Ferocious Atheist Erupts at Muslim

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The speakers discuss various topics related to God, including the concept of a illusion, the importance of avoiding the concept of "any virus" and the need for a clear understanding of the value of "any virus," metaphysical principles, and the importance of science in understanding the physical world. They also reference a video about "by defaulting on a belief" and encourage people to not give themselves too much information. The segment concludes with a discussion of the misunderstandings of the Islamic calendar and the importance of understanding the physical world and the difference between human and animal values.

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Wesley's question was how does God know what God knows is best? Yes. It's like the answer is he uses his knowledge. So would you like me to answer your question? I, you know, I would I would pay money at this point. You know, I've only asked you your question. Let me just ask the question again.

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Do you think we're gonna get an answer? I'm like, okay, so I'll put some money down.

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Slide some notes.

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Well, you know, I'm a patient.

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Your question was, how does God know? That what, that's what God knows is best. Now, anyone who knows anything about logic? Anyone who knows absolutely anything, all logic would know that this question itself is like asking a similar question. It's like asking, How do I know that? I know. It's a paradox in itself. How do I let me ask you a question. If I asked you today, the question is paradoxical. Basically, if I ask you a question right here, and right now, I'm not hearing it. Excuse me. Do you think your question is powered off? You don't know the source? You know? Because you don't know.

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If I said to you, it's no Python. Those are the tools. If

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I said to the P I said to him, ladies and gentlemen, I said to him, he said to me, once again, he said to me answer my question, Does God know what God knows his best? I said to him that I'll answer your question. When I asked you a question, and you answer mine. So what was my question? I asked him. If a person who always lies a compulsive liar, says I am telling the truth. Is he telling the truth? This in philosophy is called the watts, the liar paradox, which means if you say, yes, if you say yes to this question, then how could you How can you tell the truth when he's a compulsive liar? And if you say, No, well, I thought he was a compulsive liar. So if you answer yes or no, do you

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succeed? No, you don't succeed. So in other words, this a paradox. In other words, this question, the liar paradox, like these other paradoxical questions, never yield positive or negative results. They are meaningless in themselves. It's like the question, ladies and gentlemen, if God creates, how can God create a rock so heavy that he can't lift it? That's up? That's a paradoxical question. It's like you're saying nothing. Why? Because you're saying Can God do something he can't do? If you understood the attributes of God, he was asked us a silly question Why? It's like saying, Can a short tall man exists? Can I draw a circle and the square at the same time? Can I square a circle?

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These are? These are examples of logical paradoxes. When you frame a question, in a circular, paradoxical way, and expect someone to answer that question, that is intellectual dishonesty or ignorance of the highest degree. So this man has exhibited ignorance of the highest degree and intellectual dishonesty, then he has told me to get my version. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. So here's what the cameras so you can go ahead and get your voice can exonerate yourself so exonerate yourself, here's what's dishonest. Yes. All right. Yes. What's dishonest is to tell people that you know, that God knows best. And when you were asked to explain how you know that, you know, it's a paradox. Oh,

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it's a dishonest question. You have no basis for your entire worldview. But it's worse than that. He asked me the question. Should you trust a liar? And then he goes, Oh, no, yes or no? Yes or no? If you want. I'll give you five pounds. Yes or no? Yes or no?

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Because he is a liar. Okay. Even if I'm a liar on your worldview,

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my worldview, everyone. Okay, let's say, let's say I'm a liar.

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Come down, sir. Where's my pipe? Why? Well, because you're a liar.

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You're a liar. Why you're a

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I tell you what time

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Listen here who claims that they have a God that keeps them honest and keeps them moral, and they will lie. Okay.

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Any exonerating

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dishonesty you can say I didn't give you money when I said I would is like say Oh, could gold credit your rock?

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Johnson your money. So I want your honesty which Okay, okay, hold on. Let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen. This is an example of something called ad hominem attacks. Yes, yes. I'm a liar is what I'm saying. untrue. This is exactly what someone is begging me for five pounds like a tramp. I mean, the truth of the matter is I seriously like a trap. I'm going to use it colloquial term. A frantic Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it takes when the atheist is agitated because he can't find answers. The point is this. He's calling me a liar. I challenge any atheist here today, including this man. What's my challenge, ladies and gentlemen, because I'm gonna put

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this hat on after this. Yes. I'm gonna put this out on off to this right. And you're gonna listen to me very carefully. I challenge any atheist today to kiss me.

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I challenge any atheists here today, ladies and gentlemen, to give me a neurobiological

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a logical and mathematical, any model to allow us to arrive at objective morality. Ladies and gentlemen, the floor is yours any atheist come here and show me how objective morality can be asserted using any kind of method now if you can't do this calling me a liar is not a problem because on the atheist worldview lying is as good as telling the truth, lying and this is exactly what Richard Dawkins has said. He said, there's no such thing as good. There's no such thing as bad. There's no such thing as evil. It's all blind, pitiless indifference ladies and gentlemen. And Sam Harris is a more moral landscape. He himself he said in the footnotes trying to hide his real views.

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He said Ladies and gentlemen,

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that there is no neurobiological way of asserting and not knowing the truth from an atheistic perspective. Nietzsche said it. Bertrand Russell said it jacquees Derrida said it. Every honest atheist comes to the same conclusion, which is there is no objective truth. Which means when the boy dies, ladies and gentlemen, when the young boy dies, when the infant dies, when rape occurs, all of that is nothing but a rearrangement of carbon Ladies and gentlemen, from an atheistic, naturalistic worldview. Don't talk to me about morals, when you have no morals when it comes to an objective perspective. Don't talk to me about Don't talk to me. Talk. Don't talk to me about hierarchy, when

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actually you and the rock, listen to this ladies. You

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have the same moral value, gentlemen.

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Do you know when you go to the toilet today? Wait a minute, what am I saying? Yes, let me go.

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Let me go there. When I give you five pounds out of pity, and you go to the shops, and you get yourself a hot dog, and you have the dog and then you go back home, and then you immediately need to excrete. So you go to the toilet, you open the door. Yeah, you go and excrete in the toilet. Okay. And you don't use water like the Muslims do. And you and you and you flush the toilet. You and the excrement have the same value, sir. You and the excrement that you flushed down the toilet have the same moral value from an atheistic objective worldview. And I challenge you to I challenge you in any atheist to tell me otherwise, you are Tim's you are cup and that excrement is atom that

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excrement is carbon. There's no difference between you and your extroverts. So don't talk to me about morals. And don't talk to me about objectivity. I don't talk to me about value, because so you don't have any objective morals. You don't have any value assigned to you. That's the reality, ladies and gentlemen. So the question is, what do we do? Do we live this depressed life? whereby we walking around?

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And we see babies being killed? And that has no meaning? Is that what we do, ladies and gentlemen? Or do we take a step back and say, hold on, we say Hold on, ladies and gentlemen, we say wait a minute.

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There's something special about human beings, I'm not going to accept today

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that I'm going to be have the same value as my excrement. I'm not going to accept today, that today, that the child when he dies at the age of six months old,

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or when the woman has a miscarriage, whatever,

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when those people are killed or slavery that happened to the black people, for four centuries upon centuries, all of that. And by the way, on Neo Darwinism, slavery is nothing but

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Neo Darwinism, which suggests that black people should listen to this Neo Darwinism, it would say that slavery suggests that the white race is better. Why? Because actually, they were able to survive in a better way. They were able to subjugate in a virtual way. And by the way, in the 1940s, the scientists of this country, and in the Western Hemisphere, they were producing papers.

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They were producing papers to suggest that the white race is more advanced than the black race. This is mentioned in Darwin's book that is sent that the savages he called them the savages, the black savages, that they are lower than the Aryan race. And this is why Hitler took this and he put it into his eugenics program. This is not this is not conspiracy. It's open secret, ladies and gentlemen, are we going to accept this Neo Darwinian madness? Are we go to accept this atheistic madness?

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Women according to Darwin, and the descent of man, we're less than men. They're less than them in every way. Feminism is literally down the toilet with this man's excrement is down the toilet with this man's excrement? Because actually, feminism has no Neo Darwinian faces. This is the madness that we have to live.

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If we were to adopt these incredible, incredibly materialistic naturalistic,

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philosophical assumption

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Why don't we come back now and say we need something

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above and beyond naturalistic explanation, metaphysical explanations, to assign to the physical into the physical things, value and morals. This is Ladies and gentlemen, the Islamic case.

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In the Quran, it says, while of course from any Adam, we have certainly honored Adam, the human being sorry, we have certainly honored the human being. We have justification, theological, philosophical justification to assert

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confidently, and certainly, the human being is better than

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anything that's non human. It's better than them. It's better than it in every single way. It's higher in value. You cannot say this on your Darwinism. You cannot say it. We have philosophical and theological reasons to suggest that racism was wrong.

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The Prophet said, there's no difference between the black man and the white man, the Arab and the non Arab, were in the economic command. And the rest of you are those who are destined for Empire.

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The Prophet Mohammed Salim says in them, and the cells require codegen, that certainly women are equal to men.

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There are exceptions to this rule. There are exceptions. But why I'm saying here, ladies, gentlemen, is that if you want to believe in these paradigms, you have to have metaphysical, you have to have metaphysical principles that are assigned to human beings. And we believe that that can only be attained when you have a transcendent

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entity that has power, creative will.

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And the ability to do that.

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So today, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for us to look into this. Why are we here? What's the purpose of life? That's the question you have to ask yourself. Why are we here? What's the purpose of life? Are we really gonna settle? Are we really gonna settle with being as valuable as excrement and carbon?

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My friend of mine, and this is the last thing I'm gonna say before I go, a good friend of mine. He said before he became Muslim practicing,

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that he used to walk in the streets, ladies and gentlemen, he used to go to his place of work.

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And he used to,

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he used to see a butcher,

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butcher, there was a piece of me that was dangling down, you know how to do each.

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And every day he felt depressed, ladies and gentlemen. And he looked at me.

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And he said, ladies and gentlemen, that I looked at me and I thought to myself, he was he had this naturalistic assumption is that everything is arranged naturalistic. We looked at it, and he said, Look, what really is a difference?

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He said, what really is the difference between me and that piece of meat?

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He said, what really is the difference between me and that piece of me? Both of us are just carbon. Well, rearrangement of molecules and carbon atoms. That's what we are. There's no intrinsic value in me, that meeting me are the same.

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Then you realize that actually, there's something science can't answer.

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And this is the thing that you guys need to look into. We have consciousness we have first person subjective experiences, we have awareness, this science has never been able to answer why do we have it? How do we have it?

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We have language, language, read Noam Chomsky is works on this. Language is not something that could have been evolved, I don't believe so.

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We have rationality, rationality cannot be explained unless you use rationality, which will be circular.

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We have morals which cannot be explained, as we've explained, unless you have reason to believe in more

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with different to that piece of

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a different piece of meat, ladies and gentlemen.

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For that reason,

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I tell you today, ask yourself,

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why are we different?

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And the answer is, is because we can ask why? Nothing else in creation could do this.

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We can ask why. Nothing else in creation can ask why? Why are we here? Where are we going?

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To get me?

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And the answer is this. Why are we here?

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We're here to connect with the One God

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the Creator, to worship Allah. Simple.

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That's what I'm going to say look into Islam.