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The speakers discuss the importance of personal branding and embracing one's success in achieving goals, rather than just meeting materialistic or satisfied goals. They also emphasize the need for individuals to be content and ambitious at the same time, and for individuals to be content and achieve their goals while acknowledging the importance of working hard. The speakers recommend attending online courses on self-help calm and emphasize the importance of working hard in achieving goals.

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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah we begin repeating a loss of a Hannah with the Allah, asking Allah to sin, peace and blessings upon the final prophet, Muhammad even of the loss of a loved one he was so loving all those follow his way with righteousness until the end of time. So, today, I wanted to just share with you

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some feedback on a seminar that I attended last night. hamdulillah last night, I had the opportunity of meeting Muhammad virus of productive Muslim, the productive Muslim company, and productive Muslim is one of my favorite websites. They really were the inspiration behind the work I do at Islamic self help. Very similar worker, productive Muslim and Islamic self help are both focused on teaching people personal development from an Islamic framework. And I have to say, as someone who actually teaches the subject, I thought I was going to go into the workshop last night, I'm only going to hear things that I already know and already understand. But I actually learned a lot. I really,

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really learned a lot in that.

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Two hours that we spent in his company, I learned so much that the book I'm currently writing, I feel like just rewriting the whole thing. You know, it's like certain things I was presenting, he showed me such a different perspective that I'm like this whole chapter, I need to rewrite it because the way I wrote it is wrong. So what was the workshop about it? And why was it something which I found so, so impressive? Well, the workshop was on Baraka culture, and he does have a free infographic on his website about it, right. So if you go to the website, productive you can get this infographic for free. And

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really, basically what the workshop was teaching us is that as Muslims, our priorities, the way we work, the things we work towards the things we want to do with our lives,

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what we expect at the end of the day, it should all be very different from that which have that of a materialistic capitalistic culture. So for example, he spoke about how success nowadays is measured in, in money. Our success is measured in terms of how much work we do people boast about being busy and being too busy to have fun and too busy to do this. They're making so much money. But that's not really what we're supposed to be doing. We as an oma are supposed to be focused on serving unless you have a handle with Allah benefiting this oma, being good Muslims, right? We supposed to work hard, but trusting our risk to Allah, that the end of the day Allah will give us what is written for

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us. And you put Baraka in that. And so our goals and purposes as Muslims should not be to, you know, should not be materialistic, it should be spiritual in nature. So just a few things you mentioned that that really blew my mind and really got me thinking on this topic. The first one is that he said that the Baraka culture is focused on Allah subhanho wa Taala, while the hustle culture is focused on one's own ego, now, I myself have spoken about this in my book getting America, I actually have a whole chapter on that same topic. But it was nice to hear somebody else say this. And he mentioned a very important point, which, which hit home to me, which is the issue of personal

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branding. Right? Very often people tell me I need to get more involved in personal branding and I don't like that because to me, personal branding is very, very egocentric. You know, it's all about me, it's all about Look at me, look at me, you know, I'm this I'm that I've got the skills, I've got that script. What really our work is Muslims should be for Allah. It should not be about ourselves, you should be able to love to hang out with Allah. And if Allah wants you to succeed, whether you're doing personal branding, on alert going to give you that success, believe if you're sincere, that success will be more or less, they'll be Baraka. So for example, somebody doing personal branding

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may reach a million people. But those million people may be fans whose lives are not being changed, why somebody else who is doing things for the sake of Allah may reach 1000 people, but he literally changes the life of those 1000 people. And so there is Baraka in what he does compared to those people who are just doing things for the sake of evil. So, I found this to be a very interesting point the importance of focusing

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on a loss of a handle that and how personal branding contradicts this. Another important point you mentioned is that Muslims need to be content yet ambitious at the same time. So, you know, the Western world or rather the capitalistic world, it's all about never being satisfied. You know, you just work and you work and you work. And if you if you have if you're a millionaire, you have to be a multi millionaire, multi millionaire, you have to be a billionaire.

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And you just keep working here. What's the point of it, you're never happy, you're never satisfied. What are you aiming for? Well, as a Muslim, our lives should be a life of working hard, but contentment, right. When it's time to work, we give you the 110%. In the day we sit back, we see Alhamdulillah, whatever Allah is given us, and we live a happy life, or whatever level, Allah has put us at we happy, we still working to get to the next level, we trust the results from lots of

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the single most important thing that he taught us in this in this workshop is that our outcome is entirely in our hands, we can do all the work make all the effort, right. But at the end of the day, we are only going to achieve results if Allah has willed it. And this is the biggest difference between what Islam teaches and what a modern South health theories teach more than self help theories teach us that, you know, it's all about the outcomes are about getting what you want. It's all about accomplishing what you want. It's all about getting things done. But Islam teaches us that you work hard, Allah will reward you for your hard work. If what you're working hard for is good for

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you, Allah will give it to you, if he's not good for you, Allah will give you something else, something better for you. And so for us, it's not just about working hard. It's about tawakkol. It's about to our it's about accepting our color, if you put all of it together. So very, very spiritual framework. So I found this

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workshop to be extremely beneficial. It was only two hours, it was one of the most beneficial workshops I ever attended in my life. And really, his brother Muhammad forest ever come to your town to have a workshop like this, please make sure you attend it. It's really, really life changing. And if you haven't read his book, The productive Muslim, go ahead and read it. It's awesome. And if you want to learn more about these topics, I myself have articles on these topics. I have books on these topics, I have online courses, topics, just go to Islamic self help calm, so all available there. And this is something we need to push. This is something we as a boomer really need to push, we have

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to get out of this capitalistic mindset, we have to get out of this materialistic mindset we have to get out of this greed. You know, it's one last point into might have to mention that is he spoke about the abundance mentality. He spoke about how you know, in the West, if you have a burger shop and someone opens up a burger shop next to you, you look at him as competition, you want to run them out of business, you want to put him down, because we don't believe there's enough to go around for everybody. But on the other hand, when you go to a Muslim marketplace, you will see 10 you know, traders standing next to each other, all of them selling fish, and all of them happy and contented.

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All of them loving each other to such an extent that one of them will tell you go to my fish shop and buy fish from him because he didn't have any customers today. Why? What's the difference? The difference is that we as Muslims are supposed to have an abundance mentality. We supposed to believe that allows resources are limited. And because a lot of those resources are limited. There's enough to go around, there's enough for you to get rich and for me to get rich is enough for you to have sustenance for your family for me to have such for my family. So we're not supposed to view each other as competition we supposed to work together. So these are some of the lessons I learned from

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this beautiful, beautiful workshop by brother Marmot forest is just one of the things I'm teaching here disarming self help comments. Well, I'm definitely going to refine my teachings on basically what I've learned from him, I made sure I printed out his infographic and putting it up next to my desk to look at it every day is going to guide my my, you know my method from now on inshallah. And again, you know, for anybody who hasn't joined us and hasn't gotten introduced resources, I would highly recommend that you start reading books on this topic, my book getting the Baraka best of creation, that the Mohamad forest book, productive Muslim, join courses on these topics. These are

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life changing topics, they literally will change your life, they will help you to be happier, more content, more grateful, have a sense of Latinas. A sense of inner peace have a purpose in your life. And when you have all of that it is so much so much better than just having money. These are the things that truly bring joy to life. And this is what we focus on year at Islamic south of DC what Brother Mohammed Farley's focus on a productive Muslim. And again, all those resources are abundant. I don't mind promoting somebody else's stuff on my channel, simply because I know it's beneficial for the oma. If random Ahmed virus is coming to to your community. Please attend these workshops. It

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is amazing. It is simply amazing. It is simply worth attending. It will change your life because Apple paid for your time and attention and please don't forget to subscribe Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh