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This is a Jumah Khutbah delivered by Shaykh Ismail Kamdar at the Westwood Mall Musalla in Durban on the Tafsir of Surah Al-Fatiha.

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So what

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do we need to begin by creating a live stream to handle data and a lot of Peace and blessings upon the final prophet Muhammad Abdullah Allahu alayhi, wa salam and all those who follow the belief of righteousness to the last day.

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The Koran is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is Colombian law. And sometimes we forget to treat it as that

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we begin to treat the surah in the Quran, especially those that we recite very often, we begin to treat it as a ritual, and just words that we memorize.

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But the reality is that each of the surah in the Quran,

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including all of the very short sutras that we memorize, assume that

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each of them have an important message for us.

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So today, I want to focus on one of those neurons, which is the most important for the crown

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and it is the sutra that every Muslim should know. It is the sutra that we have besides

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in every Orca of every scholar.

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It is the surah about which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam stated that nothing like it has been revealed in the Quran. In the Gospel of Psalms, the Torah is the surah regarding which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, it is the greatest chapter of the karate race this

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is the surah

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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the Salah is not complete without reciting.

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By now you will have realized that the surah I am referring to is Surah aka the opening chapter of

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surah. Allah is not something smaller than

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that when it was revealed

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a door open in Ghana, that has never been open people.

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Sure, a burqa is so important that the purpose of the love bombing

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should not inform you of what is the greatest surah in the Quran

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and the Sahaba what is the proper price of the guide 111

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that Allah subhanaw taala

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replied to every line of the surah we will discuss that at least a bit later in today's discussion.

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So, once Raja

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surah vodka is unique in that, when you look at the Quran, the Quran begins with all of the longest

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and gets shorter and shorter until right at the end of the corridor all of the shorts.

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But there's an exception to this rule. The exception to this rule is that the very first

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tour of the short run is just one day followed by notice.

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because surah alpha is so important that you understand the surah

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it will change your life. If you understand the surah you understand Islam. If you understand the surah you'll understand the rest of the Quran, because it

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is a summary of every major aspect of Islam.

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Because Islam in the last few days, believes in Allah and following the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The first half

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is about belief in Allah the second half for guidance, the path of Allah has failed, at least in the Quran, Allah mentioned that will be the top of the conference and the righteous to follow the prophets and those who follow you.

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So they make a translation of your party now before we go into the details about its explanation for our translators and follow.

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It begins with praise Allah subhanho wa Taala It begins with the Bismillah there is a difference of opinion as to at the top of the surah about when you see like a family or even the name of Allah was gracious with mercy

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For praise Allah, we create the Sustainer and knowledge of the entire universe.

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The one

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who is completely merciful, and encompasses everything. The very interesting words are what is our Walkman, and

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needs a lot of mercy encompasses everything everyone received,

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in some form or the other, and he

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is special mercy in the believeable receive the

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money to be the master, or the king of the day of just

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you alone you worship and you all know, seek divine assistance,

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on the path of those who have earned your favor,

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those who have done

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Be honest Pauline, not the heart of those who have earned your anger or the path of those who have been straight. So very powerful.

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The first three verses of the surah describe our Creator Allah subhanho, wa Taala.

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what some of these most important qualities and age, the fourth verse describes our relationship with a glass of water. And the first six or seven persons of the party are described describe the writing process and the law.

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And so through the sooner we begin to understand who is Allah? What should be our relationship to Allah? What is the path towards that relationship and what is the path and here we go, this is what

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begins by freezing.

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One of the most important words,

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one of the most important words of remember,

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when people ask us how do you decide

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when something will happen? You say Alhamdulillah, right? You get a promotion, you say I

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had a good day at work. You see, according to the law, the Quran begins with the word and the only

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begin with a company that has one okay. So what do these words mean, and why is it important, and how can you learn means All praise belongs to Allah

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in our daily interactions, this means that whatever rule I have in my life is because of the law because of whatever good I have. In my life I have achieved to the book is a level of commodity. Meaning when we say under the law, we are acknowledging that everybody will have of worldly and afterwards we subsist in Kampala.

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And this is a competition. So the Quran begins with these words, the Quran begins with the Word of God that

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the Quran is all about.

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Everything is from Allah. This one is from Allah guidance and from Allah, Allah existed before Allah, the reading of our hearts and from Allah our willing to receive this formula. So I have newly that I have

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mentioned one of the most powerful attributes around the world.

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The role of the entire universe what is there are a lot of means that Allah created the entire universe. He controls the entire universe, Nothing happens without the will of Allah without the knowledge of Allah. Allah provides for the entire universe. a lump sum stays in a universe for what expands the entire universe. Everything that exists is exist because of a law. Every bit of design that you see in this universe, from the distance of the Earth to the Sun, from the moon, rotation around the Earth, the orbits of the planets, the existence of ecosystems, the existence of all of this is by design of the crater.

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With we need to

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control the universe. This also means that we will not believe in good luck or bad luck.

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Because there's no such thing as not only the Word of God.

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There is no such thing as

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Not only the winner,

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one of the six

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destiny, good

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of luck,

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good luck or bad luck.

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So the first version of archaea establishes, who Allah is over, he created everything

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happens without before. But there are lots of I found that I was asked that he is defined by this verse.

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Allah Subhana, Allah has revealed itself.

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But he has written rules for himself rules as follows.

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The first rule alone over itself and mentioned in the Quran, Allah still my wrath will not exceed my person, by anger will not overcome anger, meaning the primary rule of love is that he is the merciful God. And so,

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begins by which is four times over,

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which we

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four times

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he is, by

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His mercy encompasses the entire universe.

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So much Oh, that

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that was divided his mercy into 100 portions. And if we were to see on this earth makes up 1% of

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the other 99% is reserved for the Day of Judgment.

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So every bit of mercy that we see on this earth all around us,

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towards the mercy we feel for each other,

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all of that is 1% of

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the other 99% we will experience

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our rocky The one who has the special verse

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about this verse is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that nobody will end the paradise because of this, you will only enter Paradise.

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We need not a single one of us is pure enough and righteous enough to say I'd

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rather, each and every one of us have

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each one of us at our weaknesses. Each and every one of us have a seat. It's only

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how do we earn Mercy by trying our best? trying our best we'll do our best to

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try our best to avoid making seekbar just keep trying and you will

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our mercy

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for the other species

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the master and

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meaning Yes, Allah is merciful. But you are also accountable to God so don't take advantage of people because they exist amongst

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those who think they can take advantage of

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you will make a movie people who come on

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we will see

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it's okay.

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It's not okay.

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He is the most wonderful he is

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we are accountable to His mercies for those who tried.

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If you've got two kids in school, they both struggling with Max. One is trying this. The other is a completely lazy use case. Sometimes with the JTC one scan is basically

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45% and the other one was involuntary

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and we find that to be just right because we tried harder than the others and just not good at math.

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It works as well. That if someone is trying to work

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over and over again and company are not bothered about a lot, we don't bother about it.

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About obey Allah

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Don't try to take advantage of that person try to earn a lot by living a life of love.

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Now, what's interesting about this is that after the third was they started selling sudden shift in the graph.

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In the first three verses we are talking about

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Please allow the Lord of the Universe, Most Merciful, Most Merciful, massively of judgment. And suddenly, you

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guided reading from the third to the fourth verse

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from the person pronoun.

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Now very briefly, in English,

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because in English, you know, you

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in Arabic,

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convey a message.

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Meaning when the pronoun shows, it's a sign that what's coming next.

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So at this point,

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when it switches from talking about allowing the third person

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to allow you, to shift, this change to you is assigned to us that this is the most important work

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that we do the

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books have been written

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that verse with Dr. Guru,

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you will not be worshipped.

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This is considered

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as the single most important verse,

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because this verse summarized for us, our entire nation.

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We are many people out

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there, out in the garden, the people have been believing the afterlife. But how many people out there worship the Lord seek divine assistance.

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That is the real test, not just to believe, but to live by practice settling. And so in this verse, we are called upon by Allah to testify, to testify that we will live a life of worship,

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that we will live a life of seeking a lot of systems alone. Now to explain the second part, many people get confused. Yo,

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what do you see? A lot of you might have reached out to ask somebody to push it right to the side, if anybody has ever been friends, how does this work constantly asking Allah

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does not because these are the worldly resources that Allah created for us to take off. This verse is talking about divine

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assistance with your human ability

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to sit at the edge of time and ask Allah to grant you a better job to ask Allah to grant you a way to ask a lot of work to be the source of income to ask Allah to grant your spouse. This we see from a lot of documentary molana not from any lucky charm, not from any number one page, not from any horoscope, we seek it from Allah. That is the meaning of

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that when it comes to things that are beyond human abilities. We don't look at Good luck and bad luck. No look at what you know, look for special chance we take it from

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and we asked only. So this is

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the primary messages.

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In the first stop talking about Allah,

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Allah is most merciful, but we are accountable to Allah because he's the master of judgment. And our relationship with Allah should be one of only worshiping

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Allah fun, only worshiping Him means Allah is the primary source of ours was allied to one another. Our life allows those come for anybody else's opinions. And we live our lives in obedience to Allah because we see that worship Allah.

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But society wants us to do something. And we do it all the time. And we were worshipping alone was

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because the primary form of worship is obedience to the law. That is worship, any law of validity obey, we are working

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to the surah into the beautiful two are

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the most important why? This is why it's so important that we see every record every time

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And then he will work in in the local Study Guide us to the strange part of half of those who have failed, not the pocket

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Right, so this new app,

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why is it

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a Muslim?

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So why should

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we ask Allah for guidance?

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What does that mean?

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Well, yes, Allah guiding us to Islam,

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but really decision to make for the rest of our lives?

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How are we 100% sure for the rest of our lives.

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We never gonna mess up never going to take a long path. We never want to misunderstand the religion, follow the convenient, get involved with the wrong group. Are we 100% sure about that no guidance.

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And guidance today does not get to guidance.

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You have many people who initial before I decided

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we didn't want to end up there. So we must seek a lot of guidance, every regard and be solid. We must ask Allah to guide us in every moment of every day. Because every day we are tested and will be tested. Allah

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will use the financial

00:21:27--> 00:21:32

success of our desires is a test of our ego. But we are tested every day to be alive.

00:21:33--> 00:21:39

So every single day, we must make this talk we must we must ask Allah to guide us.

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And if we decide to run this way, every single day, it will be called from is something we say into actual while that changes our lives. So apotheon has the potential to change your life, studying meaning studying stress, recycling, understanding, and you will find having a profound impact in your life. Although he was all the ability to understand the ooda loop, practicing to recycle property every day and to make this to our site into a pocket not just to see the world of activity as well.