Manners of the Mindful – Let’s Not Argue

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A man walks in the room of his son in law and his daughter, and they're sleeping and he wants to wake them up to pray.

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When his son in law wakes up, he says, look, that our father in law, if God wanted us to pray, he would have woken us up and we would have prayed. Whereupon the father in law said, and mankind is always disputing is always disputing from the creation is the one that argues the most always has a rebuttal. This actually was a statement of the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him to his son in law IE or the Allahu I'm, when he went to his daughter's house Fatima, to visit them, and they were sleeping and it was in the middle of the night and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, try to wake him up to pray. And this is where I least said, If Allah subhanaw taala data or other data

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if he wanted to awaken us to wake make us wake up, then he would have done so whereupon the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them, snap this dies and said, well, canon in Santo ekadashi in Jeddah in this portion of his response is in the chapter of calf chapter number 18. Where last month Allah mentions that statement, well, unser roughneck he had it occur annually. nasem including the method were Cannell insano, XRP, in Jeddah, Ji dal arguing, many of us may know the beginning of Ramadan, that within the communities and sorry to say, but many of us know by now, that this takes place in a majority of gatherings or Masjid or it's the topic that is talked about this aspect of gathering and

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or arguing is something that is very, very common. As a matter of fact, it's a human characteristic that we always have something to say even internally. But this is something that when we are mindful of the Creator of the heavens and the earth, we try to stay away from arguing that is not beneficial. Rather, we want to understand each other. And this is where the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said gentlemen that they are you. And if you notice in the Koran, when Allah mentions the word je dal or jeden, he always puts by hassanal to show that there is a type of G dal that is good. And if it is not g doubt that is good then it can be what is called an MA, which can

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be that is quarrelling the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, he said. And as a moon fee robber they'll generally be based in fear Robert Elgin, Lehman teracle Mira Willow, kana Mohan, where any cannibal happen in this Hadeeth is gonna be the wood and it's Sahakian. shala. And it's the portion of a longer Hadeeth. But this portion I want to capitalize on because the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said, and as a moon, baiting Pharaoh, but the agenda that I am a representative or I am someone that's going to help the individual with a house in the surrounding portions of heaven, for the one that leaves off quarreling, even if they were correct. Now, many of

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us right now, are thinking about while my child does wake up, and may have said something like Ali did rather low rhodiola. Or I'm thinking of this individual stuff. And just think about yourself, ask yourself, have you argued with someone, because you just wanted to prove your point? Have you just wanted to get your point across and while you're hearing the person talking and not listening, you're hearing words and a voice. But while you're hearing that you're thinking of what you're going to say in rebuttal from the last point, you're not listening in order to understand, you know, one of the strongest techniques, and this is very important for all of us is husbands, fathers, wives,

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mothers, you know, community leaders and members, is that we should seek to understand before being understood, that we should seek to listen to what the individual has to say, in order to learn something. In other words, to hear their points of view, before we even mention ours. And if someone is arguing with you, and they're flooding you with a whole bunch of words and raising their voice, listen, and then ask them Are you finished? Because I would like to mention my point. This is where it leaves the realm of quarreling. And it could be just a basic disagreement, especially in issues of Islamic knowledge or knowledge of the religion. You know, whether we're Muslim or we're speaking

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to a Christian or a Jewish person, or someone of another faith, and it can get kind of,

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you know, turn into dispute and turn into quarreling. Allah Subhana. Allah mentions this as well, when he talks about speaking with those people that may be of a different faith when he says if there are the membership on the other route Elizabeth

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Rob Baker bill Hekmati. Well mo editor has an app with jack dill whom bill Lahti here, Asan, he says call to your Lord with wisdom

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and good teachings, more a little hasna and more ADA is like a reminder make someone recollect and think. But with a good form of reminder, what Jad didn't humble let's see here I sent an argue or dis or disagree with them in a way that is good in a way that is hasn't. And this is important. When we speak to our wives or husbands many of us are in the house now with COVID. And we're we're around each other much more an arguments will take place, we will disagree. But let's just remember that if we feel that we have the truth with with us and we leave the argument, because we see there's no ultimate benefit. This is where it is a person that may be held by the promise of Allah while it was

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send them. We fear about the agenda on the outskirts of gender or on the lowest portions of gender because you leave an argument that is not beneficial. And when doing that this is a means and helping bring a community of family human beings together. When they see you're leaving off, pushing your point for the betterment of the relationship. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us for those that are mindful on our manners. And may He make us of those that when implementing those manners, it has a rippling effect on those around us Santa Monica Moroccan until I have to catch it. Thank you