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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi, WA early he was seldom, we stopped in the Hadith, and thinking well of individuals, especially in his blessed month of Ramadan,

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a month of Rama, of Mount Farah, it could mean

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a month of forgiveness of pardoning, overlooking and being delivered from the fire, that a Muslim thinks well, of every other Muslim, whether they be leaving, or they've left this dunya.

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And that's today's Hadith we speak about the rights of thinking well of individuals, or the way that people behave. Because we find that masses of our youth that they were clustered together get together.

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And we find that certain practices begin to develop

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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his language was classified as Joanne Marie kelim concise words, words that he said, some 1400 40 years ago, or more than that, still applicable today, in a type of words that he used, or the meaning that can be extracted from those words, because we find that in general, when people are many the youth to hang about, we can't think well of them. Because what it leads to,

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but unfortunately, sometimes the climate that we live in an environment that we live in, we have to accept it, that not everybody has possibly a big house, or an open environment. People may live in a state so in flats, an environment whereby people need to come together on the streets and meet them on the streets.

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So Islam is a religion or way of life of practicality recognizes certain things, and needs of the people and begins to lay out certain parameters,

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certain guidelines and rules and regulation that if we have to do these practices,

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these are the, the sanctions these are rules we to follow inside our life. Now that we become carefree, that is nothing else for us to do. So we hang about on the streets.

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Even if you have to hang about on the streets, follow the guidelines that were laid down by the prophet sallallahu sallam,

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because we know that from being teachers, following the way of managing ambia is to be able to engage with people. When my son Nabeel Rasul in a Lebanese and he called me Libyan Allah whom we not send any messenger except for to speak with the language of the people. You have to understand the taco for the culture,

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the practices of the people to understand the mindset and appropriate la salatu salam, he had a deep understanding of the culture the people around him, that she's able to engage with him. He was able, as the Quran mentioned, you know, Guru Mattila Nur was able to drag them out

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from not just born but vumat not just darkness darknesses bad practices, evil practices, bad conduct, in a note to the light to the light of Allah Subhana Allah does he find mentioned is that is today's heading that we find he will be to record upon you to sit in the streets to hang out on the streets. And just as we began with, there may be there may be no no other option called Yasuda la man in Abu Dhabi modality center that

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we have no choice.

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There is no place for us to go and speak and to discuss it to meet one another. So we sit on in the streets. We sit in the pathway. We sit on the road and we meet and we speak with one another

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on either verbatim Elon Musk Lisa if you have no choice but to sit on the streets out to Paris

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to give the street it's do right.

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They said Chordoma

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what are the rights that belong to the street?

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overland huddled buzzer Firstly, to lower your gaze. Secondly, a couple other to stop any harm. Thirdly, what are the salon to return the salon? And fourthly, will amor bill Murphy when he wanted me to order the good and to forbid the evil. These are the four broad categories or the rights of the street that we find breaking this heading down. He will just be to report upon you

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to handle about on the streets. So the initial wording is it's not normal practice for people just to hang out on the streets just to pass time on today's language people

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They just to be with their friends to be the people around them.

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What do you find many of the Shabaab

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wasting their life wasting their time, time is the most precious thing.

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We don't hold on to it.

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years will go by at the latest stage a person will find that regret of those years that they're wasted.

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So if you have no choice columella budan. Magellan and fee her We have no choice but to come in the streets and to speak to one another. We have to meet one out in the streets.

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These this friendship that we find

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what is his friendship based upon

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that we meet and what is it need to

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look at manifest Shabaab many assets that we spoke about last week. Most of us Shabaab state the purity state of goodness, what leads them towards Muhammad?

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What leads them to head on things?

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Is it not

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bad friends, Bad Company, bad influence. That's what leads many of us to come towards Muhammad, because many of us but by nature we mentioned we don't have inclinations towards this. But somebody may entice somebody may encourage somebody may do something

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and it becomes common practice for all and some people evil

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you have evil intentions that you know I'm doing what I'm amazed will encourage this person to hold on because I'm getting to the Hellfire anyway. And that type of friend is even more dangerous. Even though you can't classify a person is a friend who wants you to do harm to be like them because they've lost hope.

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And as we find that you have a lot you have a letter, Nathan Isla tucket phoolan Halima will upon me. I took such and such individual as a Holly. I know Holly is far deeper than Sahib than just being a friend. Holly means a an intimate close friend.

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That this person becomes second nature to you. You share your thoughts your life with this individual.

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But this individual, this friend of yours, your side, your comrade, this individual, you're going to say the day judgment upon me.

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May I be destroyed. I took this individual as a friend, luckily, Melanie and his decree but the journey. This friend of mine, he misguided me. After the remembrance came to me guidance came to me he misguided me. I used to pray. I used to come to the masjid. I used to fast. I used to memorize Quran, I used to do a scar I used to come to halaqaat I used to teach

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but what's happened now

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because of your friend, the friends around you have taken you to another path. The person says woe upon me for falling such individuals who took me away from the guidance of Allah Subhana Allah wacana shaytaan will insanely cadoola shippon is one who

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destroys man abandons the human being.

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Does you find that shape on a day God will say in the law I say Allah shaitan will say Don't blame me for that a loony woolloomooloo and fusa come Don't blame me. blame your own self. I only wish that to you. I only put the foot into your mind. You physically done those actions. Don't blame me on the day judgment. That's what a police will say. So some of them I tried to use excuse let's blame the devil. It's all a devil's work. The devil will say I only whisper to you. And lady you were sweet Sufi, so do rhenus that's all he's going to do. Just whisper in your mind. We spy my heart. As for the rest of it is amberlynn son is the rest is the human being who carries out those

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whisperings. And as we said that the human being the people think that they're strong.

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The strong individual is the one

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who has the strong one is one who controls their their lasted desires. That's a strong personality.

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That's what you call a personality

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as the one who stays away from our

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final agenda.

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That's what Allah says whoever controls the last and the desires their abode will be paradise. paradise isn't cheap. paradise isn't given easily. person has to break their last break their desires break, they need a break they once break what everybody else on the dunya is doing when to take Oxfam and fill up the wood the look and feel you obey most of the people around you. They're going to drag you away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. That's what it means to be a Muslim a man a believer

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is to go beyond what the average individual does inside their life. Then Allah Allah strange enough then mentioned after that, what color is he

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What color of food you're a beginner cometa how to handle Khurana Maduro

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the messenger was saying the day gentlemen oh my lord. What has happened to my people?

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The abuse these individuals, it has to handle Khurana Maduro abandoned the score on the LSAT score on this month of Ramadan. We will be observing straight after this kita La Jolla unknown la yeah Allah moon for the book of Allah under behind their backs as if they don't know.

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This The enemy has mentioned a gentleness Pooja to Anika is in evidence against you. You're no longer living the Quran. You're no longer practicing the Quran.

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Let alone You're no longer reading the Quran reciting the Quran

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all these ayah that we find inside.

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So to focus on the 25th chapter Parana makansutra study the surah. To see and for con

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bainer and Eman it will cover

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to see the distinction between image and Cofer

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the Baraka Lady nizoral for corner abelia, Kunal and Amina Nazir Ah, the whole sort of begins when we said that for me, I smell Quran we said under the Quran is a criterion. a distinction between an Imam will preferred between a half will battle between good and bad

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is a distinction clear distinction that's what the Quran is better suited for con study the idea is not suited for one, however, speaks about a distinction where by the end of the sort of speaks about what a bad man and Latina am sooner or the homeowner, a bad rap man read about the fact of a bad rap man about servants of Allah Subhana Allah

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and sevens have shavon Kadima, illa emmalin for the unknown habermann Pura disbelieving individuals, they actually become like ashes thrown on a windy day no value to them. That's a person needs to know. And for con, then only a rough man we're only a shape on that distinction between the friends of Allah Allah is of Allah and the allies of shape on worship sabi Tamia Rama to Malaga a whole book, a whole book, speaking about the distinction based upon this, these verses in general, what is the criteria between people of a law and people of shape on there is a clear distinction between people who are the followers of Allah Subhana Allah and the people who follow shape on Allah

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Rasulullah he is a batim lol madressa power to tariqah hakuho We have no choice

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but to sit on the streets and give the streets Did you write Rocco Luma Maha poo. What is the rights of the streets? I will say a horrible buzzer to lower your gaze. We find that before we look into this verse about lowering the gaze

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all the I forgot to mention here in chronological order or from zero to

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the 24th Chapter The Quran. When you find one of the most greatest is speaking about Allah Subhana Allah. But inside the sutra concerns us is about male female gender relationships, speaks about how do we engage? How do we conduct ourselves inside our lives? Because you know many of us living this Western world that we think the Quran is aloof we think the Quran is away is the 21st century is a modern world. It's a modern interpretation, modern living a more than understanding how we live Islam. Islam don't take us back to medieval practices to the sixth century to how religious clerics used to live before. Don't take us back to that.

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Al Quran, legalism and momocon. Koran is for every place, every time, every location, some certain things may change of the Quran doesn't change the Quran meaning the rules that are extracted from the Quran. As to the Quran itself, the Lord's remain

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, people Kabir does the Allah know what he has created? He's the most subtle, the most aware. So when people come and say to you look, you know, we live in a modern world, these these ideas that you quote, they're no longer applicable. We have to understand them in a context.

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This leads to read the this leads to apostasy. This leads to you questioning Allah

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that's what it leads to Allah Allah Allah movement Allah

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does the Allah know what he has created? That's what it leads to. So you're in some people think that's maybe some some religious critics. They're very harsh about this.

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Just like we could be harsh about person committing shift and covert. We should be equally harsh about this. Because this is not one minute ship as well builder because you're questioning a law. Your question your legislation of a law. You're questioning hadoo Davila, you're questioning Kamala

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You're questioning loads of a law. You're asking, Why Why? Why do you have to do this? Why do you have to practice this? Why is this been revealed? Why is this mentioned? Why is it like this? All the shughart lead to dismantling the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah which is visible around us, we can see the described destruction around is what has led to the loss of a loss of minimum, they trivial. They have no value sutan unzila wafra De Anza fear yet in Burkina Kuru, the surah begins bahara this is Surah that we sent down the sewer that we obligated upon you the rules and regulations that you will begin to ponder and to reflect. Then the discussion begins to take place.

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The most extreme level of falling one's lust and desires of falling one's gaze. This is the end of the individual. So God speaks about Xena, that this is one sin that destroys the individual, destroys your genealogy, destroys your lineage, destroys your family destroys your culture destroys everything. This one sin.

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What would we find inside our society? This is a common practice or answer what are the problems Xena in Nokia innovation? What's a Sevilla Parana say what are our new currencies? What are Takara boo, Don't come close anything that goes close to Xena stay away from it. So that's the Quran we mentioned. That is certain individuals. In verse number 19 that we find in the levina Fantasy alpha to fillerina among other elements a hero in the legend a boon

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those individuals who like to spread alpha hisher if we take that genuine menial, Fantasia is classified as sexual promiscuity, wickedness, lewdness.

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This is generally translated as that's the first initial meaning those who love to spread this inside society.

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That's the warning to these individuals who like the inside the society these things should take place inside our society. We want to remove religious diversity away from our society. We want to remove practicing people from our society. This is what you want to have inside our society. This is the type of Islam that we want to follow inside our society. Then a lot of dementia you live in Amman, the tiberiu kowtow to shape one woman kowtow to a pony for no Yamato beneficiary.

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On this one occasion, a lot isn't mentioned. So I know locum adewumi doesn't say he's your enemy. Or he's out to go after you. This occasion Allah mentions in no Yamato Sasha evil monka. Why inside the Sudanese elementary that he leads you towards? Or did you win al Sasha

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within the same sexual misconduct, promiscuity, lewdness, wickedness widely matter.

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Let me tell you what is shaped on. Don't follow the footsteps of the devil.

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The devil shapen is a very intelligent individual.

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And very intelligent individuals. Sometimes we fail to understand that he knows what footsteps, what strings to pull, what to do, what to place inside society, how to encourage individuals. These are all the warnings that the Quran warns us about. Take him as an enemy. Be aware about his plotting is planning towards you human beings, then unless there are mentions, and hobbies that will be seen, when hubby Sunil kabisa. Then again, a lot continuing the theme

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that wicked women are for wicked men.

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immoral women are for immoral men and environment are for immoral women.

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That's what the Quran describes. Good women are good men, and good men are for good women.

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So this the way a person practices their life, that they will live, their sanity will entertain. If a person doesn't practice, Authenticity, isn't god they honor doesn't guard their chastity then that's the type of person who would meet inside their lives. And this has become common practice inside our society.

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that these are a loose life

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is known as normality for me, I love it even amongst Muslims as well that we find then Allah mentioned verse number 3031 were called macmini you're good to me, I'm sorry him say to the believing men to lower their gazes. People come and say but that till faza television does it mean this it doesn't mean that it doesn't mean that Quran Allah he take the Quran on his apparent value or answers meaning your domain I'm sorry him? Well yeah for the Fujifilm say to the believer meant to lower their gaze and to guard their chastity or an AMA have concluded. Rather you find that even

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practitioners of medicine and psychology have concluded and linked the relationship between the growth and the private parts of the individual in a weak Hadith that we find some relevant, authentic and accepted it, that the glance of looking at a strange woman is from amongst one of the poison arrows of the devil is a poison arrow that a devil shoots. That's where it begins with a Navara with a glance. So Allah highlights is inside the Quran the relationship. So what the eye does not see the heart does not desire. That's when a woman is clad in the Islamic governments, nothing is is visible of the, of the woman, nothing of an element of temptation arises amongst agendas,

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because the code address that existed, but when a person dresses how they want to dress, and practice whatever they want to practice, and it becomes normal practice for people, then it leads to alpha where his needs towards her on things that begin to take place, then elementaries wakulla minute

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then Alice's say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze as well.

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And they should guard their chest to preserve their private parts. Then Allah mentions about the believing women that we find after this about a year to hijab. When are you been a Xena tona Illa Malhotra minha

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nothing of the beauty should become apparent except for that which is normality. Here to begin to discuss what is normal practice.

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The debate revolves either hands and a face

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that revolves around some early massacre hands can be visible and a face can be visible. If we took that view

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look at the rest of society. What is displayed of the women

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what is displayed of them

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everything is displayed upon them. Evening you find this huge job that women are wearing at the moment This isn't a job. In all honesty. This isn't a job. That's not the job of the Quran. What the Quran mentions because the Quran mentions while you're while you're Grosvenor beho Marina Anna do you begin let them throw the the outer garments over their bodies over the external bodies and you can enter Do you mean that you can go and read the Tafseer in great detail what that exactly means?

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What it exactly means how the Quran is very, very accurate what it means in the Arabic language and inside the Quran. Were how they should cover themselves. Not just a skimpy scarf thrown over the over the head and the neck you

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mentioned either as a job j helia. This is a job of Jamia a lobes are showing that chest is showing beautification that he job is not beauty is not beautification is not designed to be done. The modern world around us made you begin to have designer labels of a job to make something attractive for the Muslim woman because she likes Xena. But as far as the Sharia is concerned, it is flawed. It is unacceptable. People need to review themselves. That's what if the enemy is mentioned. It speaks about what are your grip who Juliana Niala now your freedom in zenity hinda Quran says that they're not stomp their feet that they anchor it's that the beauty of the jewelry the sound of it is not

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heard by any individual.

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This is the realm of begin to discuss in the Quran. So you're not allowed to hear the sound, the sound of the jewelry, you can't hear that they shouldn't stomp their feet. So how is it allowed for a woman to display the beauty in such society? You're not allowed to hear the sound of the anklets of their bracelets of the necklaces of their bangles of the ornaments that shouldn't be a sound shouldn't be made of it if they're wearing these things. Then the Quran mentions were to Illinois Jamie and a minion Allah come to Ghana, hakimullah Shara

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Shara is

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pointing to what what to Elijah, me and most of you people are going to carry out bad sins, going to make mistakes, you're going to be tempted with women, they're not going to dress appropriately. They need to repent back, adorn themselves accordingly, according to tradition of Islam, then the rest of so many different is that sort of new verse number 58 begins to speak about a time of dress of undressing oneself time of rest, went to remove one's clothes, verse number 59, to begin to speaks about when julija permission to enter into your rooms, that maybe you're resting, maybe not dressed appropriately. Likewise, verse number 16. So we can speak about elderly women when they could remove

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the outer garment even though it's better for them, even at the elderly age to keep the outer garment on them. This is so to note that we need to advise ourselves, our family members, this is a benchmark to go and see it is possible

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This is a lowering of the gaze of the individual, a person needs to develop this inside their life worker for other and to remove any harm that takes place on the street. A Muslim isn't one that harms other individuals.

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Does it harm another individual doesn't become an annoyance in the streets that you're going to remember begin to discuss what is the full adder removing harm, not to spit on the streets, throw rubbish in the streets, block the pathways, to talk and to laugh on the streets, to make mockery in the streets, in decent display on the streets. This all comes under careful either you're harming other individuals that we find. Likewise, when we're up to seller,

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to return the seller, if a person happens to be the street people Muslim go past you, you should return this anomaly finds out so to Nisa. A person gives you some return the salon back to them.

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We turn it back back to give a better greeting to them. But what we find As salam at the moment is for whoever we know, whoever we don't know we don't bother to give them Salah even as Muslims, we rejoice, you know maybe a person who may not be displayed as a Muslim, but when they go past it and give you Salaam it gives you a good feeling.

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It gives you a 10 minute person recognize me the Muslim gave Salaam this this height His goodness. So you find that as you send them spread the Salaam among to give the Salam is a sign of peace, of contentment, of harmony to other individual Muslims that we find. And finally, finally honorable maroof when he wanted

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to order the good, and to forbid the evil that is present is in the streets and sees bad practices.

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It should shouldn't warn people about them. And a person should encourage people as he began about coming towards good deeds. The fourth trait that we find that if a person has to remain on the streets,

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his ultimate Bill Murray's gonna have

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to order the good and to forbid the evil. And as we find the general practices, or encouragement of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and Raman cucaracha for yoga D. Whoever monkey sees an evil and change it with their hand. For lm yestertec fabulous Ernie, we cannot change it with your hand and change it with your tongue. For lm yesterday probably called be Metallica for a man called Sal de la Salaam, if you could remove it with your hand, then speak out against it that is the most weakest of a man the lowest level of email. So a person is in that environment we see God every single day doesn't mean that person lashes out to people person in Nice way reminds them in the midst of the

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month of Ramadan is the month of blessing, months of virtue that you're carrying out these practices you're doing is bad practice to remind him what the theorem a Milla remind them about the days of Allah Subhana Allah to encourage them. Because as we know, the environment that we live in at the moment is conducive for Muhammad conducive for bad practices. So we do encourage individuals stay away from these bad practices. And likewise, you find what's known as handy to Safina the heartbeat of the ship, whereby many of us we think just leave everybody alone. Why why why why should we preach to people? Why should we tell people to stay away from Iran? Why doesn't everyone live their

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own life? That's Christianity. There's other ways of life that you find Islam doesn't encourage that

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in a handy subpoena, that we find that when people don't order good and forbid the evil, everybody will be destroyed. If we turn a blind eye to what people are practicing, everybody will be destroyed. We this Muslim woman is one of my one nation traveling together that we find a lot of photography but he will be noticeable. A DNS corruption is appeared on the land, how's it appeared on the land, because what our own hands have sent forth,

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have concluded from this verse that the prime reason amongst the prime reasons why we're suffering as a Muslim omata moment, the facade of the corruption of his own hands have set forth our own mouths to our own Zulu, our own disobedience, our own negligence, our own sins. So Allah and His infinite wisdom allows facade to take place, allows corruption to take place.

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And this is a severe warning to us that we shouldn't separate ourselves from society and just leave every individual to do whatever they want to do. And like what we find argue on the streets.

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amongst us Muslims that we find in public places in the parks that we find it becoming a common phenomena that we find

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people think it's a benchmark of what to go to parks to scream, shout, tone, curse, revile home, speak, Ill be derogatory look down at whom, at your own Muslims, show you an ID. Some random even discussed, we don't need this type of data to come out in such such a platform in such an environment. We are each other's throats. And the Muslims, non Muslims are making laughingstock of us. You can't even keep your own house in order.

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Look at each other's throats. And it's sad to say even in Ramadan, somebody Shabaab will flock there you can argue another Muslim. It is only an egoistic culture is your ego, that I'm always right. I'm never going to be wrong in my life. That's what is your own ego. That's what it boils down to. You have to prove your point. You have to prove that everybody is wrong on the face of this earth. You have to prove another Muslim is wrong. It's the month of Ramadan is a month of trying to encourage one another, have a birder coming close to Allah Subhana Allah to make as a full forehead make our ranks wide not due to cause distinction

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to split people away, pull people away mostly just wasting time that we find as we can see euphoria YouTube full of at the moment. Facebook What is it full of what is sort of just rubbish, wasting time now you feed? How's it going to benefit all of us we look back at life one year ago in life today, camino quran quran How much have you read? Hamza Quran Have you memorized? How much have you implemented? How much do you understand? What do you understand from last year and this year? No sushi.

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Same thing. No change.

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No change inside your life. Remember that the change that when a person stands in front of Allah subhanaw taala all on their own? What will a person say on that day that I was busy doing this as busy doing that?

00:31:32--> 00:31:41

I'm not going to ask every single one of these moments where a person has to be selfish. It's a month of Ramadan, the climax of Ramadan, the build up to a little

00:31:42--> 00:31:50

high lumen elfish are better than at three years, and some four months have a better most of us will not live until the age of 80

00:31:51--> 00:32:05

Lena Omer Omer shucks. bainer city Sabine. Oh como con la salatu salam, most of you live between 60 and 70 years. Some of us may go beyond that. Most of us are not going to live for at three years.

00:32:06--> 00:32:06

One night,

00:32:08--> 00:32:19

one night of a bad Allah multiply that gives you as you're 85 years of your life. And what do we do we squander it. We wasted because we don't have our priorities in place.

00:32:20--> 00:32:38

We don't have a priority to place we don't understand the new life Subhana Allah. Does he find out about friendship as we began with you find a mama hustler bus we mentioned that people come on a judgement you will say that we are those people used to fast and drink and to be with us. Where are they today? Where are they gone?

00:32:39--> 00:32:41

They Unfortunately, some of them have gone to the fire.

00:32:43--> 00:32:49

So we said that go and extract those individuals from the fire. Go make the gun into seat and bring them out.

00:32:50--> 00:32:52

Like oh, my God, I used to say,

00:32:53--> 00:33:00

well canopy used to weep upon that. He's to say make as many close good friends as you can in your life.

00:33:02--> 00:33:27

Because if you're missing on a date judgment, you know that a good friend will call out to a lie and say bring my friend so and so deliver him as well. That's only going to be a good friend. So I will tell you, my Josie used to say excel in making good friends, righteous companions, righteous individuals who remember you not in this dunya but remember, you were inside an era just to echo good friends.

00:33:29--> 00:33:43

Good, not a friend that walk away from you, friends inside of Africa who remember you and say bring this person back to us. That's what we lost. Other mentions about the birth of believing individual side so to Toba, the believing men and believing women

00:33:44--> 00:33:57

normally occur on mentioned the pattern is about the established a prayer to give this account certain characteristics and traits of these individuals. On this occasion a lot of the mentioned that believing individual those individuals, Yamuna, Bill Murphy was an owner and

00:33:59--> 00:34:27

then you when you came on sada then Allah mentioned established a prayer, and they give this occur. But this one occasion, Allah mentioned, this is the characteristic of the believing individuals, they all did a good and they forbid the evil, encourage one another. That's all our job is. That's all our job is, you know, none of us knows who's going to go to gender. None of us knows that answer. Nobody has the keys to gender, or be given the status gender except for one person.

00:34:28--> 00:34:37

One person will be given those keys. And that one individual is the profits of the law. So that's the one individual, no other individual.

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

No other individual will be given that dignity. No individual knows what the ending will be. So all that a person could do inside their life is to become a breach of hire. A bridge of goodness. Have encouraging other individuals to remember Allah. So when we all meet Allah Subhana Allah you find inside your meezan

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

Because when

00:35:02--> 00:35:04

you find excessive good deeds inside your scales,

00:35:05--> 00:35:08

you ask Allah Subhana Allah, where did this come from?

00:35:09--> 00:35:51

How did I get so many good deeds inside my life? I didn't do much inside my life, but encouraging another individual because they rectify themselves and they pray and they fast, they do good deeds, you get a sheet of that reward that will multiply you. And especially this month of Ramadan multiplication is even more. If we encourage ourselves, encourage our family members encourage the people around us, it becomes a ripple effect. encouraging people to the goodness we asked last time to give us all a topic and ability to become amongst those individuals all fast to converge on a sooner exert ourselves exert as the final moments of Ramadan to become good individuals pray to

00:35:51--> 00:36:15

Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala una hora de Macau hard to become firm upon your deen make art become steadfast, serif alumina and aquatic mega hearts turn toward your obedience. Keep us steadfast take us in a state of the state of obedience of a birder, devotion, commitment, we had a decir mistake of fasting, making dua to Allah Subhana Allah, that we should pray to

00:36:16--> 00:36:35

him a good ending pray to Allah, Allah give us that good ending, wherever we because Amen. Life is a blink of an eye. As soon as we leave the masjid, we will see the difficulties, the temptations the life around us. So imagine at times like a blink of an eye if we ask Allah to give us steadfastness, keep our eyes keep our hearts steadfast