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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. We are continuing this week with our Tafseer of surah. Allah insha Allah or Shura Shura, or surah, Allah Masha, whichever name you go with. All of these names are acceptable for this beautiful student in the beautiful Quran revealed to us by our Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in which Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us some of the tools for dealing with the worries of this world. If you have worries if you have anxiety, if you have depression, if you have sad this, if you have any of these things we said studying Surah Surah in Shiro teaches you the necessary tools to be able to cope and to overcome your problems. We looked at the first four verses of the surah last week, we allowed to be Hana data speaks about how he relaxes our mind and how he lives the burden of people and how when people are when people stand up for the truth, and they are attacked by others void, Allah raises the status in the eyes of people.

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We now move on to the second half of the surah and which allows us to but Hana data begins with a very powerful statement. And this two verses of surah in Shira are two of the most famous verses in the Quran, which we quote over and over again, whenever we know of someone who has a problem, the next two verses of surah of Surah Al in Shira, for in reuse raw in reuse user ah

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so definitely, with hardship there is is definitely would hardship disease. Now this is a very beautiful, beautiful thing in the Quran has become a pro verb to Muslims, something that we quote, whenever someone is facing difficulty, and most of the time,

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we translate it as after difficulty comes in. However, you know, the that's not the correct translation, if you look at it carefully unless you unless it's fun. So, you know, so he's linking it to what he said before that because of all the good that Allah has given you during this difficult time, understand that what the difficulty there is is the word used here is ma, ma means word together, it refers to two things being together, at the same time or in the same place. So Allah says would the difficulty there is ease it means the ease and difficulty are there at the same time.

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Further ownership are handled Allah uses the particle of emphasis in this verse when he says in the end, he repeats it again. But in my

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in my use, whenever you see this word in, in the Quran, whether it's in painter composer, or in the internet,

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or in

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this inner is for emphasis, it means definitely, without a doubt, this is the guarantee of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala guarantees, and tells us what the difficulty there is, is definitely what the difficulty there is, is repeating himself again, it's repeated twice for emphasis, the inner is mentioned twice for emphasis. All of this means this is a guarantee from Allah subhanho wa Taala that when he puts you into a situation of difficulty to test you with the difficulty during the difficulty while you are facing experiencing a difficulty, you will experience ease as well. Why? How well you can look at a few examples.

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For example in life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he was facing the test of Makkah, Allah subhanho wa Taala had granted him the companionship of his beloved wife, Khadija ora de la Juana and his uncle Abu Talib, and they were there to make the test easy for him. So what the difficulty of the test of maca team they each have a wonderful wife and a loving uncle. So this is how during times of difficulty, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us ease as well. You might find it happening in your own life that you are going through a period perhaps of unemployment, and it happens during a period of unemployment. Allah subhanaw taala helps you in other ways, pathway

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saving some money away, perhaps by sending some good people into your life path by taking away some of your financial responsibilities. You know, you'll find a lot help comes in strange ways to make sure that the burden that you are facing the tests that you are facing is not too much. So whenever we are facing difficulties in our lives, we need to look around us and you will find that there's also a lot of things to enjoy in life, that whenever you're facing difficulties with that difficulty around you, there is ease as well. The is good as well. So this is the fifth and sixth verse of surah in shirat. Definitely, with difficulty comes ease. Definitely with difficulty comes ease.

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We're going to take a break

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Now when we return we will continue with the deceit of Sora and Shiro Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh we are looking at the Tafseer of verses five and six of Surah Al in Shira in

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the usual but you know but in number three you saw in the usual we mentioned this enough is there for emphasis and the word ma means that at the same time it's you know directly one after the other or at the exact same time. Now, interestingly if you again if you look at the Arabic grammar you know we have to go into Arabic grammar to understand the Quran well because the Quran is in Arabic, Allah says with the difficulty, there is ease. The word difficulty is mentioned in the definite case that difficulty referring to one specific difficulty, while the word is is indefinite meaning many eases are more than one. So Alibaba I think definitely, whenever you face one difficulty, you will

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experience many eases and the the Hadees to support this in which Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that they no difficulty will overcome two periods of ease. No period of difficulty will overcome two periods of ease. Meaning in this world, yes, Allah will test us He will send difficulties our way. But the amount of good times we face in this world will be more than the amount of difficult times for the average person. Right, the ease will be more than the difficulty. And of course, this verse has a very powerful impact on our mindset, that when we face the difficulties of life, we face it with an optimistic view of the future. That soon soon after this difficulty I'll face a longer

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period of ease. So the difficulty is going on for five years. In Sharla you face 10 years of ease difficulties going on for 10 years in Sharla you face 20 years of ease. If the difficulty went on your entire life inshallah you spend the entire afterlife in need. Right whatever the difficulty is, there's always more ease and that's why some of the scholars said the two periods of ease mentioned in this first one refers to ease in this world, the other refers to ease in the afterlife.

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Not in a very beautiful Hadees related to this concept of with difficulty comes ease. And it's it's a very long Hadith which deals with our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the most important Hadees to understand, you know, if you want to get closer to Allah subhana wa tada and you want to stay strong during times of difficulty. This Hadees can be found in a novel with 40 Hadees Hadees number 19 narrated by Abdullah Al Abbas Abdullah Ibn Abbas Raji LA and who he was the cousin of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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but he was only 13 years old when Rasulullah leuser passed away. However, he went on to become the greatest cub seed scholar amongst the Sahaba so you know, this hadith is narrated by him It took place during the lifetime of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said we understand he was either 10 or 11 years old when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam caveum this advice and advice is as follows. And I'll be Abbas radiallahu anhu Kala Abdullah Abbas Raja who said, Come to Kalpana BSL, Allahu alayhi wa sallam Yeoman. I was sitting behind the Prophet have lots of knowledge and then one day he called and he said, Yeah, hula, oh, young boy, in the limo. kalimat I want to teach you some very important

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words. If asila

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remember Allah, protect Allah rights. Allah will protect you. It was a law that did who to

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protect Allah's rights. remember Allah you will find him always with you. Either Salta. First Allah if you need to ask anybody for anything that ask Allah.

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What is this another first time biller for the under pasta in Billa. If you need to seek assistance from anyone seek your assistance from Allah.

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And Allah omata Norwich Tama Allah Ian palooka be Shane lemon for oka Illa BA in Kolkata hula hula know that the entire world had to gather to benefit you, they will only be able to benefit you with that which God has written for you. Why in each demo Allah a De Luca Ba, la mia De Luca in LA Vichy in cadabra hula hula Lake, and know that if the entire world gathered to harm you, they will only be able to harm you with that which God has written for you rufiyaa to watch out for this off, the pins have been lifted and the pages have been tried it for the law, the Gita who are mamak remember Allah you will find him in front of you. The Allah Allah love the law. He already forgot.

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You should

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remember Allah during times of ease. Allah will remember you in times of difficulty wollam and mahkota aka lamea can use ebook know that whatever has missed you was never meant to hit you. Why am I so back lamea Good luck, and whatever has hit you was never meant to miss you.

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And unnecessary lamb and unnatural mastaba an unnatural mastaba and know that Allah assistance comes with patience. Well, Anil barragem

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and that relief comes with hardships, and with tragedies, will Anoma ultimately use law and with difficulty that comes ease. This is a very long region. And the so many lessons we can take from it really.

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This narration can be the foundation of our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this word is found mainly in the book of atomicity. You'll find the full narration in an hour with 40 Hadees Hadees number 19.

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Do like Nirvana is telling us that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when he was just a child or adolescent gave him advice which he remembered for the rest of his life advice which he lived by in which each and every one of us should live by, by the way, this book that we're referring to the 40 hadith of Imam nawawi Imam and Avi Rahim, Allah wanted to put together 40 Hadees, that if you understood them and loved by them, you have the entire religion before you. So anybody who studies the 40 hadith of an RV, and makes them a part of his life, you have the entire religion summarized in these 40 Hadees. So every single one of these Hadees are crucial for study. So this hadith we're

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looking at is a crucial Hadees for our relationship with our Creator. And he deals directly with this topic of where difficulty comes in.

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And it gives us the solution for dealing with difficulty. And what is the solution? The solution is that we remember Allah, at times of ease.

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You see the word sober, the word sober, many of us have understood in a very limited sense, we think sober refers to patients at times of difficulty. The scholars of the past have mentioned that there are three types of sober patients at the time of difficulty,

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resistance from committing sin, and consistency in doing the right thing. All of this is over to a cup for fudger, requiring server to stay away from Xena required server, it's different types of servers, but it's still categorized the server. And so the Scarlet says the hardest time for a person to make stubborn, is during times of ease. When you are rich, and you have everything in this dunya that you want, and you have everything at your disposal, and you have access to Haram. That is the hardest time to be a good Muslim. And that is why in this Hadees Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that he loved the whole yard he forgot he should die. If you remember a lot during the times of

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goodness, Allah will remember you in the times of difficulty, because that's the real test. The real test of life is not to be patient. When difficulty comes. Even people who don't believe in Allah, many of them are patient when difficulty comes. The real test of life is when you are facing the good life. When you have everything in this dunya that you want. And you still remember Allah, you still fear Allah, you still protect Allah right? You still obey Allah subhanho wa Taala do that. And then you will find Allah would you that God who the jockey will find him with you the Gita who Mr. McHugh will find him in front of you. Meaning that if you remember Allah, and you preserve the

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rights of Allah, and you obey Allah during the good times, when things go bad, Allah will be there for you, and you will see his divine assistance in your life, you will experience the miraculous assistance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it starts by being good in the times of ease. And this is where many of us fall short.

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Alexander even speaks about this in another verse of the Quran, where he mentioned that there are many people, when things go bad when things go difficult. What do they do? They turn to Allah. Everything's good, easy, they forget about Allah.

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We don't want to be from those people. We need to be those people who always always remember Allah. And if you do that, definitely Allah will be there for you. Allah

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to lesson in the same Heidi's he gives us a few more tips for dealing with the difficulties of this world. Very beautiful tips. One of them is know that if everybody in the world tried to benefit you, they can only benefit you with that which God has written for you. And if everybody in this world tries to harm you, they can only harm you with that which God has written for you. So we need to understand that whatever benefits or harm we face in this world, it's all from the corner of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We're going to move

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Onto the next part of this Hades where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam gave us a very important principle, which each of us need to keep before our minds. Whenever we are facing any calamity in life. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said wallum Anima, aka taka lahmacun, Lucy book, Rama, you see

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bacala mikuni. You

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know that whatever has hit you, well know that whatever has missed you was not meant to hit you, or whatever has hit you or afflicted you was not meant to miss you. Meaning that when it comes to the past, when it comes to anything which happened in the past, don't dwell on it. Don't think why didn't I do this? If only I did that, you know, don't think to yourself that if I did things differently, maybe things would have ended up differently, don't burden your mind. Don't burden your mind with these worries about the past. Because whatever has happened, was meant to happen. It would not happen. You wanted to get married, you never get married to that specific person. It didn't

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happen. It was never meant to happen. This is something we need to be firm about why Allah knows best. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows everything he knows what was what is what will be, and even what will not be what it would have been like if it had to be. Allah knows the future. If you look in Surah Kahf, which every one of us should be reciting every Friday, the story of Musa alayhis salam and his early Salaam, you seen that story? how Allah subhanaw taala preserved and protected people in ways which they thought was a problem, which they thought something was wrong. For example, Hitler and Mussolini were on a ship, these poor people had given him a lift on the ship for free.

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And he decided to make a hole in the ship. So Musa Elisa was angry about this, but later, he's explained to him that there was a king, who was confiscating and stealing people's ships. And so he made a hole in the ship. So these youngsters, these poor people were sitting and fixing their ship, and the king pass them by without stealing it. So the hole in the ship, which they had to sit and fix had protected them from the hurricane, and from the ship getting stolen altogether. So the lesson we take from that is that even when the things go wrong in our lives, there is always some wisdom behind it. There's always some good behind it, even if we can't see it.

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That's the nature of this world. We need to put our trust in Allah Subhana Allah knows what is best for us. Whether it's dealing with debt with is dealing with tragedy with is dealing with loss of limb loss of your job, loss of wealth, whatever it is, we need to have that firm conviction a lot to handle $1 and of course this only comes if we are there and we remember a lot during the times of is it for the letter to Mr. mk there are a lot of you know the whole era because

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if you remember Allah you will find him in front of you. If you remember Allah in times of ease, you will find him with you remembering you in times of difficulty. The Hadees ends on the same note as the verse that we are discussing, that what alumno and unnatural masaba allows help only comes when you are patient allows help only comes when you are patient if you want to let us help we have to have suffered. And he says Sauber does not only mean being patient with the difficulty, but it means consistency in doing what is right. And resistance to evil, even at times of ease. Meaning if we are always trying our best to be good Muslims, whether it's a difficult time or easy time in our lives,

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we are always trying our best to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala they know Allah has helped to be there for you. Well, another virtue mokara this is another way of saying

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basically, it means that relief comes after affliction. If you are not afflicted with something you cannot experience relief. Relief comes with affliction they go hand in hand, Allah gives us afflictions so we can appreciate the relief and the periods of ease that come after it. Well

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and know that will what difficulty there is ease know that what typicality is is the exact same words used in the Quran surah inshallah, that would the difficulty there is ease. Now why did Allah Subhana Allah give us ease we know Allah subhana wa Taala created us to test us and if you wanted to give us difficulty, upon difficulty for the rest of our lives, you know, He is the Creator, he can do what he wants, but he gives us He is number one as a mercy to us. Number two out of love for us. Number three so that we can rest and recharge and get ready to face the next the next test of life because life is an ongoing series of tests. And even the ease itself as we had mentioned earlier, is

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a test. When you face the periods of ease, what do you find? You find it harder to do good deeds, you find it hard to wake up for soloqueue you find it harder to worship Allah subhanaw taala property why because it's very

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It's very easy to fall into laziness. And that's why in the same do I mentioned in the previous episode, where Rasulullah sliceable to see me the HMI while HMI I seek protection, a lot of anxiety and depression. The next part of the Hadees is well kearsney and from laziness, in the same way he should seek protection from anxiety, depression and laziness as well. Why? Because laziness is what stops us from worshipping Allah properly. And this is why many of the scholars of Islam have said that overeating and oversleeping corrupt the heart, over eating and oversleeping corrupt the heart. How many of us today are guilty of overeating, over sleeping myself included. So you know, we need

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to think about these things we need to live our lives such that we are ready to face the tests of life. And we need to understand that with all these tests, they will always be periods of ease. I know the word Yusra is emphasized in this first because the ease is what our mind should be focused on our minds should be focused on the period of ease, our mind should not be focused on the difficulties we are facing. When you are facing difficulties. Think about the ease. Think about the ease that you've helped in the past. Think about the good time that Allah has given you. We spoke about this in Surah, two high as well. For Amina Amina Mati Rebecca had this as for the bounties

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that Allah has given you talk about it. So when Allah has given you good as well, to talk about the good, it will help you to deal with the bad. Yeah, this this is the philosophy or the psychology behind it, that when you're facing difficult times, when you're facing things, which might be depressing, depressing. Think about the easy times. Think about the good times, think about all the things that Allah has blessed you with. And this will help you to overcome the difficulty. So keep these verses in front of you whenever you are facing the challenges of life. And make it your motto that I know after this difficulty they will come is Allah has promised it. So I will not give up.

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And this is why suicide is haram in Islam. Because it means that you have given up on Allah subhanaw taala it means that you have felt a large part that I can't assist you any further. Now Allah knows best everyone's cases different individual, but that's the general ruling. Right? That's the general ruling on that issue. Now, why does Allah mentioned this verse twice in a row for a number of user enamal ocso? What's the reason for mentioning it twice, as some of the scholars like Mr. ashokan have mentioned that it's because you face two eases, and one difficulty right to every one difficulty or two periods of ease. Some of the scholars went on to explain that it's referring to

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the ease before the difficulty and the ease after it that yes, you are in difficulty now. But before this, you are in a period of ease. And after this you will be in a period of ease. So the difficulty is sandwiched between two pieces of ease. So it's okay you can get through it, you can manage it. It will also be reverting to to ease in terms of this life and the next life. They don't want to leave you facing difficulty now, after this difficulty in this world, you will find relief and ease and in the next world in paradise even more so. Because that's where our mind should be focused on paradise, not on this world.

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Now if you make the athlete our goal we can get through anything for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the the story happened in the time of Muhammad Rahim Allah, where he was imprisoned by the passage of for disagreeing with them and they were promoting an incorrect belief and the humble had disagreed with it. And so they had imprisoned imprisoned him and they were lashing him and you know, it was very torturous punishment they were putting him through to in the prison. Ahmadinejad Rahim Allah he met a alcoholic, this alcoholic was always being imprisoned and last for drinking alcohol. So the alcoholic told

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me humble that if I can take the slashing, for the sake of my love of alcohol, you should be able to take it even more so for the sake of the love of your of Allah. And this really affected me humble because he was like that, you know, if someone who loves something haram can take lashing just to be with it. Then what about our love of Allah? How much more we should be willing to take for our level or low? How much more of the difficulty of this life? Should we be willing to go through for the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. We should remember that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has told us that we love somebody, he sends them tests. Allah loves somebody, he sends them tests. You know, this

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gives us the complete opposite understanding of the test of life, as many of us have. Many of us seem to think that when Allah says difficulties in our lives, it's a punishment. Unless 100 since difficulties in our lives, it's, you know, to burden us or to make things difficult for us or because he doesn't like us or because we've been punished because we've got people but this is not what the Quran and Sunnah teaches. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, they went Allah love someone, he sends them tests.

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He also said the most severely tested people are the prophets and then those closest to them in piety and then those close to them in piety. That's why when you need people who are righteous Muslims you wonder why are they facing such a hard life? You are many people wrongly think that they facing life's hard lives because they hypocrites or because they insincere. Or maybe now we are called Islamism through or whatever other shades of satanic total shade Am I putting our heads, the reality is, they are facing the difficulties because Allah has chosen them. And Allah knows that they are the strongest believers of their time, and they are the ones who can get through that

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difficulty. This is what's really going on. Allah subhanaw taala sends us difficulties for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons being is that it makes us stronger and better people think about it. Think about anyone in this world who has faced difficulty, you will find, you know any story you need of any hero. Throughout the history of this world, anyone who has become famous. The entire story is just about overcoming trial after trial, overcoming difficulty after difficulty. Why? Because that's what makes you a stronger person. That's what makes you a better person. That's what makes you rise up above others. So Allah purposely sent these people these difficulties, to put them

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on another level altogether.

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This is part of Allah's mercy to them. That's why we find the story of use of Elisa Lam. He faced difficulty upon difficulty first being thrown in the well by his brother then been taken away to the strange land and asleep, then being seduced then being imprisoned, or to become the right hand man of the king. It all was building up to that point, it all was a training for him to be, you know, the righteous ruler that he would be Rasulullah sallallahu some who faced more difficulty than him. Nobody. So how can we see the difficulties in this life is a punishment if the person who faced the most difficulties in this world was Rasulullah sallallahu, Islamorada, we understand that the closer

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you are to Allah, the more difficulties you face, and it's okay. It's okay because you've got paradise in return, you get paradise in return for it. So some of the scholars have said the reason why this is repeated is because of love from Allah subhanho wa Taala a large metal out of love for us, is telling us Don't worry, don't worry, you're going to face ease. You're going to face twice the amount of ease as you are facing difficulty. So hang on, and the ease will come from places we don't expect. This is mentioned in another tour of the Quran. Surah talaaq is very interesting that is mentioned in Surah talaaq. In the verse in the Quran in surah talaaq Allah Subhana Allah says,

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We're me yet duck in La Jolla, Allahu Maharajah. zuku mean hazelbury

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verses to enter your Serato whoever fears Allah, taqwa of Allah, you will make a way out for him, and will provide for him from where he never expected.

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My own life I have felt this verse so many times when things were going wrong and help came from the police. I never jumped off the one person you expect not to help you ends up being the one person who helps you. This is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And for anybody who is experiencing divorce, you know, it should come as a Rico as a consumer to you. Allah subhanaw taala is mentioned this verse in verse two and three of Surah talaaq just after mentioned the laws of the law. Why? To let you know that don't worry, don't worry, maybe the marriage never work out. But if you have Taqwa of Allah, if you handle the divorce, what comes after it? would fear of Allah with duck wa with

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righteousness? Then Allah will provide for you from where you did not expect. Our Allah Subhana Allah will provide you would you know something even better, something even better.

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When you lose your spouse, even if it's not divorce, even if it's the debt of your spouse, if you face it with righteousness and patience that Allah can provide you with even better. A beautiful story regarding this is regarding the story of Mr. Roger LaWanda moment Salama, very long story, but I'm just going to go into the main point. She and her husband Abu Salah, we're very close to both omaka they both had made the hitcher to Medina

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they were a very loving couple. And you know one of the most saddest part was when he made his way to Medina, I had to leave her behind in Makkah, and the disbelievers had taken the child and the amount of difficulty they went through, but to handle after everything they went through together, when they were living in Medina, in one of the battles, Abu Salah had passed away. And Omar Salama, was now left as a single mother with all her children, having lost the one man she loves most in this world, I think many sisters can relate to this story. So Rasulullah sallallahu, a dwarf, the dwarf that we all should make when you face such difficulties, then Oh Allah, provide me with that

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which is better than which will take them from me

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will provide me with that which is better than that which will take over me. So she started to make this door. But she said every time she made this door she thinks to herself who could possibly be better than me.

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Selma, she loved him so much, and she can understand who could possibly be better than Abu Salah. But Allah provided her permission she did not expect a few months later she got a marriage proposal from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself.

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He came to it and he proposed to her. And she said, Oh Rasulullah

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I am an elderly woman. And I have a very jealous nature and you have many wives, and I have a lot of children. Rasulullah saw some very beautiful He replied, I am just as old as you.

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And he'll be alone remove your jealousy from your heart. And he said your children are my children are the beautiful statements why they imagined he meant it could be like this, to tell a widow or a divorce he that your children are my children and into love and to follow this and to treat them as such. Now unfortunately, this is another student that which has been lost. We emphasize so much the external Sooners, but as soon as of looking after the widows and the divorces and the orphans, this is something which really needs to be revived. And so Omen Salah, ended up marrying Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and becoming Mahatma, meaning the mothers of the believers ended up becoming the

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woman who narrated the most Heidi's after hr tilaka, and one of the greatest scholars of Islam.

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And it all started with the death of her husband and her patients in dealing with his debt. When her husband passed away, she did not fight with Allah, she did not get angry. Rather, she made she put a trust in Allah, Allah provided her from which to not expect after the difficulty of dealing with the death of a husband came the ease, or being the wife of the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth. And this is why we see and we we are guaranteed this and we believe this will 100% conviction that with difficulty This is definitely with difficulty. There is a new era of fear Allah, Allah will mean for them a way out and provide for them from where they never expected it. It

00:32:01--> 00:32:22

only happened to me Salah might happen to so many other people throughout our history. When they were looking for help. When they were looking for assistance. A law provided them from where they did not expect. So might be lower brothers and sisters who are listening whatever it is you are going through in life. The solution is simple. The solution is found in the Heidi she mentioned

00:32:24--> 00:32:29

this number 1940 hobbies, I'm going to repeat the hobbies in total to close off the program.

00:32:30--> 00:32:35

Because this Hadees is one we all can memorize, understand and apply to our lives.

00:32:36--> 00:32:44

Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us to live nearby siyavula in our early mocha kalimat Oh young man I will teach you some words some important words.

00:32:45--> 00:32:46

It was Illa

00:32:47--> 00:33:07

remember Allah fulfill Allah rights, Allah will fulfill your rights. As per the law that you have to fulfill all those rights you will find him in front of you is as the Alta Vista de la if you need to ask anybody for anything ask Allah. What is the

00:33:08--> 00:33:12

first time below if you need help? ask Allah for help.

00:33:14--> 00:33:30

I know Mandala which tamat Allah alienvault obj in lumion for over 11 specie in code, kata hula hula know that if the entire world had to gather to benefit you with something they will not be able to benefit you except for that which Allah has written for you.

00:33:32--> 00:33:46

Why in each demo Allah you do Luca ba and if the entire world had to gather to harm you with anything that you do Luca inhibition god kadavu lava lake, they will never be able to harm you except with that which Allah has written for you.

00:33:48--> 00:34:01

Which I'm pretty sure the pins have been raised and the Incas dried meaning from the books of God from our destiny. Allah subhanaw taala also reminds us in this Hadees for the law that Chico mama

00:34:02--> 00:34:41

fulfill all those rights you will find him in front of you, the elder of either Luffy raha er Eva fish. If you remember Allah at times of ease Allah will remember you at times have difficulty. While I'm annamma aka taka lamea, can you see back know that whatever has missed you was never meant to hit you. That marriage proposal that must you the child that you didn't get was never meant. We have to accept it and move on. Mama Saba Columbia kuniaki book and whatever hits you in Africa, it was never meant to miss you. You lost your job you lost somewhere else you lost a family member was meant to happen. It was never going to not happen. It was always going to happen. So don't dwell on

00:34:41--> 00:34:43

the past. Let's move on and focus on the future. And

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

while I'm a natural masaba know, that allows assistance comes with patients who suffer well another farraj or another Farrugia Maracaibo and know that relief comes only after difficulties and after addiction.

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Well anomalously useful and only with difficulty, they come to ease.

00:35:06--> 00:35:14

So we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us from those who understand the verses and these Hadees and to make them the very

00:35:15--> 00:35:52

way of life that we live, that we live our lives with this before us that we understand if you want a lot of help, we need to always be obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. In times of ease and difficulty always or being alert, you're always patient, it will always be an ally and have Taqwa then we Allah will provide for us from where we did not expect. This is the promise of Allah, people fully to the people of the past. He fulfilled it with the people today and he can fulfill it with you too. If we fear Allah and a patient at times of difficulty, we still haven't completed the Tafseer of the surah we have two more verses to look at. inshallah, we will do the Tafseer of the

00:35:52--> 00:36:31

last verse of the surah next week, where we will look at verses seven and eight. For either prerogative one sub When you have completed your duties in worship, Allah more will allow Rob because Rob, and turn all of your attention and your goals and your purpose towards your Lord towards Allah subhanho wa Taala two very powerful verses about the purpose of life, and what we need to be doing with our time, we will go into detail Tafseer of these two verses next week in sha Allah, we ask Allah to make us all from those who are optimistic, and who have full tawakkol in him at times of difficulty, and to be from those who remember him and worship him at times of ease as

00:36:31--> 00:36:45

well. To make the Quran, the light of our hearts and that which is the very foundation of our lives and our way of life and our actions. Walk into the water and hamdulillah harrowby alameen wa salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh