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hamdulillah from the Villa de Anza Allah Allah Abdullah Al Kitab our major Allah who

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will hamdulillah and live the lamb yella mula telomere con la Hoku for one I had on hamdulillah number two who want to stay you know who and I still feel we're gonna study whenever other bIllahi min Cerulean fusina Women CFTR Marlena mejor de la who Fela medulla one may live one minute delayed further I had the Ala Wai shadow, EULA illallah wa the hula Cherie kala shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who were a pseudo solo to La he was Salam on early I read Allah, Allah La Junta underfeed kita Have you hidden women? Now that was a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim What the hell? Well lately either sagia Now adakah rabuka will not color about

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Surah Doha is one of the shorter chapters in the Quran. many in this room may have memorized it for sure, you've probably heard it and listened to it, but the story behind it. And the framework that it gives us is one that can be described as anything but short. It is so full of meaning and wisdom Subhanallah as the entire Quran is. But one of the areas of focus that I wanted to talk about briefly today during the chutzpah was the framework that this chapter gives us with regards to an action that we should all be engaging in. And that for the past two months or so now, we've been engaging in hopefully more regularly, the action of dua, and how a believer engages in calling upon

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Allah subhanaw taala. Now, we've heard many times that when we make do, we should open our hands, we should make your eye between Austria and Maghrib. We should make dua on Fridays, we should face the Qibla we should call upon Allah by His beautiful names, and these are all etiquettes of dua that are well known, that are understood as they should be.

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But this sutra gives us not the front facing etiquettes of Iran. But some of the hidden nuances that a person when they make dua should be engaging in regularly. And this unlocks what we call the spirit or the rule of the draw itself. Because there are many draws that we make were as if not taught law, he mentions a person's draw does not leave their hands, meaning that they make they call upon Allah, but it doesn't go anywhere. And there are many drawers where a person makes them where they feel something in their heart unlock. So what is the difference between these two supplications? Well, in this sutra, we have to first know the context of when it was revealed. And

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what happened. This surah was actually the first breakthrough of Revelation After a period known as full throated ye. There was a pause in the revelation of the Quran. So this means that the Prophet sallallahu sallam was receiving our relation or he had received the first revelation. And he had been given this moment, this clarity, this mission, you know, after meditating and reflecting and worshiping Allah, and by the way, he knew how, you know it's 100 of Allah sends down Gibreel Ali Salam to the cave of Hera. And he's given that first revelation that we all know if Quran Bismillah Becca Levy, Haluk Calacatta in Santa Ana, Allah across Europe, Google Chrome, and let the Allah will

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column and Allah mill in Santa Mela, me Allah. And this was the day in the moment that all of history changed at the final revelation had been given to the last messenger, and have you been Mustafa SallAllahu sallam.

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After that point, one would think that there would be a series of revelation that would come down and that would continue to inform the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And it would do it regularly, frequently, so as to give further guidance and to engage with the naysayers, those who disbelieve in the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But something very interesting happened, this period of photonics and why he happened, which is a pause. Now the scholars have a difference of how much time this lasted. Some say that it lasted for a few weeks. Some say that it lasted even for up to a couple of years. But the majority and the one that seems to have the most accurate reporting says that it happened

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for a few months, in which the Prophet SAW Saddam did not hear from Allah through Gibreel. And during this time, after he had been, you know,

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after he had been identified as a prophet of Allah

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There was a, a common mockery and a common criticism that was lobbed against the Prophet SAW Sanlam that your God called out to you, your God, he revealed to you. And now he's abandoned you. And now he's not there for you. And you're waiting for him to reveal but he's not revealing. So what kind of God would do this to you?

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And this type of harassment, and this type of spiritual blackmail. We hear about it from the time of the Prophet solo silent, where they would accuse and attack and try to hurt him by causing a distance between him and Allah. And we see it even till today that people would say, if your God was truly God, then why would he let you suffer like this? Why would he let this happen? Why would he not just in a moment's notice in an instant, just rectify everything in your life and in the life of the Ummah, why would he not just fix it immediately, this must be proof that God is truly not your God and that God is on our side.

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So Allah Tada in order to break the silence, he sends down this sutra and he says Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, what Doha were lately either Sajha, one of the most powerful openings in the Quran.

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He swears by the daybreak

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or the point of the day, which is the most illuminated when you go outside and you can't even open your eyes fully because the sun is so bright. Well do ha. Well lately either soldier. And by the night when it sits perfectly still. Now when you look in the tough see it and you look and try to unpack what these ions are referring to. There's a few different explanations and all of them have their own beauty, but I want to focus on one in particular. And that is that in Arabic, when two different points are mentioned, it includes everything in between them. So for example, if I said, the East and the West, I'm not only talking about the east and the west, I'm talking about what

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everything in between. If I said morning and evening, I'm not just talking about morning and evening I'm talking about morning everything in between all the way up until evening.

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And Allah Tada brings that exact metaphor, the morning and the evening. And I can't help as a reader of the SUTA. But to imagine that as the prophets Allah Selim is waiting for the next revelation he peace be upon him is sitting at his door, or is waiting, and is staring at the sun as it rises and is watching the sun go across the horizon, and is watching it past zenith and go into the afternoon until it sets finally and the night becomes fully still.

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And that day has passed and no revelation from God has come the only thing that has come is more pain, more mockery, more harassment, more insults. And potentially for those who have a question in their heart more questions about God and where he is. And this happened not just for one day, or two days or seven days, this happened for weeks and weeks and months, that the Prophet SAW said I'm stood and sat and looked and waited for Allah to Allah to give him an answer.

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And then Allah to Allah refers to these moments will Doha will lady that cetera? Why does Allah Tala do this? Why does Allah allow people who are waiting for him to wait? Why isn't the answer of Allah immediate? Well, there's a lot of reasons that scholars say, but one of them is in the key of dura and that is this dua, one of the hidden layers of Durand is desperation.

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If a person feels that they're there, I will be accepted immediately. If a person feels that when they call upon God, that it will happen right away.

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That instant gratification, that expectation will develop a sense of entitlement with God, a transaction a transaction ality that I call upon him and why didn't he give it to me? Or where is he I asked him and he didn't give it to me. In fact, there's a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Sudan where he says that every person's durata can be answered except the one that calls upon Allah and then says, Where's my answer?

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That expectation completely sabotages the DUA. Because the person is treating a lot not as the provider and the sustainer and the one who gives but they're treating Allah will or the biller like the servant.

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And this, this disposition in their heart, this position of their heart spiritually, it negates the drop before it even leaves their lips, that Allah does not answer your eyes when we call upon Him. Allah answers your eyes when he and his wisdom and knowledge determined for us that

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that derive would be at its best and most optimal form and answering many of us, I see people around the room who are older, nodding their heads because this is a reality as you get older, you realize that you may do offer something and you pray to Allah so desperately for something and he didn't give it to you then and months and weeks and years even go by and Allah Tada opens up that answer for you and you realize that Allah is timing is perfect, your timing was not perfect. And even what you asked for may have been slightly altered and you realize that Allah's answer was perfect, your solution was not perfect.

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And when a person goes through this routine enough times withdraw, they begin to realize something that I need to ask Allah not for what I want, but I need to ask Allah for what he wants.

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Oh Allah give us what you know is best for us. Oh Allah give it to me when you know it is best for me the driverless Takata is putting your will in the hands of Allah. Oh Allah, if this is good for me. Who knows? If it's good for you, you know, he does, Oh Allah, if this is good for me, then only then give it to me. And if it's not good for me, Oh Allah, take it away from me. But who knows if it's bad for you, only Allah knows you and I are not the ones making that decision. And I know that a lot of people when they make a Tsikata they still want to hold on to that decision. They pray staccato and they say, ah, you know, I had a dream. And it didn't come out the way I wanted. No,

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that could have been too much milk at night. It could have been a lot of things. And I'm not I'm not negating the reality that dreams could but in most cases, the answer to your istikhara dua is in fact whether or not what you were praying for happened.

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Oh Allah, if this is good for me let it happen. And if it doesn't happen, then you walk away, the believer always walks away satisfied. After it's shahada, we always walk away pleased if it happened, and hamdulillah if it didn't happen, good, because something better is coming.

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So we'll do have a lady that sagia is the constant passing of the day into the night over and over again, while the prophet is also on him sat there waiting.

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And this furnished within him a feeling of desperation salario.

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And for us, we have to ask ourselves, when we get tested or when things happen that we don't like, whether it's a health condition, whether it's a diagnosis that scares us, whether it's a geopolitical situation that seemingly has no end in sight, whether it's a financial situation that seems to be too much to bear, whether it's being laid off at work and not knowing what the next step is,

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or anything else in between.

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We have to realize that if we don't allow ourselves to feel vulnerable, if we don't allow ourselves to feel desperate,

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our dogs will never raise to Allah. Because desperation is what pushes the DUA.

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If not to Allah he says that if you don't feel desperate, your drives will never get out of the hands of the person making them may Allah Tala allow us to feel this vulnerability with him.

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And this vulnerability, this desperation was described in the next ayah

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MA with Dhaka buco malerkotla The Prophet SAW Selim was waiting so long for revelation that he felt as though Allah was upset with him, and that he may have abandoned him.

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And so the next verse pushes that a way Malwa Dakka buco well now

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that your Lord has not abandoned you, nor is he displeased. Because sometimes when you're at the point of desperation, you wonder if this is a sign of Allah's Anger is this Allah's wrath? Am I did I do something wrong?

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And che AThon he likes to perpetuate that feeling because a person can start to feel distant from Allah.

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Oh, Allah is upset with me Allah has and they start to develop resentment towards God.

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So Allah Tada immediately squashes out that possibility. No,

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this is not the result of Allah's Anger or his abandonment. But rather, sometimes you don't get what you want right away, as we talked about, because it may not be the right answer, it may not be the right time, or maybe your relationship with Allah has just become a little bit too casual and to transactional and the expectation with Allah is a little bit too informal. So that there has to be a moment of pause to realize what who Allah is and who you and I are.

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Because if I approach Allah, without etiquette, without love, without manners without devotion, and I go to Allah and I say, he's a little bit odd. I mean, he'll give me anything

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And it's true. Allah is the Lord of everybody. And it's true Allah can, and he will give anything.

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But how often do we feel in our own lives taken for granted. And that feeling of disrespect. And that feeling of being just another resource in someone's life versus being the person that is asked called upon, that is sought out from a place of love.

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And when a person who loves you calls upon you, and a person who connects with you and feels a deep, intimate relationship with you calls upon you, you will go to the ends of the earth to answer their request.

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But for the person that you haven't spoken to in years and years, they know nothing about you. They can't seem to pick up the phone when you call them. But when they call you the expectation is that they will always get an answer. The motivation to answer them is less and less. Now Allah is not petty, you and I were petty. We see a name that we haven't seen a long time will say you know what, send them to voicemail. Let them text me, Allah will not do that. But if we feel like our relationship with Allah has become like this. And one question to ask ourselves is, how much do we make dua when we need something? And how much do we thank Allah when we get it?

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Or do we only raise our hands when we need something? And the moment we get it, we forget about him.

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We're praying for a job. We got the job that morning. Did we wake up for pleasure?

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We're begging Allah for house we got the house. Are we going to pray salon in that house?

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We asked Allah Tada to let us get married. We got married. On the day did we not pray?

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On the day of Arnica Do we not offer Salah to Allah.

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When we get what we want, we become so satisfied and comfortable, that we forget the nights and the tears and the hours that we begged Allah for those things.

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And so just as important as it is to call upon Allah, it's also important to remember him when he gives you what you want.

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But realizing Malwa Dakka buco Amok Allah that Allah Tala is not distant from anybody No, he's near Allah to Allah. In the Quran, he says, well, either sadaqa I've added the underneath any thought deep that whenever a person asks about God, and he's speaking to the Prophet SAW Selim, tell that person in the Hadith? Well, gee boo doubt with a doubt either done Allah says, I will answer the call of the one who takes time to call upon me if they call if they that's a huge condition. Many people walk around thinking Allah should just take care of me. But Allah is saying here either done. If you take time for Allah, then absolutely Allah, in his own beautiful way will make time for you.

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But if I walk around, just expecting by the virtue of my existence, that Allah should take care of me because I am that man,

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than that entitlement, and that arrogance is a big obstruction between me and Allah, may Allah to Allah allow us to be humble.

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Now, in the next few ayat, Allah gives us two major major keys of understanding Quran,

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he says, will allow you to hide don't look, I mean and Gula well, so for your earthly Cara Buka photogra.

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So when you make dua, and you're in that point of turning to Allah and you feel perhaps after calling upon him a lot, that you're not getting the answer that you're looking for Allah Tada, he informed the Prophet salsa, let me hear of this promise. Well, I'll ask you not to hide on look, I mean, Allah, O Messenger of Allah, and by extension, all of us, what is coming, is going to be infinitely better than what has passed. Another reading of it is the ASEAN is infinitely better than the dunya will ask you not to fight or whatever cause Allah to Allah says, in the unsorted Allah. So then what we walk now into your art, not feeling hopeless, but hopeful, whatever. So for your Tico

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Buka total dawn, when you open your hands you begin your drive by saying what Oh Allah, you promised that you would give it to me and that I would be pleased. When Sophia or Tico Buka todos O Allah do not leave your slave after this conversation empty handed your promise Oh ALLAH is that you would give to me and I'm not holding you to anything Allah besides what you said Allah your generosity and your Mercy knows no bounds Yet Allah.

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So number one is we have optimism.

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And look at what Allah does. Subhanallah he reminds us of that optimism and then he says, Okay, you're having some trouble with optimism. Why don't we take a look at your own life and

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LM uj a team and for our

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Did you not see that you were an orphan?

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Did you not see that you are an orphan and Allah to Allah resolve that for you?

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What was the other called La Lanza. And you didn't see that you had no he died you had no Islam you had no guidance you didn't know where your life was going. For Heather and Allah Tala resolve that for you to he guided you.

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Well, well, Jessica Elan for Elena.

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And you were living your life in a state of need, both personally, financially, spiritually. For Elena and Allah Tala took care of you.

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One of the greatest ways to inspire optimism in your DUA is to look at your own life. And this is why the whole piece of dua that's missing is pausing to take a moment to realize how many prayers ALLAH has answered.

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If you only pray, and then move forward, you will have passed these milestones without taking time to smell the flowers and realize that you pray to Allah for that very flower that you just walked by. I begged Allah for something. And now in my own heedlessness, I have the audacity to complain about that very thing. I begged Allah for children. And now I'm complaining about those children. I begged Allah for a house and now I want to redecorate. It's not nice anymore. I begged the law for a job and can't wait to the weekend. Why don't we take a moment to say, Oh Allah, I asked you for this and you gave it to me?

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You actually answered my do I can't believe it. I was in trouble. I was in a problem. I was feeling uncomfortable. Oh Allah. And you heard me and you gave it to me. And Oh Allah, I don't want to complain about it. I'm just thanking you for it.

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Every situation that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam found himself in Allah to Ana refers to those things. And he tells him, was it not the case that you found yourself there? So then what does a believer do? They look at their own life. They see that Allah has in fact answered them. And then as they look forward, they say, You know what, just as if or as though I had no clue how Allah was going to resolve my life in this matter. back then.

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I looked and there was nothing available. I looked and it wasn't working out. But Allah for a few years, fast forward, now Allah took care of that for me. Now I'm sitting in the same position where I feel as if there is no hope. But I have to remind myself that I felt this before. I felt hopeless before and Allah resolved my hopelessness then why wouldn't he resolve it now? Is he not the same Allah is the one I'm calling upon now not the same Allah. He is. The situations that we went through before teach us that we will get through the situations that we're in now insha Allah

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so Allah to Allah says, and now that you realize this, there are two responsibilities that you have

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for Emelia, tema.

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When you're given something, and Allah has solved your problem for you, Don't be the person that forgets everyone else who's going through that problem.

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You went through something a lot, untie the knot for you. You see somebody going through that don't walk by them and say

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these people no realize that you were there.

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You benefited from Allah's mercy. Now you be a mercy for someone who needs it. This is the spirit of our deen, familia, tema, fena Takahara. Don't leave the team off to the side. And what are the most inspiring stories we have of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what do we know about him? He was so kind to the orphan. He was kind to everybody. But he was so kind to the orphan. Why do you think that is? Because does anybody know what it was like to be an orphan in Arabia 1400 years ago, more than Mohammed bin Abdullah salatu salam, we say Mohammed bin Abdullah and he never met Abdullah.

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He lost his mother when he was a young child. He lost his grandfather when he was young, he lost his uncle and his wife. He lost everybody. So when he saw people that lost people or felt alone, he didn't look at them with disdain or burden. No, he saw them and said, I see myself in you.

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I was empty, I was hopeless I was abandoned. And Allah to Allah gave me a place to be in a place to belong. And now that's my job when said knowledge matters. He came from Persia and had no one to except him. And he was a Persian, a Persian in the time of Arabia back in the time of the Prophet SAW Saddam is like if a Redskins fan walked in here now

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A Persian or a Redskins fan walked into Cowboy Stadium. A Persian was enemy number one said man his fantasy arrives. And the Prophet SAW Selim pronounces to everybody. A sudden man who woman elevate the Sandman, the Persian, he's from my house, my family, because he remembered what it was like to not have a family. And he saw a person and in that moment he saw himself sallallahu alayhi wasallam Well, I'm Messiah Isla Fela tenho. And if there's a person who asks you don't forget that there was a time when you were asking,

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asking you for anything. What am bieniasz material obika For had this and in order for you Subhan Allah to spread the optimism about your Lord, what a mapping out material obika For Hadith, don't feel shy to your friends, your family, those you're close to, that are going through tough times, that you can encourage them and tell them you know what, I've been where you are. And Allah got me here and I know that Allah will get you to where I am, if not better.

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I've been there. And Allah got me through it. He's gonna get you through it too. We ask Allah to Allah to give us the ability to make dua to him with desperation. We ask Allah to Allah to give us the ability to not just only ask him when we need but to thank him when he gives. We ask Allah to Allah to give us the ability to be optimistic and hopeful and to be those who carry on and give on the legacy that he gave us. Subhanak Allah will be Hamed ignition la isla Atlanta Mr. Fuller going to be like?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffle MBA was almost an insane no Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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early he was hobby it rain I wanted to share and conclude today with one line from Ignatov Allah who was an Egyptian scholar that had a beautiful way of summarizing massive amounts of information in breach statements. And the entire HIPAA today is summarized in his one statement. So if you weren't listening in if you were sleeping, good morning,

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if not, lashes

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that do not be hopeless. If when you make intense supplication.

00:27:31--> 00:27:42

He says it'll have a for dua II. He says, Do not let that be a reason that you fall into despair because it's not being answered.

00:27:43--> 00:27:59

You make dua over and over and over and over and over again. He says Don't let yourself fall into despair. Why? He says for Hua Lamine Allah and ejabberd to FEMA yah hoo hoo laka laka FEMA toughed out who enough seeker

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Allah has chosen that he will give you that guarantee in your response. When he has ordained it for you not when you've ordained it for yourself, or in what you've asked, not what you want when he and walked a leather you read you laugh, elect a lady to read and in the time that he wants not in the time that you want.

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Brothers and sisters, one of the most beautiful ways that a person can come to a peaceful place with their dua, is at the end of their day, after being vulnerable, after being in a place of desperation after moving to optimism is when you finish your DUA I always tell everybody that asks, When you finish your DUA always wrap up your DUA by saying Oh Allah, if everything or anything that I've asked for goes against what you know is best for me. Oh Allah give me what is best and ignore everything I've asked for

00:28:56--> 00:29:30

that trust Subhan Allah I want you to think about it. That trust is one of the most beautiful ways of submission and this is what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, when he said, Oh Allah do not lead me in charge on myself for even the blink of an eye. I don't want to be the one who makes my own decisions. I don't want to be the one who has to know everything. I don't want to be the one who has to make all these plans. Oh Allah. Just give me what you know is best for me and allow my daughters to be a way to connect me with you. We ask Allah Tada to accept from us. We ask Allah Tada to allow us to be those who call upon him regularly. We ask Allah to Allah to forgive us of our

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sins. We ask Allah to Allah to bring us closer to him, and allow us to constantly be on the path of the straight path. yatta yatta mean? We ask Allah Tada to give she fat to everybody who is sick, including our sister who is or we have a request here, come on us slum, who's having a heart procedure tomorrow and then also the mother of my dear friend and one of our students here at the seminary, where they're shot up. His mother begins her chemo in sha Allah I believe today or tomorrow so may Allah Allah give them she fat and anyone else who has any sickness in their family or in their

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Friend, circle may Allah Tada give them she felt after which there is no sickness yada and anyone who has passed away May Allah Tada. Give them Jen NEFT is for those who don't know, and make them the neighbor of the prophets of Allah Salam, and allow the Prophet SAW Selim to enter them into Paradise by his own hand. And we ask Allah to Allah to uplift the oppression that we're seeing across the OMA. We're asking Allah Tala to take away the pain that the owner of Muhammad SAW sadness feeling we asked Allah Tada to allow our calls to him and our pain and our sadness and our tears to reach him so that the pain that the OMA of His Habib is feeling is uplifted Yahama Rafi mean in

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Allah Who am I let it get to who you saw Luna Allah Nebby Yeah, you're letting me know Salim Ali. He was a limitless Nima. Allahumma Salli. Ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed came out so later on it brought him or other early Ibrahim Fidel Amina indica Hamid the Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad sinuata Ali Mohammed come out about up to otter Ibrahim or other early Ibrahim fit I mean in Nikka Hamina Majeed in the LA Mota bill it will San Juan what eata even quarterback way enhancing fascia you will monitor your ability your either Kamala Allah contessa karoun aki masala