Saad Tasleem – Seeking Beneficial Knowledge

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the benefits of achieving Islam, including gaining knowledge and achieving beneficial knowledge. They suggest dedicating time to these weekends to gain these benefits and encourage individuals to make small decisions based on their availability. The speaker concludes by laying a hand and promising to return again soon.
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah. So we're continuing on our series on how to strengthen your email and are some tips to strengthen your email. I know the weekend is here, so you may have some extra time inshallah Tada. And I like to associate weekends with gaining knowledge. Number one, obviously, because of the amount of experience where the classes are on the weekends. But even other than that, because you have more time you can dedicate some of your time to seeking Islam. Islamic knowledge of what we're talking about here is beneficial knowledge. Now what is the difference between knowledge and beneficial knowledge? Knowledge is just information beneficial knowledge is knowledge that you

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have implemented into your life and knowledge that actually makes you a better Muslim and closer to a law. So maybe you're not attending a seminar this weekend, but doesn't mean that you cannot access other knowledge, some lectures, a book, even a small book, anything like that. But don't just read or listen but make this knowledge knowledge that you're going to implement into your life. So pick one thing no matter how small and decide that it is this what it is this weekend, that you're going to implement that knowledge into your life, inshallah, tada, until next time, tomorrow, maybe maybe end of the weekend. See you all soon, inshallah said I'm ready to lay when I got there.

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