Issue of dispute among trustworthy Scholars, Alcohol Najis

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of teaching students about religion and the need for knowledge and skill to address issues. They stress the need for students to address issues related to their religion and to focus on the area of filmora. The speaker emphasizes the need for students to understand and practice religion to address problems.
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And my second advice I want is an advice for you. No and hamdulillah Harry Potter, we

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this is why I wanted to call you in private, but that hamdulillah maybe the guys online will benefit or giving that away to people in public from the Rayleigh and we have Alhamdulillah and we have learned a good amount of

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new muscle. And I'm assigning like I have three people with me. And as of right now it's me including to me and to others to three in total. And I'm assigning for each and every one of us a couple of reboots so we can teach them and stuff in private. My question is, like, my question is, and this is a confusion because I don't want the reverse to be confused and I don't want conflict between us is do I have to all three of us be like following one chef for example, that and we teach them the rulings of that shape? Or do we teach them according to what we follow? This is my question. Well it all

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it all depends on the subject that you're teaching. You know, if it is our feeder then RP that is our feeder, there is no chef and Chef, you know our feeder is one RP insha Allah but if we're talking about other subjects, like you know fepto Salah and stuff like that, then we should stick to the, you know, the humbly kind of film because this is the closest to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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That's my advice to

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you, for example, I like it there is one like the Salafi the sad, happy that this is the thing, but the focus the issue, because for example, at Hamdulillah, all three of us I guess, we follow a shear hunt these shapes of like humbly shoe, but they should be like there might be some difference like for example, I take that the shift the advice of, of the opinion of shift, man that alcohol is nudges and some other for example, Arsenal, Hakeem Olajuwon increasing its knowledge, he takes it that it does not notice. That's how, for example, my friends, that's my opinion, too, and this is okay. That's your opinion. Yeah, this is an area, you know, that it's okay. You know, it's it's

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permissible to so also Yeah,

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I think I think you can use this as a teaching point that

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you know, there are some areas in the religion where there is a space because it's left to the

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to the interpretation. You see myself and Cher awesome.

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See that the what is a lawful regarding alcohol is consuming it is drinking it and causing you intoxication.

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But tear off man looks at it from the angle of promoting that, you know, that you're promoting that industry by you know, using it. So, you know, both this is where is the head, it's, you know, you have to teach them also that side of the religion. You know, when the prophets of Allah Allah salaam commanded his companions, and he said to said to them, none of us should brace ourselves but in Benny Hora Eva, right. Right after lazerbrite Some of them braid us are in Benny Corrado insisted, although they missed the time for us, and others pray then the way they didn't want to miss the time of Salah. And both were correct. And this is where the area is, you know, we're not talking about

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fundamentals of the religion, that's the most important thing. Yes, inshallah. So, so my thinking that they will be confused, and this is wrong yet. Like, it's actually it's better for me to teach them about this stuff, you will, you should let them know that there is areas in Islam where it is left to the scholars to deliberate

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because these are contemporary issues. And it requires certain caliber of students of knowledge, to derive the correct ruling,

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through assessing what is good and what is bad, the benefit the harm and weighing that, you know, placing it in the skill.

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You know, and so all of these things are and that's what makes Islam beautiful. That's its religion until the day of judgment is not a static in this area, because everyday people bring into this world new things. You know, and that is why we have the analogy we have the PS we have, you have to teach them that Islam is not a static thing is dynamic is but not when it comes to the Foundation.

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Religion, you understand you have to draw that line and not when it comes to the foundation of the religion because this is what about us? Yeah. Now what about this the teacher for example, for example, I don't want to seem like the results are seeing that their teachers are having obviously what not even like knowledgeable but we're trying our best and they're seeing us having like conflict like one of us is saying this is for example, Mr. hab the other is saying no, this one is what if so, do you think all of us the three should be following like one thing? Or is it okay? Okay, no, you're gonna have to, you know, you're gonna have to you but explain to them, I think it's

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more important in my opinion, to

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place the foundation let them know where is the area, there is no individual opinions.

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It's something that has to be followed adhere to the idea of an archive the idea of a bed that there is no analogy there, there is no modification or then go into the area of filmora that a flat also is you know, a set there is no change to it. You see the religion if you look at the religion, you have our

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beliefs, beliefs, you have a bar that rituals acts of worship, you have a flap, which is character, those three are set, there is no way you're going to change them. Now the only area which is the area of an MA mellette, dealing with one another, whether in a

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business context and educational context, and that is where there is leverage you need to I think it's more important than just focusing on alcohol or just one item is to draw to lay the foundation for them so that whenever they are faced with issues like this, they know where to place it. They know that this is not something that affect their beliefs affect that a bad affect their character JazakAllah Phelan Solomonic that's a really good answer exactly. Salaam Alaikum.