Summary of Juz 24 – The Verse of Hope

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Was Salam O Allah, Al Karim, Allah Allah He was heavy at mine I'm about

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three hours thinking about whether to do entire shoot or not because we begin today's recitations in the middle of surah, aluma and surah. zumal is one of my favorite tools in the Quran, and really had to go into the entire suit I was going to spend the whole night. So I decided to just focus on one verse, because this one verse is very relevant to the last night of Ramadan.

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I've been mentioning this throughout the month of Ramadan, that this is the month of forgiveness. This is the time to have all of our sins forgiven. There's so many a hadith about having our sins forgiven in the month of Ramadan. And we know that to our to make in the last 10 nights over my most forgiving to love to forgive to forgive us. But some people may have this thought in the mind that my sins that too many, all my sins are too great. Or my sins are too shameful or too dirty or too disgusting. How can you ever forgive me?

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And in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu I knew he was set up the way people with these torches Well, they were people who came to Medina and came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and so we want to become Muslim, but we have killed so many people and we have done this and we have done that. How can Allah

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the verse and this verse is in tourism on the third page of tonight's presentation. And this verse is called of the obscene quality the burst of hope and happiness bursary, grandma stated that nobody who hears this verse and has committed sins can lose hope in Allah's mercy, because this verse is so powerful

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in the surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us all the same because the people ask so Allah responded see see what Yeah.

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Allah I'm pushing him that dotnet to mirror the law in the law young through the new by Jeremy in the hula hula Rahim say oh my servants we have completed sin against their own self. Those who have harmed their own self to sinning locked up now to

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never lose hope because mercy in the law or your favorite YouTuber Jamia Allah forgives all a love for him to all sins in the whole world.

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He is our food and our he is most forgiving most most people. This is the reverse of whatever sins a person has committed. Whatever a person's past, like was right on to this moment, it doesn't matter. Allah forgives all sins. If someone has to pull back unless you have a handle data today, whatever was done before will be forgiven. And the diesel fluency that builds upon this verse is a diesel Guzzi, which continues with this message and goes into even more details that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that Allah said, Oh my servants, as long as you call on me and ask of me, I will forgive you. And I hope my Allah Subhana Allah said, All my servants, if you had to come to me

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with sins, up to this clouds of the sky, and seek my forgiveness, I will forgive you. And once I said, All my servants, if you have to come to me with sins equal to his entire Earth, but he had never worshipped anyone besides me.

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I will forgive you equally.

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And so from this Heidi's in this verse, we learned that Allah Buffy rock is vast beyond our imagination. So nobody, nobody should ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we have to get this message out there to those who are losing hope. Because in our religion, losing hope in Allah's mercy is a type of history. If you have a bad thought about Allah, it is thinking Allah is listening what you really is, Allah is Oh, her food. He's a Rahim. But when you lose hope in Allah's mercy means you don't really believe he is a photocopy. And we have to get the message out, because we are living in a time where people are falling into sins every single day. And those

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sins are driving him to despair. And so they may be a good person who fell into sin one day, and the next day, he doesn't come to the masjid because he's too ashamed of himself. And he begins to build a sin upon sin upon sin and to be open.

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We have to teach our youth Toba we have to teach them to retain we have to teach him to seek Allah's forgiveness, we have to teach them that

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we have to make sure that everybody has this belief, because this is what prevents us from becoming depressed. This is what prevents us from giving us hope from giving up hope. And so tonight after the rainy nights of Ramadan, when we are asking Allah for forgiveness when you are making your arm when we are saying this you

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will have to think about this verse. Anytime you feel my sins at too much. Anytime you feel my

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Since that too many, anytime you feel my sense that two major think about this verse in the lower Yaqui referred to by Jamia Allah for Kingsport says, this is a blanket invitation from Allah to seek forgiveness for any sin alone.

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And so this is the message that I want us to think about tonight, unless you have a handler for all of our sins, except our good deeds and to make us from the people of gender. Johanna Rahman

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was Salam sunnyville