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Number Two who went in on a sterile funeral. We're not meant to be here to work alone or lay on all the below him in Cerulean phocoena Woman see the Lena Mejia the healer who for the medulla. For me you deliver la hora de la Baba de vaca to call Allah who the olive in Quran Majeed by the old Villa Homina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. While Luton is all Alico, Mia, the attune Alpha hijama Saba can be happy I mean, her demeanor Allah mean, in a coma the donor Regina shahada mean doon in itself will undergo Muslim phone or Magana. Jojoba Camila and Cole who, according to whom in karate come in the home on Africa to heroin.

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The story is mentioned in the Quran, and specifically the Stories of the Prophets contain timeless wisdom

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that we can benefit from no matter how many centuries we live after the time of the prophets.

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And when you look at the stories in the Quran, and the topics they focus on, sometimes it feels as if the Quran was revealed for now as if it was revealed to tackle contemporary issues. And one of the stories that directly addresses a problem that is arising in the world today is the story of the Prophet lute la sala.

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So for the today's Copa, very briefly, we will go over the story of Prophet alayhi salam, and extract some lessons from it, and offer some advice based on the story for dealing with contemporary issues.

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To begin the story, Luke alayhi salam was the nephew of Prophet Ibrahim Elisa. So when Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam first began to preach Islam.

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They first began to preach a message of Tawheed only two people believed in him, Sarah and lute, he married Sarah and they left the city and they went on the on the story that they would ensure we probably cover that in the hijab, because so he just linked to Scott, the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. But his nephew, Luke also had to leave the city as the only believer there. And he also became a prophet and he was sent to a different city to preach Islam in that city. Now, Luke Alayhis Salam.

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One thing that's unique about his story is that it's mentioned with the stories of the parish nations right of the nations that were destroyed for their sins. But it's the only one not mentioned with the name of the city. So very interesting point. When you read the story to the parish nations in Surah, Aarav Surah, hood Surah Shuara. Every city is mentioned by name besides one. So we have the city of odd that received the prophethood Ali Salah, the city of the mood that received the Prophet

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salallahu Alaihe Salam, the city of Medina that received the Prophet Shriver les salaam, and then we have Omar loot, the people that loot was sent to no cities mentioned my name for this group only. And the scholars mentioned multiple reasons why the city is not mentioned by name. One is because people were already familiar with the name. So if you look at the stories of Hood and Solly, enjoy, these are stories not found in other religions. So you know, this was new information for the people. But the story of Nutella Islam is well known to Jews and Christians and the names of the cities are well known in the Bible, right the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which is where the word

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sodomy comes from. And this, these names were already known to the people. Another reason mentioned is that the crime or the sin of the people of loot, was so severe and so disgusting in the sight of Allah, that he didn't want to mention that there my name, not even the city by name, like, they didn't deserve to be mentioned my name at all. This is an explanation given by some of the early scholars for why the name of the city is left out, that the crime was so

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abhorrent to the Creator that what they had done.

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So we know that every prophet they were sent to a community, that community had a specific crime or sin, that they were, they were that was unique to them, and the quote brought about the love of Allah. And

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with the people of loot Allah Islam, they were multiple crimes, but one stands out, there's one that's mentioned over and over again in the Quran explicitly, and nowadays is a group of people who are trying to hide these verses or reinterpret these verses or spreading the meaning of the verses. But the verses are very clear.

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And I'll try to be as polite as possible in translating these verses because there's children Yeah, but nonetheless, listen to the message of Luke Ali salaam to his people. Note Ali Salam said, while Newton is called, he called me to an alpha, he said the Masaba can be harming her demeanor. aalameen When Luke told these people, you are committing an immorality that no one before you in the history of this world has ever done. So the first point will

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Is that the crime of the people of luda lay Salem was a fascia. It was a sexual immorality. It was something of a immoral nature. The word far he shows us. The second thing we learned is that they were the first people in history to do this. They were the first people in history to commit this crime.

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Right the sin then he explains what this is. And he's so explicit. It's, it's ridiculous. There are people today trying to reinterpret these verses because the verses are so explicit and clear. He says, In the Quran, let the atuna Regera shahada mean dunya Nisa, you are fulfilling your desires are men instead of women, but uncommon was revealed you have exceeded all bounds. So very clear. The crime of the people of loot was that they fulfilled their sensual desires on men instead of women. Homosexuality was the crime of the people of loot Ali Salam. Now we know today some people have tried to reinterpret this. And if you really have looked at the verses and tried to fit in the

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reinterpretation, it makes it really bizarre. Because what what the modern groups are trying to see is that this surah is not talking about homosexuality, they say it's talking about rape.

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Now, does that make any sense? If you fulfilling your desires on men say a woman? If he's talking about rape? What would be the conclusion of that verse? I wouldn't I don't want to say just think about it. How bizarre that sounds? Right? How ridiculous that sounds. It's not it's talking about actual, you know, consensual intimacy. So this verse is very clear. It's very explicit. And if you open any book of Tafseer, within the past 1400 years, they all have the exact same explanation for this verse. There is no two opinions, there is no difference of opinion, there is no room for interpretation. This is a matter of each month. It is a matter of consensus, every school of

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thought, every Madhab even crossed Sunni and Shia lines, there is consensus that this is something that is prohibited. It's not even something like one school of thought has a different opinion. There has always been a consensus in Islam, that this kind of relationships that are being promoted today in the West, is haram. Right? Our religion makes it very clear the only kind of

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intimate relationship that's allowed is between a man and his wife. Right? And the only type of intimate relation that's allowed is in marriage between a man and his wife. Right in terms of modern terms, all these other modern relationships are clearly prohibited in the Quran.

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And the people of loot responded Makana joba Camila and Cole who actually do them in Korea. They come in the homeowners with the Doha rule. His people said kick him out of the city because these people want to be pure. So he's people try to expel him from the city for his crime. Yetta Haroon, he wants to live a chaste life. He wants to live a modest life. And by the way, society is moving in that direction. Society today is moving in that direction, where 20 years ago they called for gay rights. Now the calling for forcing you to teach your children about it. 20 years time you will be a criminal for not being gay. They're moving in that direction where before you know it. They will

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want to kick us out for being announced to get into housing for people who want to be pure.

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In another studio, Shura Shuara again, is mentioned very explicitly at the attune as to Quran Amina al Amin. Are you lusting after the men of the world? What are the Runa Mahalia kala Komarov will come in as logical and you are casting aside those who Allah created to be your lives, while untung Coleman are doing you are people who have gone astray. You are people who have transgressed or boundaries. Again, how much more explicit can the Quran get at the attune as Khurana Mina Amin, you are lusting after the men of the world. For a man to desire a man in that way is something that is prohibited to act on such desires.

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And the third please read the message of luteus mentioned Surah Namo divinity next Euro again the same message, while Luton is cordially call me to an alpha he should I want him to see rune when Luke said to his people, are you committing immorality when watching each other? So this is another crime that the community did they will actually do this since openly in front of each other right? It wasn't even done behind closed loop closed doors. Intercom ladder tuner Regina shahada mean dunya Nisa again very very clear, no room for interpretation in in a GM letter a tuner Regina shahada mean dunya in yourself Are you fulfilling your desires on men instead of woman now you fulfilling your

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desires on men instead a woman but uncommon dej alone but you people are ignorant. Well Monica and the jojoba call me Elon called aka you all eluded me in Korea they come in the homeowners show you that to Haroon and again the same line is repeated from the other Surah these people's response was simply kick loot and his family out these people want to be pure. So the story of noodling, Sam continues and it says that for years he tried preaching to his people, he tried to get them to come back to the street Park.

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At the street party, we mean straight, like, you know, even in the other sense of the word straight, and they didn't want to listen. And then eventually, Allah sent his visa but he came in a very unique way. The ASABE of Allah comes in a very unique way to these people. And Allah sins, three angels in the form of handsome young men. And these angels go and visit Ibrahim alayhi salam, and he served them food, they don't eat the food, they realize their angels. And he asked him what they're doing. And they say they're going to destroy the people of loot. And he Brian Murray, Sam's wife starts to laugh. Right that finally these people are getting what, what they deserve. Right? She

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starts to laugh. And he blindly slumped hug, give them a chance, give them time to repent, and it's too late. Allah azab has come, right. So they go to the city, and loot or Islam and he sees these young men, he realized that the men of the city are going to try and molest X Men. So he tries to hide these young men from the people of the city. And his wife betrays him, and tells the people of the city that we have these men in our home come and do what you want to them. Right. So this is where the other angle comes in, right where they were literally for these three men, they were trying to force themselves on them. And so this is when the men revealed themselves to be angels.

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And they destroyed the city, leaving only lewd al Islam and his family, except his wife, they punished his wife as well. The entire city were destroyed, including the wife of Nutella salaam, and India, multiple lessons. Number one, you know, people say what's the big deal? The big deal is that this is something so sinful in the sight of God, that He destroyed a nation void and mentioned the story multiple times in the Quran. Right? If this was a small thing, this was something normally this was something that you know, it's okay. No big deal about it. Why would Allah mentioned a story in the Quran of him destroying an entire community for this, and he mentioned the story over and

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over again, in multiple students, we look at Surah Namo. He doesn't even mention the story of the other parish nations, he doesn't mention either the mood or margin, he only mentions the story of Suleyman and the story of loot. Right. So the story is mentioned more times than the other parish nations. And it's made very clear what their crime was, it means made very clear what your sin was. And we have to mention this today, because there is a strong movement today to change the religion. You see, throughout history, there have always been people who commit these sins. And they've always been people who had these inclinations. But if we do something private, and they knew it was a sin,

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they committed a sin in private there was between them and Allah, what we have today is two bigger problems. Number one, is they made this an identity, they made it the identity. So it's not just a sin, it's the identity is who they are. This is something new people never made this identities before.

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To build your entire identity on who you're attracted to. It's a very bizarre and new thing in human history. Number two, and this is the worst part, this is the biggest problem that we face today, people are trying to change the religion. This is where the biggest problem comes in. You see, if someone's converting a Sunni and private that's between them and Allah. But when someone is trying to change the religion of Allah is someone who is saying, oh, there's room for interpretation, or there's a new meaning to that verse, or your understanding is outdated. There's a new interpretation of the surah. When people are now trying to change the meaning of the Quran, to suit their own

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desires. This is not just a sin, this is now stepping into the level of cover of leaving the fold of Islam of messing with Allah's law of missing with Allah's words. And this is a very dangerous problem that is now starting to spread amongst the younger generation, our younger generation are growing up in a world where these types of relationships are normalized. In every movie, and every TV series and every cartoon in every video game, these things are normalized. And they normalized to such a level that the kids grow up, if you don't teach them what Islam says on these topics. If you don't have conversations with your kids, if you don't sit your son down, explain to them what's the

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natural way and what's expected of them when they grow up that you as a boy shouldn't be attracted to girls, and you should marry a woman. And we expect you to get married to a woman one day to have children one day, this is the natural if you don't have these conversations with your kids, and they're absorbing these movies and they're absorbing these TV series, and they're going to non Muslim school, they've been indoctrinated with this, then we're going to have a big problem 510 years down the line. Because we'd have a generation who won't even think this is wrong. We'll have a generation who won't even think this is wrong. And we've seen this already with other sins, right?

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Because remember, this comes at the tail end, or maybe in the middle of a series of other sins that we have realized over time. It sounds back in the 1960s where people are fighting for the rights to fornicate. Right, and we thought that will never spread to the Muslim community. Now this is just something that a non Muslims are doing. But now in our communities dinner is normal amongst the youth. You know, we don't even we don't even people don't even bat an eyelid when they hear somebody committed Zina. It's become so normalized, that this culture has become completely normal that It's haram. It's a major sin, but people don't

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Think of it as that anymore. And this is a continuation of that because what happened in the West is first they normalized fornication, then they normalized adultery, then they went to gay rights, then they went to lesbian rights, then they go into transgender rights. We don't know what's coming next, I have three or four ideas him, I don't want to mention them, right, because kids may be traumatized when they hear them. But there's a lot of more filthy things down the line that they want to try and normalize. And this is a slippery slope going deeper and deeper into immorality. And as Muslims, we have to be clear what our moral boundaries are.

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So it's important that every Muslim knows that these kinds of intimate relationships are only allowed between husband and wife. And the natural ways for a man to be attracted to a woman and to be a dramatic a woman. And that these other kinds of relationships are sinful. If somebody is committing the sin and admitting that it's a sin, they're still a Muslim, but they're committing a sin. If somebody's trying to change the religion, they're now overstepping the boundaries, and they're now stepping into very dangerous territory. And this is something that's important for us to repeat. It's something that needs to be taught to our children. The story of Luke Ali Salaam is

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something every Muslim home should be familiar with. It's something that should be preached and every member is something that should be taught in every Muslim school.

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The Islamic norms when it comes to intimacy should be something our teenagers should be learning. So that they are not confused by the messages being put upon them by the by the broader society. We ask Allah to guide us We ask Allah to protect us We ask Allah to purify us We ask Allah to allow our tongues to speak only that which is true superhydrophobic Robin is at Yama is the phone was salam ala moana saline with hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen

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hamdu Lillahi wa wa salatu salam ala Mala be about the Ummah but for inner circle honeystick a tabula rasa you heard you heard the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Shabbos morning, they said to have a cooler more desert in with work a little bit 18 Dolla dolla Tintin Now

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it's important for us to understand this topic from multiple angles and so inshallah this won't be the last clip on this topic. We will discuss some other perspectives in later footpaths this month. But

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couple more points I want to mention today,

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the wife of loot alayhi salam is specifically singled out in the Quran. As an example of the disbeliever by Allah subhanaw taala insalata Hareem. He specifically says the example of the disbelievers is the wife of new and the wife of loot. The wife of loot eraser and what was her crime. She was not a homosexual. She was not a lesbian. Her crime was she was the ally. She supported them. She said they had the right to do it. Right. She wanted him to enjoy all of this. She didn't see anything wrong what they were doing. And just for being their ally, she also was punished by Allah, she also faced the same punishment as them.

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So what this teaches us is that as Muslims, we cannot ally with immorality. We cannot be allies to immoral movements.

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A fundamental of our religion that's mentioned in the Quran. As you know Allah, Samantha says you are the best of people brought forth for mankind. Why? You're the best of people brought forward for mankind, that Maroondah NASA Bill Maher, Ruth, waterhole and Ivanka that you command people what is good and you forbid what is evil? This is a fundamental of being a Muslim, that we forbid what is evil and we command what is good. And we are reaching a point in history, we Muslims, and now the only ones left, who are prohibiting what is evil, and promoting what is good in this area. Other religions are trying to change the scriptures, you know, they're trying to accommodate. They're

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trying to hide the story, raise it from the from the scriptures. In reality, if you had to be honest with yourself, right, and this I would say to any normal estimator watching this, be honest with yourself in your scripture, you will find that these type of relationships are prohibited in every religion, every religion, it's not just Islam, every religion prohibits these type of relationships. The problem is, over time people adjusted the scriptures to accommodate the masses. And Islam. We're not allowed to do that. Our religion is from Allah. And we are responsible for conveying the message of Allah and protecting the message of Allah and commanding what is right and forbidding what is

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evil. So yes, sometimes that will mean that we will be the minority, but we need to stick to what is right.

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Finally, one last point for today people ask what's the harm? Right? This is the good this is the question is what's the harm to people is their private business, the consenting adults, how does it harm you? Well, there are multiple harms to the broader society when these things are normalized. You see if two

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People did a sin in private, and they accepted as a sin and nobody knows they did it besides them. Yes, that is their own business between them and Allah. Right, they should make doba. That's a private business, for when people are celebrating these things, and they're proud of these things, and they're displaying it in public, this corrupts every level of society. And what we are seeing in a modern world today, now, we are seeing marriage falling apart, we are seeing divorce rates skyrocketing. We have the largest number of unmarried people in the 40s and 50s, who will never get married. We have children growing up not knowing who their fathers are. We have children who are

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completely confused about any every aspect of their lineage. They don't know who their father is, or who the grandfather is, or who the great grandfather's are, it's a complete mess, right? We have people who are suicidal and depressed because they are confused about who they are and what their purpose in life is. When you mess with the family system, the natural family system that Allah created, when you mess with that it has ripple effects throughout society. And Allah created a very simple system that works. You created men and woman to be attracted to each other, that attraction leads to marriage, marriage, these two children, their children are raised by a mother and a father,

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both of whom play their role in raising those children, to children grow up well. And this continues for generations and generations. Anyway, down the line, you break it up with something else you bring in something different, is going to have ripple effects not just on the individual, but on the entire family. And when these things are done publicly, they have major effects on the entire community. So we ask Allah to protect our children and our next generation from these training people who are trying to change the religion and to end from being brainwashed by the broader society. We ask Allah to protect us and allow us to understand the religion in its proper context.

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We ask Allah to guide our hearts we ask Allah to change the tide of the world back in favor of morality to end this, this wave of immortality that's spreading across the world. We ask Allah to give us the strength to speak that which is true. And we ask Allah to give us the strength to believe in that which is true and to stand by that which is true, even if you're the only ones doing so. Robin Artina Virginia Hasina will accurately Hasina walking out Governor Robina hub dynamic as well. Gina was reacting

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Shahana Robin Robin is at the AMA yesI foon wa salam ala Celine hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen la camisa