Yasir Qadhi – The Relationship Between ‘Family’ and ‘Mercy’

Yasir Qadhi
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah we exalt the Name of Allah the majestic, the Most High. We put our trust in Him and upon him do we rely. He sent us a prophet whose message no sincere person can deny. And he revealed to us as shady that we live and we comply by we asked him to forgive our sins on the last day and our good deeds to amplify Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran yeah Johan De Soto for a buck como la de harder hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhada Baba thermen humare Jahren Kathy Ronnie's What up law hi lady Tessa Luna v well or ham in the law. Her current ID Kumar Atiba. This is the first verse of Surah Nisa, all mankind Fira law and be conscious of a law who created all of you from one being.

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And from that being he created the spouse, Adam and Hawa. And from the two of them, he created multitudes of men and women.

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Be conscious of a law, in whose names you ask people to do things. And also be conscious of your families, what law what will

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be conscious of a law and be conscious of your families. Notice how Allah tells us to be aware of our families in the same verse that tells us to be aware of him. Today's holdover is going to be a reminder about family, a reminder about the importance of our loved ones, our relatives, our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and our extended family. If you look at the Quran, the Quran is full of stories about families, Zachary, yeah. And Ibrahim, they don't have children. They're making their art to Allah for children.

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Use of Allah His setup has problems with his brothers and family. yaku has children that are involved in family issues. We have in Surah telko, half the the orphan that does not have parents, and we have the parents who lose their child. We have in Surah lokman verses that talk about the advice that fathers should give to their sons, so many stories about families in the Koran, and how can there not be when families are an essential characteristic of life? Every one of us has a family, every one of us has a family and that family is given by Allah we do not choose our families. We do not choose how many children we have. We do not control the gender and the quantity

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of our children. Yeah, havalim and Yasha enough and we are hubballi, Manisha was the core, I will use the vigil homido Quran and what ina YG lumen Yasha Pema to some he gives only boys to some he gives only girls to some he gives both and to some he gives none. This is Allah azzawajal who chooses our families. We do not choose our families. But we are obliged by Allah to strive to have the best families. We are obliged by a lot to have families that are families of compassion, families of mercy, families of love. The importance of family in Islam, goes back to the very beginning of Revelation. In the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, a man by the name of amber Eben, Abba, sir,

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who was not from Makkah, he was from a faraway town. He heard that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is preaching something new. So he came to Makkah, and he said, What are you? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I am a prophet and an abbey. He said, What is an epi he's never heard of an IB. He said Allah has sent to me. So he said with what the prophet system said two things. This is early Islam, the first two three years of the Dharma, he says two things. Number one, that a law be worshiped. And number two, one tasi rule or ham families be united families be upon good and compassion in early Islam. The whole message of Islam was summarized in two commandments, worship a

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law and be good to your family. That was Islam in Abyssinia, when the king of the abyssinians Naja she, when he called Jaffa and he said, What is this religion? What does your Prophet sallallahu wasallam teach you? Once again in that summary was what he came to us. And he told us to worship Allah, our Creator, and to be good to our families. All of Islam is summarized in two commandments, worship Allah and be good to your families. This was Islam in early America that was no other commandments. There was no sila obligated, no zeca no fasting of Ramadan. What was the obligation, worship a law and be good to your families. In this COVID crisis. Every one of us has seen the

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importance of family. We can boycott from distant relatives. We can do social distancing from the masjid itself. We are six feet away from everybody except one category. The one category we are around our family and because we are around them. We are discovering both the joys and the pain. both the good and the bad. Being with our families. It has increased our

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sensitivity is our awareness, our love our bonds, and yes also the bickering also the fighting also the tension. So it is so important during this time of stress, that we remind ourselves of the importance of family, that we remind ourselves of the blessings of family, that we remind ourselves of the status Allah has given to being good to our families in the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim Mustafa la our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that Allah has said, so this has he is good See, and it is much tougher Kylie. It is the most blessing type of Hadith, inauthenticity and in transmission in authenticity, Bukhari and Muslim in transmission, it goes back to Allah What does

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the Hadith say? Allah says, honor Rama. My name is a Rahman and from my name, I created a Rahim Rahman Rahim, what is Rahim? raha means the womb. And Rahim means in Arabic the concept of family, we can translate this hadith as the following. I am a rough man. And from my name, I created family and the meaning of family is to be merciful or raw him from raw or raw him from Rahman r Rahim from the concept of compassion and mercy. It is correct to state that Allah is telling us that the concept of family is based upon mercy and compassion around him is from Rahman, from my name. Allah says, I created the concept of family, in the other Hadith in Sahih, Muslim and also in Bahati, that

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Allah azza wa jal created the creation when he created everything. And then the prophet SAW Selim says r Rahim stood up the family r Rahim stood up and it hung to the throne of a law, r Rahim. The family said, Oh Allah, what is my macom? In your eyes? What is my status? What is my status? Oh Allah, I want to know what is my ranking? The family is asking, what rank do I have? Oh Allah. And the law said, Are you not happy that I will keep ties I will remain connected with the one who connects with you. And I will disconnect from the one who disconnects with you. I will break off from the one who breaks you up and now will remain connected with the one who connects you. The

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meaning is very clear. The one who preserves family preserves his relationship with a law, the one who is kind to family, compassionate to family, Allah will be kind to him. And the one who breaks family destroys family, a low will destroy him. In the famous Hadith in Sahih, Bahati our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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the best person amongst you is the one who is the best to their families. And I he said, I'm the best to my family. The best person amongst you is the one who is the best to your families, and I am the best to my family. I speak now to the fathers to the husbands because they are the majority of the audience right here.

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concept of family is derived from the root for mercy for compassion. You will be merciful when somebody has made a mistake, you have to be merciful. You will be merciful when a wrong has been done, you will forgive. That's the meaning of being merciful. The role of the Father, the role of the parent, the role of the husband is to embody compassion and mercy. Yes, strictness has a role to play, but the default is compassion. Allah did not say from strictness, I created the family. Allah did not say from Isaiah, I created the family. Allah said from my name or right man, I created the family. The default when it comes to family matters, His mercy and tenderness and compassion. And

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dear fathers and dear mothers, much can be said time is limited. We live in a time of great evil, great fit in a great facade. We live at a time when the iPhones you give your children the tablets you give them it opens up a world of evil and have some good as well.

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Realize dear parents when you and I were teenagers

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When you and I were children, we did not have that technology. Imagine if we had that technology, what would we do with it, your children have opportunities you did not have, you are giving your children the good and also the bad that you were safe from. So realize they might do more than you in good. But they might also slip more than you. They might achieve more than you in education, but they might also fall worse than you. And I fell because of the technology that we are giving them. It's not their fault. And I'm not exonerating the mistakes they do. But I am saying, Do not expect your son or daughter to live the same life that you did. Just like you could not live the same life

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of your parents. Were you the same as your Father, as your mother, were you able to live the life according to them? You did things they didn't want you to do, and you got away with it. realize your children will also do things much more things that you did not do. It's not their fault is the technology you are giving them. So you have to find the right balance between strictness and compassion, you have to find the right balance between what is and what is not allowed. And realize dear parents, you cannot protect your children completely. You cannot this the world we live in. Most important thing is you act in what how you want your child to be exemplify what it means to be

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a Muslim man or woman show in your actions. The role model conduct more important than what you say is what you do. More important than you rebuke is your lifestyle. Realize dear parents, most likely you and I will go and your children my children will live on whenever you have a discussion with your child, whenever you have to rebuke your child whenever you have to be strict. And sometimes you do have to be strict. Remember, a time will come when you will be gone from this picture, and your son or daughter will be there and you will not remember don't lose the battle of today. In order to lose the battle of the next generation. Think of a time when you will not be there and your son and

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daughter will remember I did this mistake. And that's how my father treated me think of that time you might lose the battle of today but win the battle of tomorrow. Think long term. Think about when your child becomes a parent and they will remember your parenting techniques. There is no easy answer will lie. There's no easy answer. And I'm in the same boat as all of you. Our children are struggling. But my simple advice to you. Family and compassion, family and mercy family and drama go hand in hand. If you're going to make a mistake, make a mistake on the side of compassion. make a mistake on the side of Rahim because that is what family is about. Family is about love and

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compassion and mercy make your households households of love and compassion exemplify Rama exemplified the name of a man in your dealings with your family and perhaps in short allow you to either the time will come when you are not here and your son or daughter will take your place and will remember the Rama that you had would remember your love your lifestyle and that is much more important than one or two conversations that you have. May Allah xojo bless us all with righteous families may Allah azza wa jal make us of those who listen to the Quran and follow it to the best of our abilities. May Allah subhana wa tada bless us within through the Quran. And may He make us of

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those who is verses they understand I asked all those forgiveness us will ask him for he is the food and the ramen

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Alhamdulillah Hilda hadn't had a summit Allah de la mirada, mula, mula Hakuna had, there are many techniques and advice that can be said about families. There is no time today, but I will remind myself and you have one and only one. The Quran is full of doras for the family. The Quran teaches us that we should make dua for our parents and our children. We'll call Rob Durham, Houma, camara Bayani Samira, we make dua for our parents are gonna have lnm and as why'd you know what Gloria Tina kurata island which Island what's up Dana mama awfully Holly for you the reality. We make dua for our parents, for our spouses for our children, dear Muslim. How can you raise your hands to Allah

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and ask for money and ask for

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Long life and ask for the blessings of this world and not ask for family. The best blessing of this world is that of a family, this world the best blessing is that of a family and health. These are the two blessings of this dunya How can you raise your hands to Allah and not ask Allah for good family? So my advice to me and you is always make dua to Allah for good families good children, righteous children, make dua to Allah constantly for a spouse that will help you attain gender for parents that you can ask forgiveness for. For children that will be like you are better than you any man and taqwa ask Allah for the guidance of your children. ask Allah that your children pray your

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children fast your children follow eemaan that the love of the Quran is in their hearts. The love of Islam is in their hearts constantly make dua to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and never ever forget, as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the duty of the parent is always accepted for the child so make do and make lots of for your children along in NIDA and for mineral allama let me know if you had to do me them but he loves Africa wha ha Manila for Raja wala Jain in la cabeza. de Maria one in LA chef ATIA what i what i see around Eliza sarta Allahumma fildena what is one in La Nina? Saba una been a man. What are a few Kuru Bina Lila Lila de una mano robina in nakara offer Rahim

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Allah Homer is an Islam our Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma aracena our other Islam and Muslim in Ebisu in Virginia who've been upset with Jonathan Miro Peter v. AKA Aziz regards a law in the law Tyler American dominated by the bbfc within the Malacca the photoessay within the Steadicam engine, he will insert faqad as the main card in alima. In the law home and I also Luna Allah nebby Yeah, you and Edina amanu sallu la he was selling the motors nema alomost suddenly was suddenly Mubarak was an abject roswitha Mohammed was the he was so happy as marine rebels a law in the law to motivate idly what exactly was the title for barbed

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wire in Halifax, a well known Carnival belly you're able to come to the Quran or the court of law and all the male Kuru Kuru Yoshida.

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name is Sarah

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