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In Hamdulillah,

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brothers and sisters in Islam today, our hope law is about lying. And lying is something that doesn't really need a definition. But simply it is speaking falsehood deliberately so that the words do not reflect actual facts. One study said that the average adult lies from two to three times per day.

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And the average child lies from three to five times per day. And the sad part is that we actually teach our children to lie to us. And we'll explain that in a little bit. But lying itself, it is something that is unnatural, and so abnormal, that when someone tells a lie, his body reacts to the line. And that's why we have the polygraph test, which measures small changes in breathing and heart rate, and in sweating, because the person telling the lie, and sometimes the body betrays the liar. Yeah, and if someone will say that was, say in the affirmative, but their head subconsciously is shaking, no shaking side to side, even the body betrays and the words betrayed. So, as someone who

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is telling a lie will typically speak into third person, and use a lot of third person were like pronouns, and he will not say I specifically, always remove himself from the situation, they will avoid the eye contact, so many things that make them uncomfortable. We see this in sort of use of in the Quran, verses 16 and 17, the beginning of the surah, we see that when the brothers lost us or through use of nslm in the well, they came back to their father, well, Joe, about whom Aisha yakun. And so they came to their father at night crying to the scholar say, why did they come at night in particular, and they explain a bunch of possible reasons one, to avoid their faces being seen. So

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can they come at night, and it's dark, and their father cannot see their face. Because he might be able to tell they know that the liars face will give, give him away, so that he might be able to tell or to because they may not be know how to name. They're not good actors. And he will be able to tell that they're faking, or that some other scholars said they also didn't want to see his face. It's the guilt of telling the lie. They don't want to see his face. As they're telling him to lie and they break his heart. They have salatu salam, and to avoid the general discomfort in the next verse pouya urbanna, in the hubnut nestable could struggle with iraq now usofa in the Medina for

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Akela. Who did they said, Oh, our Father, we went off and lift us to buy our goods and buy our my prevision our camp. So the wolf devoured him, and then look what they said. And they said

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wama and boom, be more meaning Lana, when O'Connor saw the thing, and they said, and you're not going to believe us, even if we were truthful. So their words gave them away. They said, even if we were truthful, because they know they were not truthful. While later on when they lose their other brother Benny. I mean, and this time they're truthful. Look at their wording now. They said What's that in Korea to let you couldn't even ask the village where we lived where we were staying? Where eternity Acaba and the caravan that we came with what inala saw the Poon, and we are truthful. The wording is completely different.

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From the Hadith about lying, narrated Abu huraira alone, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, it's one of its he mentioned lying as one of three signs of a hypocrite, I attend Manasa t tell us the famous Hadith, the signs of a hypocrite or three either had data gathered up, if he speaks, he tells a lie. What either what either, and if he promises, he breaks the promise with either tamina Han, and if he makes, if you entrust him with something, he betrays that trust, a quick clarification here.

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Sometimes someone breaks a promise or meets promises to meet someone somewhere and when he doesn't make it, the other person tells him this is one of the signs of the hypocrite, but the score does explain the hypocrite when he promises you while he's promising and affirming the date and everything internally. He knows he's not coming. And there's a difference between that and your brother or your sister genuinely wanting to meet you. And then they were unable. So it doesn't mean it's necessarily one of the sons of the hypocrites. But in another narration. Yeah. And he was a Muslim and a Muslim. There's another edition. We're insomma well, sola was no homeless.

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And if even if he fasts and prays, and believes that he's a Muslim, it's a sign of a hypocrite. And what is so bad about the hypocrites Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran uncertainness mentions in the Muna 15 Effie Durkin s feminine now, the hypocrites are in the lowest levels of the Hellfire warrior, the villa. So these are the worst people and one doesn't. The believer does not want to resemble them in any way possible.

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In another Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and Muslim as well. And maybe saw Selim said in a society, that indeed, truthfulness will guide to righteousness, we're in the religion and righteousness will guide to Agenda paradise. And

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when is Hulu yes doc and a man will continue to be truthful and tell the truth where the heart was stuck until he is recorded with Allah subhanaw taala as truthful hataoka vandala his data, he will be written as a subject with a large budget. And in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala showed us the high level of subverting that there will be with the prophets and before the martyrs even just because they're truthful. So someone will continue to say the truth until he is written and labeled with Allah as a sweet deal. Someone in that high level, someone who is truthful, then the problem continued

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what Yakumo carry, and be aware, it may do not come near lying for England, kariba de la for you, because indeed, lying leads to lewdness. We're in it for God in an hour and lewdness leads to the hellfire. Where am I is Allah Roger yak, and the man will continue to lie were to harbor al Qaeda, and keep on telling lies had October in the law he cadabra until he is written with Allah as a liar.

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So the question is, what if because we tell lies here and there at work and in this place? And in that place? What if because we tell lies in our life, right now. Allah azza wa jal, as he looks down upon us, were labeled liars with him. What if you were labeled a lawyer with a la xojo? Right now when Allah subhanaw taala looks down at you, he sees the label of liar. And that's how he has labeled you because you lie here and there, and you lie every so often. And how does that make you feel? And what if someone called you a liar? Or the whole community called you the liar? And they would just welcome you Good morning.

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And any new lies you're coming up with? How would you feel? Even people who are compulsive liars, they hate to be called liars? So forget other human beings calling you a liar? How would you feel if right now you are labeled and written with a large budget as a liar? Because you lie, once you know a day or a few times here and there, how would you feel if a large read knows you as the liar? That is what is so disgusting about telling lies.

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And there is severe punishment in the long Hadith in Sahih Muslim where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam describes a journey, it went into the heavens and where he the angels took him and he saw some punishment in the hellfire. So then he describes, so we went on and came to a man that was lying flat on his back with another man standing over him over and over him holding an iron hook.

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alluvion, an iron hook, he put the hook in the man's mouth, and then tore off that side of his face to the back of his neck. And he put the hook like this in his mouth, and toward the side of his face, all the way to the back. And then he put it in his nose and tore his face all the way to the back. Then he put it in his eyes, and he tore it all the way to the back. Then he went to the other side, and did the same thing tore it in the same way. And then once he did this site, this site was returned back to normal. And he went back and started touring this site. And it continued like that. So the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was shocked and he said, Subhana Allah, Who are these two

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people, and the angels told him move on in Polish and polish and they kept moving on to different stations. Then at the end of the long Hadith explained to him what he saw, and particularly concerning the hook, he they said,

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the man that you saw, that was being torn from his mouth all the way back and his nose and his ear and his eyes. They said, For inaho, or Roger Lou. Young do. This is a man he leaves out of his house in the morning at 4am because he will kill tableau. After that. This is a man who leaves his home and he tells a lie and it reaches all over the world. And the scholars warn from this this is exactly the world we live in right now. Beware of telling lies on the internet. Beware of lying on Facebook or on social media, because in moments it spreads it spread to family around

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The world it spreads to friends around the world. And then they pass it on and they pass it on. And we see all the time lies being spread being passed around to us on social media videos that are fake, even lying for the sake of dour, many false and fabricated videos and stories, trying to live for the sake of Islam and for the sake of Allah and there's no such thing.

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Then, the other thing is that lies are lonely. When you tell a lie, it needs companionship. So you have to tell a lie to accompany that light. And then you might have to tell a third one to accompany the second. And then in the end, it's such an entire web of lies that the person will lose track of them. And in Islam, lies don't have colors. We don't have white lies, we don't have yellow lies. We don't have lying allowed on April Fool's. And we don't allow lying to children either. They're all just lies, and it's not acceptable to lie to children. This is the companion I'm delivering the armor of the Allahu anhu. He said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to our house while I was a

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young boy. And I was going out to play. So my mother called me Yeah. Abdullah to Allah.

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She said, Oh, Abdullah, come so I can give you something.

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So the problem then was they're in their house and he asked her, Well, Morocco and Turkey and what is it that you want to give him? So she said, Tamara, dates? I want to give him dates. And the pro Salaam told her, be sure that you give him what you promised. Because if not, it will be recorded as a lie against you. And many people always lying to children thinking it's okay. Come on, have some candy for you. And there is nothing in their hand. That's recorded as a lie. According to this Hadith, according to the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam.

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We teach our children to lie, unfortunately, how do we do that? As we're raising them, when they tell us the truth, they get punished. You asked them, did you break such and such? And they say yes, you punish them. Then you ask them, did you break that another day? And he says no. So he lies now, and you don't do anything to him. So then the equation in his mind or her mind is that when I lie, I get out of trouble and nothing happens. And when I told the truth, I get in trouble. Try this as a policy in your home, tell your children, you can burn the whole house down. If you told me the truth, I'll do nothing to you. Or maybe use another example. But

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to tell them that whatever you do, you will not get in trouble if you tell me the truth, but if you lie about the slightest thing you're in deep trouble with me and see how that will change how truthful they'll become.

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Mmm ru*a Rahim Allah He used to say Beware of false hood and Yakumo al Qaeda. While you think it will help you it is actually harmful. So don't teach your children the opposite of that. And Malika de nada the great scholar Rahim Allah He used to say a suit, a suit called Kathy Yeah, Tara can yeah Tara can be any truthfulness and falsehood or an underlying these these battling each other in the person's heart until one of them gets rid of the other. They keep battling until one of them gets rid of the other. And if someone keeps lying until they just lie, it becomes lying all the time and there is no truth left anyways, they got rid of the truth.

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Once again, what if Allah subhanaw taala is looking at you right now. And because of constant lying here and there, you are labeled and written as a liar with Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to make us of those who are truthful apologia was stopped for Allah Allah the mighty welcome, man Jimmy festa Pharaoh Pharaoh fosun. Mr. Green, ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, he was so happy here Jemaine about, we want to look at the worst kinds of lies and the permissible lies. The worst lie, undoubtedly would be a lie about Allah subhanaw taala and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lying about Allah and pseudo universal laws again says put in in the DNA of Tarun Allah hilkiah de la, say those who for July against Allah will never be successful

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in certain era of Allah subhanaw taala wants to tell us about the dangers of speaking about a large origin without knowledge. So the AI then starts to mention sins and they're gradually getting worse and worse and worse. Well in namaha, ba ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba Ba, well, if morbidly obese ad hoc, were unto Shri COVID lahemaa munez will be here soon. So until now, the verse says, My Lord has prohibited in decencies those of them that are apparent and those that are hidden, and then sin and rebellion without justice. So now it's getting worse.

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Now and that you associate partners with Allah for which he has not sent down any authority which is shear canal. So what could possibly be worse than ship the sins are getting progressively worse but we know that there is no ship that is no sin that is worse than ship. But Allah subhanaw taala then continues we're under aku Allah him Allah tala mon, and that you say about Allah that what you do not know. So the scholar said, What Allah subhanaw taala in this verse put speaking about him without knowledge higher than schicke. So some scholars said to show you the seriousness of speaking without knowledge. And other said, Because speaking about laws really without knowledge has shirk in

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it. Because now you're putting yourself in the place of the one who is the legislator, and you're now making laws and you're being a legislator, and so it has shark in it. But either way, you see the seriousness of speaking about loss of hautala without knowledge, and very rarely do you find people who are afraid to give a fatwa, unfortunately, and do not do this brothers and sisters, you start with this preface, where you say, I don't want to give a fatwa but and then you give the first one. And people always do that. They say I don't want to get a photo and then they give a full photo full fledged. So be aware of that because it's extremely extremely serious. As for telling lies

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against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam inside Bukhari and Muslim

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and Nevis are seldom said that men Tama de la de la casa ban, this narration says Manta Medallia can even forget about what Mercado hominin or whoever, like tells a lie or continues to lie against me then let him take his seat in the hellfire. So and from that also, and maybe sounds silly if you notice many Hadith warning against telling a lie of what you saw on your dream. Yeah, and you wrote your your righteous dream. So many Hadith warning not to lie about what you saw in your dream because your righteous dream is a message from Allah ultimately. And when you lie about that you're forging a lie against Allah, you're saying Allah sent me this message and he never sent me this

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message and that's also very serious. So So lying about Allah subhanaw taala about the prophets are seldom very serious. The times when it's permissible to tell a lie.

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And and the problem said lay sell cat dub, Allah the useless kobane anass Fabian mean Hira, oh yaku Hira that he is not a liar, who rectifies between two people. And he says that which is good, so meaning, now, this is the first scenario where lying is permissible. Two people had some kind of dispute or fight. So it's permissible now for the sake of getting them back together, which is the greater good to go to one of them, and tell them that so and so feels really bad about what he did to you, and he wants to apologize to you. And he told me he feels very remorseful. And then you can go to the other one until a lie as well, for the sake of uniting people together. It's permissible

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in this case. This another case is in times of war. And many people will say one times a war, you can lie and just start lying. We're not at war. We're not at war. So lying to non Muslims makes you a liar. Yeah, lying is a quality that a believer doesn't want to have in them. It's not about I am truthful with Muslims, and I lie to non Muslims. It's the quality you don't want to have. If you're lying all the time, regardless of who it is, you'll still be labeled a liar. So you find people lying to non Muslims, lying to companies, lying to entities lying to governments, that's part of lying.

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But in wartime, actual wartime is permissible. And we'll have many examples from the Sierra. The third type is a man to his wife and a wife to her husband. Now, this is not a green light. Your wife says Where are you and you told her some light? This only means in places where to not hurt feelings and to make the other party feel better. Does this dress make me look big?

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Do you like my mother? I love her. And I need this. Am I a good cook? Yes. And he tells me the most handsome man in Houston. Of course, the here you don't have to be truthful and hurt someone's feelings. Okay. But it doesn't mean it's a green light. You can tell any lie. You can lie to your wife, you have a green light and hamdulillah It doesn't mean that. Number four. If someone is telling a joke, it's not a lie. Yeah. And if I tell you in advance, here's a joke. Then I already told you it's an untruth and you will not think that I'm lying to you. And there's some people like that. When they hear a joke. You say this event? Did it happen or not? It didn't happen. So then

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you're telling a lie. Have you been I told you in advance? It's a joke. Do you understand what that means?

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So it's not a lie. But if someone tells you a joke as if it's a true story, it will be recorded as a lie against them. And number five, to protect someone to protect them. This doesn't mean someone who's breaking the law, but it means you need something protect someone from harm or also from injustice. During the time of the AMA Mohamad, one of his one of his students, or people whose to attend his halaqa he was wanted and they wanted basically to arrest him and torture him and all that his name was an admitted was he so the guards came into the halaqa of Mr. Mohammed and they don't know what else there was. It looks like they said, a mirror was una, Yanni. Is he here? So Mr.

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Mohammed said, and mirror was he you is not here at the mirror was he is not here, and he's pointing to his hand, and he means he's not in my hand. And that's kind of a Toria he is saying something truthful, but not what the questioner is intending. He said they'll admit was he is not here and why would admit was he be here? And so the guards left and that way he protected? The student? May Allah subhanaw taala make us from those who are truthful, and those who hear the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it alone. I don't have to have

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a bottle of water

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for la medalla dunya Amina, well, I'm a blogger Elmina well I know mo see Rama, aloha Medina Freeman headed off in a female f8 with our Luna semen to elite about a cleaner Thema our plate. What can I show recorded in Nakata in

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your camera? I mean, yeah, a chroma key Armenia, Marine, Yama, uj Buddha, Dharma you have Raja

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Yemen, Baba Houma,

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La Jolla, alumina silica, a certain nakiya Tomita in Serbia. Mama Ramos in Wallah Father lahoma Nana's Alakazam Alfredo for a llama Elena Jemaine Aloma blue metal Islamic Iran, Russia, you as a fee for Arctic where you see a tick, Murphy

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fi Hello. Aloha, Martha and Bella muslimeen and soccer with Villa

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la cara jameelah Allahumma barik

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ala Meanwhile, early wasabia Jemaine Pomona Surat con la la