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The speakers emphasize the importance of trusting oneself and working with Allah's power to achieve one's success. They stress the need for daily practice of the heart to accept and acknowledge one's limitations and success, and emphasize the importance of personal development and growth. They stress the importance of trusting oneself and not denying one's abilities.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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are with the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim o salat wa salam O Allah Sudhi Hill Karim rubbish Rahi sodbury where silly emri White Rock that Emily Sani yokocho Kohli along Matthew Colby was sadly Sonny was flutes of him at the Colby amin yoruban alameen. inshallah, we will continue with our study of the Most Beautiful Names of Allah the Exalted, and today in sha Allah, we will look at the name, the beautiful name and what kill the name of Allah and what kill, which is generally translated as the trustee or the Disposer of affairs, or the Guardian, the preserver. This name occurs in the Quran 14 times for Allah or zoa Jin. And many times it has been

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mentioned also, that you are not a wiki over people, meaning you are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or not the Joaquin, it is Allah subhanaw taala who is Joaquin. So on the one hand the name has been mentioned, for Allah or xojo and at the same time, this quality has also been negated from others, which shows us that it is this this name is exclusively for Allah or zoologia. Or there's a specific meaning to the name which is exclusively for Allah and it is not and and it is not true for for people or for the creation. Now, the name of Allah occurs 14 times unworking occurs 14 times in the Quran. For example, we have inserted to anom Valley como la hora, bouken, La Ilaha Illa. Who

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Holly Coco Lee Shay in far buddhu who were who are under condition in wiki, that that is Allah your Lord, there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. He is the creator of everything. Therefore all of you should worship Him and He is an Joaquin, he is the Disposer of affairs of everything, or he is the Guardian over everything. Now when we look at the word Joaquin Joaquin is derived from the root while cath lab. And what Keller who will be shaped in means that he appointed someone with the management of a thing. So it means to appoint someone, to interest someone to manage something, or to take care of something and to what can Allah He means to rely upon someone because you would only

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hand over your affairs to someone that you rely upon, that you believe is able to manage the affairs. Now the word were key is understood as it basically means four things. First of all, what key means Shaheed meaning a witness, someone who watches over who is present, when when something is taking place, or is a witness to an event that is occurring. So this is the first implication of the word Joaquin, that what kill means Shaheed a witness. Secondly, the word working also means a caretaker, meaning muda beer or caffeine. So, the one who takes care of the affairs of something or someone. So, he he manages all of the affairs, he is responsible over over the matters. So, this is

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the second meaning of the word wiki, it means Kafeel. Thirdly, the word wiki also means how fields or a guardian meaning the one who guards and protects what is entrusted to him. And then finally, the word wiki also means and Kathy Kathy as in the one who is sufficient, when he is dependent upon or the one who is enough for the one who depends on him. So these are the

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implications of the word lucky. Shaheed Kafeel Hatfield and Al caffee. A witness a caretaker or trustee, a guardian, and also the one who is enough, the one who is sufficient. And notice that the word what keen for email, it has mobiola hyperbole in it. So not just a witness but but but truly a witness who witnesses over everything. Not just a caretaker, but the one who fully takes care of what he is responsible for. And not just a guardian but one who fully guards and protects and preserves what is entrusted to him. And I'll Kathy meaning the one who is entirely sufficient for the one who or or he is the he is enough as the one who is relied upon.

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Now when Allah subhanaw taala is working, what does that mean? When Allah subhanaw taala is working this means that first of all, Allah is a witness over everything. Because remember the first implication of the word what key is Shaheed So Allah is a witness over everything, including the deeds of people. So there is nothing that we do except that Allah subhanaw taala is observing it, he is a witness to our actions. So whether we are making a commitment or a contract, we're doing something you know, personal, or with other people, Allah subhanaw taala is working over it. So for example, into the cos verse number 28, we learn about how the father of the two girls when he made

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an offer to Mussolini's salon, and and he told me basically that you can stay with me for eight years or 10 years. So then Mousavi salon responded that a Yemen a geranium, Kobe, to follow up with the Werner aleja, that whichever of the two terms I I fulfilled meaning eight years or 10 years, I don't think either of them is unfair. And then because they were making a contract, when law who are allameh Nakula work he'll, Allah is over what we are saying, a working, meaning a witness, Allah is a witness to what each of us is committing to. Because sometimes what happens is that people give their word but then they completely go against it. And because there were no witnesses present over

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there, you know, they're they're not able to,

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or rather others are not able to take justice from them. So here most artists and I'm said something very beautiful that will love our lemon akula Joaquin, this is a reminder to oneself, and also to the other party, that Allah is a witness over what we are agreeing upon. Likewise, we learned and sort of use of iron number 66 that when the brothers of use of Friday's Salaam when they made a promise with their father, that they were going to bring Binyamin back. And you know, he made them promise In the name of Allah. It is mentioned that philomela Tomohiko when they gave him their pledges on Allah who are allowed on a kulula kill. He said that Allah is over what we are saying, a

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witness. So we see this in the statement of two prophets of Allah, that they remember the fact that Allah is a witness over what they were saying and what others were saying to them. And this is a way of really expressing our reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala because it's very difficult to trust people. Right? It's it's very difficult to, to trust them in the sense that you know, that that you you believe their word, right? And you believe that they are going to do what they're saying, You're taking a huge risk over here, that it's possible that they take advantage of you, they completely go against their word. So here reminding oneself and the other party that Allah is a witness to what we

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are saying is a way of, you know, reminding one another to honor your word.

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Then secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is overkill, this also means that he is the caretaker of his creation, meaning he is he is the caffeine he is the mood upbit He is the Disposer of their affairs. Meaning with his knowledge and his perfect power, and his perfect wisdom. He manages the affairs of the creation. So he continues to provide them and he continues to fulfill their needs for them. And if you think about it, any there's so many creatures who have so

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Roll many needs in any moment, any at this second even all of us, you know, we have needs, we need oxygen we need to breathe, you know, our heart needs to, to, you know, to pump blood etc. You need there's so many needs that we have within our bodies and also in our environments that need to be fulfilled for us to live for us to exist. And Allah subhanaw taala is a working over them, which means that the creation could not exist without Allah subhanaw taala if Allah subhanaw taala would not provide for them would not take care of them would not take care of these matters, then we would not be able to live and really, if we had to, you know, take care of ourselves entirely, then how

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could we survive? You see, if a person has trouble breathing, and they need an oxygen tank, they need a mask they need, you know, external help in order to breathe, how difficult is their life? Right? If a person is not able to use the bathroom on their own, and they need external, you know, equipment to help them again, in their their life is so difficult, just managing the sugar in your body. Right? The insulin in your body even that requires so much attention. So think about it. You know there are so many matters that we don't even have to worry about Allah subhanaw taala is taking care of them. And if he would not do that, then we would not be able to live. So Allah is working,

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meaning he is the one who takes care of his creation. He manages their affairs, he provides them sustenance, he fulfilled their needs. And this is what is mentioned in sorbitol anom, where Allah subhanaw taala says that he como la hora bukom, that is Allah your Lord, meaning the one who created you, the one who owns you, and the one who is taking care of you. And when it is Allah subhanaw taala who alone has created you, who alone is taking care of you. Then the thing is that La Ilaha Illa who the fact is that there is no god worthy of worship except Him, you should worship only Allah and he is not just your Lord, but he is hardly a cliche, He is the creator of everything. So

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there is nothing that exists exists except that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has created it. And when that is the case for our buddhu who you all should worship Him alone. Well who are luckily Shay in workI and he is the caretaker of everything. And also we learned in Surah Nisa, I have 132 that will allow him if his summer work he will my field of work or fabula he will keela that to Allah belong whatever is in the skies and whatever that is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient, as workI as caretaker, he is enough as one who takes care of the creation.

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Thirdly, when Allah subhanaw taala is overkill, this also means that he is the guardian of his creation, meaning he is the one who not only provides them and takes care of them, but he also preserves them, he also protects them. Meaning if it was not for the protection that he gives, the creation would not be able to survive. I mean, think about how vulnerable We are, we are safe on Earth, but at the same time, we are always in danger. Right there could have been something beneath our feet, or you know a reaction in the atmosphere or or something, you know, falling from above into you know, onto the earth and and our life would completely come to an end. But Allah subhanaw

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taala he doesn't just provide but he also he is what keel over his creation meaning he guards them he preserves them he protects them.

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So for example, in total Israel is number 68. It is mentioned for omentum. Ayase if I become Jenny, Bunbury, are you Scylla alikum how sleeper so military doula como Akilah that do you feel secure that a side of the Earth could literally, you know, swallow you in it could open up and and it could cave in and you're gone? Right? something could happen beneath your feet on the surface of the earth and you would not be able to live or something could fall from the sky.

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Have a shower of stones, right? And if all of these pebbles are falling upon you, then what's going to happen you will find no working for yourselves, meaning no one to guard you and protect you.

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We also learn in sort of Zoomer IRA number 62. That Allah who Hanyu kukuli Shea were who are in our coalition in workI that Allah is the Creator of everything, and he is also a guardian over everything. So nothing is safe, is preserved without the protection that Allah subhanaw taala gives without the preservation that Allah subhanaw taala gives in sort of Yunus i a 108, it is mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is, you know, basically being told to say that Wilma nrna can be working, I am not a guardian over you, meaning I cannot protect you, I cannot save you. It is Allah subhanaw taala whose safety and protection you need, so don't do anything that will

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cause you to lose the protection of Allah or zildjian.

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Then fourthly, when Allah subhanaw taala is overkill, this also means that he is the one who is relied upon, will kill as in the one who is relied upon the one who is depended upon and when he is the one who is relied upon. That means that he is enough for those who rely upon him, for those who seek refuge with him or zoologia. And this is why we're told in the Quran, that worker fabula he works healer. And this is mentioned in multiple places. For example, in Surah, Nisa 81, so to zap verse number three, that work FM Allahu Akilah, that Allah is enough, as we're key, meaning if you trust in Allah, if you put your faith in Allah, if you rely upon Allah, then that is enough for you.

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Then this is enough for you, meaning Allah subhanaw taala will protect you, Allah subhanaw taala will take care of your needs. And we see this statement being mentioned in different contexts, right. So for example, in Surah, Nisa 81 it is mentioned for our newborn home what are what can Allah that turn away from them, from who from people who deceive you from people who, who oppose you, from people who cheat you who lie you know who lie to you, etc. Then Then turn away from them and put your trust in Allah. Turn away from them, stop expecting from them and put your trust in Allah wa kafa biLlahi luckyland Allah is enough as lucky as one who is dependent upon him through to

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zap verse number three the Prophet sallallahu Urdu sent him again is told what to look kill Allah, put your trust in Allah. do not obey those who disbelieve do not obey those who are hypocrites, right? Don't seek their approval. Rather, seek the approval of Allah and put your trust in Allah, worker fabula who Akilah and Allah is enough as workI as the one who is depended upon as as the one who is relied upon. And remember that when Allah subhanaw taala is working, yes, he he guards he protects he takes care of the entire creation. But he especially especially takes care of and guards His righteous slaves, his his worshippers, meeting the righteous slaves, the Sunday whom Allah

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subhanaw taala especially takes care of them, and provides for them and preserves them and he out of his favor towards them, and out of his appreciation for them and out of his generosity towards them, his you know His mercy towards them, when they rely upon him, that Allah subhanaw taala protects them, when they seek His approval. Then Allah subhanaw taala also grants them what they desire, what they wish for, and when they seek guidance from him, then Allah subhanaw taala also guides them to what is best for them. And when they seek protection with him, then Allah subhanaw taala saves them from what is destructive for them, whether it is something that they can see or something that they

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cannot see, whether it is in worldly matters or in spiritual matters, it could be in matters of the world and also in the matters related to the hereafter. So for example, in sort of Islam is number 65. We learn Allah subhanaw taala says that inner ybody lace Allah Charolais himself upon

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that this was such a shade on that you will have no power

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overmind worshippers that you will have no authority, no control over my worshippers Walker fabula Beco Akilah. And your Lord is sufficient as wiki as the one who is relied upon as the one who takes care of his of his slaves and the one who protects them. So this means that Allah subhanaw taala protects his righteous slaves, even from shaitan that shaitan is not able to lead them as trade shaitan is not able to influence them shaitan is not able to, you know, lead them to sin, instead of the Zoomer is number 36. We nerd la sulla who be caffeine or Buddha? is Allah not sufficient and enough for his worship or for his slave? And what's the answer? Absolutely. Allah is because you

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see, the people of Makkah, were threatened the Prophet salallahu already he was said, they will try to frighten him that you know, because you don't worship idols, they are going to harm you. They're going to be displeased with you, and they're going to harm you in one way or another. So, the response has given that la sala who, because in ARPA, that is Allah, not enough for his worshipper, any how, how could these idols harm you? And even if someone were to try to harm you, is Allah not enough to protect you, to save you? Absolutely, he is. And we see this that in Makkah, where people try to, you know, harm the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in in numerous ways. And multiple

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times, they were not successful, because Allah subhanaw taala protected him. So la sala who become another, absolutely Allah is in for his leave. In sort of earlier one is number 173 Wheeler and we'll call who has been Allah who were Nirmal were killed, the companions, they said, Allah is enough for us, and what an excellent working he is, meaning when we rely upon him, when we put our trust in Him, and we seek refuge with him, and we seek help from him, then he is excellent, any we will not suffer, we will not fail. Even if the entire world abandons us, even if the entire world is against us. Allah is enough for us, when your husband Allah, Who when airman were killed. So now the

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question is when Allah subhanaw taala is a working, what are we supposed to do? What is our responsibility? How is it that we worship Allah subhanaw taala, knowing that he is unlucky? So the first thing is that we must know and believe that Allah subhanaw taala is enough for us. Because you see it as mentioned repeatedly in the Quran, that worker fabula who Akilah Allah is enough, right? He is enough as a witness as the one who has witnessed the injustice, right? As the one who has witnessed, you know, what, what people have said, right? So Allah is enough as a witness, Allah is enough, as you know, the one who is relied upon as the one who protects his sleep as the one who,

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you know, provides for his sleeve. So we should remind ourselves of this, that Allah is enough for me, because a lot of times what happens is that, you know, for example, when we have some resources that we need in order to accomplish our work, sometimes we realize that those resources are limited, they are deficient, right? Or the support that we expect from people is not there, the cooperation that we expect from people is not there. So how, how many times are you going to go and beg people and insist and demand any sometimes what you say is falling on deaf ears, right? Sometimes your requests are being ignored, right? Sometimes, you know, the, the dreams that you have the goals that

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you have, you don't see them, you know, a bit you know, you don't see them coming true. So, remind yourself at that time that Allah is there, and Allah is enough for me, Walker fabula he were keela. Secondly, it is very important that we think good about Allah subhanaw taala we have her smilde luhn Billa that even if, you know for example, mail loss plans are to protect you. But if for example, there's illness, there's some kind of, you know, financial damage, some kind of loss. You were getting better and then

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All of a sudden, your health became worse than before. Right? You thought that a problem would go away, you see it going away, and then you see that it's come back in full force. Right? You You, you expect that things would return to normal, right? And then you find out that there is another lockdown now. Alright. So in these times, it is very important that we think good about Allah. Because, you know, Shahzad might put this in your head that, well, if Allah is were killed, right, and I'm putting my trust in Allah, then how come I'm still in danger? How come? I'm still unwell? How come things are not getting better? Right? Why is this happening? How come this is happening? Is

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it not the case that if we put our trust in Allah, Allah is enough for us, then how come things are not working out in my favor? Right? Instead of thinking like this, we need to think good about a lot. Because you remember, there is nothing that Allah subhanaw taala decrees except that that decree is perfect. It is filled with his, you know, it is with his wisdom, it is with his knowledge. So we don't blame Allah. All right, we don't blame Allah. We, we blame ourselves in the sense that we take responsibility, we introspect. We see that, that where was where where was I deficient? Right. Where was I deficient? Where did I say something that was unbefitting? Where did I think

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something that was not appropriate, that think good about Allah, that Allah is what key, right? But through this difficulty, Allah subhanaw taala is teaching me something that I would not have otherwise learned. Or that through this difficulty, Allah subhanaw taala is protecting me from something that could be far more worse for me. Right? Or that through this difficulty, Allah subhanaw taala is, is, you know, helping me focus on what is most important so that I don't waste my time and in other things, right. So think good about Allah.

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Never think that Allah, you know, would fail in his promise. Right? Or that Allah's help is not enough that you need to figure things out on your own now, stuff it'll know think good about Allah subhanaw taala. Then thirdly, when Allah subhanaw taala is working, then what does this mean that we keep asking ALLAH, that whatever needs we have, little or big, he we keep asking Allah because we are supposed to rely upon Allah right? Allah is working, meaning he takes care of his creation, he protects his creation. So this means that we ask, if we have a need, we ask Allah, if we need some kind of security, some kind of safety, we turn to Allah, right? Whether it is financial or social,

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or in our families, any kind of issue. Keep asking Allah because Allah is working right? In certain Nisa i a 32 of us panel, Tara says was a Luma Hammond family in the Lucha canopy coalition in Lima, that asked Allah of his favor. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of everything.

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Then for number four, when Allah subhanaw taala is working, this means that we should also seek sufficiency from him, what does this mean? This means that when we believe that Allah is what Keith Alright, that He alone is sufficient, alright, that he is the one who takes care of his creation, he is the one who manages the affairs of his creation, right? Then if I have a need, that is unfulfilled, who is it that I should turn to, to Allah? Who is it that I should, you know, I should call upon that he should fulfill my need? It is Allah. Right? And this means that I should depend entirely on Allah. Right? Instead of looking at what people have, instead of placing our

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expectations in people, let us start placing our expectations and Allah azzawajal so when there is any unfulfilled need, ask Allah subhanaw taala to suffice you so that you don't have to look toward what is unlawful, or you don't have to look toward you know, what people have. So for example, in a Hadees we learn abou sorry, the hora de la to LA Mourinho, he mentioned that, you know, his mother sent him to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Why in order to ask him for some money, right?

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So what happened? Oh, sorry though dado de la Mourinho, you know, he came and he just, he was shy to ask, so he just sat down, or you just sat near the Prophet sallallahu, early husana and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, he understood. And he he said to him, that many stoner ahuna, Houma, who has our gela that whoever wants to be independent, that Allah subhanaw taala will make him independent, meaning whoever wants to be independent of people so that he doesn't have to, you know, rely upon them. And and, you know, ask them, alright, then Allah subhanaw taala will give him that independence woman his stuff, our alpha hula, and whoever wants you know,

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is seeking our faff, right, meaning restraint, that he does not want to put his hand out before people or he does not want to fall in sin, then Allah subhanaw taala will, will help him refrain, Allah subhanaw taala will give him that protection. Woman is stuck for Kapha hula, and whoever wants to be content with his lot, right with his share, then Allah subhanaw taala will suffice him. So it is very easy to you know, ask people put your needs before people write that. I really want this, can you do this for me? I really want that, can you give it to me? It's very tempting, even, right? But

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you know, when we have needs that we should turn towards Allah, Allah, you fulfill this need of mine, I wish for this, I want this, I desire this, your Allah, you give me you grant me what I desire. Now, this doesn't mean that we don't ask people for what they're able to give for what they're able to do. We can all right. So for example, you ask your parents for money, right? Why? Because you need money to you know, buy a bus fare or you know, the to to buy your books to pay for your tuition, etc. You need that money, you know that your parents are the ones who you know, take care of your, you know, your financial matters. So you ask them, of course you do. Right. But you

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see that that ultimate dependence should be on who that that expectation should be from who it should be from Allah, that even when you're asking your parents, right, don't just look at your parents as the source of your money, right as the source of your success. consider them a means that they will only give me what Allah subhanaw taala will enable them to give me right when Allah subhanaw taala puts that in there, you know, that sense of generosity in their heart, right? Because sometimes we see this, that there are parents whose children are in need, but those parents don't care. Right? Or even if they care, they don't have the means to provide for their children. Right?

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They don't have that money. They don't have that ability. So we do, you know, we ask people for what they are able to give, but our reliance is on who on Allah zoologia that we believe that Allah is the real source, right? That Allah is the ultimate provider. And Allah is the one who, who gives us Yes, through different means. And sometimes those means are people, right? And then also remember that, you know what, while you do ask people, it's not nice to keep asking them for every little thing, or asking them all the time. Because even if there are your parents, they will get annoyed. Right? That there will come a point when they will say, Stop begging, and start working. Right. If

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you want money, then go go earn money, right? Stop asking us all the time. And this is this is the nature of people they don't like to be asked. And when you keep asking people, you are in a way, you know, lowering yourself in their eyes, you are bringing yourself down. When you when you put your hand before people your hand becomes the lower hand. Right? And when you ask Allah subhana wa Tada, you increase in your dignity. So instead of always asking people, please give me this, please give me that. Pass this to me, pass that to me, bring me this bring me that because then people are going to get tired of you right there. They're going to get tired of you. They're going to get annoyed.

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They're going to get irritated and they're going to start, you know, staying away from you avoiding you

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instead of that.

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ask Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, again, I'm not saying that never talked to people never asked them never express your needs before them, but you need

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to think about this.

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The the amount of requests that you make, you know, from Allah subhanaw taala should be more than the amount of requests that you make from people, right? And stop looking at people, you know, with the belief that Oh, they are going to give me they are going to help me they are going to, you know, instead of always looking at people, how can I use them to my advantage, right? What can I get out of them? This is very greedy. If you have a need, ask Allah, Allah, you provide me so that I don't need to even beg people. You you find weakness in your body, so that you even have difficulty preparing your own food, ask Allah to give you strength, right to give you healing, so that you

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don't have to ask people all the time, can you prepare food for me? And can you do this for me? Can you fry an egg for me? Alright, seek sufficiency, seek independence. And when you ask Allah subhanaw taala to make you independent, he will make you independent of people.

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And unique, whatever difficulty that we are experiencing even financial trouble, right? So for example, we learn about RDL de la Mourinho that a slave came to, to our little yellow horn who and he said that, you know, I have made a contract with my master in order to buy my freedom and the amount of money that I'm supposed to pay him right to buy my freedom. I I'm unable to to find that money. I don't have it. Right. So please help me. So in other words, that slave was asking en el de la Mourinho for for charity. Right for some kind of help financial help so early about the Longhorn, who said to him that shall I not teach you a DA which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught

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to me, it will surely prove so effective that if you have a debt as large as a mountain, Allah subhanaw taala will surely pay it for you. And even if you have a huge loan to pay off, right, hundreds and 1000s of dollars even right, huge loan to pay off, you ask Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah subhanaw taala will be enough for you. So you will not have to go on begging people asking them, please help me please help me with whatever that you can. Right? rather ask Allah. So what is that Dora that Dora is Allah homak Fini beheld, Anika and how Tomic were all ninni before glico I'm mondsee work a beautiful dog, that Oh Allah, you suffice me, Allah who MK Fini or Allah, you suffice

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me be here laliga on how lawmaker with what you have permitted, so that I have no need of what you have forbidden?

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Because you see, sometimes when the halaal is, you know, it seems difficult to access, right? That is when we start turning to word what is how long, isn't it? For example, if we, if we want to buy a house, right, and we cannot find a halaal loan, then what do we think? Well, the haoran loan, right with the one with interest is so much more easier. So go for that option. Right? or finding us you know it the perfect spouse, right is proving difficult. So that a person says Well, you know what, I don't know when that's gonna happen. I don't want to make a mistake by marrying the wrong person. So let me just enjoy friendship with this person or that person. Right? Any you think that hold on is

00:39:03--> 00:39:55

easier? Right? Why? Because finding what is Hello You know, it's it has its challenges and sometimes we are tested in this way. So you ask Allah that Allah homak Fini behind Anika and holonic Allah suffice me with what you have permitted so that I have no need of what you have forbidden What are honey before liquor I'm and see work and make me independent of anyone other than you by your grace, that he or Allah make me such that I don't, I don't have to rely on people make me such that I only rely upon you. Right? I don't want to be dependent on people. Because when you depend on people, even if it's your own children, there is difficulty in that. Right. There is some kind of

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

humiliation in that and it's it's awkward. It's difficult. So

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

Aloha MK Fini beheld Attica and harmonica were aleni before Li Carmen see work or little deal on where and who taught him this door. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had taught early they'll do long horn who this thought this is this is a door that we can make when we're, you know, having difficulty finding, you know a spouse, when we're having difficulty in paying off a loan a bill, right? You know, a debt, whatever it may be, seek sufficiency from Allah azzawajal.

00:40:32--> 00:41:24

Then number five, when Allah subhanaw taala is an overkill. This means that we should know and believe that Allah is the preserver and guardian of his creation, meaning he is a witness over his creation, he protects them, He is the one who, who you know who preserves them and their interests. And this means that we should rely upon Allah zoologia we should put our trust in Allah, because he is working. So this is why we do tawakkol on him. Right? He is the one who is enough when trusted when relied upon. Therefore we rely upon Allah we put our trust in Allah in certain Muslim bill iron number nine Allah subhanaw taala says Rob bull machete well Maghreb La Ilaha Illa, who factor feed

00:41:24--> 00:41:59

who Akilah that Allah is the Lord of the east and the west, right? Imagine the east and the west. That's what the entire world, right? Allah is the Lord of mushnik Muslim and mushnik the East meaning the time when the sun rises, mother, the time when the sun sets, so all places all times right, Allah is there Lord, La Ilaha Illa who there is no god worthy of worship except Allah for defeat who Akilah therefore take him as workI meaning trust in Him. Put your trust in Allah zoologia

00:42:00--> 00:42:52

in total for con if 58 were told what to what color I'll hire you lady layer mode, put your trust in the ever living one who does not die? right because we we put our trust in what in temporary things whether it is people or money or you know our car or means of transportation, your job, your source of income. And all of these things are what they are temporary. They're not meant to last forever. So put your trust in who in a havy ever living ality layer mode, the one who does not die in central Israel. Number two, we learned that the bunny is hot you were told, alert the human dooney where keila do not take anyone besides me as wiki, meaning trust in me alone. trust in Allah alone. Put

00:42:52--> 00:42:56

your faith in Allah rely upon Allah

00:42:57--> 00:43:47

insert Pollak, verse number three, it is mentioned when a toccata Allah He for who has boo, that whoever puts his trust in Allah than Allah is enough for him. So Waka fabula, he will Killa Allah sufficient as wiki, therefore put your trust in Allah. Now the question is, how can we do that? How is it that we can put our trust in Allah? How can we have to work with in Allah? Now, the first thing is that we should understand what the worker really is. What does it mean to rely upon Allah? Because a lot of us, you know, we, we know that, you know, we should have to work on Allah. But we don't necessarily understand what the local means, right? What does it mean to rely upon Allah? So

00:43:48--> 00:44:02

there's four things when it comes to the worker. All right, the first thing is the worker is to have sickle arity MADI and Allah. All right, sickle erythema, any having

00:44:03--> 00:44:46

true reliance upon Allah, any truly depending on Allah hora zoologia II believing with all your heart that, yes, Allah is enough for me. Right? believing with your heart and being very honest in that belief, that yes, Allah is enough for me, and the good that I want, Allah is able to give it to me. And the harm that I fear, Allah is able to save me from it. Allah is able to protect me from it. So this is the first step that you believe that Allah is enough for you sit at materiala Alright. Secondly,

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

Martha gotta be alright. Which means that you have confidence in him, right? That you you also, you know, a trust.

00:45:00--> 00:45:54

That Allah is able to do that for you. Right? And you part of that is that you hold on to Allah. Right silca you hold on to Allah, you, you you seek his help. So token, it begins With what? With with belief in the heart that Allah is enough for me. Right? having confidence in Allah. And then you also ask Allah for help. Right? You also ask Allah for help you, you you make Dora because sometimes what happens is that, you know, we, we we believe that yes, Allah is Able to do all things Allah is able to provide me, yes, Allah will, will take care of my affairs, but then we don't make all right, we have to make Dora as well. We have to give sadaqa right, we have to do different

00:45:54--> 00:46:33

things to earn the approval of Allah to please Allah, right? That if there's any sins that are, you know, our own past mistakes because of which we are, you know, in difficulty today, through sadaqa through those righteous deeds and Sharla those sins are erased, you know, seek forgiveness from them. Right? So you don't just have that realization in your heart, but you practically exhibit that. How, by by seeking Allah by by holding on to Allah by by seeking his approval.

00:46:34--> 00:47:02

Then the third part of the circle is personal one, you belay meaning that you also have good expectation of Allah. Right? You expect good from Allah. But you don't have that doubt in your heart that I don't know. Right? I don't know what's gonna happen. I'm not too sure. Right? He'll snow one Billa you you expect the best from Allah and you believe the best about Allah?

00:47:03--> 00:47:36

That you, you remind yourself that Allah does not fail in his promise and Allah is hacky, right? He is wise. He is our lean, he knows. Right? And he is fair, right? He is just so he will not, you know, whatever he gives me, will be good for me. Right? So personal lun, Billa. And then finally, the work will also includes feral asthma meaning using the means that Allah subhanaw taala has given you

00:47:38--> 00:48:24

to work on does not mean inaction to occur doesn't mean that you just say, Allah is enough for me, and then you do nothing yourself. Although our call is that you believe Allah is enough for you. You hold on to Allah, right? You expect the best from Allah, you believe the best about Allah. And you use the means that Allah subhanaw taala has given you write to, to to achieve your goal, right? That could mean sometimes talking to people, it could mean for instance, you know, working, doing whatever that you can, for example, medium when she was in the process of giving birth, and she was all alone. And it was so difficult for her. What was she told, well, who's the LA key budget the

00:48:24--> 00:49:09

inala, right, that you shake the trunk of the palm tree, right? You shake it, and what will happen? ripe dates will fall down on you. Amazing, Madame was not told, okay? You just lie down, don't move. Right? That just just rest, take it easy. Take deep breaths, right? And just relax, right? Because when you tell someone just relax, they can't relax. When you tell someone or just take it easy, they can take it easy. When you tell someone who's an anxiety, just calm down, they cannot calm down. Right? They need to do something they need to be, you know, you know, for example, when it comes to having a panic attack, one of the strategies that they give is that start listing five things that

00:49:09--> 00:49:57

you can see, right, and four things that you can hear, right? So shift your focus, shift your attention, right and, and by the time you reach, you know, the fourth thing that you can hear and the three things that you can smell and, and two things that you can touch and one thing that I might be messing this up. But the point is that, you know, you start listing, you start coming up with things within your environment, right that you can notice that you can feel in different ways. You start using your senses in different ways. And that helps you shift your focus from what is causing the panic attack to you know, to helping your body relax and calm. So when money was giving

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

birth, she was told to shake the tree

00:50:00--> 00:50:51

Right now dates could have just been brought to her on a platter. But she had to shake the tree and mind you, you can't just get dates from a tree bite by kicking it by shaking it, it doesn't work like that. So when she was told shake the tree, this was in a way to distract her from what was causing her to be so anxious, but also teaching her that you have to use the means that Allah has given you, right? You can't just sit there and expect things to happen. You have to do your part. Even if it seems that what is within your ability is very little. Right? Even if it seems like it might not make a difference. It can it will. Right And Allah subhanaw taala, the one that you rely

00:50:51--> 00:51:39

upon, will complete the matter for you. So what is within your ability to shake the tree a little bit? Okay, you do that? And Allah subhanaw taala and will kill the one that you rely upon, he will cause the dates to fall. Right? And then you can eat those. So this is how you rely upon Allah azza wa jal that the first thing is you understand the what put, right. The second thing is that the way to rely upon Allah subhanaw taala is that you express words of the worker, you verbalize your dependency on Allah or zoologia. Because yes, you have that belief in your heart. Right? Allah is enough for me. Allah is the guardian of his of his creation. Allah is the one who manages the

00:51:39--> 00:52:32

affairs of his creation. That is true, you have that belief, right? You have it written in your notes, right? A lot has been written about this topic in different, you know, books, it's been spoken about a lot, but you have to personalize it. Right? You have to say, with your own mouth, that Allah is enough for me. Because when you hear it from your own mouth, when you say it with your own mouth, then you are making this, this belief personal. Right? So for example, how is it that we can verbalize our dependency on Allah zildjian for example, when we are leaving the house, right, we are taught a very beautiful law, when you're leaving the house. It's scary, right? You might come in

00:52:32--> 00:52:44

contact with someone you know, who, who has Coronavirus, for example. And you feel that I might get, you know, I might get sick, right? Or,

00:52:45--> 00:53:35

you know, you have this fear when you're driving that what if I get into an accident? You have this fear that what if I slip? What if I fall? And these fears are very natural, right? And sometimes what happens is that people make fun of us for having these fears or we are too afraid to even express our fears before people. So what is necessary that we say at that time, for example, when we're leaving the house, we verbalize our dependency on Allah. How by saying Bismillah devacurl to Allah Allah, when a homeowner will call water in Billa Bismillah In the name of Allah, meaning, I leave the house in the name of Allah, though occulta Allah, I put my trust in Allah. I rely upon

00:53:35--> 00:54:23

Allah. Right? Well, hello La quwata illa Billah and there and that there is no power of mind except with Allah. So you verbalize your dependency on Allah and what will happen when you will say Bismillah Ito call to Allah, instantly, you will feel encouraged. Right? You will feel that yes, I am not alone. Yes, Allah is there to protect me. Right? And yes, I expect the best from Allah. And whatever happens, it's happening under Allah's watch, right? Allah is Joaquin Joaquin also means to eat a witness. Right? And Allah subhanaw taala is his preserver. So he does not let go waste, right. What what the you know, the effort of his slaves the the goodness of his slaves. So you say that

00:54:23--> 00:54:59

Bismillah docudrama Hola Hola, Lakota. Lavina likewise, throughout the De La hawla wala quwata illa Billah right when you're eating Bismillah when you're entering the home, your house again Bismillah when you're sitting in the car, and you are, you know about to drive away Subhan Allah these are hot. Alana, you you mentioned the name of Allah. And every time that you remember Allah, whether it is you know, before you eat, or when you're leaving the house or when you're going to sleep. Every time that you mentioned the name of Allah, what are you doing? You are very

00:55:00--> 00:55:11

verbalizing your dependency on Allah. Right? You are asking Allah for help, you are seeking blessing from Allah. So this is how we have to work.

00:55:12--> 00:55:35

This is how we rely upon Allah. Thirdly, how is it that we can rely upon Allah, we have to acknowledge our imperfection, and our need of Allah. And it is actually very healthy to do that, instead of always thinking that you know what, I'm, I can do this myself, I'm fine, I'm fine, I can do this.

00:55:36--> 00:56:28

You know, instead of thinking that you are, you are perfect. And that you should be able to manage your work on your own. And you should be able to complete your tasks by a certain date. And you should be able to do this and you should be able to do that. You're placing a lot of burden on yourself a lot of burden, right? You are You are almost lying to yourself. Because as a human being you are weak, you are imperfect. Right? You need help. So part of the work cool is that you acknowledge your imperfection, just like the prophets of Allah did a NEMA Hello urban fantasy. Here, Allah I have been overcome. I feel so defeated. Right. So you helped me, you, you acknowledge your

00:56:28--> 00:57:19

imperfection, you acknowledge your weaknesses, you acknowledge your limitations, right? And there is no blame in that. This, this just goes to show that you know, you accept the fact that you're you're human, and you are in need of help. This is part of the worker. And then fourthly, the work cool. How else can you rely upon Allah by attaching your heart to your Lord? Meaning that you're constantly exercising, you know, with your heart that yes, Allah is there? Yes, Allah is enough for me. Yes, I put my trust in Allah. Right. This is not just you know, something that you think about, once a once in a while, this is a daily practice, where you need to consciously you know, take that

00:57:19--> 00:57:33

moment and feel in your heart, talk, you know, to yourself in your heart, Allah is enough for me, Allah is enough for me, you you need to do that this this is an Amen, an exercise of the heart.

00:57:34--> 00:57:50

And then finally, another way that we can rely upon Allah is that we practice the what call in everything, whether it is big or small, right? Start with with the little things even, you know, for example, you are,

00:57:51--> 00:58:33

you know, you have to get ready by a certain time, right? You have to you're washing your hands, right? You're washing your hands, you follow the 22nd rule, right? You make sure that you put soap, you know, thoroughly you're scrubbing your hands, and you are washing the soap off, right? But then there's always that fear. Well, what if, what if? Well, that is where you remind yourself, Allah is there, right? So a practice to work on every little and big thing. Now to work on isn't every matter remember that as Muslims, when Allah subhanaw taala is unworking and this means that we should rely upon a line every matter

00:58:34--> 00:59:22

because in total 90 diverse number 23 we are told Warren Allahu fatawa Kullu in control mode muneeb if you are believers put your trust in Allah instead of Eunice I an ad for foreign a Ito Kullu in control muslimeen if you are Muslims, put your trust in Allah. In total and file I have to enamel me noon the believers are who the list is mentioned. And finally it is mentioned why a lot of Bohemia to work alone. The believers are those who they put their trust in their Lord. So put your trust in Allah. And part of that is that you seek help from Allah, in which matter for example, in the matter of worshiping Allah, right. When it comes to Salah, even we learned that Salah can be difficult for

00:59:22--> 00:59:59

people, it can be very difficult for some people, but for others it is a source of relief. Right? So put your trust in Allah, even when it comes to a bada even when it comes to worshipping Allah. Because without the help of Allah, we can't do anything. We cannot get a prophetic. We cannot pray Our Sunnah we cannot pray Salah consistently without the help of Allah we cannot recite the Quran. We cannot memorize Quran without the help of Allah we cannot, you know complete our fasts. We cannot go for Hajj or Umrah even gives a cat so put your trust in Allah

01:00:00--> 01:00:49

When it's difficult to fast, for example, remind yourself, you know, I will put my trust in Allah. When you get up to pray, and you realize, Oh, I don't know if I've slept enough, right? Again, put your trust in Allah. So in order to worship Allah, you have to put your trust in Allah because sometimes Riba can feel difficult, right? Or there can be certain challenges. You know, you are in a place where, you know, nobody's praying but it is time for Salah. So put your trust in Allah and get up to pray. Right? Likewise in the matter of sustenance, when it comes to risk when it comes to your business, your work your source of income, again, put your trust in Allah. But remember that putting

01:00:49--> 01:01:38

your trust in Allah doesn't just mean that you know, you say Allah is enough for me, you also have to do what is pleasing to Allah, you also have to mend your affairs with Allah, that if your Salah is not proper, you know, for example, if you are falling short in your duty towards your parents, right, then there will be difficulties and other matters. So, yes, in the matter of sustenance, we put our trust in Allah, but part of that is that we also you know, make make sure that we are fulfilling our responsibilities. Then also when it comes to, you know, seeking justice, you you want to get what you what is rightfully yours. Insert assura I number 10. It has mentioned when Mata left

01:01:38--> 01:02:27

on V him and che in for her qemu illa Allah, then a como la hora de la Hito Cal to LA he will need that whatever matter you differ in, right, and a lot of times people make claims to the same you know property, etc. Then you have differences then who will make the final judgment for who Allah Allah is the one who will make the final judgement Valley como la hora de la Hito Cal to I put my trust in Allah what you lay your nib I turned to him when seeking success, right? You You really want to get good grades you really want to, you know make sure that you you win a certain competition you get the job, right that you applied for. So insert Allium Ron, verse 160, to set em

01:02:27--> 01:03:12

so kumala who follow hollyburn If Allah helps you there is no one at all who can overcome you. And then at the end of the verse, it is mentioned while Allah He felicito Khalil Menon upon Allah should the believers rely also when abandoned, or when alone, put your trust in Allah. In sort of the Toba 129 It is said for into our local has to be Allah, that if people turn away, then you should say Allah is enough for me, right? La Ilaha Illa, who la Hito call to I put my trust in Allah, when making promises or commitments, it's a risk that you're taking, again, put your trust in Allah instead of use of I 66 we learn about how the father you have use have already said I'm, you know,

01:03:12--> 01:04:00

took that pledge from his sons. So he said, Allah, what are them and Nakula Joaquin, Allah is a working over what we are saying, also when you must draw boundaries with people, meaning you must move on, because that relationship is not working. Right? Or they are being abusive, or you feel that they're being unfair to you, they are kind of overwhelming you. You know, so then you have to draw boundaries, but then there's always that fear. You know, that risk that I think I need them, right? I don't know how I will survive without them. In certain Nisa 81 we learned for our Lauren home with our killer Allah Allah, turn away from them and put your trust in Allah. worker fabula he

01:04:00--> 01:04:47

tequila and Allah is enough as work he also when taking risks, right? For example, in total and file is 61 we learn about how if you know an enemy is inclining toward making peace with you, then yes, make peace with them with our color Allah Allah and put your trust in Allah because there's always that fear that what if they're doing this to trick us, right? So put your trust in Allah when facing difficulties or in coming to terms with Divine Decree that that is difficult. In sort of October I have 51 Wheeler and colonial Savannah, Elana Kamala Halina, who am Atlanta where Allah Allah He felicito Kalin meaning that nothing will hit us except that which Allah subhanaw taala has decreed

01:04:47--> 01:04:59

for us, right? What Allah has decreed for us in our favor. He is our protector, and we and the believers put their trust in Allah and also in everything that you

01:05:00--> 01:05:44

intend to do big or small insert earlier Enron 159. We learned for either Arizona for the worker and Allah when you make up your mind then put your trust in Allah Instituto tala i a Three Wheeler and when a worker Allah for her husband, whoever puts his trust in Allah, then Allah is enough for him or for her. Now what is the benefit of the worker? When a person relies upon Allah azza wa jal, then what happens? A person is protected against shaitan we learn in sort of a nutshell I 99 that in the Himalayas, Allahu soltana, on che plan has no authority over who Island Latina amanu worn out of Bohemia to work alone, from the people who believe and those who rely upon their Lord. So when you

01:05:44--> 01:06:33

For example, say your account of protection, right, what are you doing, you are relying upon Allah, so shavon will have no power against you. Right? When you're leaving the house and you say Bismillah or Kaltura Allah, right, then you are relying upon Allah, we learn in Hadees that it is said at that time, that graffiti will keep the wahoo DITA that you are protected, right you are saved you are guided. So really shaytaan cannot harm such a person. So the person who relies upon Allah is protected against shaytaan. Secondly, the person who relies upon Allah is protected against superstition, right? Because what in Hades, we don't appear to shake, right? That believing in in

01:06:33--> 01:07:17

omens, right. This is this is the kind of ship that a black cat passed on or something evil is going to happen. It's the 13th right? something evil is going to happen. So these kinds of superstitious beliefs, what are they? They are, you know, a way of schicke a way of associating partners with Allah because you think that the passing of the black cat has the power to harm you know, it doesn't have the power to harm you. Anything harmful comes by the permission of Allah, right? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Well, I can Allah you the Hebrew habitable call Allah subhanaw taala removes that superstition by tawakkol.

01:07:18--> 01:07:30

What does that mean? That as much as we don't want to have superstitious beliefs, right? Because we are human. And because we keep, you know, hearing these things, and we keep,

01:07:31--> 01:08:18

you know, seeing them coming across them, right, we sort of get accustomed to them. So for example, even though you don't believe in superstition, you enter an elevator and you see the number 13 missing, right? What is that? You know, reinforcing? And you tell yourself No, there's no superstition, there's no superstition, right? We don't do that. But these things, you know, these thoughts creep in. So Allah subhanaw taala removes that superstition, how by means of the worker, that you put your trust in Allah that No, no, the 13th does nothing, you know, it doesn't bring me harm or benefit. No, it is Allah subhanaw taala right. So when you put your trust in Allah, then

01:08:18--> 01:08:20

superstitious beliefs also

01:08:21--> 01:08:21

go away.

01:08:23--> 01:09:10

Also, remember that the local is a source of dignity and honor for a person instead of unfairly 49. We learn Romania to work could Allah He for in the Lucha Aziz and Hakeem whoever puts his trust in Allah and Allah is disease, he is mighty, and he will honor such people. Also, we see that it is a means of earning Allah's love, because so with Allah brown 159 return in the law you hibel with our killing, Allah loves those who rely upon him. And it is a cause of relief and sufficiency, because sort of the Pollak verse three woman ethoca Allah Hiva has Allah is enough for the one who puts his trust in Allah, Allah will bring him relief, and Allah will give him what is sufficient for him, and

01:09:10--> 01:09:51

is also a source of sustenance, like in an Irish and we learned that if you were to put your trust in Allah as you should, then you would be given provisioned like the birds are given their provision. They go out hungry in the morning, and they come back with full bellies in the evening. So put your trust in Allah and you will be provided because it had this winner and that Allah says, I am as my servant thinks I am. So you expect from Allah and Allah will give you and also remember that, that some of the people who will be admitted into paradise without any hisab or any punishment, who are they the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described them and one of the

01:09:51--> 01:09:56

things he mentioned is that while a lot of Bohemia to work alone, they put their trust in Allah azza wa jal.

01:09:58--> 01:10:00

Now, how is it that we can call a

01:10:00--> 01:10:45

Allah subhanaw taala by this name Allah key, first of all, we should say has been Allah who Nirmal workI, whatever difficulty that we are facing, right? Especially things that seem to be very overwhelming, extremely difficult to deal with. You know you you see your inability, your weakness and you're like, how am I going to deal with this? I know, I know what my limitation is, right? How How am I going to deal with this on my own? So you remind yourself that you're not alone. You say Hassan, Allah who an airman will kill sufficient for us is Allah and he is the best Disposer of affairs. Alright, we learned that Ibrahim Ali Salam said this when he was thrown in the fire, and

01:10:45--> 01:10:58

Allah subhanaw taala saved him. The Companions said this after the Battle of word, when the Moshe Qin were coming back to attack them. Right in that state of you know, injury and weakness.

01:11:00--> 01:11:06

They said haspin Allah who an airman were killed and what happened Allah soprano thought it was truly enough for them.

01:11:07--> 01:11:54

Secondly, there is also this there are a lot more Armada auto jus falletta kin li li NFC para terrain was literally shut Niccolo La ilaha illa Anta that Oh Allah I hope for your mercy. Do not leave me to myself even for the blinking of an eye. Correct all of my affairs for me. There is none worthy of worship but you. You see in the store we're saying yo Allah do not even leave me to myself. You take care of my matters, right? Don't make me in charge. Don't make me the boss. I can't do this. Right. I need you to manage my affairs. I need you to help me. So a beautiful girl. And in her these we learned that this is dry through mclubbe honey for a person who is incredible who is in

01:11:54--> 01:11:55

great difficulty.

01:11:57--> 01:12:12

Also in the night, we learned the Prophet salallahu Urdu center with Sandra part of which is Aloma like a slum to where we can Armen to where I like our call to that Oh Allah I surrender to you, I believe in you and I put my trust in you.

01:12:13--> 01:12:46

And then a similar to our oligomeric a slim two will be common to our liquor to our culture, and then the ending is slightly different. In the first Dora We ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness fulfill Lima condom to him or her to and in the second law, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from for going astray. I mean, so inshallah we will conclude over here for today subhanak Allahumma behenic a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta stuff hirokawa Tobu equals Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh