Ahmad Saleem – 6 Ways To Connect With the Quran

Ahmad Saleem
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Bismillah Nura,

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Upon the completion of the last football few of the brothers, they came to me and they said that it will be interesting if we can just have an introductory hotbar on how to understand the Quran, kind of the hotbar that we did in terms of how to understand the sciences related to Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it it would this would that would be sort of a Deema, or an introduction for a lot of us or every single one of us to actually for the matter of fact, that should be trying to at least figure out how to understand the column of Allah subhanaw taala.

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You see today when you all came to the masjid, we all came through our sealer, we all came through a A means we use something some people walked, some people came on a car, some people took buses, that was our sealer that was a means of you coming. But what was the idea or the purpose that we heard to offer salatu. Juma, similarly for our Quran, there are things that are means.

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And then there are things that are via the end goal, what do you want out of this? What are we seeking. So in these two categories, I will present three points in each category. So the first part in terms of what sila are in terms of means, the first and foremost is for you and I to be able to actually recite the Quran, the way it was revealed with 13.

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I mean, you cannot begin trying to understand the Quran if you can't even recite it properly. So the first and foremost is that we take care of the text, we read the rules, and this is something that you're all Mokulua every single one of us can do that, or at least beyond the journey of getting perfection in that

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there should be no excuse for anybody. In today's day and age, you can literally have access to one of some of the best teachers with the highest levels of isnaad and ijazah sitting in their home countries in Egypt and Saudi and Middle East somewhere paldi in Middle East somewhere, Pakistan, India on an app called cuter or something you pay $20 And you have access to that.

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So we should not be in the state oh I don't know where to learn Quran and Tajweed I feel very ashamed being in public circles. Though all of those excuses are no longer valid. Because the means for us to be able to actually get that that read is there. The second part of it the second point in terms of their will see law are the means for us so that we can get to the the ultimate purpose of understanding the Quran. The second part is HUBZone Quran, Ma sha Allah, our community, the Desi community is well known for that. And hamdulillah Allah blesses me to travel to wherever I go. I was in Detroit just last week. And when I was in Detroit, like brothers were introducing is like

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mashallah, this is Brother mocha does he has like five of us in his house Marcela, he's full on he has so many of us, our community has done a great job of that. But at the end of the day, think about it this from from this angle, if you're coming for Salado Joomla. And instead of coming on your regular car, you rented a souped up car. You rented some very expensive car, you rented a $2,000 a day Ferrari and you came to Salah and a person came in his regular car. At the end of the day, what is more important? How was your Salah? That's more important. So Hibbs is great. It's so many rewards attached to it. But that was not the purpose of why the Quran was revealed. Right? That

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was not the purpose that we just turned turn who follows and people who are reciting Quran have no idea what it means. The last part in this category of Quran and using Quran as means is that being able to recite with the proper Bama and Fatah and Kisara

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instead of saying Rob Busan out, we say Rob, if somebody says Rob dishonoured, it was supposed to be Rob Busan, our that's a mistake, we can't have those mistakes, which goes back to the grammar. Now the bigger purpose.

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So if we all perfected this, or if we are involved in this, and if we just stay here, it's like you're swimming in the ocean. No matter how far you go, if you get subaqua art and all of that, at the end of the day, you have not gone into the depths of the Quran. You are still on the surface of the ocean of the Quran, you have not gone in motherhood to belong. You have not entered the depths for us to enter the depths first and foremost. I remember like when I was in Indonesia, and you know, the rules and regulations in those countries a little bit relaxed in you know, other Western countries when it comes to diving. I had never taken any dive. And I went out into the boat, very

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ambitious pays paid $100 And this

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dive master he says have you ever can you do know how to swim? I said Yeah, I know how to swim.

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Then he says, Have you ever taken any dive? Have you gone? Like, have you dived before? I said, no, never jump in water.

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Like Subhan Allah, this is like, a lot of work here. And then he threw the gas tank and put it on, put it on. He said, Let's go into water. And I'll tell you what you need to do.

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I need to know the rules before he's like, No, it doesn't work, you have to get in the water. And I'll teach you, we get in the rule in the water. And before we go into a further dive, he lays down the foundation of how you operate under water. Because you can talk, you can take out your thing and say even if you say it's not going to be it's inaudible you're not going to be able to hear. So he says, Look when you got this on,

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if everything is good, so if there's turbulence, you go like this. There's a problem if you want to go up, because this could also mean good. If you want to go up you go like this, if you want to go down, down, those are the only three things we need to communicate in the bottom. If there's a problem, go like this. If you want to go up, let's go up if it's hurting you yours, you want to go up let's the pressure that's go up, you're good, you're stable, your body's acclimatized. At that level, you want to go further down, you go down. Similarly for us to go into the understanding of the Quran, there are things that are called lumen Quran, these are the the this and this and that

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those symbols, these are the color it for us. These are Sciences of the Quran, which verse is no longer applicable? abrogated. Okay, which verse is now six months old, we learned about that, what is the suburb of New Zealand? Why this idea came is this idea legislative all of these things that we study, a suburb of new Zul, which I came first is this mother, Nima key all of these discussions that we have and a lot more

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are all related to us. Having sciences also looked up see, what is the principle when there is a modality are being used? How do we translate a modality if it follow how do we translate the word Verna? If it is followed by inner

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woven anomala pura became Rosana changes this meaning if it's followed by in all of these principles, also the tafsir cowhide of tafsir oluwo Quran all of that are related to the science is related to the Quran. If anybody embarks on the journey of understanding Quran without the tools that are necessary for you to understand the Quran, then the inevitable path of such individuals are is misguidance because they didn't know how to like if you you could say I got the oxygen mask everything I'm good. I can breathe underwater just because you can breathe underwater just because you can understand the Quran does not mean you get it right.

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A person without any descriptions without any idea having that mask and gas tank can be in the waters that guy can breathe, man I can survive no issues.

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No not for how long?

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What are you going to do if the gas runs out? Right What are we gonna do if you if you have extra nitrogen in your blood, what's going to happen then? All of these things are aluminum Quran. They protect us from major catastrophes in our hockey though, man this verse I read an Orientalist say something about it, it makes a lot of sense.

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You're going to read something in English, you're going to go back and refer to Quran it's going to make a lot of sense. So these principles lay the foundation for us so that we don't get when we embark on the journey of understanding the Quran. It doesn't become a chaos for our own beliefs. The second level of Gaia of the Quran is stuff See,

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I've seen is basically, how has this sentence or the idiomatic expression or the word how has it been understood by the first three generations Nobody here is doing new Tafseer

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right, the acquire of how that verse have been understood six different ways to understand this verse or 21 different ways or eight different ways, all of those acquired of Ibn Abbas Mujahid Makati, all of these amorphous yourown they are documented for us and the their their meanings are based on not what they think was right based on oath Batum and this word in Arabic language can also be used in such a way. Hence the meaning could also mean this. Or it could also mean this. For example, yesterday I was reading and when I was reading, I came across this thing I had already had knew that the word hola in one of the understandings comes from the root word of Allah. Allah means

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somebody who amazes but I came across a new meaning which I did not know. Which is that when you have a facility when you have a small baby camel, when that baby camel is separated from the mother long enough that it starts crying for milk and looking for the mother. The herbs would describe that state of crying and

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Calling upon the mother to come back. That state was described as as le hurtin vasiliou

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that the baby camel cried. And in that equation, the mother becomes the ILA.

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Similarly, all of us, we come from Allah subhanho wa taala. He's our Harlock. And there comes a time when we, we go so far away from Allah, that eventually, no matter how far away you are from Allah, you eventually turn back and say, Allah, I need to come back to you. Yeah, Allah, I need to come back to you. And then he becomes your ILA. Because in the matter of utter desperation, you can only think of this person, you can only think of this thing that thing is ILA. Hence, Allah is the law. So this is the seed that you're going into the words and trying to understand the seed of the roller man, I've seen him do it the chapter of tafseer or the knowledge of tafsir has been divided into two

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You have to have Cyril mold away and 30 be Madhuri which is thematic tafsir theme, right? So for example, Ibrahim Al Akbar, he has a book called you know alphacool Quran. So what he has done is he has taken the word seeker in the entire Quran and trying to understand the fabric of how Allah subhanho wa Taala has interlaced the word Ficker in all the different aspects and what is the meaning of Ficker in Quran to think

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similarly, you can have the theme of rule there are seven verses in the Quran that talk about rule. So you put all of those seven verses together, try to figure out what Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the rule from the Quranic perspective.

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Okay, so that is called thematic tafsir and there are books that are written on that. The other is called the TV sequential.

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In the sequential there are two categories. Okay category that you have the sequence of the Quran, and the second category, which is the sequence of Newzoo how the Quran came down. There are books that are literally written Tafseer books that are written according to Newzoo of Quran. So they have actually said why proverbs may not be called the HELOC. And after that, yeah, you have more deaths there. And after that, yeah, you have Muslim men, what is the significance? And how do you understand it's a completely new meaning.

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So again, come back, so I know you've probably lost by this time. So going back, they've seen the series divided into two categories, thematic tafsir, enter TB, sequential in the sequence, you have the sequence of the existing Quran, the way prophets and salam left us the Quran, or the sequence of the new Zoo, all of these different types of Tafseer gives us a flavor of Quran. Then

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the last part via of this Quran, the MCSA, dual Roula, the highest level of why a Quran was revealed was the bottom to ponder upon

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the Word that word comes from the root word of doober the back of something, which means this is the obvious AIGA ma you pasado wha hoo, what is the intended meaning behind it?

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And for us to be able to understand that but the simplest, you know, example and this is this is mentioned in the books of taboo, you know, amazingly, is that when Newton was sitting underneath the tree,

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what happened that apple fell, he looked at that Apple

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and he started asking a whole bunch of questions. Why did the apple not go east? Why did he not go west? Why did it not go up? Why did it go down? Why only down why at a certain speed? All of these questions led him that Apple

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and pondering and asking questions about that nature of that fall of that apple led him to bring the theory of gravity

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right that's the double. So I ah, Allah subhanaw taala comes and then you look at it and you try to ponder and this startup bar is a matter that all of us can do it you're not you if as long as you have meanings in front of you, and you are not calling shots on halal and haram you're not saying this is haram and just by the way I read in the Quran, you know, the socks are haram This is halal. If we're not doing that. We're doing it so that we can actually understand the Quran of Rob that is why Allah subhanaw taala when he talks about this, he says a fella yet. baru null Quran Zilla to Gemma, why is it that do not do not ponder upon the Quran? am Allah colluvial Ha ha or is it that

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their see their hearts are sealed you're not able to receive that noon that light. Okay. So today

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we're going to do a small example or demonstrate

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Should I do not think that I'm going to have time to complete that one idea but we'll just take an if for example. So Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Baqarah Mandela the yoke or the doula curtain has Anna for you Allah if a hula hoop Allah often Kathy era will Allahu Jacobi do well yeah but Soto what he told a gentleman, ALLAH says who is the one that is going to loan? Your Quran Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala could have done a loan Hassan a nice loan, a decent loan for your life, a hula hula life and fear Allah is going to multiply that loan for him multiple times. Well, Allahu Allah to be the way absurd, Allah is the one that withhold and gives what Allah He told them.

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Okay, so the point over here, some pondering is why, for example, the dilemma they said, when Allah subhanaw taala started with the question, okay, mandala sometimes, you know, Marshall on the fundraising dinners, who is the one that is going to donate $50,000 Man, the lady, I mean, this MACOM of donating 50,000 or carb or giving loan to Allah is a very high status. So this listener is being being being motivated by saying the question is, are you going to be that it's being pointed, the levee is ishara you don't know what but you know that ishara is of something you're being pointed at something that is over elevated high status. So the question necessitates who is going to

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be the one that is going to be like a levy you put it Allah haka, then has another one who gives a loan to Allah subhana wa Tada. So with that question, there's a subtle motivation for all of us. Number two, Allah subhanho wa taala. He removed the name of that person when FIP he used it's a mon Sol, a levy, the one it could be anyone could be any one of us over here. Then Allah says your body doula. What are we doing here? Are we giving loan to Allah? subhanaw taala? No, we're doing what sadaqa but the word sadaqa Allah did not use over here Allah has used it in other times in the Quran over here it's occurred. What does that mean? When you give a loan to somebody, you don't that

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you're gonna get that money back? Right? We know that if I give a loan 99% probability that inshallah that brother or sister is going to loan money give that money back so Allah saying, Would you give me your Padilla garden? Hassan Are you going to give this card the to Allah? subhanaw taala? Who is who are you giving the card to? Allah? How is it that if you give a loan to Allah alone to a normal human being, you have hope of it being returned? If it is for Allah, is it not going to be returned? Your curricula bandhasana then over here Allah is emphasizing it is literally alone it's not a sadaqa you creed Allah you give card to allah God done for all Mukluk this is

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definitely a card it's a loan I will pay you back

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has an even aka you and Rahim Allah He said the word Hassan over here has three meanings number one are you Hakuna Matata you will mainly be my Lea that it has to be from the purest of your money. Number two that you take it out with good with good intent you shouldn't have negative feelings when you're giving sadaqa it should with positivity and your heart should feel that you want to give this for the sake of Allah and number three that once you have given you don't say I remember last year for this Masjid I donated $10,000 You remember that guys? Inshallah will donate this year 10,000 To men while other that you're you're you're letting the other person know I did a favor on you. So

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these are called carb hasna you give and in that giving it's number one pure number two for the sake of Allah with your happiness number three you do not go back and ask or tell the other person I did this favor upon you. Then Allah subhanaw taala says for you will die for Hulu

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no loan Imagine if somebody comes to you and say listen, I'm starting a company, I need a loan for you $5,000

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And if you give me this $5,000 I guarantee that you know my company is going to if my company succeeds, I'll give you a portion of that profit, ie you will get a portion of my business you'd like Mashallah. It's amazing. It's loan and investment. Allah subhanaw taala is saying your credit doula Tara and Hassan for you will die for the word fire means the return is going to be very quickly for adaptive it's going to come back right away. You won't have to wait long for it to come back. You won't have to wait for your investment to mature so it can actually yield benefit for you will die for who and the word you'll die for means Allah is going to multiply it you will die for

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who? Okay, it's going to be multiplied but not only some any multiplication, you'd like if a who What does Allah subhanaw taala say for you will die for Allah who Allah Allison cathedra that Allah subhanaw taala is going to multiply for that person if and cathedra that multiplied mode

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Trouble times. Now over here, the sentence structure should have meant mandala the Euclid Allah Rudan Hassan

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because over here it is saying alaafin cathedra so the curve is singular ie you're giving a singular thing to Allah subhanaw taala Allah is multiplying it for you and returning not just the principal multiple folds off your principal back to you.

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Subhanallah Wallah who Jacobian Oil Salt Allah is the One who withholds and gives, why is the word Jaquard coming first ponder because there could be a person sitting in the audience who doesn't have money but he's really motivated to give. So Allah is reminding that person Allah is the one that took it away from you. It's your intention that matters give small little whatever you have. But it's also a motivation for that person that Allah is also the one yep suit he is the one who can also give back.

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So in that gathering, yuck but don't worry and look at your bank balance. You give one Allah is gonna give back 10 up to 700 It's a promise of Allah. But it's all encapsulated in this is what he told a gentleman and if we were not

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at the second forgot two points. You have COVID or episodes are both Medallia which means Allah subhanaw taala is constantly taking away and constantly giving. So if you have money, don't be very happy that it's going to remain with you because Allah is Jakob but he is in a constant state of taking away from people and withholding and he's in a constant state of giving your absolute giving frooition to people. So let not your fellow Yahoo Ruby Lee will he inside on that? Let not your beauty in your life and the trinkets of this life deceive you here Lomo Rocha had to do alone. These are the matters that other nations have seen when subtler who was going on to asthma and on that if

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time had given you a momentary happiness, there K they'll come a time on nation to us man on that time came that it was really wretched and difficult on those people. This is the reality of life. Then Allah subhanaw taala says even if all of this is not enough for us to be motivated to give

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by the way this is not a fundraiser. So anybody thinks that what Eli he tore down and towards Allah subhanaw taala you're going to return the sentence structure should have been what we were taught to Jonah la he

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but the Madonna muda fella he like he turned came first for the emphasis that your return is to nobody else but Allah subhanaw taala and this is how you just a small sample within few minutes you and all of this pondering, you could do with basic tools that if you know you will be able to ponder even using English language, but this is not small example of this insha Allah if Allah gives us no fit, then we'll do like a series on pondering and that's what we do in our Friday holla cuz right we take we're doing right now so let's recap. So if you have time, please come down Fridays. It's after Isha. And we sit down with families and we discuss and it's a very light session but the idea is

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that we all collect together and we follow the eye of Allah subhanaw taala which is a fun idea to the Bible and Quran today not collectively ponder upon the Quran Akula already had that was tough for Allah Haryana community

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