Giving Up Things For The Sake Of Allah

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In Alhamdulilah mother who want to stay in a home on a stove

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why not Oh the villa Himanshu Dora on fujinami See, Marina Mejia de la hufa la moda La La MaMa you do little fella howdy Allah, wa shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa the hula Sheree Kayla, watch her do an AMA Mohammed Abu Rasulo, all praises due to Allah, we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide him at home ever he allowed us to go astray, none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Yeah, you hola Xena Armand otaku, la haka De

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La La Tomatina. Illa want to Muslim on. Are you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam?

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Yeah, you're Latina Armando Taku La Hoya pulu Colin sadita. Use Amala come we have a la casa Nova come in la hora Sula, who forgot the fossa. fosun alima are you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth. He will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins, and whomsoever obeys Allah and His messenger. He has indeed achieved a great achievement about finance takahara tabula rasa howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Sharon Morimoto Hakuna Matata in beta wakulla Middleton Bala Baku Dalton Finn, our brothers and sisters in Islam. Today our hookah is about giving up things for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and the fruits thereof. We have a hadith

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narrated by Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah Maharishi Abu Qatada dama Kala attain Allah radula Minh added badea lacuna hell Samaritan Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Shia both of them approached a man and we asked him Did you hear anything from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam caller similar to who you are cool. I heard him say in Naka Lin Tadashi and Leila in Abdullah kala, he ma Hua Hiram laka Minho, he said, you do not leave anything for the sake of Allah except that Allah will replace you because of what you left replace you with something better for you than that thing, replace you with something better.

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The scholars say to note in the wording of the Hadith, a number of things.

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The profits or loss of limb said in the colon tada Shay and Lila you will not leave anything for the sake of Allah. So they said anything shady, which is a general and all encompassing term, which means you can give up anything for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. The second thing lilla has the agenda, that when you leave something, make sure it's for the sake of Allah, and to earn the pleasure of Allah, not out of fear of people, or being shy of them. Even if it's a good reason why you're leaving it, make sure you make it first for Allah subhanaw taala. If you quit smoking, many people quit smoking. And when you ask them, why did you quit because of health, because of my lungs,

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not because of health. First do it for a lot of zoa Jin and then make it a second intention for your lungs. But you were for years disobeying the law and smoking. And now when you quit, it's for the sake of your health not once is it going to be for Allah subhanaw taala so make sure you do it for a large origin. If you stop watching television, not for the sake of making use of your time first make it for the sake of Allah xojo then make it for making benefit of your time. And we have a hadith indicating that things have to be done when you leave something it has to be for the sake of Allah azza wa jal nurses

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that the process generated from Allah so

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Allah He's the author of the and Yamanashi and follow Dr. Guha, Allah He Hatoyama if Allah is telling the angels if my servants wants to do something, don't write it against him, meaning it's a sin. Don't run it against him until he does it for in amela ha * to go ha be mithila if he does it, write it as is don't multiply it or anything. If he does a sin, write it as it is. We're in taraka min agilely and if he leaves it for my sake, * to boo holla who has Santa? If he leaves it for my sake, that's the condition then write it as a good deed with either a

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Yamaha Sonata from Yamaha to go holla who has an A and if he wants to do a good deed and he doesn't do it, then write it down as a good deed for enamel. Ah ha ha ha Allahu be actually I'm 30 ha no Superman. You know, Superman. Yeah.

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If he does it, then write it down in 10 times reward up to 700 times in reward.

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So we see from this study that when you give up something it has to be number one for the sake of Allah. The other thing is called as mentioned, when you don't do a bad deed, you get rewarded when it when you don't do it out of fear of Allah, not out of inability. Yeah. And he, someone wants to get in his car and go do something Haram. He starts his car. And then he turns it off, he feels ashamed in front of Allah and it goes back in his house. So what stopped him from committing the sin is the fear of Allah subhanaw taala whereas another person gets in his car to go do something hard on the car won't start. So he goes back home. This guy gets no reward. What stopped him was his

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inability, not the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then the third thing is so if you've fulfilled that condition, the Hudson says, If you feel the need

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Illa Abdullah Kala he Maha highroller caminho. Allah subhanaw taala will replace you with something better than that. So if you fulfill the first condition, Allah subhanaw taala makes it up to you and replaces you with better than without which you left the scholars say it could be something similar, or it could be something entirely different, such as your heart becoming content or giving you peace of mind and your love of Allah increasing and it could be in this world or it could be in the next. And we see a lot of examples in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in sort of sod or Hubner, lado de Sulayman nama lab in a web and we gave the old Sulaiman most excellent servant is he and

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surely he is a web always returning to Allah and tilba is Aurora de la bella, she saw financial Jihad when they brought to him in the evening horses that are Sofie nuts still, while standing obedient and Jihad fast and swift one running for governor in the hubbub to hug bill, Haley, hurry, and victory, Robbie had a job. He said, I prefer the good things to the remembrance of my Lord until the sun set. So he's talking about how he missed us to the sunset. And I preferred the love of these things over remembrance of my Lord, who do la furtopia commas hanby Sukkot, he says bring them back to me and then he began to slash their legs and their necks. And some scholars mentioned that that

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was allowed in his Sharia.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala to three verses later says faza harner lahori Hata de amor de Rojas and asabe. So he gave that up for the sake of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says, then we made the wind subservient to him, he could command the wind to go anywhere he wanted, he and it made, he and he, his command could make it run gently wherever he desired. Other examples we find the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who left their wealth, their homes and their families in Mecca. So Allah subhanaw taala gave them the world because they left that for the sake of Allah so Allah let them run the majority of the world. And it was narrated by McAfee that when the companions of the

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Prophet lamp would pass away later on during the reign of Omar, they would have to cut down cut out their terracotta and the gold and silver they leave behind, they would have to cut it with an axe. That's how much wealth came to them, because they left the beginning for the sake of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala replace them with better and an example of that is to haber Rumi, but alone who narrated by Ray Chroma once the habe left Mecca to immigrate to Medina, the people of Mecca followed him. So then he climbed on a small hill. Fenella Kenan Otto jemena are barinas salmon. So he took out his quiver, and he took 40 arrows out in his hand. And he said, You will not reach me until I

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put an arrow in each one of you. And he says, you know, I'm one of the best shots. So I'll put an arrow on each one of you. And when I run out of arrows, and then I'll use my sword, so he's telling them what benefit will you have one so many men die just to get one person and then he makes them an offer and he leads them in detail to all his wealth where it's buried, who it's with all of the wealth he left behind in Mecca, and he begins to give them detailed direction and they could keep all his wealth.

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When he did that, Allah subhanaw taala revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam woman and nursey Mejia Shree enough's the hub amaravati la, wa la hora obey but in short, Al Baqarah, Allah says, and amongst men is He who sells himself sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah, and Allah is merciful to the servants. So when he met the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when someone wants to have a roommate made it to Medina, the problem tells him about Yeah, Robbie. What a prosperous sale. Yeah, but yeah, and then he recited the verse to him. You give up something for the sake of Allah azza wa jal

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And Allah azza wa jal will replace you with better. Pro Salim said in a hadith that from Sahib nomada, that men Colima, man Kabbalah llevan whoever contains his anger will who upon Allah

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and he is able to let it out he's able to do something about his anger. There are hula hoops about a katana. I know oh Sinhala, had a euro who mean a and huri? Sha, Allah subhanaw taala. We'll call him on the day of judgment in front of everyone. And the scholars say why would Allah call him in front of everyone to get first pick from the women of gender?

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Because when you're rewarded in front of people, the reward becomes greater. And that's why we have award ceremonies. And if your boss pulls you in a dark room and tells you Here, take this and don't tell anyone is that more of an honor or awarding you in front of people? So this person is rewarded in front of Allah, because he he left retaliating and he left it for the sake of a large religion. So Allah replaces him with butter. As you're sitting here, examine your life. What can you give up for the sake of Allah? subhanaw taala? Is it smoking? Is it looking at Harlem images? Is it music? Is it business transactions that are not halal?

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We have the story of Al Mubarak. This is the father of the great and famous scholar of the legend robotic Rahim Allah and Mubarak used to work in a middle that belonged to someone one day the owner comes with his friends so he tells them about cut us some sweet pomegranates some ramen That's sweet. So he brings them a bunch of ramen pomegranates, and they open them and they're all sour. So the owner of the meadow gets upset with him. He tells him Don't you know the difference between sweet and sour pomegranates? He says no, because I've never tasted it. He says you've been working here for years and never once Have you tasted the pomegranates. He says well law he not one seed of

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ramen. So then the man wants to benefit from him. So he asked him, he said, let me ask you, what should people look for when they marry a woman? He tells him some people seek out wealth. Others seek out beauty. But the Muslim, the righteous believer seeks out Deen so see which group you pertain to, and act accordingly. So the man tells him no one is better than you. And he gave him his daughter to marry. And eventually even that same metal became his because he feared Allah subhanaw taala. Another example of dilemna Omar, Abdullah Omar, he was with some of his friends and he saw a shepherd. So he tells him, so one of the sheep to us. So the man tells him it's not mine. So now he

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wants to test this man. He tells him but how will the owner know tell him the wolf ate it? And the man the shepherd says, ain't Allah for Allah. So then what about Allah whereas Allah and then he walked away, continuing to say for Allah. So Abdullah Omar then goes and finds this man's Master, and he bought him and set him free and bought all the goats and gave it to him. And then he tells him your statement for a law, your statement freed you and asked Allah to free you with it from the Hellfire in the next life.

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Another amazing story is an incident or something that happened in the year 240, after the hegira in the city of Mecca, to a man by the name of Abby rheas. And the eyewitness to the story who tells it to us in detail is none other than the famous and great scholar of Islam a mama tabari Rahim Allah.

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He says,

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I was in Mecca, and it was HUD season and I saw a man from her son. And her son is an area which would be today like Northeastern Iran, and also Southern Turkmenistan and North Western understand that region. He says I saw a man from Horace on calling out Yeah, Marcia judge so he's calling all the pilgrims, or people of MK from those who are residents and those who are visitors. I lost a bag and in it are 1000 Gold dinars 1000 gold coins for Morocco a desert hola hi Ron Jessa Hola. Hey, Ron takahama na wala Who? Yeoman Casa he says whoever gives it back to me May Allah reward him with good and give him reward on the Day of Judgment. And on top of this, so an old man got up and said to him

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Yeah, for a sunny Omen from Horace on the state of our country of our area or land is poor, and the days of Hajj are few and its seasons are limited and seen times when people come to our city have very few and the doors of provision are closed and perhaps this wealth fell into the hands of a believer who is poor, and an old man, and he is hopeful to get something from it. If he returns it to you, that you may give him a little something and handle wealth.

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So out of rasanya

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mantram corizon said firma, he said former matadero halloweeny Jani. What is this reward? How much does he want? Can you read? The old man said he would want a 10th 100 dinars a 10th of 1000 So, a mama Papa says the man from florissant then would not accept he says law of Aquila, kidney forward Omri Illa. He says, I will not accept and I will return this effort to Allah. And I will complain to Allah The day I meet him, and he was most sufficient, and the best to put your trust upon. So in October, he says, For caffeine FC, and Michelle Kabir, Rajan faqeer. He said it. I got the feeling that this old man was very poor, what whatever the case had done a new way of tomography, just in

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Yessir. And he found the bag with gold coins in it. And he's just hopeful to get a little bit of it since, so I followed him until his house and it was exactly as I expected, he was a poor man. And I heard him calling out to his wife. Yeah, Lu Baba, he calls her and she says the baker above the earth. Oh, she says, at your at your service above the earth. He tells her I found an Obama Tabata can hear this from the outside he says

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I found the owner of the dinar is calling out and he doesn't want to give anything to the Finder. So I said to him, give us 100 dinars from it. So he refused and returned his affair to Allah. So what should I do? Yeah, no, Baba, I must return it. I fear my Lord and I fear my sin will be multiplied. And to explain in Mecca, you are not supposed to take the local area and whatever people lose in Mecca, you're not supposed to pick it up, or take it from its spot. And he took it and then in Mecca, the sins are doubled. So he says, I fear my my sins will be multiplied for carclo xojo. So his wife then tells him Yeah, Rajan, no pass. In fact, Rama muqaam, Sina Sana, look at her response,

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and see if it encourages him to have fear of Allah or not. He says, We have been struggling against this intense poverty with you for over 50 years. And then you have four daughters, and two sisters living with us, and me and my mother, and you're the ninth one.

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And we don't want a shot and then Allah Mara, we don't have a goat and we don't have any livestock. Take all of the wealth and let us eat from it and benefit from it. And

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your name because you know our situation, and perhaps Allah subhanaw taala will enrich you you'll become rich after that, just needless to say the shape onic type of thinking you will make a business and you will return it easily in the future.

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So so then you will give him the wealth that you owe him.

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And then he tells her he said yo Baba,

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Baba sit with him and he and Armand Bella hombre he says you want me to eat haram after 86 years of my life. And you want me to burn myself in the Hellfire after I've been patient upon all this, this poverty and then I get a earn the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. While I am close to my grave law, Allah Allah, Allah won't do that. So I left my moto braces I left while I was bewildered by his situation and his wife. And the next day at noon, I heard the owner of the money calling out again, or people of Mecca or gathering of pilgrims or delegation of Allah, residents and visitors, whoever found a bag with 1000 dinars. Let him return it to me, and he will have the reward with Allah. So

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the old man got up and said, Yeah, for a sunny, I told you yesterday, and I advised you, and our land has little vegetation and livestock. So give the one who finds the money, something so he doesn't go against the shutter, and he doesn't do something Haram. And I told you to give the one who finds it 100 dinars, and you refused. Perhaps you're well fell in the hands of someone who fears Allah. So why don't you give him just 10 dinos instead of 100 and it will be a source of security and prevent them from asking and stealing and increase them and honesty. So the horizonte man, he said, on Monday and de la, he says, I'm not going to do that. And I'm going to seek the recompense

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with Allah subhanaw taala. And I will complain to him with Allah when I meet a lot.

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And then it says, then the people dispersed. And then the next day, during one of the hours of the afternoon, I heard the owner of the dinars calling out the exact same thing. And the old man got up, and he said, Yeah, hora Sani, I told you two days ago, let him have 100 dinars and you refused. And then 10 dinars and you refused. What if you give the one who finds it one dinar he will buy some food with half of it and with the other half he will buy a goat and milk it for yesterday.

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We act as if were you, him.

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So he will give people and he will earn a living from selling that milk and He will give His children as well.

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So the horizont He says, I will do no such thing, but I leave him to Allah, and I will complain in front of Allah when we meet him. So, the old man then pulled him towards him and said, Come and take your dinars, and let me be able to sleep. I have not been been able to relax since I found this money. So he went with the owner of the money, and I went with them. So Mama tabari now is a young man, and he just couldn't fit your need. You had to find out what's going on his and he has nothing to do with it. And so I just went with them

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until the old man went into his home, and he started digging in the ground, and he said, Take your wealth, and I asked a lot to pardon me and to provide for me from his bounties. So the Hassani took the ticket, and he was about to leave. And then when he got to the door, he turned and he said, Yeah, shave any old man. My father died or him hola and left me 3000 dinars. And he said, Take one third out and distributed to the poorest of the people. So I put it in this bag so I can distribute it to those who deserve and will lie since I left hold on until I got here. I have not seen anyone more deserving of it than you for whole barakallahu fig and he tells him take it mela barakallahu

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laka Fie Annabella put Baraka in it for you. Which is

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on the higher on

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a magnetic May Allah reward you for your honesty, and for your patience and upon your poverty. And then he walked out and he left the money behind.

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So remember, he says so I walked out behind the horizonte and Hollis I found the end of the story and I left but a Boolean The old man caught up with me and brought me back. He said sit. I have seen you following me on the first day. So he was aware of him and he never once said get out of here. What is it your business? He just let this young man so he said I had seen you following me on the first day. And you know our story from yesterday and today as well. Then he tells him a hadith. He says similar to Ahmed ibn Yunus, a your Bori your call similar to Malika Nicole similar to Nepal and Abdullah Omar and then the be Salatu Salam kautilya, Omar Ali, Abdullah and Houma. So he's telling

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him where he heard the Hadith from and then

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that Abdullah Ahmad said I heard the Prophet Lem say to Omar, my father, Jani and Ali either attack whom Allah who beheaded in Bella masala teen well St. Shroff enough CNA for love brings you a gift without you asking for it and humiliating yourself. So accepted by law.

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accepted and do not turn it back because then you'll be turning away something from Allah subhanaw taala. So he tells him this hadith first and he tells him this is a gift for you and for everyone in the house. Then the old man called out yellow Baba, his wife, yeah, Fulani Fulani calls out all the old his daughters and his sisters and his wife and her mother. And he sat down and made me sit down. So we became 10. In total, he said, spread out your garments. So I spread mine, and those who didn't have a garment to spread, put their hands out. And this shows you the poverty they had. Some of them didn't have garments, they just put their hands up. And it tells you the detail of the story that

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Emma tober is telling us. And he began to put a dinar in everyone's hand going in a circle until he finished the whole bag. So he gave me 100 dinars, he says happiness entered my heart due to their becoming wealthy even more than the happiness of my 100 dinars. So I wanted to leave. And he said to me, young man, you are blessed. And I'm giving you advice, because it's hard on wealth, so hold on to it. And know that I used to get up and pray fudger in this same old torn garment of mine, and then I would take it off, and my daughters would pray one by one, then I would go to work from between her and then I come at the end of the afternoon, with whatever Allah blessed me from dates

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and bread, and then I will take off my garment, and then they will all pray the horror and the answer. And the same thing for Muslim Indonesia.

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And we never imagined to see money like this. So May Allah benefit them with what they were given? And may Allah benefit me and you with what we were given? And may Allah have mercy on the owner of the money in his grave? Yeah, I need the father of the man and multiply the reward for his son and May Allah accept from him, even Jerry says, so I paid him for well, and I took the 100 dinars and spent them on my studies on learning for two years. I used to buy books and paper and pay rent and after 16 years, I went to Mecca and I asked about the old man, and I was told that he died a few months after getting that money, and later on his wife and her sister and her and the mothers. The

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mother died and the man's two sisters and no one remained except his daughters. So I asked about them and found out that they had gotten married to Kings and Emil's.

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And that was due to the news of their father's righteousness spreading in the land. And I used to go visit their husbands and sit with them and converse with them and they used to be hospitable to me until they passed away for botica LaHood home female sotto la

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran and salsa talaaq omega tequila yo Jana, Hamas Raja warriors zuckermann hydrolate whoever fears Allah Allah will find him a way out and give him provide for him give him provision from where he least expected akula cola was tougher a la la la la la comienza group. First off through fosun must offering ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness. Surely those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Meanwhile, he was so happy here Jemaine just two points before we end number one. You don't have to follow the example of Suleiman Ali salam, which was only some of them of Assyrians explanation that he killed the horses that distracted him from the religion from worshipping Allah. So you don't have to destroy your possessions. If you feel they've taken you away from Allah. A true story a young man came to me and he said, I had a laptop is brand new and I loved it so much. And I felt it was competing with my love of Allah so I took it out and smashed it with my boots. And you even if you love it, they

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wouldn't match the love of Allah subhanaw taala next time you want to destroy an item, just give it to me.

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And then the last thing is that

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giving something up for the sake of Allah is not just giving up the Haram things. When you fast, you leave halaal desires. Yeah, and you leave halal food for the sake of Allah. And in the Hadith Allah. Allah says, you had that OSHA what the who, upon whom, and actually he leaves his desire halaal with his wife and his food Hello, for my sake, so you can give up something halal. Someone can give up television if it's hard, just for

00:27:07--> 00:27:42

putting more of his time into Quran and learning his religion. But make sure you do it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and we'll have other examples of in the Quran of people leaving halal things for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah rewarded them with much better in conclusion we say everyone these days is big on self improvement and self help. This is self help right here. This is how to improve your life. Increase your Eman bring peace of mind to yourself, this is how to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala examine your life and only you can do this only you can do that find an area find something that you can give up for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and you will see

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how your life will improve in Sharla. Robin A lot has been about data data now when I'm in the mountain in the Kanto hub. And I'm in a big woman ask her about the key like aloha Mama kulu bunnahabhain Luca Hofer, minco Raja and fique aloha Martina Susana taqwa was lucky. Hi Romans aka antoniou how Ma sha? Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Masha Allah Islamic Muslim NYC the shortcode mushrikeen for lahoma bla bla Hulu Matamoros 10 years the fee, waived the fee Wait, Murphy hibben Maru for unifi Andaman Korea semi

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solid Allahumma barik Antonella alameen wa

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como como la