When the Streets of Madina were full of Wine

Abu Abdissalam


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When the Streets of Madina were full of Wine – Steps To Allah conference 4 by Abu Abdisalam.

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The historical context of the legalization of alcohol and the use of "meditation" in Islam is discussed, as well as the history of the Middle East and the struggles of women in the face of abuse. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding the Quran and embracing change to achieve success in life. They also discuss the potential consequences of the "The Great War on the Earth" movement and the importance of being aware of the actions of others and acting on the Koran.

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summit network presents the sixth annual steps to a law conference.

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The Covenant our pledge to Allah,

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it is fulfilling your obligations to Allah, doing all that you can to protect you from the Hellfire, meaning do all and doing all that you can to please Allah and staying away from all that which is displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Imagine yourself

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standing in front of olanzapine or gela, viola, when he asked you questions, I believe you limit them to solely

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my sleeve? Why did you not pray? What excuse will you do

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to buy this amazing title? And then he tells you your sin, he's transgressed. But don't despair from the mercy of Allah.

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So whoever is wishful for the meeting with his Lord, let him do righteous thing that one God wasn't like any other, be laser committed, he knows nothing like him. He is one and unique in his oneness. Because we know Islam is based upon the fitrah the innate disposition, the thing that Allah has created within us to acknowledge his religion, and on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala, he will tell us about every single act that we did.

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Whether it be the small, or the large, does not take great leaps. It takes small steps sincerely for a loss of handle with that can change everything in an instant.

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Join us at this amazing conference in Manchester on the 19th of December, and in London on the 20th of December, limited early bird tickets available. book now at steps to allah.com.

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The Covenant our pledge to Allah

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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The topic is about how the Koran changed a generation.

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And there's just a little tidbits that I'd like to really speak about. The first is a really beautiful story

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about the way wine was prohibited in Islam. And as many of you know,

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alcohol was not prohibited in one go, the Quran was revealed over 23 years. And so one day, allergen just suddenly you know, from allowing wine or alcohol until the next day you wake up, oh, it's all been prohibited. It was prohibited in three stages.

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In the first stage, Allah subhanaw taala merely does Sharla or he just indicates indicates about wine and it's bad effects. In the second stage, Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentions or he prohibits

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drinking wine before praying. In other words, don't drink, don't pray while you're in a state of intoxication. Until you know what you are saying.

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Now in this ayah, when this ayah was revealed,

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many Sahaba they gave up drinking altogether anyway.

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Because they during the day, they would pray the five daily prayers, budget for us, America.

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And so in the daytime, they couldn't drink.

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But they would also give up wine at night, because of their love of the night prayer. Because of their love, of getting up

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in the last third of the night, some of the more than that, and listening to the Quran reciting the Quran in their own personal space, privately between them and Allah, Allah. So between drinking wine,

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intoxication, something that was very, you know, something very tied to the Arabian culture before Islam. In fact, they said that a gathering would not take place except that wine will be served

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and so

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During this stage Allah subhanaw taala prohibits wine before prayers.

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So some people continue to drink it was hella at nighttime and others they would they would totally give up because that because of their love of the night

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and then came the third stage

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the third stage but before we get to the third stage just as a side point that i uh that was mentioned with respect to wine being prohibited before press, Allah says, Yeah, you and Edina Armando Latta karabo salata, cuando, su cara, oh, you who believe, don't come near to the press while you are in a state of intoxication.

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And then Allah mentioned something very important. This part of the verse that many people they gloss over, but actually this is the real crux of the verse. Apart from the prohibition, what does Allah say next? What is the most what is the reason why wine is prohibited? Allah subhanho wa Taala he gives the reason in the Quran about this stage, why is it prohibited at this stage? He says had dialogue.

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Don't come near to the press until you know what you are saying.

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Until you know what you are saying. This is actually profound. Why is it so profound?

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Because how many Muslims how many of us we pray?

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We're not intoxicated. But we don't know what we're saying.

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True? How many of us, we don't know what we're saying what we're praying is just a bunch of actions, blah, blah, blah, you recite? You know,

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us is often far too many people don't even know the meaning of what they're saying. And this is why some scholars have said that it is obligatory, yes, obligatory for us to learn.

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Arabic as they went further, they said it's obligatory to learn Arabic. Why? So that you know what you're saying in your press. But the bare minimum that we can say or extract from this is that we should know what we're saying? In our press Allah agenda, what Allah prohibited wine before the press, so that people would know what they're saying. They're not drunk, they're not intoxicated. They know what they're saying when they're speaking in front of a lot of data and press, the final stage of wine, Allah subhanaw taala simply says, fetch Danny boo, boo, La La ku, to

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keep away from it. He mentioned wine and gambling and a whole bunch of other stuff. Then he says, keep away from me, avoided, leave it if you ought to be successful.

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Now, what do we see in the streets of Medina,

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this is a society

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which literally lived on intoxication, a society where a gathering would not happen except that wine would be served even prominent Sahaba they would obviously drink, it was part of the culture. It was part of the Arabian culture. When this ayah was revealed,

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in his house, had a gathering a party, if you will, he had a gathering. And at this gathering, the youngest Sahabi, the one who died the last he died last out of the Sahaba Anna Malik, from the Allahu taala and

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he's narrating many years later he tells you the scene of Medina and he says in Medina,

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when a when the horse riders when passed, basically what would happen is whenever a out of the Quran were revealed, and new laws came into effect, remember, Islam Medina was a secular society. You keep religion in your homes, Medina was a, an Islamic Society. And as such, the laws that would come down in the Quran, they would be enacted, they would be, you know, they would be they would be law, they would become law of the land of Medina.

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And so, when horses riders, when I add would be revealed the new laws were passed by las panatela.

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The horse riders would go and announce this around Medina

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and Abu talhah. In his house, he had a party just after this if had been revealed. And as a good Malik Abdul Malik of the Allahu anhu He says, I was a cup bearer,

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the house of a Buddha and he was pouring wine. He said I was pouring wine for

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The Sahaba for some of the companions

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and then a horse rider he came and he announced to us Have you not heard that wine has now become unlawful? It's become illegal to drink wine. What is it that you find in the house of double Bella?

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alto anessa. Maliki describes the scene. He says that immediately everybody stopped drinking. Those who had their

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glasses, or those were the jugs. I had the gigantosaurus I had the jug, he put down the

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those who had glasses of wine in their hands, they put it down. Those who had wine in their mouth, they spat it out.

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And some went even further. Those who had drunk it, they vomited about this was not necessary, but they did it. They vomited it out. How is it that one word

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each than evil? Keep away from it. Avoid leaving this small phrase lead a generation

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from a people who are wine drinkers, to a people with that one word, they immediately stop drinking wine. And NSA Bloomberg, Claudia Lohan, who goes on? He said I went out and the streets of Medina were filled with why a lot of

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the streets were filled with wine barrels, people were throwing it out, because now wine has been made prohibited unlawful. This My dear brothers and sisters was the effect of this book.

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And you can give numerous examples of this. Female infanticide, something very common, burying the children, the girl children alive. The UN, when they had a specific conference in India, while this was supposed to be on the agenda, it got taken off because they didn't want to, you know, offend the host country?

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How is it that modern states could not enforce this law but a book one word

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change this whole generation?

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How did this come? The simple reason brothers and sisters, when you understand the Quran, when you read it and you implement it in your lives, it has has been proven, will change. Not just yourself, but your families, your friends, the society at large, and a whole generation all over again. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us those who actually understand the Quran and then act by and I'll finish with a small story

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regarding one of the greatest enemies of Islam, Abuja if not the greatest enemy of the Prophet sallallahu.

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Now, there were three pagans mushrikeen of Makkah, who are among the leaders, Abu Jamal was one of them about Sofia, before he became Muslim and a lot of enjoy

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these three

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one of them Abuja when he goes to the,

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the house of the Prophet slicin, what time before fudger? What is the profit slice lm doing before?

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He's playing the night prayer. So he goes maybe an hour, maybe two hours, we don't know. He goes in the last part of the night. And he is sitting outside and he takes a place and sits outside the house of the profit slice. And nobody knows that he's sitting there.

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And what's he doing?

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He's listening to the for

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the greatest polytheist mushrik pagan.

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The greatest enemy of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who opposed the prophets lie Selim in every possible way, physically, by slandering him by torturing him in every way possible, by torturing his followers,

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imprisoning them, and what is he doing? He's secretly listening to

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when you understand the problem, you read it and you implement it in your life.

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It has has been proven

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to change not just yourself, but your families or friends.

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The society at large and a whole generation all over again. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us those who actually understand the Quran and then act by and I'll finish with a small story

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regarding one of the greatest enemies of Islam, Abuja, if not the greatest enemy of the Prophet sallallahu.

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Now, there was three pagans mushrikeen of mcra, who are among the leaders, Abu Jamal was one of them about Sophia, before he became Muslim and

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these three

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one of them Abuja when he goes to the,

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the house of the Prophet slicin, what time before fudger? What is the profit slice lm doing before?

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He He's praying the night prior. So he goes maybe an hour, maybe two hours, we don't know. He goes in the last part of the night. And he is sitting outside and he takes a place and sits outside the house, the profit slice, and nobody knows that he's sitting there.

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And what's he doing?

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He's listening to the

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the greatest polytheist mushrik, pagan,

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the greatest enemy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam who oppose the prophets lie Selim in every possible way, physically, by slandering him by torturing him, in every way possible, by torturing his followers,

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imprisoning them, and what is he doing, he secretly listening to the qura. So at future time, when dawn breaks, he quickly leaves

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and he gets to the road. When he gets to the road he bumps into about Sofia.

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And they bump into

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an accident. lochness a bunch, right? All three of them. So each of them asks the other What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? And they admit that they're seated, they have been sitting there listening to the Koran, and being fascinated by so they each promise each other. Listen, we can't come back again. If people see us listening to the Quran, it's gonna cause a fitna it's gonna cause problems that people who are you know, they're weak minded. They're gonna think, Hey, hold on, How come he's listening to the Torah, but he's telling us not to listen to the fallen.

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So they made a promise that they won't come again.

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The next day, Abuja goes back. And he does the same thing. And at dawn time, he gets up and he goes to the road and yet again, he bumps into our low works Allah plan that they will bump into each other a second day. Abu sufian, Abu Jamal, and lochness aventura they they bumped into each other the second day. And then what are you doing it? Well, you know, I was listening to the Quran and I couldn't help it and all of this. They promise they won't do it again the third day, the exact same thing happens. What are you doing here? What are you doing? Oh, come on. Look, we promised each other we won't do it again. This time they take an oath and an oath, you know, by this oath and

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they start cursing themselves. And all of this stuff, though they will never return.

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And this time they kept their word and they did not return above Sophia,

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who later became a Muslim.

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He actually along with us lessness Gustavo, Sophia.

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What do you think? Is it the truth? Of course it's the truth. Let's go to Abuja let's find out what he's saying. So they go to Abuja, Abuja he was the leader of bernama Zoo and Abu Jamal was the strongest enemy against

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He was the total the antithesis of Americana hubbub about the love and the profits I sort of made dot O Allah, may one of these two honors omarama Buddha's name is Anna

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or ami one may one of these to

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accept Islam, the best of them. And Ahmed Abu Qatada accepted Islam. They were powerful men, Abu Jamal, Abu sufian Allah, let's go to Abu Jamal and say, Oh Abu Jamal, what do you think about what you heard from Mohammed? Saleh Ali?

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Abu Jamal replies,

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he says that there are some things that I understand. And there are some things that are heard that I don't understand. Like I do Neff Kahuna. Hadith, Allah says about this

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There are some things I don't understand.

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But I know one thing. He says we used to compete with them by New Hampshire. He was from Potomac zoo. The professor Sam was born Ohashi. And they were like cousins if you like cousin tribes.

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He said we used to compete with them. When they fed people we fed people when they gave them water, we gave them water when they were generous to the guests. They weren't, we were generous to our guests. When they wanted the liwa, which is the flag bearing title, we gave them that. But now they have come and said that there is a profit, we will never believe one lie by Allah We will never believe in what this prophet has come with.

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In other words, he acknowledges that this is the Huck the truth from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But because of this jealousy and hatred, he says, I will never believe if the Koran had such an effect on a person like this, such that he was drawn to listen, despite his arrogance, despite his hatred, he was drawn to listen to the Koran, and he kept coming back for more. The least it should do what what kind of effect should it have on all of us. And that is why brothers and sisters, we need to come back to the Koran. We need to really understand its meaning. And then finally, we need to act upon the Quran. And we shall see our own life totally changed the way in Charlotte, the way the

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Sahaba they changed their life from this point on

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and in handling