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Because we're

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running out of time

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with respect to Egypt, I'll just talk about

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so today we're just going to be discussing the history we would love to get to what's happening today. With respect to Egypt, the leader of this model was basically Mohammed Abu

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Mohammed Abu was very close friend of the ruler of the English ruler, Lloyd Lloyd Cromer

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Mohammed Abdul

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was, Danny, a very strong admirer of European civilization.

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And he loved your very much. And he said, Young anytime I feel depressed or bad when I'm in Egypt, I just go to Europe and it revives my soul loves the European Europeans and so much. And he says that the only and basically it says it's only hope for the,

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for the, for the European for the Egyptians, I mean was to follow, follow the practice and follow the way of the,

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the way of the European. And in 1899, because of the British,

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he was appointed the mosquito he

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was the solution, of course, he was able to make to really control the way of thinking and what was going on even he had the right to remove people from

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basically his aim. And again, we're not talking about his intention, whether his intention was good or bad, whether he understood it's not as if any of this is not important. That's not what I'm talking about. But by what he did, by his writing, we see that basically is isn't his intention, I mean, his aim

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was to interpret the Sharia in such a way, and he to free it from the old interpretations of the earlier scholars, and to prove that Islam and modern Western civilization and its them in modern Western civilization were compatible.

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Two of his best known patella

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one of them said that the halaal are legal to make pictures and statues for the Muslims, as long as there's no shift. And in this but we're actually nowadays we're still living under the influence of discipline. And if you form a habit up do you don't find this button even Yanni two dimensional pictures towards consider her on buzzer

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and that's why when he gave this up when he was opposed by almost all medicine, and also he he also said that it allows for Muslims to put their money in the European Bank and to get interest. And he also said that can it is permissible for Muslims to wear any Western clothing. And that was one that was the introduction introduction of pants in these western style clothing into Egypt. He was also at the same time he was convinced of the supremacy of Apple is that Apple flips and judgments of jeans and it is Apple who decides what is right and what is wrong.

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And the deep and also of course that he has to he had to read this modern science into the Quran. So for example about the jinn.

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He says this Jani the he said the allama book and it is to say that the jinn are living bodies which cannot be seen.

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It says the birth it is permissible to observe to assert

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an event the minute living body is only recently discovered by means of the microscope and called microbes they will be defined as the jinn. And he is saying that Jen or Michael this was just recently and you cannot see it until we have the Microsoft Microsoft This is only justification for saying the gym not

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only not just with respect to physical science, but also he says Yani that we have to adopt the social sciences of the West. And even he tries to prove again, that Darwin Darwin's theory was was compatible with the Quran.

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actually pretty tough for me to finish before the event. That's why I'm trying to

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conclude about, about Mohammed Abu

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Dhabi probably one of the best conclusion and that we can say about him is something that the English ruler, Lloyd Cromer wrote about Mohammed Abu

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Mohammed who by the way he was put in prison.

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So Lloyd Cromer said that under British pressure, the the ruler, pardoned him and then made him a judge

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and to recognize the necessity of European assistance in the work of reforms.

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Then he said, Yeah, and he that is, he founded a school of thought in Egypt, which is similar to that established in India, by suicide amicon.

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And there, the task is therefore one of great difficulty, and they deserve all the encouragement and support which we can give them. They are the natural allies of the European reforms. And he, the Mohammed Abdullah, actually was used basically by the Europeans to try to spread his version of Islam in Egypt at that time,

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of course, was very influential.

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Included among his students who were accustomed, I mean, the one who,

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actually it was his first book, actually, it was Mohammed Abu, who wrote it probably cost him I mean, put his name on it, they wrote it together at the minimum,

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you have to result

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in a complete second list is the genuine Islam has nothing to do with government.

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These were these were the students of Mohammed Abu the test on his some of the stuff

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was restricted

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after some time, and he began to realize that, in fact, what Mohammed Abdullah was teaching was wrong. And he began to me long after

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he began to criticize his work and point out some

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some of his mistakes

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and events that laid the groundwork, and it was scholars hammered abroad, the students of Mohammed Abu, and the students of suicide, and these are the teachers of the present model.

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But we do not have time to go into the situation of the present day modernists

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what influence they are, what role they're playing today. So I think,

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just leaving with the history of the modernist, or modernist school, will be sufficient for today. And then we'll open the floor now for any questions that come to me. So now that we're finished, we can give a title.

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This is the history of the modernist movement before we ended,

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that's the title of the section

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on the tape guide, you can go back

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is not very controversial.

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is one of the reasons why

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there's no real controversy over

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in this

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lecture in this series is the situation of this moment at this step. Now,

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what are the properties? What are they propagating today? Obviously, only since they're modernist, they cannot propagate the same thing that they propagate and I'm good to go. They have to change. They have to keep up with that.

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So the next one is, what are they doing today and also their influence in the Muslim world. In the United States. I think when I originally prepared these lectures was for

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mixed American foreign audience so I have quite a bit to say about their role in the United States today.

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know, there were people like

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I keep forgetting

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who was the father,

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the father and the mother.

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Hey, Mohammed Shepherd is

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very difficult, very, in a harsh way also

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has been the father also, of course

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any but the why, you know, Mohammed Abdul, you don't know the others, because Mohammed Abu has the backing of the English government, the Egyptian government and the ruling Chinese upper class.

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And people like

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the people who are dominating

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the the,

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the media or what were popular in the city, and they're all people, Mohammed Abdullah swallows.

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The moon and his wife can open

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a bunch of the salon for people to come and sit and talk. And he, they, they so he has the government backing

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both the British and the Egyptian government.

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And he also has the the backing of the upper class. So we ended up for class attendees to travel to Europe and come back and so forth.

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So therefore, that's why basically, you hear one side of the story.

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And those Johnny who follows him who didn't really have, except for maybe four people following them, Hey, this is the case everyone.

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He also equals

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me, you can find these people who oppose them. Many of them are writers, many of them are famous, but

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because of his influence, and his situation, they were kind of drowned out by even Mohammed Rashid read his later writings.

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But if you ask anyone who is Mohammed Rashid, Zahra is the best student and Mohammed after he wrote, can you tell

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me the life history of Mohammed Abu.

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So what you what you may hear is not necessarily and represents what's actually going on.

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Also, for example, the human genome, it was opposed by many, by many people.

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similar situation from him, concerning him.

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In a love gun, he's the he's the one where you can't tell what's true and what's false.

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His life is really his life. It's really confusing. And also because he was so influential, anyone who came after him with any idea, he says, I get this idea from Germany, and

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he is the one who taught me this. You want to give some authority to what you're saying, at that time, say, Well, this is what

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people were claiming many things that this is teaching. Some of them are not true for even his own personal life.

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For example, you hear a lot that he was 1010.

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And it seems that the Muslim countries should all get together and rise against the West. Actually, he never thought and he thought that the eastern countries Muslim or non Muslim should rise against the rule

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should rise against the rule of the French and the Dutch never mentioned

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for some reason

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Actually, it was named the shoe. He was supposed to be killed in Russia, by the way, he believes in assassination as a way. He was against the first terrorist in the Muslim world. And he believes in assassination.

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And he tried to assassinate the rule of Iran. He was captured in Russian used to be put to death. And it was the British government.

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We didn't say it next week.

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He didn't say this.

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people don't read what they actually know. They just care about these people love learning greatly. And if you really think I need myself, us as humans,

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everyone has no name.

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From Muslim.

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Yeah, that's

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not Yeah, that's for the promos. Even the ones alive today.

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And some of them are considered the leading Yanni. For example, in the United States.

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Some of them are considered the leading scholars

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and coerces them. But if you actually look at some of their patella, some of the things that they wrote and said, You will not believe this. This came from mostly.

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You mentioned in the

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This is a

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very old testament

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Danny is reappearing.

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Since the turn of the century, it says reappeared under the influence of European Martin. Hey, basically putting a lot of personal

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development in the students have these people

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that I mentioned, I mentioned, some of the students they are the teachers are the ones around. And that is because the West

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is also the atmosphere when I was coming up. And that's why

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I think regardless of

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any thing there, it's in their interest. And regardless of whether it is required revival among them or not, it's in their interest for people to think of themselves as Muslims, and before going the way of your

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alts. But even if that

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wasn't based on

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anything, we're actually in the

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interior of Damascus.

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Now, he was one of the reformers at the same time, who looked at things differently. He said, Look, we have lots of problems. But the solution is not far in the West completely the solution is going back to

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the situation the Muslim world is very bad from Islamic point of view. But even though it was bad and really the Muslims weren't doing anything, Mr. Mohammed Abu and these people supported them and tried to spread this.

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He cannot use his mind. So okay, we'll get to that.

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We'll get we'll get to the position of apple.

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If something is not against

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it or not gonna talk about

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how to appear, but if you are

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much better than you.

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we are talking about doing something fun with

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anything, not again.

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Is that what this thing is against?

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You said

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something like that, but you also

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because the word diversity

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you cannot appear you cannot appear like to perform

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the process and

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at that time if someone is wearing and democrats you know that is European and he's non Muslim

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and you know both of these things and you have a diverse someone was that you know that he's got

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that's the situation needed this time. So he is saying

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you were at

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the province of Telangana prohibited and it was like, and he said yeah, whoever feels like a people, he's one of them. Okay.

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He were, he was the waiting.

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The point is if there's a dress, if there's any, if there's a dress, which is known to be the dress of the coupon, you cannot work that Okay, so any time the pants and suits were known to be the dress of the coupon for Mohammed Abdullah said you may work no problem.

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the way,

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mean that he intended to do the

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easy to imitate,

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think he means that

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very clear that the Muslims must follow the Europeans and they are either in their luck in the physical sciences, in their in their materials, or Yani they're afraid about the world good enough, not leaving the problem, common sense in them. But there any belief about the world, the place of Athens and he philosophy that he said is exactly there's no question about candidate for the Egyptians to become civilized. It wasn't generated for the Egyptians to become civilized they have to follow the way of the of the European

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including any o'clock

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even more Yeah.

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His book was actually written by Mohammed Abu

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Mohammed Abu Ghraib.

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The only thing that

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is not

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to find

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you cannot find it.

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No, no. No one disagrees with you at any point.

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So now

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just because of the way of some other people and you're going to put that through. This is wrong.