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Jamal Badawi
AI: Summary © The host of Islam and focus discusses the third program on persecution, focusing on issues of persecution for early Muslims. They also discuss the history of the Prophet's actions, including cutting a tree and disrespecting people. The interviewer suggests clarifying the situation and providing examples of people experiencing persecution and suffering. The interviewer also touches on the importance of testing people for faith and loyalty to the Prophet's message.
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I'm liking PCM deal. Welcome to another episode of Islam and focus. I'm your host hammock Rashid. Today we have our 63rd program in our series with Mohammed, the last messenger of Allah. To begin with our second program discussing the topic of persecution. I have joined me on the program, as usual adopted tomorrow By the Way of St. Mary's University by the tamale ensemble, aka money to finance I mentioned in the introductions of today's program that this is our second program dealing with the topic of prosecution practice. Before we go on today's program, could I ask you to highlight the main points that we touched on in our first program on this topic? Sure, we just

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discuss some of the various scenes of persecution, especially for those early believers who are weak and did not have a strong clan, to support them, like Bill and the family of yes and and so on. We indicated that even some of the early Muslims who had some status and power within their people did not go and sketch Yes, this included the people like Osman Mossad is nominated and all were subjected also to some hurts because of their faith, yes, and indicated that even those who were prominent missions were threatened, you know, and boycotted.

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Despite all of that, we said also that there is no record of early Muslims, who have stated or rejected faith simply because of that persecution, except in cases where they pretended to do that just to get some relief from the torture they were subjected to.

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And we indicated also that throughout this very difficult period, the prophet peace be upon us to go and comfort them, and remind them of the promise of God that ultimately they would have victory.

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We indicated also that the Prophet himself was not free from this harassment and hurt. And we began to discuss one of his major confrontations with the unbelievers, when they were sitting near the Kaaba and making his set of, you know, circumambulation around the Kaaba, and that they started slandering him the first time he did not respond the second time, he did not respond. And then the third time, we indicated that he stood and confronted them, and told them that God is going to punish them because of their misbehavior and the rejection of faith. And he indicated that it was amazing that even though he was alone, they were the signal words and even tries to cool him down,

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which is rather amusing, in view of their arrogance, just a few minutes before that.

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Did that the incident reduce their their harassment of the of the problem, the tall,

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one, for the moment, at least on the same day, when they were starting to get with the tenants and boldness of the process? They didn't do much, but they met together again the following day. And then they started to blame each other. How can we were so weak and cowardly, you know, in the face of the Prophet, and even the word alone? How can we read over owed

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by his presence when he confronted us?

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So having discussed this, the vowed that we are going to make amends for this? So the next day when Prophet Muhammad came, they all jumped over him, and surrounded him. And they said to him, Are you the one who thinks so? And so? Meaning, are you the one who was criticizing our hope to get our gods, the iPads and so on?

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You know, his response was very clear. He said, Yes, I am the one who say so and so.

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So one of them rushed towards him,

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took him by the color of his garment, and tried to choke him.

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Above the Companion of the Prophet was there. So he rushed, defending the profits and pushing only those people saying, are you killing a man because he says, My Lord is a love of my Lord that God.

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So they did not leave abubaker before they injured him in the head and pulled him from his beard.

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This incident into shed light on two aspects, at least. One is the courage and boldness of the process, in the face of those who are getting,

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you know, ganging up against him,

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even though there was only a couple bucks and maybe a few others, but the only record is that Abu Bakar was the one who was there. And he did not simply back down when they challenged him, surrounding him and said, Are you saying that? He said, Yes, I said, I say so. Which shows that this is what I'm convinced of. I know, I know, I put my life at risk in saying this, but I'm going to say the truth. You like it or not, it was very bold in this. The other aspect that this incidence you tend to get also is the quality of the disciples of the Prophet peace be upon him.

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Seeing those powerful people surrounding the Prophet alone. Abu Bakr knew that he

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Could not really win against all of those people. Yes, he did not run away from the profit. But he stood up

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to the point of even being injured in defense of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Are there other examples I've mentioned? Probably there are other examples of the provinces suffering at the at the hands of the people of Mecca? Yes, indeed there are. And in fact, one of the sources of that one, there are other sources of the

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body, the collection of hobbies, or about the life of the Prophet is one section actually about what the prophet suffered. The hands of people that are other differences as well, let me just give a couple of them according to cancel on men, for example, it is said that Prophet Muhammad one time was preaching to the people and say, that either Lama there is no God, except the one true God. So one man started to lift lift

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him with stones, and while the Prophet was bleeding profusely, this man, the wicked man who, you know, stoned him said, or people be on guard, he is alive, referring to the Prophet peace be upon him.

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According to Al Bukhari also it says that one time the Prophet was praying

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near the Kaaba, so a Buddha, one of his

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arch enemies,

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asked one of his companions and said, Who is going to place a an after birth or placenta, of a sheep came in and put it over his back when he sprayed, because you know, the prophet prostration prayer as used to do so one of his companions of Aboriginal, by the name of Aqua, he his son, and he just got this, you know, after birth, and put it on the back of the Prophet while he was, he was praying, all people start chuckling and laughing, and the unbelievers began began to laugh. At that time, Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet was hardly four to five years old, passed by, and she started to clean this from the back of her father's. Another incident also in

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the very same man who used to be a very vicious person aka

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twisted his teeth, and made it into a rope and threw it around the neck of the profits. And when the profits just started to prostrate to the ground in prayer to God, he started to pull the rock very hard to chalk, the profit and using the the profits kept his come until Abu Bakr came, and started to push this vicious man away, to save the process. Indeed, it seems that some of those events shows that the worst times also, were the unbelievers, the persecutors of the Prophet were over owed

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when he confronted them, and in some cases, even big crack in ways that are very difficult to understand despite of that viciousness, with which they treated the puppets and his companions, as well. We've discussed one example. Well, I'm sure the our viewers would be very interested in examining some of the circumstances where the prosecutors were, in fact, overawed by the public, could you shed some light on some of these events, certainly, according to Islam, which is one of the most authentic collection again about the life of the prophet in his sayings and deeds.

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It says that a Buddha, that any of the prophets, one, made a commitment that is made to step over the neck of the Prophet when he prostrate in prayers.

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And everybody sits down to watch, you know, this funny scene in how he's going to humiliate the Prophet. And he started working towards the Prophet while the Prophet was praying. And all of a sudden, they found a Buddha, he's coming back, planning, terrified, and pills.

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Before they must happen, why did he do it? They said, When I came close to him, I thought, as if they a trench of fire between him and me, so I came back, running.

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And another occasion, which is another amazing story, as well narrated in English and the most authentic, you know, history or biography of the prophet who said that one time, a stranger from another tribe came to Mecca. He had some comments with him, and he was telling.

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So that's the federal board some of those comments from him. But he kept delaying the payment, you know, every time didn't ask him for 76, excuse me, delay, delay delay. So that's my 10 cents that we definitely does not have the intention to pay him back. So he stood among the kurachi people and his own people of Christ, who helps me protect my rights from this man. Just complain about injustice done to him.

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So some of the under

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By way of just playing a strict, they said, You know who can help you, this man and the Prophet Muhammad,

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the prophet Mohammed, this man is going to help you. Obviously the new the great enmity of Abuja was the Prophet that he wanted me to help you protect your rights from, from Abuja. The man, of course, was innocent. He didn't know, to wait to the Prophet was sitting there. And he said, Please, take my rights for me from Abuja, he has, you know, hasn't paid me he has helped me Allah have mercy on you.

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So the purpose is, okay, come with me.

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And he went to the house of Abuja,

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to knock on the door

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of the day came, I was

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scared. And they actually, just to backtrack a little bit, when the people were laughing and joking. And they saw that man going with the prophet to the house of Abu definitely sent another man to watch what's going on. Now, of course, they expect the big battle there. Yes. So that man was married, he was 30. He said, when he had the talent of the Prophet, he said,

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The knocking at the door, he said, Who is it?

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to the present state, I am Hamlet come out for me, come to me.

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The man watching this said, I will definitely came, I would open the door and look very pale, as it is almost breathless. So the pocket like that, I would definitely give that message, you're right.

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All of a sudden, our data simply says, Yes, yes, I will do, please don't leave until I bring it once inside this home, brought the money and say to that man, that man came back again to the close to the cache. He said, may God give him rewards. He really helped me to get my right.

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People were really puzzled. So when they thought about it later on, they said, We have never seen you do something like that. In other words, why did you become so cowardly, you know, just submit to the

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author of the profit that you should say this, this man. He said, You know, when he knocked at my door,

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I was terrified, I was cool.

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As soon as I heard his voice,

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and I went out, and whenever whenever I saw the Prophet, I saw a huge cannon that have never seen light before, on top of his head, or just behind him

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with his incisors, or the point his teeth,

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you know, often. And if I hesitated in saying that man with money, I was afraid that this candidate would come in, would have given me

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a very similar scheme that I will definitely also solve is with the one time for the unbeliever, that I'm going to crush his head when he's praying. In other words, I just wait until he goes into frustration and put his forehead on the ground, and they throw a rock over his head.

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They again, we're very excited to see what what's going to happen to you sat down or was watching. We just took the luck and work towards the profit and again, came back

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pain and terrified, with his hands painfully holding the stone in his hand. So the thought is what's wrong with you have definitely been hacked and which was his nickname? What's wrong with you?

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Again, he said the same thing. He said, when I got close to throw the stone over the head of the Prophet, I saw that, you know, he came in opening his mouth about to devour me, so I had to run away. In addition to the, what happened in terms of the this particular confrontation, it seems that they may indicate at least two things. One, like the previous incidents, the boldness, and courage of the profits. One could not imagine how a single lonely person with all these powerful people, vicious people around him would feel when they attack him like this, but then again, seem to indicate his trust in the power of gods and protection. In fact, in the body. The Prophet was quoted

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as saying, referred to the run, that God gave me victory through striking terror and fear in the hearts of my enemies, who wants to hurt me.

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The other aspect is that the repetition of this event in different sources seems to be some consistency, and it seems to indicate some divine intervention and protection of the Prophet at the

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time certain kind of, I guess the obvious question that grows out of that is, if we've seen instances where there there was divine intervention, why wasn't the divine intervention all the time, since

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Mohammed afterall was a prophet. What if that happens if there was divine intervention at each and every small confrontation or

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encounter between the prophet and unbelievers? Then what challenge would be there to test the face of those who believed and everything is this miraculous? Obviously, there is no

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point of any person saying, I believe because everything happened. On the other hand, some of those people were so stubborn that the idea is not to see America or time. Abuja, for example. So it's once and did try to repeat the same thing, again, which shows that their hearts were really so hard, and that no matter even what extra ordinary things they saw, or felt, they tried to find, explain it out, or try to repeat the viciousness again into profit again. But then also another aspect that Dr. Raja and could be explained also. And he says that in the fact that the Prophet Muhammad himself, personally suffered as a result of his mission, and being steadfast in his way, is a good example.

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And is a lesson for any since you have needed to realize that leadership is a responsibility. It's not just an owner, and that the true and sincere leader is not someone who just sits there in an ivory tower protected and shielded from any harm, rather than really going with the punches, putting his life on the line and vilified in defending the faith and truth, as they are defending this, for daring and going through difficulty as they do. There is also a side benefit I feel about this, that it shows also that we'll be soldiers.

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The common people see the sacrifice, the courage, the sincerity of the leader, their morals become very high, and that would help them to take the sufferings and the difficulties they encounter. The other thing that I might humbly add to this also is that the persecution of the Prophet and the companions may have certain wisdoms and benefits, which sometimes cannot be discerned from a superficial or it could be other good benefits, also that that I'd like to pick up on that last point I asked you to press could clarify in what sense? Do you feel that prostitution can help a cause? Okay, to begin with, I can relate this land here to the various earlier forms of Islam or the

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mission of prophets, prior to the last prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all. And I must point out that this is not something that was unique to Islam, the same question could have arisen, why did God let the Israelites, for example, suffer the persecution of the pharaoh? Why did he give them victory immediately for more than himself was subject to that terror says, Well, why didn't God give victory to Jesus peace be upon him when again, they was all kinds of harassment against it. So that applies actually to all prophets just to show that this has been the case with other prophets, some of whom even were the kids like Prophet yahia, or john the baptist,

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Doctor, hematite Ramadan, and both the comments on this. And he gives a number of reasons. First of all, the human beings after all, is a responsible be, he has assessed in duty and obligation, the obligation to fulfill his mission, and the very purpose of his or her creation on this earth. And the that fulfillment of that responsibility requires sacrifice. It requires exertion, of efforts, without sacrifice without trial, without suffering, in some cases, even there would be no acid test for faith in God's love of God. And the third is Mr. Obey Him and to show complete servitude to him. So this is natural things to test people. In fact, what the doctor and booth is saying is simply an

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echo of what the Quran itself says, for example, in Surah, number 29. And on Sabbath in the very beginning.

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It says, do people think that they would be left saying that he believed without being tested, just to be consistent? Similarly, in the third surah, in the Quran, Allah I'm running 143 and has it some anti circles, are you do you think that you would be less

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that you say we believe, and you are not tested? There has to be some test for the security of the other police officer that suffering expense on the part of those who carry the message of truth, whether they were the prophets, or those who followed the path of the Prophet does not mean that God's first took them and let them suffer, which might appear on the surface. Nor does it mean that because they are persecuted, then weak and suffering, defeat or problem after problem. That's it.

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Victory is getting farther and farther. On the contrary, it is sometimes even a sign that victory is imminent. This was the case with Tibet, for example, that he mentioned in a previous program, when he came to the prophet and said, Look, the US gods to give us victory to help us. And again, the Prophet told them that you you hate them. And you described how other people in the past used to suffer and stay

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in faith.

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It shows also in some of those stories that folks would quiet sometimes they get too arrogant with its power, like we've seen in the position of Abu Dhabi, for example, a tiny

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intestines encounter, they show a great deal of coldness to this dilemma is one point they're very vicious, other times they so cowardly, because perhaps they know that they have nothing really to stand upon except their good, good power. I might humbly add also another aspect that for some reason, or some wisdom that only God knows that sometimes something which appears to be bad, tends to be positive. As a parameter, you may hit something in which God will place a great deal of good. And they have been instances where persecution backfires on the persecutors and resulted in something that was beneficial to them, as was the case, for example of how Hamza, the uncle of the

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Prophet Yunus accepted Islam. like to ask you something about that incident and something about his background. The background, if I were to describe the story as merited, for example, in

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the first

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characters, in that story to keep in mind was Abu Jessica when he spoke about before,

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Abu Dhabi, by the way, that was not even within give him bethlem. And Abu doesn't actually like the father of pigment here.

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Because of his vicious behavior and characters was one of the words that was actually I was actually was hoping to succeed his elderly nephew, and when he it was the tribal chief. So he was hoping that when he died, he would have exactly become the leader.

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And then he felt obviously that his hopes and aspirations are contingent on maintaining the status quo, the religious social structure, and obviously he saw in the call of Islam, which is a gala terian seeking all the food and liberating those who are oppressed, a threat to those kind of dreams that he has.

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And that's why he, as we indicated in the previous question, was one of the most severe in persecuting the prophets and his, his followers. That was the first character.

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Second character was Hamza.

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Hamza was one of the until the the puppet by nature he was a very friendly person. But he was known also that when he is really angered, he becomes very stern and most annealing hands also assumed to be a very courageous, strong, he had a mighty fame, and his nickname was Abu Amara.

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The third personality was probably 250 upon him.

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The fourth personality was a woman who was recently freed from bondage. She was watching the incident from a nearby place. And finally, the theme was near the Kaaba, at the foot of the hill of Taka, which is close to the Kaaba, where Prophet Muhammad happened to be seated. This is basically the scene of the background. While you've given us a good depiction of the scene. Can we ask now perhaps to tell us a bit about what happened?

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Okay, to begin with, as indicated, the prophet was seated there or sitting on near the hill up to the top of the foot of the hill

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and Abuja with any passed by him,

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the prophet was sitting there, Abuja he stood, and proceeded to implement Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and divine him without restraints, the worst kinds of insults, etc.

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Professor, somebody looked at him and spoke nowhere

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and then just left him and went near the Kaaba, rejoining the leadership or nobility of Christ who was sitting there, the leaders, he met with them to separate them.

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That lady, the fried lady, was watching. She was aware of what's happening. she overheard what happened.

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And she apparently was outraged at the arrogance, and you know, that character of Abu Dhabi, and also admiring the restraints of the property was not a Muslim, but she seemed to have been more inclined towards Islam and towards the Prophet. White he was this

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Hamza the uncle of the Prophet was passing by the

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He was coming back from a hunting trip.

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as was his custom, when he came from this hunting trip used to go to pay respect to the Kaaba, before he unites with his family.

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Seeing Hamza, the lady went out from her home and said to Hunter, who came

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towards the Kaaba and say Abu Romana is hundreds. If only you have seen how your nephew Muhammad suffered leads of insults at the hands of abode Hatton, which means a ton of the champions that

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we found him, you know, sitting here, and most severely revived him and insulted him.

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It's a fifth that Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet was not only outraged at the misbehavior of Abu Dhabi, because he knew that the Prophet was at the plant and he didn't accept what the prophet SAW. But it appears that he had some hesitation about embracing plant itself. So driving into the mosque, that he was coming from 152 he has, you know, his whole blank over his shoulder.

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He went and worked towards the place where the nobility were meeting. He had the cabin

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and he went to Abuja while he was sitting there,

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and he held his bow and hit it right on the head of Abuja,

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causing a deep cut in Abuja, his head.

00:26:35 --> 00:26:38

What was amazing is what he called the Abuja 100.

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Do you talk to him, and I am of his religion. And I say what he takes, now respond back to me if you can respond back to the fight back, if you can.

00:26:52 --> 00:26:59

Some of the commands of Abu Dhabi rose to their feet, as it's to show their support of Abu Dhabi and ready to fight 100.

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But Abu just quiet, even bleeding, if it doesn't

00:27:04 --> 00:27:21

leave, leave Abu Omar, let's live Hunter, live his vision by Allah or by God, I have instructed his nephew in the most ugly way, in other words, to try to explain to them that perhaps, you know he's, you know, he has good reasons to be mad at him to live his mission.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:37

The embracing of Islam by on the part of Hamza in this moment was in fact, a moral victory. to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, because Hamza will turn out as you see later, if you want to be

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a part of the Prophet peace be upon him, and also one who might have helped,

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at least with using the kind of harassed not totally immunity of reducing the amount of harassment to which probably somewhat easier for him was was subjected to, and it seems as indicated earlier from that story that you have with the impressive center because of the fit of anger like that and change religion. So it appears that Hamza was among those who were inclined to accept the mission of the Prophet and is called as true but yet still hesitating to depart from the religion of

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Islam all want to thank you. This concludes our program today. We want to invite you all back next week, we'll continue our series and look at some of the other strategies used to deal with Prophet Muhammad Assalamu alaikum peace

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