Ismail Kamdar – Tafseer Of Surah Falaq Part 1

Ismail Kamdar
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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last week when we ended the program, I promised to inshallah begin the Tafseer of the trickier Jews of the Quran this week. Last week I had said that we're going to look at Sierra Nevada,

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but from some calls from some of the listeners, the requested I started the short tour as fast as that is what everybody has memorized and what everybody recites in the follow up. So inshallah, due to the request from our audience, and our listeners, I will be starting today with surah Pollock and surana inshallah, and slowly from there, every week, every Wednesday we'll be doing tafsir of one or two short tours from the back of the Quran inshallah so that our Salah can become more meaningful and we can understand the sutras which we decide in our South Africa.

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So today inshallah I'm going to look at the Tafseer of surah Allah if we have time to complete inshallah, the Tafseer of piranhas as well. And these are very, very powerful for us. We know this because there are many Heidi's reading about them.

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For example, you will find that when it comes to the names of the florist, most of the names of the students were decided later on, by Sahaba, or by scholars later generations. division that many students which were given names by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself. But these two sutras were given a name by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would refer to Surah Allah

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as Alma Oh, was it

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was a thing, which means the two protectors. So from that theme, you can immediately see that there is something important and special about these two students, as they are meant to be a means of protection for us. So a good place to start with the fear of surah Pollock. And last is to look at the reason for revelation, the background of the students I mentioned two weeks ago about the importance of reasons for revelation to give you the context in which surah was revealed. And they help you to understand the surah better. So what should I follow in Sudan as the the story narrated in Sahih, Muslim about Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when he was in Medina, and one of the Jews had

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tried to put a spell to do see her on the last syllable, due to Allah divine protection to see her not effective in the deen. But in some of his worldly responsibilities, he began to forget things. And he realized that he's forgetting things which is which he doesn't usually forget, we knew something was wrong, something was different. And that is when two angels came to him. And one angel told the other about the car, and where the you had done this year, we had done the magic. And then we had cited him

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and instructing him that these two students should be recited to get rid of the magic. And so Rasulullah Salallahu Islam has done so, the story is much longer, you can read the full duration Sufi Muslim,

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but Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went ahead and he decided to shore up all of his caranas and the magic was removed and he was cured for hamdulillah. So right from the beginning, we can see that these tourists will reveal for protection from magic. And that is a very, very important point. Because very often you know we always looking for solutions everywhere else. But the solution as we always say is in the Quran. If we want protection, Allah has revealed Elmo was a thing to to protect is for us to rapala in synchronous. And Rasulullah Slocum has instructed us that every morning after and every evening, we should recite surah Pollock and surah NAS along with a class called was our

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head. We should recite these three Sutras, three times each and blew over ourselves with our hands and wipe it over ourselves and go over our children for protection. So what are these two that protect us from? Well, as we look at the Tafseer of each verse, we will see in detail what they are protection of. I know I did go very briefly to the top seed of the sutras a few weeks ago, we I spent five or 10 minutes with insurer insurance. Now I want to spend one hour on each surah so you can get a detailed understanding of exactly what the tools are about. Yes, just seems like five short lines. But these five short lines are full of deep meanings. They answer some of the

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philosophical problems of today. And they teach us some very, very important issues when it comes our feet when it comes to our tawakkol in Allah subhanho wa Taala surah Allah.

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Some of the scholars have said that it was revealed in Makkah, but the correct opinion is that

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In that it was revealed in Medina. Why, due to the story that we generated in Sahih, Muslim, about Rasulullah in Medina, that the agent brought into the palace. So that story is very clear and explicit that it was revealed in Medina. So that would be the stronger opinion in Quran us that they will reveal in Medina, and Allah knows best. So just to recap what we have said so far, the reason for revelation to recall was revealed when our juice it could see her and magic on Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as a means of protection for him. The last lesson has told us that these two suitors are called the two protectors, and they should be recited every morning and evening. And we

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should do on ourselves to protect ourselves from all forms of evil and refusal, some have given it a name, and will always attain that to protect us. And it was revealed in Medina. So that is the basic background information of what really shouldn't reveal. Why did he reveal what was the purpose of

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now there is a controversy started by some non Muslims or who have stated this pseudoscalar concern that shouldn't be in the Quran. And the reason they say this is that if you were to look at Abdullah evening must copy of the Quran, which he had in him, he did not have similar qualities in it.

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And that's true, he did not have it in his copy of the Quran. But he used to recite it, and you should use it in Salah. And the scholars have said the only reason it was not in his copy of the Quran was that he had memorized so well he did not need to write it down in me to a party I was also not in his copy of the Quran, because we all lose to a party so well, that he did not feel the need to write it down to really you know, just just trying to twist historical facts out of the place of reality is that if they must move to decide the solids in the soil, and he decided to run in the solar, showing that he knew they were part of the core, and he just did not write it down because he

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had memorized it. So we should be very careful of these arguments against Islam and theorize and we should look at them carefully, because usually they seem to be a discussion of historical tracks. Now fluoropolymer let's quickly go through the translation and ensure that we will tackle each verse one at a time and do a GPS kufstein So follow begins pull over to the rockville follow. See I seek protection in the Lord of the door means Sheree mahalo from the evil of death which he has created. Woman Sheree was seeking is a walk up and from the evil of the totally dark night when it comes. Woman shortening capacity feel awkward, and the evil from of those magicians will blow or not coming

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surely have seen is a hazard and from the evil of jealous people when they are jealous of us. So just from the translation itself, you can see that this is definitely a surah of protection

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is a surah of protection from a variety of things. From Chateau de Mahal, upon the evil of anything that Allah has created. Any creature out there capable of doing evil, we are seeking protection from the evil. from the evil of the utterly dark night we are going to do a detailed look of what is meant by the utterly dark night

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worm ensuring the passatti will occur from the evil of magic and see her and Jean all things which are the unseen nature but affect people and from the evil of jealous people when they are jealous of us. This is a protection from jealous people they have

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attitudes and the harmful things we try to do that even for protection from the evil eye. And we again will discuss this in detail when we get to that point.

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So surah Allah is a surah of protection. And it begins with a word of icy protection. But before the tour of Allah begins with the word cool, see, now the word pool is directed Firstly, as rasulillah will allow you to learn and then each and every one of us is a command. It is from the Arabic word color. He said, who is in the command form, see, so this is a command Allah that we should say this, we should seek protection in him from these things. And the Quran is word for word, the word of Allah. Therefore the word cool, isn't it. If you don't just do a regular slice laminate, it would have began with

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Allah, but being word for word, the word of Allah, as he has revealed it to the fullest or Islam without any changes at all. The word cool is there. And so this is a sign of how the Quran was preserved word for word. So the word con is a command that we must make this to art you must seek protection in Allah, from these days. The word are also I seek protection. We use this word every day as part of a different way to do our military colonial regime. I seek protection in Allah from the

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Cursed devil from the Satan also means that you seek divine protection from Allah from something else. And we are told to recite out during the Ebola free, Tawny regime on a variety of occasions. We should make this to our before reciting the Quran so that shaytan does not distract us from reading the Quran. I know that shaytan gives us a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Quran and we should seek protection. Conchita at a variety of other times as well. inshallah, we will tackle those after the break.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. This week are hanging out we are looking at the Tafseer of surah Allah, the second last chapter of the Quran, Chapter 113, a very commonly recite surah. We are actually supposed to recite this every morning and evening, three times each for protection, for protection from a variety of things, for protection from jealousy, for protection from the evil eye, for the protection of magic, our magic engine, and from the protection of any kind of evil exists in this world. So this is a very, very important and vital sauropods for us to understand it, for us to put it into place, and to practice his teachings. Because this Torah teaches us about what evils

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exists in the world. And it gives us

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the understanding that Allah is the one who to protect us from and that is what we were discussing before we went for the break. The words are easy, I seek protection.

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We say that we use these words, a variety of times in the Quran, or in our daily life. We also use these words for example, Nicola Villa, Ciccone regime, which has said we make the dua, I seek protection in a love from the devil. We get what we call reciting the Quran. We are also supposed to meet that when we are angry, because it is the sheets shaytan, who makes us react in our anger, and say things which you shouldn't say. So when angry instead of opening our mouths and blurting out things that we regret later on the rather juicy living industry, Tony Raji as the quiet that is the simpler way of dealing with anger. Yes, people do get angry, it is natural to get angry, but how you

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express that anger we are held accountable for. And so one of the solution is to seek protection of love from the devil and do things that makes us see and do in the state of anger. And likewise, we have other duels with the world out there famous who are in

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the rosulip slicer used to make point grandsons are also becoming Mattila de Tomic, initially mahalo. I seek protection in the complete word of Allah, we need the Quran, from the evil that he has created the protection in the complete word of Allah from the evil which he has created. So we see that the seeking protection in Allah is an important part of our Deen, what was the What does this mean? What does it mean to seek protection? And how should it affect us and our character

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seeking protection in a law number one, it means that we need to believe that Allah alone is the one protector.

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If we believe that they are any other forces or beings out there, that we can make to add to that we can pray to will protect us, then we have a problem. This is not from the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. So we need to firstly believe that it is Allah without protector. Allah controls everything in the universe, of law controls everything in this universe. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one who allows things to happen. And he's the one who will protect you from things. There is a concept in Islam, which we have to believe in about the protection angels, that Allah subhana wa Taala has given us all angels who protect us from the calamities of this world, except with our work. Meaning

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that sometimes you might notice that you came close to having an accident and suddenly you managed to escape and don't know how the angels were protecting you. On another day the accident actually happened that will have last word. So Allah is the one who's protecting us. He's giving us these angels protect us. I mean, Allah wills, the angels go away, and there's nothing left to protect us. So who do we Who should we seek protection in, in Allah and ask Allah to always keep the angels they would protect us at all time, and the closer we are to Allah, the higher our level of taqwa the higher our level of spirituality. The closer we are to becoming friends with Hannah with Allah, the

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more protection you will have from him. So we really need to work on developing a close relationship with Allah. It is not going to work. If we ask Allah to protect us in the morning that evening, but we don't even pay our five daily cola. Here we don't have any connection with Allah. Allah

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analysis, remember me, I will remember you. So we want a lot to remember us and to protect us. We need to remember Allah at the prescribed time and to pray five times a day.

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So this is a very, very important issue about protection, that we need to believe Allah protect us and we need to make it our duty to get through the law and to earn protection.

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Now, once you have earned the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and you believe in it, and you are doing whatever you can to make it a part of your life, then this creates certain attitudes in you, it creates a certain character in you, one of the things that creeps in you is the concept of

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putting your trust in. Because now when things go wrong, you understand the degree of loss.

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And to do what you make, when things go wrong, is to see Alhamdulillah Allah Khuda that I Allah be pleased or we praise Allah, whatever the conditioning,

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because Allah subhanho wa Taala he's the one who allowed good to happen to us. And he allows things which don't seem good to happen to us. And we are going to discuss this concept in more details in the second verse about why things happen to us that seems to be bad. But nonetheless, if you are seeking perfection in Allah, then you will not believe anything that happens to you in fact, so you will have complete tawakkol in Allah and the correct definition of tawakkol is to make your best effort. And then when it comes to that which is beyond your control, you leave your

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you leave your trust in Allah, Allah will give you what is best. So for example, if you are running a business, you will make your best possible effort to make sure your business is halal. It is ethical and moral, it is legal, and that it is done to the best of your ability to earn a profit, then the actual earning of a prophet, you need to Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who provides this, you have done your effort that Allah will give you what Allah wants to give you a what is best for you. Sometimes having a lot of wealth is not good for us. Sometimes it is, Allah gives us accordingly. And we need to have trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, if we are planning a

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we can do whatever we can to plan the project to make sure people are on time to make sure everything is done properly. But at the end of the day, for the project to be successful, we are elements which are outside our control, and project, our tawakkol.

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So what what call comes peace of mind. And we know this from the Quran, Allah basically like

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the only those who remember a lot only when you are remembering Allah, that you feel that it may not in your heart, you feel peace in your heart, contentment in your heart. And this peace of mind is something that every human wants. Because the world we live in today is a world that creates a lot of anxiety. Because if you look at the psychological problems in the world today, the two most common psychological problems like depression and anxiety, and in one do others receive less luxuries to be to make everyday is to start off with how do we live in harmony. I seek protection from depression and anxiety. Depression is when people are thinking about the past too much. And

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they become depressed on what happened in the past. And anxiety is when people are worried about the future. And they become worried and scared and become visible because of worrying about the future. Islam teaches us to focus on the present. What is in the past if we made a mistake we make Toba depend on what is in the future we put out tawakoni Allah and we move on. So when you have this tawakkol in Allah with the new enzyme, the modern world is the opposite. The modern world to all the commercials we see creates anxiety, that what if you become immortal? What if you lose your house? What will people see if you don't have this type of car? What will people say if you don't have this

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type of house, you will become anxious if you want to succeed materialistically and if you are successful, you want to do even better. And then we are worried about losing our wealth. And we are worried about what will happen to us the next day. What we find interesting Allah will allow you slumming this Have you ever had this, these lives day to day. And one of the most amazing and beautiful things about our beloved Prophet Muhammad Ali Salaam is that he never kept any savings. He would use whatever wealth he had up within the day with the rest of charity, because he you allow will provide an entity that is an extremely high level of tawakkol, which I don't know if we are

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able to reach Allah help us. But that just shows you how the people of the past were keen to come up. And it shows you the peace of mind

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that if you want to escape the anxiety of the world, if you want to escape anxiety and depression that comes with material, materialism, and this modern lifestyle, you turn to Allah except Allah as your Lord, except Allah as the one who put your trust in trust in His plan.

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You find them no matter which way you live goes up a piece. That is why you will find that you will find Muslims who are imprisoned unjustly, but you have peace of mind and they are worshipping Allah everyday. And they are doing Dawa in the prison because they know Allah has chosen what is just so much so that if you read the story of use of Elisa, Yusuf Ali, some actually we do our to Allah, when, when women try to seduce him, he's Oh Allah to prison is more better, is more beloved to me than what they are calling me. Meaning he'd rather be in prison than getting caught in fornication. So this shows the level of demand which a person can reach. And he really showed that the worker is

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a person can have Allah subhanho wa Taala. So tawakoni leads to peace of mind. And these two together also lead to acceptance of father accepting your fate. Whatever happens in life, you accept that

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Allah knows best, Allah knows what is best for us. And there are many, many stories in the Quran and Sunnah about us. If we read for example, to rock up to a cup has a very long detailed story about musala Islamic history, which really goes into the details about the importance of

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inshallah, we'll continue discussing the topic of Polycom warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. This week,

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we are looking at the tafsir of surah. Allah, the 113 chapter of the Quran. And we are still in the first verse even though we've been pumping out 100 that's just how keep the surah is that we can spend the full one hour on each verse, But inshallah we'll try to at least complete the first two verses today, we are talking about surah, Allah being a surah protection, then roughly Lastly, some refer to it as Renata team to protect us. And he told us to recite it every morning and evening to glue on ourselves in our children for protection. And we are talking about what what is the implications of seeking protection of law in our lives, that it creates the work goal, to create

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peace of mind. And it helps us to accept others to accept our fate. That whatever happens in this life happens for the guests. So we say cool all the way Rob will follow and seek protection in the Lord of the dawn. The Word of God is a very, very powerful word. That entire branch of tawheed is taken from this word. If you look at tauheed oneness of Allah, one of the branches of the Hadith quattrocchi or rubia, allows oneness in his lordship, that Allah is the only Lord and creator of this world. This category is taken from the word rub, Lord, they are not constantly in the Quran, he first himself as Rabu, Rabu

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many other times

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as the robber. Now the word Rob, we constantly are we usually translated as the Lord, but the meaning is much deeper. The word Rob means the Allah is our Creator, our sustainer, our maintainer, and the controller. And so when you say Allah is the ROB of the universe, means Allah controls universe, human beings, the universe, and nothing can happen outside of his world.

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So this is a very, very powerful word with deep implications. When we say that Allah is our rob it, we are accepting that nothing happens, except with the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so if we want protection from anything again, who do we turn to return to our rock, and we seek protection in Allah in the way in which he has revealed to us in the Quran.

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So Allah is the rock of the world. Now in this surah, Allah calls himself Rob will follow the Lord of the dawn. Why the dawn, particularly? Well, there's a lot of debate among the scholars as to why this one is mentioned. Yeah, specifically.

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Some have said because this is the end of the night, and most evil, magic, Gene work disorder, things take place at night. So the dawn is a sign of hope that the night is over, and celebrated things to happen.

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So that is one of the reasons given first, but there are many other opinions

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as to why specifically, they go on.

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Now, the next verse is really interesting. The second verse of sirach, Allah is one of my favorite verses in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, mean Sheree mahalo from the evil of death which Allah has created. Allah subhana wa Tada, this verse. On one hand, he is teaching us to seek His protection from evil. On the other hand, he's asking a question, which gets asked a lot in the modern world, which a lot of people asked me and that is, if Allah if God is good versus evil, Allah tells us that evil comes from the creation of Allah. Allah created

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With the ability to do good or evil, when evil happens, it is our choice. He is Allah has given us the ability to do it, he has allowed us to do it because nothing happens without the word of Allah, but we will be held accountable.

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from here, we understand that everything in this world is created by Allah with the video, we perceive it to be good or evil. And those things which we perceive to be evil, are of two types. Either they are the actions of humans, which sometimes can be pure evil, because the actions of humans, our own choices, or the things around us, which seem to be evil, but Allah subhanho wa Taala has created them, and Allah has created them with a purpose. And so many of the things which we perceive to be evil, could be good for us. Like, for example, this, look at this,

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for many people who do not believe in God, or who are not strong in the mind, death is looked upon as something evil, something bad, when somebody dies, we get scared, we get you know, 35, this is something bad has happened to us. But in Islam, if somebody died is illegal, or mostly if somebody died, for example, by drowning, or through a disease in their stomach, or through any form of pain, and he died a believer, then they could direct them to paradise, and spend the rest of eternity in paradise. So how is that evil? How is it that it's good? So it's perceived to be that, but it's actually good for us. And this should be our understanding of everything in the universe, which we

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think is evil. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala did not create anything without the purpose. Everything has wisdom, even shape on even the existence of shape on is there for good reason. To Jessica, she thought exists, which is that he can exist without to separate those of us who achieved through videos from those who are not. So he's there for a purpose. He's not just there for the sake of being useful is nothing which exists which is pure evil. And before the break, I mentioned that in Surah kapitolyo

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explains this in detail.

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The story of Musa Hassan, which we all should be familiar with,

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because we recite the surah every Friday inshallah and hopefully be reciting understanding. So you should be familiar. That is a story about reduce Ali Salam and you shall in the event to meet killer Elisa. So this was the meeting of prophets. Because Allah had told us Elisa that Hazel has some knowledge that Moosa does not have a Muslim Islam being

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such a righteous man wanted to know what his knowledge was. So they accompany Peter on this journey, and his or did a few things which mousseline Sam could not understand. One of the leading One was that they got a lift from some poor people on the ship, and then he did damage to the ship. So moussaka angry with him.

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angry with him, again, after that, Peter Islam, so one small boy or young man and he killed him. And again, very angry. And the third time was that he went to a town where everybody treated him badly. And then he's a fixed one of the walls for free. So most of the exam could not understand what Hitler was doing. Cesar alaihe salam was also a prophet of Allah. He was doing all of this based on revelation. And he explained to us or Islam why he did this, he said that there was a king coming to seize all ships. So I broke the ship, so he wouldn't take it. So while they are repairing the ship, the king will go past it and distribute the same as for the boy. He Allah has revealed that he was

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going to grow up to, quote, visit with parents, and to make his parents like miserable or righteous. So Allah wanted to protect his parents from his evil Allah world that we live in now. And a lower VPC with a better child. And as for the wall, behind the wall was a treasure that belonged to to poor orphans in the city, whose father was pious. If the wall fell down now the people would have stolen the treasure. So I fixed it to the idea old enough and strong enough, you can take it himself. So his stories are very powerful. Because they show us that all those things that happen in our life which which look bad, which look like something evil, you know, he's good behind it. When

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we look at the story of the ship. You know, these people in the ship, they found it broken, and they probably feel something bad has happened to them, but it's saved them from having the ship completely stolen. Maybe same thing happened to us your tire got puncture, your cosmic static, could have saved you from accident could have saved you from being hijacked. Exact same story. Wanted to ship one to the

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So we should look at from this perspective, that in the family, something of the taste the life of someone, so that you only have good memories of them, you know, they might, you know, if Allah let him live longer, something bad might happen.

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If you look at his childhood that he will cook the life of he was a small child, and his parents will always remember him as a good child. But if he grew up, and he became the misery to them, that would have been even more painful to go through the things in our life seemed most painful, which seemed most evil, actually good for us, and everybody who looks into the life of cedars, if you think back into your past, you realize that those things which happened to you, which you were thinking at the time, why me? If it wasn't for those things, you wouldn't be thinking what you think about that if it wasn't for those events, you wouldn't be who you are today. Those events made you

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stronger. Those events made you wiser. Those events taught you important lessons in life. Those events help you choose which direction you are heading in your life. So this is the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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And that is why as believers, we do not believe that pure evil exists. We say that this is the evil of what Allah has created. Allah has created things which are good, and they are sometimes aspects of it which seem evil. And sometimes the choices we make which are evil for Allah subhanaw taala is good, as you stated all the wisdom and the purpose. And so this is the most important lesson for us to take from this verse of surah. Kala inshallah, after the break, we'll continue with the next question as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We were looking to the 111 at the fear of surah Pollock

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hamdulillah we have spent the past 45 minutes looking at the Tafseer of pillar Pollock,

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which is the 113 surah of the Quran, we are looking at the surah because it's a surah, which we should be reciting every day. So let's just do a recap of what we have covered today. inshallah,

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we began by talking about the reason for the revelation of the surah that surah Pollock was revealed, for protection from magic and the evil eye. And also that

00:32:13 --> 00:32:58

this poor or foolish person has referred to it as Alma over the theme, the two protection Surah Surah, Pelican Khurana and Viet commandlets and coolers or other recommended to recycle rapala in piranhas, every morning and evening for protection. Right. And then we went into detail to discuss the concept of protection Islam, the importance of seeking protection in Allah alone, Allah is the one who controls everything in the universe. And the Allah subhanho wa Taala alone has the power to protect us. He spoke about the angels of protection in troopers have angels of protection in front of it behind us, to protect us from all evil by the will of Allah except Allah wounded. And we need

00:32:58 --> 00:33:01

to seek protection of law, protection at all times.

00:33:02 --> 00:33:12

And we spoke about the benefits of this, seeking protection of law and accepting a law as our crop that this creates a

00:33:14 --> 00:33:56

concept of tawakkol in us that will begin to put our tawakkol in Allah will begin to accept the Allah subhanho wa Taala alone lose what's best for us. So with this, the walk will end distrust the Allah comes a peace of heart, a contentment, the whatever happens in life happens to the best. And Allah knows what's best for us. And so we don't live our life with depression or anxiety. We're not happy over the past, because the Lord has told us that whatever has hit you was not meant to miss you, or whatever has missed you was never meant to be. So we don't have over the past. We know whatever happened was definitely going to happen. So we can go back and say I was so stupid, I made

00:33:56 --> 00:34:34

such a silly decision, etc, etc. End of the day, yes, we learn from our mistakes. But you learn from the mistake and you move on with life. We don't sit and get depressed about what happened in the past. At the same time, we don't worry about the future. What will happen in the future, you know, what will happen in 10 years, 1020 years 10 plan for the future. For we see insha Allah and we accept that Allah knows what to test for us. So if things go according to plan, according to the law, Allah has helped us if things don't go according to plan and Hamdulillah, Allah has allowed to happen to us that which is better for us. Because we don't always do what is best for us. Maybe we

00:34:34 --> 00:34:38

want you to be a millionaire by a certain age, maybe being a millionaire that

00:34:40 --> 00:34:49

maybe it will have caused us to go string things. So that was what happened to us to be was this was perhaps you wanted to get married at a certain age, and he never happened

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

before you maybe had some other plans for you. You have many, many things which happened in our life and we asked ourselves why we go I'm worried about this. I'm worried about

00:35:00 --> 00:35:19

When's this going to happen? Is that going to happen? When am I going to get married? When am I going to get rich? When am I going to have children I don't want you do what is in your wallet. You do what you have the capabilities to do. After that you put the tawakoni of love. And you accept that Allah knows what

00:35:20 --> 00:35:36

we see this evening, the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the issue of children, Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives sons to who he works, and he gives daughters to who he works, and he gives both to who he was. And he gives that to who he will, Allah.

00:35:38 --> 00:36:18

Allah knows what you get. So we, the believers, we need to accept, you know, I mean, nowadays, you find so much complaining going on, people who have sent complaining, you don't have daughters, people who have gotten completely don't have sons, people who don't have sons, or daughters complaining, you know, or they don't have children. And people who have both complained to the children give them a hard time, they usually don't complain. Don't complain about Allah. except Allah does not give you except what you can handle, if Allah has given you a child is because you have the ability to research as well. If Allah has given you five children, because you have the

00:36:18 --> 00:36:18


00:36:20 --> 00:36:26

if Allah has not given you any children, it's because he wants you to have more time to do other things. Like I shared the LaWanda

00:36:27 --> 00:36:31

Ayesha, Roger Lowe, and have really wanted to have children.

00:36:33 --> 00:36:34

She was the

00:36:36 --> 00:36:37

she was the wife of a few left.

00:36:38 --> 00:36:39


00:36:40 --> 00:36:52

she was the wife of leftism, and she was a bit jealous of her teacher, who was the mother of all of us who have children, she wants you to have children as well, because this is a woman's nature woman, one

00:36:53 --> 00:36:57

woman, one of the mothers, right. And

00:36:58 --> 00:37:15

so she always wanted to have children, she gave himself the title of mother, even though she didn't have children with a loved one. And he already learned how to spend the entire life without having children. And what happened, she became the greatest scholar, female scholar of this woman, she became the scholar of Hades,

00:37:17 --> 00:37:26

the scholar of Tafseer, a scholar of pic, and a scholar of Arabic of medicine, proposing so many different fields. And

00:37:28 --> 00:37:30

perhaps if you had changed would not have had

00:37:32 --> 00:37:36

time should not have had time to do this. She would not have had,

00:37:37 --> 00:37:42

you know, time to get involved in the, in this much Islamic work.

00:37:44 --> 00:37:45

So we take a lesson from the life of

00:37:47 --> 00:37:49

that, whatever situation we have,

00:37:50 --> 00:37:52

and this is so important,

00:37:53 --> 00:38:05

except in color, will help you get into depression. Somebody who is accepted that whatever has happened was meant to happen, or whatever has not happened, was never meant to happen, then

00:38:07 --> 00:38:46

just you know, if you accept that, then we will not be getting depressed about the past. Because we know that that's it just wasn't meant to happen, things would never have gone differently. And you know, at the same time, we also wouldn't worry about the future. Why? Because we know that whatever is going to happen is we will do our best wherever happens is because of that usually fixed costs, however does not happen in the future is because Allah knows that is what's not good for us. So we just work hard. And then we put our tawakkol in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is the concept of tawakkol. And accepting Allah subhana wa Taala in our lives.

00:38:47 --> 00:39:03

And then we said, this creates peace of mind and acceptance of color of faith. Finally, we spoke about the concept of evil, why do evil things exist? And we said that this world is nothing in this world, which is 100% pure evil. But there's nothing in this world, which

00:39:05 --> 00:39:52

you know, which does not have good in it. Even humans who do evil, they have good Indian, it's just suppressed. You know, that's why you know, when they go for counseling, you're able to tap into the good side, many of them. So what happens is that people do evil people to their choices, common evil, but they are not evil in of themselves. Right? So every human has the feature in them, which is the natural inclination to do good. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has created this world and given us choices. Some have chosen to good or didn't have chosen to do evil. And those things in this world, outside the control of humans, which we seem to think evil in reality could pass. Sometimes

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

things happen in this world, which you see why did this happen to me? And we give the example your car might have broken down Why me for sure.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

Your car broke down What happened?

00:40:02 --> 00:40:39

You can see from being hijacked because see from a from an accident, it was good for you. You know, he wanted to be married at a young age, it never happened, why? Maybe you're meant to meet someone meet someone better when you get older, maybe you're not ready, you wanted to have children of a certain age for Allah will lead not to happen, who knows what is best for us. So let us take this as our lesson for today. that from now on inshallah, we will put our tawakkol in Allah subhana wa Tada. You will have peace of mind, you will accept Allah Street, we accept whatever happens is what happens for what is best, we will work our best to be good Muslims and inshallah every morning and

00:40:39 --> 00:41:16

every evening, we will seek protection in Allah from the evil in this world. We will recite surah Pollock and surana us three times each, every morning and evening, blowing our hand wipe it over ourselves and over our children for protection. This is something which was prescribed to us by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and is something we should do. So that inshallah I will conclude over here for today, and we will continue with the Tafseer of the remaining three verses of surah Pollock next week is Allah Heron, Baka da Juana and Johan de la hirable alameen mean for Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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