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The importance of the Prophet Muhammad's teachings in shaping his language and politicalworthiness is discussed. The Prophet's teachings include his quote about peace be upon him, his recommendation to a book or recommendation to his partner, and his markings as a sign of his politicalworthiness. The importance of the third prophet's markings is also highlighted, as it is common in scripture.

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Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you. Today we continue with our H program in our series dealing with the political system of Islam. We'll be discussing the choice of continuing our discussion of choice of Islam. Specifically, we'll be having a further examination of a concept of the MMI and the place of the companions of Prophet Muhammad. Peace and blessings be upon him. I have joining me as usual, on the program, Dr. Jamal battery of the St. Mary's University by tomorrow Assalamu alaikum. Monica,

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can I have you summarize the main points that we touched on in our program last week in the series. In the independence program, we continued the discussion of this notion held by the might or the non as a Muslim minority of Muslims,

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which basically centers around the exclusive succession of the prophets in terms of rulership within his family, a part of his family, namely Ali, and his descendants. And we indicated again or elaborated more of the reasons why the majority of the Muslims or 90% do not share with the president, this particular view. And we indicated more heavily in this particular program in the service program.

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Why? It was an untenable assumption, to assume that the companions of the Prophet were the most pious and most sacrificing self sacrificing people have conspired, collectively, to disobey the Prophet peace be upon him if it was true that he appointed it, because if he did do that, immediately followed his instructions. And we'll try to elaborate a little bit on why this could have not been the case.

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That we should examine what the prophet has said about some of the crucial companions, it might be appropriate to begin with the first thing, Caliph, Abu Bakr, I think this would be a good approach, because after all, if there was any accusation in general, against the companions, by disobeying the Prophet talberth, the at least the three who accepted, in fact, to be rulers in place of it in case it was actually only legitimate, I think this would be an appropriate thing to look into. It might be useful also to make a reference to what has been mentioned in a previous occasion about

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that there is reference to him in the Quran in chapter nine in verse 41, speaks about the two who were in the case that is in the migration from Mecca to Medina, and the two words, Prophet Mohammed, number one, number two, was his closest companion abubaker. And that's why he was called to receive the Companion of the kill, or companion with the Prophet.

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to look into some of the prophetic saying about our book, it's really amazing in one, saying, he said that

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the among all the people I am inducted to,

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in terms of doing favors to me, birth in his property, sacrificing his property, and by his company, is Abu Bakr.

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And if I were, the Prophet says, If I were to take khaleel, which means one who is dearest in love,

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other than my Lord, I would have taken a buck, but he that is our work is my brothers and my companion, for God has taken me different himself to the Prophet has taken me as his dearest or closest in love. In other words, he says that had it not been that the closest to me is God, I would have chosen apo box and there are other similar versions, emphasizing the same meaning of the of this prophetic saying, narrated in Bukhari and Muslim in more than one version, in fact,

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and another thing generated in Bukhari and Muslim. The Prophet was asked once were among old people, his most beloved of you. He said, Arusha that's his wife. And then the person was asking the question, so

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Who's next of men is asking about men. He said her father. And that's interesting because the father of Asia was Abu Bakr Saba was not only the close Companion of the Prophet, but he was also he gave his daughter to the prophet in marriage. So said his father, that's Ababa. And then the person asked who's next, he said, Ahmed, and that's quite revealing, because the Prophet put as number one, in closeness to him, his wife, Patricia, then a robot from men, second armor. And both of these were the first and second clearly after the prophet in a tirmidhi. The Prophet said that none of the people who had any server on us

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that except that we have already compensated him or reciprocated his favor, except our buck, because our voc rehab, or we all have our back servers that only God,

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Allah will reward him for it in the Day of Judgment.

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In a tirmidhi Also, there are two other citations which are quite interesting, interesting. In one, the prophet addressed Abu Bakr and he said and Tata

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Tata Kumar, are saved by Allah from the Hellfire assured him in another saying, he said, You are my companion in the cave, that is during migration. And you are also my companion on the pond or fountain in reference to the fountain in the hereafter in the garden,

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or the paradise in another reference of prophetic saying a Buddhahood

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as part of the Hadees, because it's a little longer, it says,

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You are the first one of my followers to enter into paradise. And that again is an expression of his of his status, that the first of all of the photos of the Prophet would would be our walk into paradise. In appraising post, Abu Bakr and Omar the first and second killer that are something that combined both of them, just to give a couple of examples in it no matter and at tirmidhi. It was narrated that the Prophet said that Abu Bakr and Omar are the genes or Sega masters or genes of the elderly people in Paradise, from beginning to end, from the beginning of the work to the end, except for the prophets and messengers. So he put them immediately in a status following a prophets and

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messengers, while definitely a higher status than any companion, for that matter, Ali, Baba kurama doesn't matter.

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In a tirmidhi, the prophet also said that every prophet had to was zero or two, you might say deputies in Paradise and heavens and two deputies on Earth. As to me, Prophet Muhammad. He said, as to me, I have two deputies in heavens, and these are

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Gabrielle and Mikhail Angeles. As far as my deputies on Earth, they are a provox anomaly. And that you mentioned in the in the scene. So this sayings are suffice, are sufficient to show the great status of Abu Bakr, that he was second to none, but to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And indeed, it's interesting to make a point here that there are other sayings of the Prophet, not only praising our buck, but even prophesied with approval, that he will actually be, or ended up being the first to ruin the Muslim community after the death of the Prophet.

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Having said, I think it's important that these sayings be put into their proper context. And I'd like to ask you to set some light on these things, and explain whether they're consistent in your view with the freedom of choice of rulers, which we've been discussing in several of our previous programs in this series. But let me take the second part of the question first, no, I don't see any difficulty or inconsistency between that and the freedom of choice. Because the context of this settings is not a context of imposition. It's not like the Prophet instructing and saying, you must take a box as the ruler after and he never said that. But these things have elements of prophecy,

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maybe prophecy, whereas with a proven but never with the sense of imposition on the people. So there is no question of consistency and no, Sydney scholar, for example, take this as the evidence that broccoli was the eligible person to be chosen after the Prophet it's not an evidence in itself, but it's quite an revealing a prophecy about what happens or worse to happen after the Prophet.

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Now coming back to the first part of the question, or the some of the best things

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in the sickness of the Prophet before, shortly before his death,

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as we mentioned previously in one program, he actually asked him

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to lead prayers. Now, let him pray, understand is not just a religious function which is separate, usually, in Islamic law, the ruler of his present is the one who should lead public prayers. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was the one who not only led the community of Muslims Catholic prayers, both functions were, you know, one in the same really. So by asking Abu Bakar, God can sickness and choosing him in particular, above all other companions, even the closest to lead perverts occur is a very significant implication.

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In another important saying, which was narrated both in Bukhari and Muslim, the most important tool or services of prophetic saying, it says that one woman came to ask something from the Prophet. And he said to her, you come, let us come some other time.

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And she said, Well, if I don't find you, she meant, suppose you're dead by that time. So if I can find you said earlier, then you come and ask Overwatch,

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again, there's a clear hint here in a tirmidhi.

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The Prophet even said it more clearly. He said, follow the guidance of the steps of those who will come after me apo box, and how much. So he gives, again, some kind of indication that these people would be rightly guided that, you know, the leadership is something that you should not reject. But again, without imposition, on the Muslims.

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During his deaths, or on his deathbed,

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it was narrated in Muslim. And that's an interesting say, that the Prophet told his wife, he said, Brent, your father called your father, about God, your father and your brothers. I would like to write a book, or recommendation,

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the context of the saying, Here's that recommendation as to who, you know, may be the best to succeed me. Because I'm afraid the Prophet continued that some aspirants might say me.

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But God's and the believers will not accept, but a box that was much even clearer in hinting about a buck. And it was also very revealing in terms of prophecy, because it did happen, that after the prophets, this, there was one person we discussed before Southern Nevada who said, you know, he was almost about to be nominated to be the, the successor of the Prophet, he was aspiring to it, and he was a little bit uncomfortable that abac was chosen by everybody else.

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So this is a clear indication, as I said, by way of hinting, and prophesizing.

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What will happen after the death of Prophet when I made reference to the to the Prophet peace, be upon him preparing the document? Was it ever prepared? Did he ever write down like

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this, there's no evidence that this document was was ever written, of course, the prophet didn't know how to read or write, probably what he meant to write, in essence, to dictate so that gives some instructions. But there's no evidence that you know, that this document was ever written, or that the Prophet even uttered what he might have been thinking of saying, of course, this might raise a question as to why, what's the explanation of why it wasn't written in my hand, but understanding they could be at least two viable explanations. One is that there have been a pattern in the life of the Prophet, that if he's not receiving a specific revelation in one aspect, and he

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applies his own judgment. And if that judgment, differs from God's judgment, the Quran comes and correct him or the revelation come and say, No, do it better this way, even though he did it was good intentions, and No, God wanted this done this way. So it's quite possible that after the Prophet sort of that he received revelation from God that it's better not to write that document possibly to maintain again the principle of freedom of choice. The second viable explanation is that it's quite possible that the Prophet himself had the second thoughts. And maybe what he intended was to just recommend or nominate a robot to be his successor, but he feared might have feared that this

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might be taken as a precedent and obligation and establish a principle that is contrary to what the Quran and what his own teaching

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required by way of mutual consultation.

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However, in any eventuality with or without that document, we find that the unanimous, virtually unanimous position of all Muslims, whether from Medina or migrants from Makkah,

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all agree that Abu Bakr was the most qualified person. So the judgment here was quite consistent with the desire of the Prophet even though he did not impose it

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required. To continue our discussion, an examination of the prophetic sayings with respect to the very close to the companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon and perhaps we should now turn to some examination of the prophetic sayings with respect to the second killer.

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Well, like Abu Bakr also, there are so many terrible things that the Prophet said about armor. And anyone who studied Stronach history knows how great he was, as an administrator, as a stats person is just unique. I mean, he's a class really by, by himself. In both Bukhari and Muslim, the prophet said that among the people before you in nations before, that's before Islam, there were individuals who were inspired. And if anyone in my among my followers, is so inspired, it is almost

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the same, saying in a different meaning also was mentioned in actor movies, in which the Prophet said that if there were any prophet after me, it would have been Ahmed, of course, there was no prophet after Muhammad, as if there were any prophet after me. It would have been Amr at least in terms of his insight

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and his inspirational type of qualities.

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In a Timothy and another similar version in Abu Dawood.

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The Prophet also said that God has placed truth upon the tongue, and heart of armor.

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This last saying of the Prophet is corroborated in several other sayings of the Prophet one narrated in Bukhari and Muslim in which

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it shows that some issues

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that were subject to discussion during the life of the Prophet and some of those issues almost took certain positions, and gave certain opinions, which happened to be happened to be identical to what later on came by way of revelation from God to the Prophet, which is, again a reflection on this insightful nature of Ramesh.

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The Prophet also as narrated in Abu Dhabi would utter misery and he said that the people in paradise would look up to the highest or people who occupy the highest position in Paradise, those who are above even those in paradise.

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Like you people look at the stars, and the horizons, and among those that is among the highest of the high are upper works, and honors and they are even more blessed. One time, in a movie, for example, the prophet was quoted as saying too much armor. If the Satan or devil is going in one particular path, and you're going in that path, he will take another path that is this, even the devil would be scared of you and anyone who studies the life of a man he was amazing in terms of his steadfastness and strictness, in the implementation of procedures that will be scheduled from you.

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And there are two other additional and really interesting

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saying of the Prophet which were revealed to him through a dream.

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One was narrated in both Bukhari and Muslim, the two primary sources of prophetic tradition, in which the Prophet said, while I was sleeping,

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somebody brought me a cup of milk.

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So I kept drinking from that cup, until I was totally free.

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And then I gave the access the extra of that milk to Amish.

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So the companions of the Prophet asked him, How do you interpret that dream? How do you interpret it? He said knowledge. In other words, that milk was knowledge I had all the knowledge that I could absorb. And then whatever remains of that medical knowledge is given trauma. So this is an acknowledgement also of the high status along in terms of his knowledge,

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like Abu Bakr also, the praises of the prophet of Rama was not only restricted to just praising him, but like Abu Bakr also, there were clear prophecies, that he will also be the killer.

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After a buck that you'll be accused of after the profits are successful, and more particularly the second, which is an interesting, this is very interesting. I want to start to get you to elaborate on a little more and perhaps that is your references just for further examination. Okay even before I'm not accepted Islam as merited and I'm an attorney, the prophet made a prayer. And he said, Oh God, strengthen Islam, either by Abuja, or by Amash.

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And it ended up actually with Islam was very much strengthened by Omar Strunk person in face and in everything, determination, embracing Islam, it was indeed under the caliphate of honor, the second

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that an estimated 36,000 Township came under the role of Islam, in such places as pressure, greater Syria, and Egypt. 36,000, which is again, a fulfillment of the prophecy of the Prophet, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in another, saying, which seemed to relate to the same subject to the spread of Islam, under the rain, rain or roll of armor.

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And this was narrated in both Bukhari and Muslim. The Prophet said, while I was in my sleep, I saw people being shown to me, and each one had a shirt on him. So said some of those people had shirts up to here up to the chest.

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Some other people have church shirts, less than that. And then armor came, and he had a very long shirt that was dragging behind him.

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So again, the companions asked him, How do you interpret this dream? He said, a gene, that is the spread and preservation of faith. In other words, the Islam would be that much. For some people, it would be that much for some people, but during the reign of Islam will spread so greatly that they, as symbolized in a very long shirt that is dragging behind honor which is again, something that has taken place, indeed, the greatest

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number of township that can under the rule of Islam came under Caliphate, Rama, another quite revealing prophecy was narrated both also in Bukhari, and Muslim. The Prophet said, while I was sleeping, I saw myself on a well

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with a pulley

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with a bucket Boolean bucket. And then he said, I drew as much water as goodwill from that well,

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and then a box known as Abner kochava, just another name of him, Abu Bakr came, and he drew from the well, maybe one or two bucketful. And then you continue towards the end of the saying, and he said that this bucket became very large bucket. And then almost came. And he said, I have never seen anyone as strong as much in throwing plenty of water from that, well, until people actually set up in this area on big naked, or made it a resting place for comments.

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You notice here, that if this water here is in reference to the rule and the spread of Islam, then Arabic actually ruled for one or two years, one or two buckets for, you know, almost re and continued for a little over 10 years, during which Islam spread so correctly. So that again, was a clear prophecy, about the contribution of Amish to the to the strengthening of the faith.

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And it should be observed here also that the position of Abu Bakr and Omar as the deputies of the prophet in his lifetime, is a matter which is recognized, was recognized, I should say, in his lifetime, even by the enemies, by his own enemies, gives us one quick illustration of that in the battle effect.

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When the pig and saw that they have really defeated the Muslims, some of them even said that they have already killed the Prophet,

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apostrophe. And at that time, non Muslim, started to shout at Muslims camp and said, This Muhammad among you, nobody replied. So he might have thought that he was killed. Then he said, is Abu Bakr among you? Nobody replied. He said question is Ahmad among you. In other words, what he was really worried I wanted to make sure that the biggest hits really are killed the Prophet and his two deputies, the prophet Abu Bakr, and Omar, these were his first questions to ask. So there is a clear indication as well as on the same kind of

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The 10 or so minutes we have remaining on today's program, I'd like to turn to an examination of the prophetic traditions with respect to two other companions of the Prophet first of all with last minute and perhaps fending off with with Allie.

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Was there mention of the third prophet the traditional or the third character? Yes, yes. In fact, in for example, in a tirmidhi, and nomada, the prophet said, every prophet had, or has a companion in Paradise, and my companion in Paradise is Osman. That's the third killer, or who became third killer in the preparation for one of the battens, known as Joshua Lhasa was really difficult and tough time, the profit apiece to people to donate to help equip the army.

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us man came forward and he said, Alright, I donate 100 cannons complete with saddles and pexels.

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And that was not enough. So the Prophet kept urging people to donate more armor increased. Ross, Mark increased it to 200 cannons. Upon further urging, he increased it to 300 cannons full with sevens, and packs others at this moment, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that there will be nothing to be held against us, man after this, in other words, even if you make some mistakes here and there, God will forgive it because of this great Act of, of devotion, on his part,

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like Abu Bakr and emerged, there seem to have been some indication also that would be among the first four caliphs and that he will die as a martyr because actually he was killed by weapons. He was martyred in one long saying, I'll just make the check of the part that relate to this particular topic. narrated in Bukhari. It says that Abu Salah, sorry, another companion, one day acted as a gatekeeper of the Prophet. And then he said that Abu Bakr came to seek audience with the Prophet. So he, when he talked to the Prophet, that's, that's somebody who's waiting. He said, All right, let him in, look up a walker and, and get him neglected in that he will go to Paradise. And then Mr.

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Kane, the Prophet says, All right, let him in, and give him the glass, I think that you'll go to Paradise, the third person to seek audience with the Prophet with a smile.

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And when the Prophet was told, decelerate, let him in and give him the timing that he will go to Paradise, but that a calamity will befall him, which was again, a prophecy that he will be, will be killed, actually by rebels. One time the Prophet, along with our bucks, are an awesome man, the first Eclipse after him,

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stood on the amount of effort, there was some kind of trembling. And the Prophet said to the mountain come down, because on top of you, there is a prophet of the day, a truthful and to martyrs. And that's exactly what happened. Prophet Muhammad, so do the first one is Abu Bakr and two martyrs, Ahmed and Osman, because both of these were actually mastered. In another saying of the Prophet also narrated intermediate and say and darkening.

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The Prophet, he was even more specific, he said that this man, maybe God will dress you a shirt, he meant by a shirt here, the responsibility of leading the Muslim community being the ruler, that would rescue

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me rescue with a shirt. And if they wish you to take it off. Don't take it off for them. And that's exactly what happened because the ribbons came to force us man to resign. And he did not resign as a matter of principle, because at least there was not justification to concede to the demands of these unreasonable

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ribbons. So it's quite obvious from this sense that we discussed in this program, that

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the prophecy with approval about Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman, were clearly stated by the prophet even in that particular order, and if his teachings and instructions was that only Ali is the legitimate heirs, who have said something different and much more explicitly than that.

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Especially we don't have time to go into the final discussion of the prophetic saints with respect to our labor capsule in any sort of future program, we'll be able to do that. We have to conclude our program for today. We want to thank you for watching and invite you back next week. Assalamu alaikum peace