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Smilodon Los Altos summers for less than America, hoplite Allah wa barakato This is rehabbers assay we're coming to you to another episode of the stories of the prophets today is session or Episode Number 6262 and we are with the birth of Mary the birth of medium and he has said today it will be a very interesting session especially for the sisters

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and especially for the

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US younger sisters

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because I think they can relate to to they can relate and shout Allahu taala to Mary and what she was she used to do as in the in beta mock this when she was young before the birth of a salary has set up I think he said him so it would be very interesting session. Welcome all the brothers and the sisters those of you who just joined have not heard you Bella and

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Lauren long time though here Long time no see Habib number one did he fight already or is he fighting? I heard he's fighting tonight. But did he fight already?

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mobilizers will give him lots of art inshallah. Yes, May Allah give him a victory in sha Allah who Donna is a good brother man like guide him as well.

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Did he fight already or is he fighting?

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I was married.

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Oh, he was already a love a kebab. Now of course Michelle got appointed. I missed it. Because I thought he normally fights in the evening. At night.

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He fought and won. Yeah, but I wanted to see another another Habib and another Habib and the other guy was that that very arrogant, arrogant guy. I want to I want to see another another one I want to I want to see another

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another fight like a rematch. a rematch with with that. With that, you know,

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in Abu Dhabi. Yes, yes, yes. No, I was I wanted to see another like you know that that very arrogant guy. What's his name? forgot his name. That Iris yeah my Gregor I want to see another another copy of my Gregor but this time without having to jump from the jump out of the

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you know, the occasion and give him another another piece of Habiba in the name of Islam and the Muslims.

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But anyways, this time, it was Mary inshallah who tada Mary and Mary, you know,

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and I was just going like, like hubby

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last fight today Oh, unfortunately, but they always say last fight last fight, but they tend to come back again. He did say that before then he came back so I'm sure he's gonna he's gonna come back they're going to they're going to trigger something you know, these guys in this world of boxing and kickboxing and Thai boxing. They always you know, use money and

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and they they tend to come back you know, so a lot of them but hamdulillah to come out from the from the big door as we say right? He came out from the big door went in with his title Mashallah quality level is a good brother. I heard I hear a lot of good things about him. He helps the Muslims a lot. He is a very obedient to his parents, his father passed away. It was very close to his dad, right? His dad used to be his trainer.

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But at any rate, let us shallow Tyler go back to our, our series 62 Episode 62. From the stories of the prophets, yesterday, brothers and sisters, if you remember we're talking about the family of England,

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the family of Milan, with that lady with that, you know, mindset Mashallah that pledge that she made that that

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when she vowed to, if Allah was to bless her with a, you know, with a baby, that she would dedicate that baby to serve the to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala, to serve bait to democritus to serve the worshipers of gods and then when she got that baby, the how, you know, she gave birth to female and then she was different as appointed saying, Oh Allah, I give birth to female

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and not male. Why? Because she was thinking as I mentioned, mentioned yesterday, she was thinking that change can only happen through men, but Allah subhana wa tada proved her wrong. That change can happen with women, women as well. And to have a great man. A great man comes No, you need a great woman.

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As I will come eventually but as I mentioned 300 years later, the Christian, the Romans who are who are causing a lot of chaos and and, and bloodshed in, in, in in Palestine at the time and in the area, they they will enter Christianity so all the Christianity's or all the Christians will be in the book of record of this woman. No wonder why Allah azza wa jal made one four full chapter write one full chapter about this woman you know Emma and the family of Emma she was so special and then brothers and sisters were in okay cane marry, Allah has Salah k marry, Allah has told me this is what we want to talk about today. But as the sisters do, you know, do you know? Okay, let me ask you

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this. Do you know brothers and sisters that there's only one woman mentioned by name? In the end?

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Only one woman mentioned by name in the chat.

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Who's that woman?

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I know I just gave you the answer. I gave you the answer already. But there is one woman mentioned by name in the end, Who is that woman?

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Miriam. Many MIT has said Mary.

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There is one chapter in the one soul after this woman saw that Miriam. Right. Even Khadija Fatima ah Isha?

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Yeah, we asked, yes, she is the wife of Freetown. But Allah does not mention her by name. You know in the end, although Allah says one mala to fill around in Morocco, and the wife of a noun, right, but the only woman mentioned by name in the end is Mary Mary and it has set up

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an Ibiza, the word the devout worshipper, Miriam and the worship or the devout worshipper, I'll call him up. And Emma and Abby that I think has said I'm the obedient

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has raised her macom Allah subhanho wa Taala has raised her rank in South LA Milan look look the solar in Milan verse number 42 what is quality lamella UK to your mother in law house perfect

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in nama house perfect. Hockey was

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on me a lot of Xhosa tells ya it's quality America the angels they enjoy the inspired medium. They said oh yeah Miriam yeah Marian the angels are telling me my calling Miriam yeah Marie I'm in aloha stauffacher Allah as favorite you chose you as favorite you what a hierarchy and unified you and one more time Allah says what's the * he she was chosen and favorite twice? I then he said and I mean amongst all the women of an ad I mean, amongst all the women of mankind she's like I mentioned the only woman mentioned by name and n. So Pamela,

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you know brothers and sisters.

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the Prophet Mohammed Salah louder Islam says that of the Nisa agenda, the the the the best of all women in Jannah. And the Prophet mentioned for yet the best women of gender and the Prophet mission forces haddish I've been to Hawaii Island. Khadija been to Hawaii to the wife of the prophets of Allah Islam. And then and then Marian been to Emraan Marian emulator in Milan Asya in LA at around while Fatima bint Mohammed. These are the the least the best women in Jannah have done the second element of the new set agenda, Allah as those are favorites. And in the Hadith of the Prophet, the Prophet says the best women in Ghana Of course up from shallow the sisters as well your mom and my

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mom and your wives and your sisters and your daughters, but the best women in Jannah are Khadija been to Hawaii Island and Marian ability in Milan. And, and Asya to fit down and, and Fatima been to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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What traits did she did she have this woman to be favorite? Just like Emma and the wife of a Milan, you know, and the family of Milan. She was chosen as well. She was favored. You know with and we talked about that yesterday. And you know her that mindset the worry the concern that she carried, right that moved. As I said yesterday, if a woman was to was to move in this in her house, the whole house would move in shallow down

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Yeah the moves towards the dean move towards the Huck move towards the the truth move towards good. Right? So, and then Khadija been to Hawaii Island, right? And the wife of the Prophet Mohammed in this Hadith, and then Millennium emulator in Milan, and then ESEA. And as you know, no, I see as well, you know, her story we mentioned about her story, when we were talking about twin Island, and then finally might have been to Mohammed the four women that the prophet SAW son mentioned. And then you know, but what was so special about Mary about Miriam,

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you know, this is something that you can also talk to non believers non Muslims when you know, they need you know, Christians do you need to learn about this, the wife of the Prophet, the wives, his daughters, his mother is not mentioned in the ad by name, nor even alluded to in the end, yet Mary is mentioned in our book, The Holy Book, man by name, and there's one chapter in the end called Mary. And there is one chapter in the end called men. Is there sisters? Is there sisters and brothers? Is there a chapter called men?

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Now, is there a chapter is there a solar in the end called men every gel so that every gel?

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Is there a solar interpreter and called every gel men?

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no, no. So what's the solar that we have in the end?

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That's the opposite of men. So Ratan Nisa, Allah saw that the Nisha women, the sort of the chapter of women, so we have chapter of women, we have one chapter called at Milan, you know, the word the feminine. in Milan, we have another chapter in the end called Mary, Miriam, you know, so a nice a medium and a Milan? No, this is how Allah subhana wa, tada really, you know,

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raises the ranks of women. So sisters, why wouldn't you? Why would you degrade yourself? Why would you and honor yourself? Why would you put yourself down if Allah has honored you, Allah has honored you. And here we're talking about these four best women in Ghana, to younger younger women and to live with older women

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to younger and to older. So we have Khadija and ESEA and Xhosa to icea. And Khadija they a little bit older, and then to younger women to younger girls, flop Emma.

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and, and, and Mary and Marian Marian timeline.

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She isn't the age of

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between 15 to 20 to 15 1617 or 1617. You know, so 1515 1617 we don't know exactly, but in her teens still, you know, maybe around 17 or whatnot. Sisters, this is for you now I need your help. And I need your ears. A girl in that age, in that age, the girl in the age of you know, in her late teens that say late teens.

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is so special.

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Very special in terms of emotions.

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Very sensitive, and very emotional. Girls, please listen up. Because we need to relate here to Mary and what did she do? Right? And we compare and contrast with our girls today. Girls in the age of 15 1617 1819. You know, they are in that age. They're very sensitive and very, very emotional. Very emotional. They've got a lot of feelings.

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And this girl Mary, she's not married, right? She's not married.

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So she would choose to do two things to release those emotions. Girls today, what do they do mostly to release those emotions. A lot of them get, you know, busy with social media, a

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lot of them get busy with social media. And then they may be chatting with the wrong person. Here's a girl who's got a lot of you know, emotions. He's very sensitive. You know, she may meet a guy who tells her beautiful wearables and she will fall into his trap.

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She will fall into that trap.

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This is why so Pamela we

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We tell the father's the father's we tell them, you know, be careful. If you have a girl in that age, you need to give her a lot of emotions, you need to give her a lot of love. You need to give her lots of affection. Why? Because if she does not get that from you, she will and she might get it from the wrong person. And she will fall into that trap because it's beyond her. She has those emotions. She comes. It's a built in package. So Pamela, especially in that age, as I mentioned, so many of them it has set them in that age. She has to release those emotions somehow. What did she do? She did two things.

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She did two things. Alright sisters and brothers, those on Instagram and those on Facebook. Are you winning? Would you like me to share with you what did she do?

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She did two things.

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Would you like me to share with you what Mary did in that age between let's say, you know in their teens, late teens, early 20s with with this massive emotions that she has.

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Would you like me to share that with you?

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Yes, Noel and Shazia and Yes, me and hula robe from Instagram and Facebook. Yes. And aim. dabit Fabiola. Yes. All right. I hope you're listening to this mean she did two things.

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Number one,

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Jedi killer. She had lots of love for Allah subhana wa Tada. Lots of love for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So what did you use to do? This is why we call it karma, aka naughty and climate. She's so devout. In her worship, she used to do lots of worship. That's number one.

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She used to do lots of worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The latter than a better Tila that was always speaking Arabic You know? tala Fie, Fie, Fie less Anahata Allah, Allah. She has so much love. So those emotions, right, those feelings. That sensitiveness she came out you know, she converted it into what into so love for Allah subhanho wa Taala and worshiping Allah Subhana Allah dad.

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No wonder why she chose a room in the east of beta macness in the east side, to watch the sunrise and to ponder on the to ponder on the on the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. We're talking about this. So this is number one. Number two, what did she do? Are you still listening brothers and sisters? Are you still listening? I only give you one. But there's one more thing that she did. I didn't I set up. Right. Are you following up with me?

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Brothers and sisters, you're following up right? This is number one. Lots of worship and lots of

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love lots of Korea. You will see later on when Zakaria will come up you know and then he will find out in pm.

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Number two, she also participated and contributed to what she contributed into benevolent work. benevolent work if it were that benevolent work were in beta in the muck of this in beta muck this in order to do what to serve the worshipers

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to serve them to clean up to wash to feed. So she was doing lots of what she filled her time with two main things. She filled her time with lots of a bad number two, she filled her time with voluntary work. Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar. voluntary work.

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This is a message for the sisters in the age of Fatima or in the age of many of Miriam.

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She filled her time in voluntary work, good voluntary work serving the worshipers of goods. So I tell the sisters be married to me. Be Maria Maria

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Maria me Yeah. Be like marry

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be like marry sisters.

00:19:24--> 00:19:26

Can you be like Miriam?

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Two things because other sisters what happened to them because they have that those emotions, you know those that the masses of emotions and and feelings. So what happens? They go online, right? They go on social media. You know a lot of them now some Pamela you know, some times you know, this is really for me it's a little bit disturbing, right? You know, the sisters in you know, when he jobs now on Instagram, doing these videos, right and trying to do modeling. You know, he's a monster.

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About your modeling and then makeup modeling. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar when you let him die, you know, in Mama, why can't you be like Mary? Hey, Chef has become a model, how Jeb wants to become a more like a trend. It's a trend. So now the bars know they make moves. Now they take pictures, hijab, this hijab that has the same age, the age of media, the age of marry, it has Salah in their, in their late teens, early 20s go to Instagram and you will see in all these and some hannula sometimes they pop up like this, right, you know, with their you know, and I don't follow him Don't let anyone myself, you know, but you know, they're there. And it's really, for me, it's disturbing

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the hijab with with with makeup and you know, a lot of makeup artists and it is good mesh between them.

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I hope I hope it's just private. If it's private. Yeah, I do hope you make it private, but they make it very, very broad and open and public. And he is with her brother and maybe with her husband, they're young, and they're they're dancing with hijab and they're making wolves tick tick tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock I don't even know what they're doing.

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Because so much emotions they had to release. So they released it for me the wrong way the wrong method, or there's some others who you know, they fall into the trap of a guy of a guy who tells them beautiful worlds who tell them beautiful things and then and then she she falls she falls into that trap right because it's her age and because of the emotions that she carries and she did not release them in the proper in the proper medium or the proper way you know she did not release them you know in the proper some however that namd is a medium and the medium was wrong.

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You understand sisters What's happening here? So this is why I said be like marry B marry me.

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B Marissa Miya Miya Miya

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what caulfeild kita B ammonium

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min Neha mccannon shall not be

00:22:29--> 00:22:31

married as a lesson PETRONAS is

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in sought to medium verse number 10

00:22:37--> 00:22:49

was coffin kitabi ammonium and mentioned in the book marry Miriam, even Tibetan mean Annie her when she we drove from her family to a place towards the east.

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When she we drove from her family, to a place towards the east, like I said to you know, to watch that beautiful sunrise, but that sunrise but also to ponder to ponder on the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Here's a girl who's got so much emotions, she wants to fall in love or maybe she fell in love with some guy or whatnot, right? And then she looks at the sunset or she looks at the sunrise and she thinks of that guy.

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She does not think of Allah she thinks of that guy.

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Right? But Mary, she chose she withdrew from her family to a place towards the east. In beta knock this in quotes, that's the room that she chose to live in and to stay in.

00:23:42--> 00:23:52

A ponder beautiful a better than a better of pondering, the prophet Mohammed used to do this a better is to say better in the in the cave of Hara

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in the cave of Hara the Prophet would go to the to that cave.

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And then

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he would just

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ponder on the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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What happened to Mary after that brothers and sisters?

00:24:15--> 00:24:27

What happened to Mary after she she was so special that she started hearing messages from the angels. Yeah. Maryam. Oh, Mary. Yeah. Mary young.

00:24:28--> 00:24:33

Yeah, Marian. She started getting messages from the angels.

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And then because she didn't have a father her father passed away.

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She's working now in the beta muck this she needs somebody to sponsor her.

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will come Zakaria, bunch of guys would want to sponsor her bunch of men would want to sponsor her because they want to get the reward. She's a servant in beta. This she's a servant.

00:25:00--> 00:25:15

They want to get the reward. So we want to sponsor this girl, she's working for free. She's serving the worshipers for free. So she needs somebody to sponsor her and to adopt her game in this man. Everybody's saying aye aye aye. So they had to cast their locks

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they cast their lots

00:25:19--> 00:25:33

into this river. And they said whoever you know, whoever stick comes against the current will be the winner and a man there by the name of his Acadia, which we talked about yesterday and the day before you know he was there.

00:25:34--> 00:25:46

And he to the castle is lots with them as well. All their sticks. Were going with the current except is it was coming against the current. They said we'll do it again.

00:25:47--> 00:26:02

Apparently they did it three times. According to some, you know, a fairly decent a 3d ed they did it three times. And his stick was always coming against the current so he was the winner. zecharia I didn't see them. Go llama de la has a Korean May Allah.

00:26:04--> 00:26:18

Allah come up, he used to go to visit her as the hub, this place of worship. What was she doing there in this place of worship? And he needed to feed her so he would bring food with him as well. But he would find other food there

00:26:20--> 00:26:25

that has never seen who's brought to this food or marry Where did you get this food Trump or Maria?

00:26:27--> 00:26:36

such an amazing person. Why Allah has selected her why Allah has favored her why that is sold off medium in the end you get to understand this as we learn about Mary

00:26:39--> 00:27:04

Yeah, mother you know to Europe Vicki was Judy Walker and email of walking me. I told you, I told you number one I told you she had so much love for Allah. Yeah, mother young Oh, marry up annucci your devout devout obedient to Allah azza wa jal was Judy and mixer should work am I'm rocky any mix was rude and make rocor

00:27:06--> 00:27:15

or Mary be obedient. God and mix food and make rocor Tada. So that's what she was doing in bacon madness. That's what she was doing in the place of worship.

00:27:17--> 00:27:19

Eva, so Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:27:22--> 00:27:28

So the interest started talking to her directly calling her name Yeah, Maria. Yeah, Maria. Yeah, Maria.

00:27:30--> 00:27:33

So they came with this amazing news to Mary.

00:27:34--> 00:27:40

But this time, this time, the master of the angels would come down himself.

00:27:42--> 00:28:18

The master of the angels will come down himself gibreel to bring her this great news. Great news. How would Mary find this news? And how should we receive this news? What will happen next, we will talk about that inshallah. hoteller in our next episode, be in the lab. It's lovely time here in Toronto. We'll have to cut it short and shout Allahu Tada. And the time will definitely change now that we're, you know, going back to the winter time, you know, so we've changed our times in sha Allah who tada

00:28:19--> 00:28:22

I would send some you know, I would send

00:28:23--> 00:28:24

I would send

00:28:25--> 00:29:05

I know I will text and some and I would advertise that and promote that on my social media inshallah tada as what to what will be the new timing inshallah, after you know, most probably will do that tomorrow because Neela would send you you know, the timing the new timing and shallow data, but we have to cut it short because it's not enough time, but it's a sister's almost done with Mary and then we would have a Saturday setup and after the A Sadie setup, we will be done with the stories of the prophets and then we will have to start another new series B in the law. I've got a lot in store for you in sha Allah Tada. I asked Eliza to bless you I asked Allah to reward you. I asked a lot of

00:29:05--> 00:29:38

Xhosa to grant you tofik success in this life in the life of the hereafter. Thank you for joining brothers and sisters. Hopefully we can see you tomorrow shallow to tomorrow same time same place this is this this is a recorded instagram, facebook youtube, go to YouTube watch share, share, share, share, share it on Facebook, share it and shout Allahu Tata please share the hair share the good inshallah Tata Bella coffee calm. Thank you so much for joining is that from Lucha brothers and sisters. We see you tomorrow shala Daraa salaam aleikum wa smartlight Allah over a cat Samadhi

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Samadhi come with soon Sharla tomorrow while caleffi cumplir con la Samadhi combos