And we're supposed to be happy here because we had some disagreement in the religion. He said, then the Imam got dressed immediately. And he left immediately to the house of the deceased. And he spoke to them ever so kindly, and spoke to them ever so gently, and he tells them I am to you, his replacement, whatever you need, I will do it for

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you before anyone else and if you need money, I'll give it to you before anyone else. And that's why the students said I wish I could treat my best friends the way the Imam treated his worst enemies. And today you find people hating each other sometimes in the same community in the same Masjid. People hating each other to groups. And all they do is hate one another. And the worst part is when they think you are And the worst part is when you think you're hating another believing man or woman for the sake of a large religion. That is the worst thing. Because if you hate someone because they have a better car, or a better house, one day you will be ashamed of yourself when you repent for

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that. But when you think hating your believing brother, or your believing sister is a bad and you worshipping a large the legend through this hatred, what will make you give it up. And this has never been the description of the companions amongst one another in the Koran, nor has it been the description of how the believers treat one another in the body. And so it's for us then, to look at ourselves and see, do we behave like a miniature version of those rulers that we dislike and blamed for everything wrong in the Muslim Ummah? Or are we closer to the example that we wish we would be like those of Oh, Booker, Andromeda and others. Apollo cola was tough for a lot of them. I mean,

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Jimmy, I don't know. First of

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all, Mr. Varian asked Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, surely those who asked for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, earlier he was a big mind about we began in the first football by mentioning how we constantly see calamities and for a number of years, we've been seeing problems and calamities happening in Muslim lands. And what that has done is that it has led some people to become despondent, they lost hope in the victory coming from Allah subhanaw taala and the promise of Allah azza wa jal that this oma will be in charge, this oma will be superior to all other Omen and his religion will be superior to all other religions. And losing hope like this is not ever from the attributes of the believer, and a loss of how to other

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insulted hedger upon the tongue of Ibrahim alayhis salam tells us who are the kinds of people who lose hope, analyze the origin, and ensure that hydrological good says, God, oh my yuck not to be in love ball loon, and who loses hope in the mercy of their Lord, except those who are astray. So this verse is telling us only those who are misguided those who are astray lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala This is not for the believing men and women to lose hope in the mercy or in the promise of Allah azza wa jal

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if we read the Koran, we find that 20% of the Quran deals with stories of the prophets and no doubt every time you read the story of one of the prophets, you see this theme reoccurring, you see difficulty from Allah and then victory coming you see some kind of pressure, some kind of rough time and then you see victory and he is coming from a loss of Hano Tod. So it can't be that someone in this oma who reads the Quran, and loses sight of this, this pattern of difficulty and then ease and victory from Allah subhanaw taala. It can be someone from this oma and we're the omelets commanded to recite certain calf every single week. And inserted calf is a very clear theme of being tested,

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and then ease and victory coming from a large origin. The people of the cave tested in their religion, people tested in their wealth people tested in their knowledge. People tested in their power all of this in South Africa, which we recite every single weekend or week. So it can't be that someone from this omo will lose hope someone who reads the Quran and sees how moosari Sam and his role in trucking across the desert, followed by an entire army and they reach what looks like a physical dead end. They get to the Red Sea and they can't go and progress beyond that. So the followers of most Ali Salam said in a llama dracoon we're going to be overtaken we're going to be

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captured, but Musa alayhis salam never losing hope in a large religion. And he said killer in America bc Dean. No, my Lord is with me.

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He is going to guide me, he is going to find me a way out of this, never losing hope in Allah azza wa jal.

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The Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, when we look at his Syrah, you also never lose hope and Allah subhanaw taala. And you see that even when it looks like a very low point, and maybe so la Salim is given glad tidings have a high point to come in the distant future and levy sallallahu Sallam with our workers to do and they're fleeing from Mecca to Medina. And a man in full armor comes after them. And that is Soraka nomadic, and he wants to capture them for the bounty placed on their heads. But when he gets near, he falls a number of a number of times and then he realizes that this is not a normal man. In the end, the prophet SAW Selim speaks to him. And this looks like a low point to

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men and they're literally fleeing for their life. But the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gives him glad tidings of something magnificent that will help to that will happen to him, not in the near but in the distant future. And he tells him cave anta yes Raka wafi de sua kisara? How will you feel your Soraka when you'll be wearing the two bracelets of kisser on your wrists, and the professor lump lived and passed on. And then I will book a rule for two years and passed on. And then during the reign of American hip hop, they enter the palace of kisara. And they take his personal personal treasures and jewelry, and they send it back to Medina and Morocco and who opens it and he finds the

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two bracelets of concern. And he called Soraka Malik, and he put the two bracelets on his wrists. And he says, Now I want you to walk with your hands held high amongst the believers and tell them what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said to you on the day of his hedgerow and sort of know Malik was walking amongst the people with his hands raised high. And he said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to me on the day of his hijra k for NTR Soraka How will you feel your Soraka when on your two wrists will be the bracelets of

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the promise of Allah subhanaw taala will come and the believers never lose hope in that. And we didn't we don't wait for the Maddie to come and fix our situation. We don't wait for anything like that. And it's happened before historically, where when the Mongols invaded by the dad, people sat and waited for them it to come for sure he will come and fix the situation. But never are we supposed to wait for anyone to come and do the work for us. And if we contemplate the life of the Maddie himself there Maddie knows that no one can kill the jungle the Antichrist except for a sub no Maria. And yet he gets together a powerful army and he fights against him for a full day. So we

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learn from the Maddie. He didn't wait for a signal Mario to do his work. So we don't sit and wait for them to do our work. People tell you things that take away from your morale and from they tell you things like that Maddie will come and free for the steam and Maddie will free beta aka bait and Mr. Luxor and all this is incorrect. The scholars say because that Hadith mentioned that casually and Maddie will pray to rock art in beta democritus. So the scholars said it's proof that it comes under the control of the Muslims before the advent of the MADI, which means if you tell me only then you can do it. That means whatever I do now is absolutely useless. If I write letters, it's useless.

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I go out for demonstrations. It's useless. If I boycott products, it's useless because I have to sit and wait for the magic. But when you understand that no, it will be freed before he even shows up that we have to do some kind of work. And that gives me more hope because maybe I'll be part of something that will be part of the catalyst of what frees us up in the future or my children or grandchildren can be a part of that. And that brings you more hope. But nothing in this religion was designed to take hope away from us and the believers never lose hope in Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah azza wa jal to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of

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it. And to make use of those who recognize false hood as clear falsehood and abstain from it, for lahoma

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or Sapna tibba.

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Nava Paloma to jalandoni Akbar homina whatever blogger el Mina, Ella Norma sirona, we ask Allah to grant victory to Islam and to the Muslims. We ask Allah azzawajal to grant freedom to all the Muslims who are being held and dealt with unjustly around the world. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant victory to his righteous servants, in Philistine and in Syria, and in Iraq, and in Afghanistan, and in Burma, and Bangladesh and Kashmir, and in all parts of the world. You're blind. I mean, for lahoma Illuminati I'm Rushden you are Sufi robotic. Well, you know my sciatic way more visible maroof

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Samia da

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alameen wa sallahu wa sahbihi Takuma Sato hum como la