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The Greatest Dua of Seeking Forgiveness

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu it's your brother Hey Brahim with Ramadan therapy at hamdulillah This is our project in Ramadan 2019 this is number four at hamdulillah. We are proceeding well with the month of Ramadan We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and he is the hub that Mindanao cm and network em in a little cool. I know what to do then to accept from us our fast Oh Allah, our standing in prayer at night. I will record on our schedule, a lot of them I mean, the drive that we're going to focus on today has a special title and the title is given by the greatest of LMB at Muhammad Abdullah and he helped him with this theme. This is a hadith that is found into

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Hasan Buhari in the chapter of the outlet of the invocations of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it comes from the way of one of the great Sahaba should designate the Allahu Allah. He says, I never use Allah lahardee we're setting them apart upon say, you will still fall and the hole that that chief the head the greatest way, the most superior way of asking for is still fought for forgiveness. Now let's clarify the word is too far. To ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, it doesn't mean that you're necessarily asking a lot to free you of your sin entirely, or that it's removed from your record. Rather, it's default is for the things that you are unaware

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of. It's not the same. It's not same as Toba. Although it's used similarly, Toba, it means you know what you did wrong. You know what the scene is? So you're asking a lot for that particular thing to be forgiven. It's the father's for the things that you have missed, have not paid attention to you're not aware of their gravity, and they sneak up on you as the Prophet is lm says in the hadith of Lima Muslim FML.

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They've even named lettuce so that feel a little mad. They're more silent and stealthy than the foot footsteps of a dark and in the darkness of a moonless night, very silent and deadly. But they have a great effect especially because they come in small amounts, but they conglomerate to make a large massive error between us and Allah May Allah protect us. So his default is to cover up the sins that you've made that you ask a lot to cover them up, meaning to cover them up with a good deed. You're asking a lot to give you a long enough life to give you good enough trophies and Providence that you do good enough good deeds that will overwhelm the sinful deeds that you have made unknowingly,

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unintentionally in encouraging between you and Allah and involving others. May Allah protect us from this. Allah subhanaw taala says in heaven Hassan as you say as righteous deeds, they extinguish wipe away cover over sinful deeds met lawmakers of those who wipe away our teeth. What is the drop? You say? It begins by an admission

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you say Allahumma Antara be our law you are my Lord, only one that I will worship that Yoda and I have no one other than you. Oh, Allah Halekulani. You're the one who created me, why not do and I acknowledge that as my Creator as my Lord as my sustainer. The only one that I have is for me to worship you when I look, I am your slave. When I deca, deca Matata and I commit myself

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a day and at night, that I will give you this commitment, this covenant as much as I'm able to fulfill it. And notice this throughout the prophets, I seldom that our commitment to Allah subhana wa Taala is conditional to our ability there will be times to panela led to a fitna in nesina our sadhana which was the first or the second draft that we studied, the last two verses of sorbitol bahara. I must have thought as long as I'm able or a lot I promise, I give this covenant to you. I mean, surely mehsana I seek protection in you over law I recognize you are the Lord who is only one who can protect and I recognize that these evil deeds are created from within me and from within

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others, that you Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala have given me the capacity to make this mistakes. And I will refer the same evilness of myself to me not to you Oh Allah, over the weekend, I seek protection with you and in you and through you mean Shall we mess on out from that which I brought forth from that which my hands have earned from that which my tongue And eyes and ears and and and and and limbs have brought myself to Ruhlman abou la cabina hermetically I turned to you Oh Allah in acknowledgement of the blessings you've given me then yet may have given me never met is something that is given to you that you haven't earned or work towards. It is a grace from a law that wasn't

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something you earned you can't stand and say I deserve it. The net metric IE that you have blessed me with even though I'm unworthy of it. Well I will be let can be them be and I acknowledge before you I put before you over law, my sinfulness my them. The word them is different to help them be something I made knowingly as a mistake. Healthy as something I made as a mistake not knowing its gravity or its error. A bootleg can be them.

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When the new movie I asked you all from the scene and my scenes, those that I'm aware of Matt I didn't do MLM and and what I know and what I don't know, Abu Dhabi thembi I asked you a lot by two that I put forward to you this sin felt fiddly. Oh ALLAH forgive it for me, Oh Allah give me the time, the energy, the ability to cover it over with good deed, give me the life that I can make up this error that I've made the sinfulness that I've had, they know who they are for the rubella and for no one is able to forgive the sins except you or love. No one is able to allow me this opportunity to gain days and moments in my life, to be able to expel it from my record, to work

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righteous deeds and to have the ability to please you Oh Allah, that I can cover over the sins La Ilaha Illa and there is only you Oh Allah, Allah if aina hood I have it within obey land. No one is capable of forgiving it. Except you overlook the prophets. I seldom says woman Karla Hamming the heart in the one who says this in his day. Format I mean Yomi he and his to pass away before the night cobbler and UMC before they go to sleep. For who I mean Alan Jenna they are given the reward agenda they will be from its people. So Pamela making that drive when you wake up, making that drive as a part of the consistent days that you have left in the month of Ramadan. I will repeat it for

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you in sha Allah. Say you that is default and in the comment section, I will link for you. It's its place where you can find it and in translation, and it's transliteration in sha Allah. where you say, let Illa Illa and you acknowledge Allah subhana wa Tada. I love them and you are my only one that I worship La Ilaha Illa and Halekulani. When I do when I think Wow, wow, I must have thought, oh, they'll be coming shortly mouse or not. abou la cabina ematic la abou that can be then be fiddly for in the whole area for the Nova Illa. And the one who says this in the morning and passes away before the evening is an allergen, the one who says it in his night and passes away before he wakes

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up, then they are from the people of gender, for who I mean, and again, by the testimony and the promise of the prophets. I said, why is this really important? First, I want you to see its construction. First you acknowledge the greatness of Allah, you acknowledge your weakness before him you acknowledge that no one is capable of forgiving, but him you acknowledge that all supremacy all mine is within his hand, you acknowledge that he is La Ilaha Illa. And the only one that I turned to in need and in sorrow, in pain, and in happiness and joy in all of my conditions, La Ilaha Illa and you're the source of everything that is good. And I'm the one who has brought corruption into my

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life. And if I return to a place of righteousness with you, or a law, I'm confident that that corruption that I brought will remain will will will no longer remain collectanea and I understand you are my Creator, you are my maker, you are my fashion or you are the one who brought me into this world. You are the one who destined this life in this existence. You're the one who has given me these trials and these tests and these tribulations. You are the only one therefore that I will worship. When I do you understand that to be Abdullah a slave of Allah is no ability to be a slave of anything else is human humiliation. But when you give your enslavement to Allah willingly to

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the power that would be stripped of you by others as being their slave is given to you in many fold through the strength provided to you by Allah. And therefore a slave is the one whose powers are usurped when they're given their slave into other than God, but when you are a slave of Allah, a laws powers extend towards you that he becomes the site you see with the hearing you hear with the strength that you possess in your hand and therefore Allah says this to us in the authentic hadith, which is

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narrated Bukhari and Muslim were the prophets I send them reports that Allah Allah Allah says, that I will become the eyes that my servant sees with the ears that meaning that what will please a love for you to see you will see what is displeasing you will turn away from because of your consciousness in him, We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make say you the list of far this greatest way of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada a part of our morning and evening routines in the month of Ramadan and to extend past the month of Ramadan along meant or Bella Illa Allah and Danny when Abdo Karina the karate can still talk abou there can be no romantic it can be them be fulfilled

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Lee for him the whole layer feels good all that he learned along with 100 min now Ramadan, so yeah, man LTM in order for Anna or suddenly love them or sell him was it what Vedic Allah said now Mohammed, this was part four number four of our Ramadan therapy for Ramadan. 2019 with your brother yeah habit on him was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh