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AI: Summary © The host of a video discusses the stat that Islam is over 90% of subscribers, and shares a link for viewers to subscribe to a channel. They also discuss a topic related to "so" and mention a video about the topic. In a separate segment, the speakers discuss a strange practice in Islam where Jesus Christ is asked to testify before the Prophet sallahu alayhi, including signs like Jesus Christ's deeds and his siblings.
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I think we know

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen what was suddenly well solimo Allah Mambo, Athos, machalilla, el amin wila, ali, he was up to he edge marine as salaam alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I'm your brother, this alarm speaking to live from the blesseds city of NACA, that is my cattle, mocha Rama. And

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this is another episode of asked a now if you guys I have a really interesting stat and a really interesting stat. And that is that over 90% of those who those of you who view this video, you're not actually a subscriber or a follower of the page. So that's quite interesting. That's a really interesting stat. So what I want you guys to do right now is to like the page, if you're on Facebook, subscribe to the channel if you are on Youtube, and also

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click on the bell icon in the notify to get notifications, right. So hopefully, yeah, do that right now. It takes like 10 seconds or less than that two, three seconds, in short a lot. And then hopefully you guys will know when I come live with a notification. So we got some interesting stuff that we're going to talk about today in Sharla. In particular, something about superficial Islam or fake Islam or just kind of this facade

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that we want to try, you know, we're going to discuss that. But while we're at it, I just want you to remind you guys that we do have a Discord server. So I'm going to try and paste the link for that in the comments. Now let me just get that link.

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I'm going to paste the link of that in the comments and handler we've got quite a few people on there already. So just make sure you guys look in the comments right now or the chat. Click on that link, it takes you like 30 seconds, just join the discord server. We'll be chatting away in there. And also, if you want to come live in one of these calls. Of course you don't have to but if you do, then you just join the waiting room in the discord server. So there's one of the channels is called waiting room join that waiting room then I can add you to the Ask a live call where we can hear your voice you can ask your question and maybe sometimes give some of your thoughts and we did try to do

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that yesterday. But we had a host of technical issues so we couldn't go working.

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But I think we have managed to fix that today. So hopefully let's see how that goes in sha Allah who to Allah.

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So Sabrina just let me know guys, where are you watching from? Which city? What are you doing? What time is it? Let me know in the comments. Below eight Mubarak to Sabrina. I've disallowances Wiley consola Gold shares is eight mobarak rayhaan gift Salam

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What else have we got here? Isa says Salam.

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Abu Salam Samir says Salam and

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yes, so there's a few people that have given Salaam suhaib has just come on the discord and he's given Salam aleikum wa salam to all of you. I'm not going to keep on giving individual salons but what aleikum wa sallam brought to light here but occurred to all of you. We have a son, Dr. Masha Allah from our awesome esfandiar we've got zelle

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we've got abderrahim from Mississauga in Canada. We've got governor dar from DARS restaurant in Hampstead little shout out there amazing food by the way.

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We have safey we have Isa s. Sha no Sha na soufiane Mohammed Zakaria from New Jersey. Bashir Khan. We've got safety from Pakistan, nausea from Dhaka in Bangladesh. We've got Martin from Melbourne. We've got bought out from Kashmir. We've got Zakat from the mom, USA, Florida. That's hostinger han so Yeah, awesome stuff, guys. Awesome stuff so as salaam aleikum to all of you and while yquem was Salam and aid Mubarak, I know some of you were doing aid yesterday. Here in Makkah, we did an aid on Friday. Anyway, let's get to the topic and then I'm going to read some of your comments and also some of the questions

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that you guys have posted on the discord channel. Once again, I've put it in the comments below in the chat for you guys to join the discord channel and inshallah you can hopefully come live by going into the waiting room or you can just simply chat or type your question in the Ask a questions channel. So let's talk about the topic at hand. We talked about super or we're going to talk about superficial Islam, what is superficial Islam? Now, a really important concept that we have in Islam is mentioned in the hadith of gibreel alayhis salam, right where one day the Sahaba Ahmad Abu Dhabi is talking about how the Sahaba they were chilling with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in

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the masjid, and a man came to them and he had you know, he he was dressed in extremely white clothes, His hair was extremely black.

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And there were no signs of traveling on him and this was something strange because if you're traveling, especially in those days in the desert on horse in, you know on, on horse on camel, or donkey or anything, then you're gonna get you know, your, your hair's gonna be disabled, your clothes are not going to be extremely white. And yet this is precisely what this man you know the armor of the love answers we didn't know who this man was but yet there were no signs of journey on him. So this was something strange to them and this from this man he came straight to the Prophet so I so love for us in a dialogue but a lot of but a what the ark cafe he Allah fluffy that he

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put his hands on his

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you know, he connected his knees with his knees and he's put his hands on his thighs. And then he said, Oh Mohammed, what is Islam? Bernie I kneel Islam sallallahu sallam. So the prophets I seldom explained that Islam is to testify, and Tasha de la ilaha illallah wa and a new Rasul Allah were economists Allah what it is occur was on Ramadan, will Hadji debate luminous stir by Allah He sebelah right so he mentioned when the this this person he asked the prophets I send them what is Islam he mentioned five things and of course they are the five pillars of Islam.

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You know to testify with your tongue La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to pray, to establish the prayer to pay the car to fast the month of Ramadan and of course to perform hajj, for whomsoever is able to do so. Right. And then the man said so Dr. Karla Sadat, you have spoken correctly. But I Jimena. Yes Allahumma, you sadhika husana radi Allahu anhu he's saying that, you know, we found this really strange.

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We found this really strange that he asks the question, and then straight after that he is, you know, answering the same question. He's like saying, Yeah, you're you're spoken correctly. So this was something strange, he say. And then the man he goes on to ask what is a man for burning? Man, what is a man? What is faith? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a man and taught me in a Billa he will murder he karate he will call to be He will surely he will young will ask him. What took me in a bill called the refinery he was showing that a man is to believe in Allah, His angels, his books, his messengers the last day and to believe in predestination, the good and the bad, they're

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off, call us a doctor. He said, once again, this man he said, You have spoken correctly.

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Allah, Paula, for us, Bernie and his son, tell me what is a son? What is this excellence?

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So the prophesize cillum. He said, Son and, and tabo de la ketner Katara. For ilam token Tara in New York, ehsaan or excellence in Islam, is that you worship Allah as if you see him but even though you don't see him, he surely sees you. So here are my brothers and sisters. After then, then he goes on to ask about the science of the Day of Judgment. And then this man goes away at the end, for love etha Colleen so he waited a bit then the professor, excuse me, the prophets I sell him He then said,

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Yeah, Omar attached to the money side. I'm not Do you know who this question was? So I'm not the one who said Allah what a pseudo who Allah Allah and His Messenger, so I sell him know best, I don't know. And so he said Valley comm jabril attacco Leo I Lima comm Dena comm that was gibreel Allah Hassan the angel

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That was jabril he came to teach you your deen. He came to teach you what? Your Deen. Now what does this mean brothers and sisters?

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The prophets lie Selim. He explained three main things Islam, Eman and so on. Right three things he talked about Islam even