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I Can’t Stop Sinning

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Kamal El-Mekki

Channel: Kamal El-Mekki

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It was narrated, that a man who used to sin a lot came to the wise and righteous man, Abraham was from the early Muslims. So he tells him give me advice because I always sin. So Abraham, Abraham then is trying to shame him out of sitting in front of a loss of Hano Todd. He says, if you want to sin against Allah, then go ahead and do so. Just don't eat or drink, don't eat from a Lowe's food, and don't drink from the drink that he provides for you. Don't use this provision. So the man said, How can I do that? When everything is provided from Allah? He said, Does it make sense to sin against Allah while you're eating his food? The man says, You're right. Give me the second piece of

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advice. He said, If you insist on sinning against Allah while eating his food and drinking from his drink, then at least don't sin against him on his land. The man said that is bigger than the first one, when all the land belongs to Allah. It tells him Is it proper then, that you sinned against Allah while you eat his food, and you do it on his land? He says, Give me the third piece of advice. He said, The third piece of advice is if you're going to insist upon doing all that, then at least sin where he can see you. And the man says, this is even greater. He says, Does it make sense that you sin against Allah on his land, while eating from his food that he provides, and you do it right

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in front of him?

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So the man has given me the fourth piece of advice. He said, If you still insist upon sending after all this, then continues sinning, but when the Angel of Death comes to take you tell them to wait for you until you make to Raka and you repent to Allah azza wa jal. He said the angel won't allow me he said, then when they're commanded to throw you into the Hellfire, then refuse to go with them. And this is they won't allow me. He said. Then after that, the man said God got enough enough. He had gotten his advice. He had understood the admonition and it was said that from that day the man went on without sinning against Allah.