Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 1

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Episode Notes

Is This Your Last Ramadan?

Daily Reminder Day 1 – How would you spend Ramadan if you knew it was going to be your last? What if this is your last chance to seek forgiveness ? What if it’s going to be your last opportunity to seek Laylatul Qadr? What if it’s the last opportunity to get multiple rewards for everyday deeds?
So we really need to make the most of this Ramadan.


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Hello cancer This is Riyadh resolved to welcome you to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 day one I was just checking the archive and the when we first started the madonn d3 series of Rocky Ramadan and it was since 2011 so Canada 2011 1213 1415 16 seven years we've been doing this this is our seven years hamdulillah so this is how it is handled like it was just like yesterday and and you know you're if you're thinking I was just you know imagining the people let's say who are who witnessed last Ramadan and they're not here with us this Ramadan if you were to ask them if you were to ask the people in the graves you know but their wishes you know those believers they would say we

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wish to to come back and witness one more extra Ramadan. So Allah Xhosa has given us this another opportunity, another opportunity to witness yet another Ramadan you know, for more good deeds, you know some like again you know, when somebody dies has all their all their deeds will will will be terminated will be finished Of course except three. But you know, but here all of these will be finished yet you get to live another Ramadan to do some more good deeds to get closer to Allah Xhosa maybe to raise your ranks more in gender. So again, he's another opportunity and imagine if you were to live this is the last Ramadan in your life may Allah forbid like give you all Long live inshallah

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to Allah but if you were to elaborate again, if this was to be the last Ramadan in your life, how would you live in how would you spend it? How would you spend every time every moment in Islamabad knowing that you would not live to witness another Ramadan? So I think this would be my intention and I'll share that with you too. We may maybe make it your own intention as well. You know, you pray you fastest

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Ramadan as if this is the last two that you will ever

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in this Ramadan inshallah huhtala I'd like to start with a new series, a series talking about Allah subhana wa tada living with the names of Allah or in fact, how can I implement Allah Xhosa? In my life? Allah subhanho wa tada

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kafer como lo fi? How can we all have in our lives? You know, how can we live every every day in our lives? Knowing that Allah Xhosa Yes, Allah is watching us but you know, living the names of Allah, you know, and implementing these names of a lot of social into our lives. And the very first thing of course, that we're going to start with is the name of Allah.

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The name of Allah, Allah. So finacial matters mainly because now we have a Shaolin Mubarak who can live with all the names of Shama with either wood or some of the names of religion in this present month. So, we will start with the name of Allah Allah, but not today. Who will start with tomorrow in sha Allah who tada until another episode again of Rocky Ramadan. 2017. I say a sellout money