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Alhamdulillah heroine alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah I mean, Allah Allah He was a big mind about the title of our hotbar today is how to pray slowly or do not rush your Salah.

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When you look at the examples of the righteous that lived before us, you will see their enjoyment in there Sala.

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An eyewitness says we prayed a mother of certain mother and Sophia Ernesto de Rahim, Allah was with us. Then he got up after mother a prayer to pray as sooner and he made sujood and he did not raise his head again until the other end for a shot was made one semester after Maghrib and he kept in that one sujood until the other furniture was made, and he was still Institute Mr. Bahari, Rahim Allah was praying once and his students were sitting next to him. And when he finished a salon, he called one of his students and told him look and see what it is under my garment, something is stinging me. And his student found a hornet that got stuck under his garment and kept stinging him

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multiple times. He found so many things from this insect. So he told the Imam Why didn't you stop and remove it? He said I was reciting some Ayat of the Quran. And it was enjoying them so much that I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to disrupt that by stopping to remove the insect. So you see that they enjoyed their solar that they connected with a lot of hautala in their solar. But how can that happen if you're performing the Salah quickly if you're praying it rapidly.

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When you in the Hadith problem explained when you stand up to pray to Allah azza wa jal and then you recite Surah Al Fatiha when you say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Allah subhanho wa Taala says hamadani Abdi my servant has praised me when you say R Rahmani r Rahim. Allah subhanaw taala says ethna Allah Abdi my servant has exalted me, Maliki Ahmed Deen Allah azza wa jal says Majid any Abdi my servant has glorified me. He cannot Buddha he can stir in then Allah subhanaw taala says, The benei were been abdeen in Spain, this is between this is in half between me and my servant because he cannot book what he can sustain and I bought this for a law and it stands for the servant

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in a sentence takim Allah subhanaw taala then says heatherly Abdi when the Abdi Messiah, and this is for my servant, and to my servant is whatever he asked for.

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How can this exchange happen? If people are rushing through Al Fatiha and this hadith always makes you think about praying quickly. All this you're saying and hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen. Then you pause, paused and lost photolysis hamadani. Abdi, if you're praying quickly, and we know there's some people the speed of their prayer, Jani, they say Allahu Akbar. And then in yourself, you try to recite Al Fatiha as fast as you can. You're not praying, you're just watching them. You try to restart and fat as fast as you can in incredible speed. And they're already in record. How does this exchange happen then? And this one thing if anyone remembers this narration, you can never pray fast

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after this. Because how is this happening? How is Allah on when is Allah saying all this and you just rushing through it? And in reality, then are you really praising Allah azzawajal magnifying or just rushing through it?

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The scholar said, you enter the Salah, and one of the scholars was commentating, the minute you enter the solid, your neffs tells you you'll ended quickly Hurry up, finish it move on to something else. He said you should tell it No. Because this is the first thing you're going to be asked about on the Day of Judgment. And even when you estimate how your life is

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spend you know there are different estimations what they say you spend from nine to 11 years of your life watching television, and three years driving your car and three and a half years sitting at the table eating and so many different numbers. But that estimate is that the entire time you spend in the five obligatory Salawat is about a year

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is about a year,

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three years just as people spend in the bathroom in their life, and about a year in the obligatory Salawat on top of that is going to be rushed and no connection with Allah subhanaw taala

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first Salah, and I mean by fast Sala the type where the movement is not completed to the end, which is known as Toma, Nina. There's not an exact word in English for Toma, Nina, but it's when every limb and every bone settles in its final resting place. So when you sit, your full weight comes down on your feet, you've set all the way to the end. Whereas some people that just lightly touch the ground, they're back in to do it again. That's two millennia. Some other scholars will actually a lot of the scholars settlement mean as a broken insula, meaning it's one of the cornerstones of Salah if you miss it, the whole Salah is invalid, and there are some scholars who think it's wajib

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but those who see that it's broken. They think they refer to this famous Hadith, Hadith and mercy Li salata where the prophet SAW Selim enter the masjid, and shortly thereafter a man entered behind him, and then he prayed to look at but he was just pecking like how a chicken picks at the ground he makes one such that barely sits back makes another such duck. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him, it'll just for suddenly for inika, learn to suddenly learn to suddenly he tells him go back and pray you have not prayed. So the men went back and ready to rock out in the same way he comes back the problem tells him it'll get for suddenly for in the column to suddenly you have not prayed. He

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goes and prays again, and he comes back after the third time. He tells the prophet SAW Selim will let the Bertha been Huck sama, you know,

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he says,

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By the one who sent you the truth, I don't know any better than that. So then the president describes to him how he should pray. And remember one of the things he was missing in his solo was the plumber Nina wasn't completing each movement to its end till its end. So the problem tells him either Illa Sala for Kabira worker Maria sama, aka mineral Quran, when you get up to pray, make the Kabir and pray whatever is recite whatever is easy for you from the Quran. So Monica had talked to me in naraka. Then make your your your frustration your bowing. Until you every bone is finally settled in its resting position, its final resting position to modify data to the locker room and

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then raise up until you are straight standing completely straight. Some people before they're straight, they're down to the ground again, Thelma, the best you'd had the top sajida masataka in Russia

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and describe going to sujood until the end, then you sit back until you completely settled. Then you go into sujood again until you completely settled the Mafalda coffee salata Cola, then do that in all of your prayer.

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Amaro de la Abdullah, who said, a man would get old in Islam, yeah. And he, he, he became Muslim and he lived a portion of his life into Islam until he became old, and he will not complete one Raka.

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So they said, Keith, how is that possible? He said, la UT mu ruku. Aha was to Judah. He was not complete. It's a little cool, or it's too cute. And Omar considered that this man never made a correct such that in his entire life because he never, he always cut it short.

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Mr. Mr. law he said that a man will make it such that you will know and know who

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you're talking about it Allah subhanho wa Taala that he thinks he's getting close to Allah subhanaw taala with this such that this man would make it such that thinking is getting closer to Allah azza wa jal Willow was there Adam bajada is such the

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holy bandit he

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the Holocaust. And if you distribute the sin of the surge of his amongst the people of his town, they would be destroyed. So they said cave, that Nick How is that possible? And of course he is trying to give an admonition here he's not being technical is giving an admonition? He said, Yes, you do. Bureau see he beignet de Mola? Well, who are mon Sheldon biLlahi one murase What's your what will happen hoping dunia for a usage that in Howdy. He says the person will make with his head a prostration to the ground for his Lord but his

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Heart is busy busy with sins and desires and the love of this world. He says what kind of such there is that? So one of the things is the practical things about praying slowly to pray slowly the actions before the salon need to before be performed slowly so we'll do is an act of worship and then is performed slowly not rushed through it. Then you walk slowly, and you don't run or sprint to the masala and then you pray calmly and slowly that Al Bukhari the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said is a Samaritan and a karma from Xu y la Columbus Sakina wala calm, he says, When you hear the ikoma then walk and be careful to have tranquility, okay and composure what not to do, and don't rush or

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don't run to the sola firma drachten for solo, Martha Taku for ottimo whatever you catch of the Salah, pray it with Gemma and whatever you miss, then you make up. So some scholars said even if you're going to Miss America, you don't run to the salon. Even if you're going to Miss America you don't run because you're going to be out of breath and not able to focus and they cite another Hadith in which the pro Salaam says the person on his way to Salah is in Salah so they're saying you're already in Salah don't run and don't rush the other group said that if you do that there is no harm in hurrying a bit did not saying sprinting and running until you're out of breath. But if

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you hurry a bit and you rush a bit in order not to miss they said the entire solo or the jungle asala Why? Because these two are not replaceable. Yeah, and if you miss the Gemma, it's not replaceable you Mr. Gemma. And if you miss Friday, you can't just make that up. You can't replace it, you missed it. So they're saying rushing to the Salah is disliked but these are words you but the point is that look how the scholars had to differ about should you rush or should you not rush what are the times when you can because it's not part of the etiquette of making it to the Salah, and there's no way someone will sprint to the jamara and then pray calmly and slowly he's already in

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the rushing mode. And that's what it starts even before the Salah. But the most important thing is that we become aware of the fact that we're standing in front of Allah azza wa jal that we're talking to Allah subhanaw taala that there is this exchange between us and Allah azzawajal and this is what we're created for. Why would someone just want to rush this experience rush their time along with a large agenda just to finish it quickly. Apollo cola was tough for me to document Jimmy I know first of

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all, Mr. Varian, ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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Come to La hearable alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, he was so happy about so we said Salah is what we were created for. It's our connection and our link with Allah subhanaw taala. It will it has benefit for us in this dunya and in the Quran, so there's absolutely no sense in rushing through it. And from the righteous before us, they took their time in their salon. I would love news about the law on Homer. He would they said in Mecca when he would go into sujood in the harem, he would stay in sujood for so long that the pigeons in the harem would think he is a rock or a stump of a tree and they would come and settle on his back.

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And later on during his khilafah when the army came to oust him, and he was praying the horror and the army they start throwing rocks at him and the eyewitness said one of the rocks came right in front of his face and they said well lie. He didn't wince, or move an inch. Masuda. nakatomi, one of the righteous early Muslims also popular for never moving in Salah he would be standing in salah and the birds would come and land on him. That means he's perfectly still and he's standing for an incredibly long period of time.

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Some people go to these parks where you put bird food in your hand and you have to stand still so the birds come eat off your hand. Yeah, that's the only comparison we can give. You have to stand perfectly still for such an incredible amount of time before a bird comes and lands on you. Now you get an idea of how long they used to stand and how still they were in the Salah. Abu hanifa Rahim Allah was known as an wetted which is like a post that you beat into the ground because he was absolutely still in his Salah. One of the early Muslims one of the righteous men Hello

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I was asked, he said they said no, you could do BB v salata doesn't don't the flies bother you in your Salah. He says, I don't allow for anything to disrupt my Salah. So they said, How do you do it like how do flies not bother you so much. He said, we heard that the facade, the dissolute the people who are in the jails, the drunkards, the thieves, we heard that the facade are patient under the whip in jail in order to show off in front of each other. And the people who are whipped the thieves, they're being extra patient when being punished, so they can show off in front of the other thieves. He says, I'm going to move in my Salah, because of a fly.

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And there's so many other examples. But the whole thing and the whole point is for us to consciously slow down our Salah not to pray quickly, not to lose that great and precious moment in front of Allah subhanaw taala and just rush to get it out of the way so we can move on to something that is easily of much less importance than Salam.

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Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato ba ba ba, ba ma dounia akubra homina wala bluffer la mina wa ala Norma sirona for lahoma Bermuda Hello Matamoros Didn't you as up here robotic? Well, you know my sciatic will Murphy bill Morrow for you unhappy La Mancha. Yes, mar de Sala Mubarak. Ramadan Allah Allah Meanwhile, he will not be here Jemaine will formulate also entrepreneur Hong Kong Allah.

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Allahu Akbar, Allah