Common Mistakes During Ramadan #09 – Finish Taraweeh

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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extra money to buy your cat. Welcome to a new episode in our series, common mistakes on Amazon.

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The point that I want to share with you tonight,

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it's about salata. tarawih

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I know that we all care for Salatu tarawih. And I know, in many places a lot of tarawih can come late, especially when the time is late.

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And he knows some we have work and next day, I understand that so those people who really have to go back to their homes or sleep early, l tarawih. Has late I understand the situation and I fully support them and have excuse them if they don't attend even taraweeh or they leave early as long as they pray at home according to their base. But what I want to talk about the vast majority of people you know, who come to taraweeh but they don't finish taraweeh it's not because anything sometimes they don't we just leave after the for for records or a truck as if the Imam let's say pray 20 or four of the Imam eight pray eight records. They leave and do you think they go home? No, the god

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side the socialize, they watch TV, you know they go talk outside and they don't you know

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just an excuse when they said oh I have work but they don't really go to sleep.

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If this is the case, I think those people need to reevaluate this decisions and practice because the Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, Man, I'm a man mm hmm that day and Saif could he better hope Dr. Mu. Laila, if you pray with the Imam until the Imam finished that Salah as if you praying the whole entire night, so it may be 30 minutes, you know, but it will be count as if you prayed the whole entire night antifragile who wants to miss this edge, just because you want to go outside to watch something or to talk. So make put you make that commitment from now that when I go away, I pray the whole entire taraweeh and also, this is a message for all the Imams to make it easy and possible for

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people to pray the whole entire Torah with you. It is much more important to me than praying long Salah or finish the whole entire Quran and tarawih prayers. If the community cannot do that, and even Ahmed Rahim, Allah Malik and others, they said the Imam should read according to what's the Gema what's the people praying behind him?

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Like and can take

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so it's not too long or too short for them. Again, make sure that you don't leave taraweeh prayer in the middle. And by the way, some people they said oh there's two enums leaving let's say one Imam lead haftarah we had other Imam in after he said after the first Imam leave the haftarah I'm gonna leave and they gotta take the edger No, it doesn't work this way. When the process that I'm said prayed with the Imam. He doesn't mean that an individual means the Imam the one who Linda slay and he finished the whole entire Salah with the Imam. That's where the adger comes. And in the Bissell Allah Salam encouraged us and it's in Allah you him Allah loves when you start something to finish

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it. So if you start are we finished with the Ma'am, may Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us was Santa Maria Kumara to Lahore volcat.

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