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The speakers emphasize the importance of being responsible for one's spending and avoiding deception during the Black Friday holiday. They stress the need to be aware of one's spending and avoid wasting money, particularly during busy retail hours. The importance of being responsible for one's own health and not overpaying for things is also emphasized. The segment concludes with a call to action and a recommendation to stay away from crowded malls and online sales.

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living in a society that is highly materialistic and full of consumerism. It's important that we have reminders for our souls very often about the dangers of materialism, and the importance of being grounded in Islamic understanding of how we spend our wealth. And I think today is a good day and important day to discuss this topic, because, you know, is that Friday, the day when many of us spend a lot of money, which David many of us make a lot of money, and for most of us with a boat, right? And so it's important that we remind ourselves of the balance that Islam requires from us when it comes to our concept of wealth, because they are too extreme in our understanding of Islam,

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on the concept of wealth, or one extreme, this idea that wealth is evil, right, we have people say things like, money is the root of all evil. This is not an Islamic concept. You don't find this concept in Islamic books. Rather, the Quran, one of the words the Quran uses for referring to well is playing right into an idea, or into internally will be in a movie who will claim

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that he is a man who is very extreme in his love for 80 of his wealth. So he means good. But in this world of the this verse of the Quran, Allah uses it to refer to well, meaning wealth in of itself is good, right? So on one extreme, we have people who say that wealth is something that is bad, and well do something a Muslim should not want, and will be something in which Islam should stay away from. On the other extreme, we have the society we live in where nothing is ever enough. Nothing is ever enough that the billionaire, if one is about someone who has a brilliant model, is a person may have enough money to last them and their children and their children's children for the entire

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lifetime. But they still wondering how can I make more tomorrow. And the professor loved what he was saying, I spoke about this, when he said that mankind is such that if you give them a value of gold, they will want another value.

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And so it's important for us to understand the middle parts, the balance, middle part understanding of Islam, when it comes to wealth, and that part is very simple. well enough itself is good. When it counts for us, or against us on the last day depends on two things, how we earn it, and how we spend it. For we look at the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam related to the Day of Judgment, we will be asked five questions. Out of those five questions. Two of them are related to wealth. A lot will not ask us on the Day of Judgment, how much money did you make? That's irrelevant, aka whether a person living simple life or a wealthy life or somewhere in between that

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is irrelevant to your audience.

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What we are responsible for on the Day of Judgment is how did you earn it? How did you spend How

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did you earn your wealth in a way that is allow you to spend in a way that is responsible?

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And so on days like this, many of us rush to spend our money. Let us remind ourselves the importance of being responsible in our spending. Firstly, the patwon is Black Friday, is it holiday?

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And you know, over the year that we every Black Friday, I have this issue is actually the first thing that ever happened, where I get emails from people all over the world telling me Black Friday is not from scholars, or people who are not right, because apparently everybody thinks Parkinson's disease. Right? So people will send emails a Black Friday is horrible. And when you ask why no one can give an actual reason.

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So we go back to our principles of fact, and from the fundamental principles of pick the very important one for everyone to remember.

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I look at a CI on the back, the original rule of anything is permissible. Right? This is the original This is a principle of paper bound in most of the markups, that the original rule of anything is permissibility. Meaning things are Halla unless you can prove it.

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I think of this world, unless you can prove me wrong, we prove something wrong in one of three ways. Either the Quran cities are wrong, or the honeysuckle is harmful, or it is something that is harmful to society. These are the three main ways that we figure out whether something if something is not harmful to society, it's not mentioned or hinted at in the forum. So now in the default ruling is that it is Hello. So if you have a business, and you have Black Friday sales, the default routing is it's Hello. Right? If you want to take advantage of a Black Friday sale, maybe there's something you want to do by all year, and it won't say today, it is completely halau to buy. So don't do this,

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don't be the type of people who go around putting the label of power on something, you without any evidence. This is actually considered historically by the classical scholars, to put the label wrong on something without evidence is considered a major lesson. Because we're changing the deen of Allah. Because when you say how wrong We are not saying I don't like it, you're saying Allah has prohibited and to see Allah has prohibited something that Allah has kept quiet about it is changing the religion of Allah. And this is why we find many of the earliest scholars within the unsure of something being wrong, or the way inclined towards Allah, but they had no strong evidence, and

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someone will ask him, is it Hello? The answer would be ioway. Notice the old say is Hara he will say

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this, you see specifically in the life of my body, there are many, many quotations problematic with someone asking, Is this holiday around, and he would simply and he's like, I don't like Why? Because he was inclined to the opinion of me being heroin, but he didn't have strong evidence. And he didn't want to use the word Hara. And this was certain without doubt that Allah has prohibited. So be careful of showing the label haram along with just about anything. Rather, everything is hollow, unless you have clear evidence that it is wrong. Having said that, as Muslims, we have to be, as you said in the beginning, responsible in how we earn and how we sketch. And so if you are on the

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earning side of Black Friday, if you are someone who's with business benefits from this game, being responsible on this day means you don't deceive people with your savings. And we see many people do that something is full price 40% off? Well, it's not really 40% off. That's just what the advert says to someone who doesn't know what the regular prices Don't deceive people with your prices. Right? If it's 40% of it better be 40% or otherwise, deception and the prophets always upset about deception in business, whoever deceives us is not one of us, not one of us. And you're not you're not a true believer if it is, you see people in business, once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, us walk into the marketplace. And so a man was standing grains of rice. And he put his hand to the pilot and he found the underneath the dry greens with some with Danny tree. And he asked the mouth, what are you doing, and he and the man and money that he was hiding the damaged grapes, you could sell the whole price to get as it normally was on that occasion that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever deceives us is not one of them. Notice it is mentioned in the context of business. So for those of us who run businesses, when we have our sales, make sure there is no deception, when it's in our sales prices, when this is the quality of our goods, were these any

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faults in the goods? All of these things, we must avoid any deception. On the other side, remember, on the day of judgment, we asked two questions how we are, how we spend, what is meant by how we spend, number one you buy what is number two, we spend responsibly, we don't spend all our money, and we don't mind our money either. We spend responsibly. Number three, a portion of our money goes to charity. We don't only spend it ourselves but we give to others as well. Right? All of this is part of what's meant by you will be asked about how you spend your money. You'll be asked whether you give charity, you'll be asked whether you spent on your family or not. Because the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam said in the letter at least the best money is the one you spend on your bed. The best money is the money you spent on your bandwidth. So there is a lot there is a reward in treating your family.

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So this is another important aspect to look at. are we spending on our families are we spending on others are we being

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responsible. All of this needs to be looked at when we spend money you're at this time of the year from now until January is a time when most of us spend so much and by so many unnecessary things, we end up in debt, we end up wasting money, and we end up having to throw half of it away because we realize that oh I didn't need it was just insane. To be responsible, be responsible with how you earn, be responsible for how you spend nobody on the Day of Judgment, we are answerable to allow these two things. And again, reminder, wealth or money is not around. It is not bad. It is not even how we earn it, and how we spend it. That's what matters. money that is earned in the right way is

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Baraka, dressing and he can be an upgrade for us on the objective. money that is earned in the wrong way will bring us humiliation in both worlds because people who earn the wealth in unethical ways Allah will ensure justice is done to it. And so be careful how you earn Be careful how we spend, the lawmakers from those who spend responsibly is equal from those who earn that which is legal for those who are self sufficient upon those who are not in need of others when it comes to us alone.

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normally when when we talk or at this time of the year, we remind people not to go overboard with a while. But this is another angle, we need to remind ourselves that we still in the midst of a pandemic. So it's not wise that for a sale price, then we go to the overcrowded store or overcrowding wall and creating that risk our health and the health of our families just to get an idea.

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And so this is a reminder to each and every one of us to still be responsible with our health during this time, from amongst the principles of Islam and part of the workbook is to take your precautions. Now there is a segment of our society going around shaming others for taking precautions, telling you oh you don't have to walk. Like we have people going around to you wearing a mask. You don't have to walk, who you social distancing, you don't have to watch

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this show a wrong understanding of the world.

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And this understanding we see very early now history in the time of Amerigo Fatah de la man who played broke out in Syria. And this was a devastating play, many of the great Sahaba has to be displayed from Abu Zubaydah, even jollof is so Haley but two years even young, we all have depleted all of them. All these grapes are dying, the plague of Syria and many others. So Omar Abdul Fatah who he was the funny part that time and he was on his way to Syria to inspect the land, to make sure that everything is running according to some principles. And on his way there, the use reaches him, there is a plague.

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A consultation is made. He learns about the Hadith of the Prophet, Somalis and the Hadith you all know because everyone has repeatedly throughout this year, the idea is that we need the plague in areas not emptied and during an economic right to kind of hinting at the idea of a policy of separating those who are infected from those who are not. So hearing about this, it is over in the hot tub. Who decides to go back to

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one of the Sahaba could not understand the wako property at that time.

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He asked Oh my God, we said

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are you running away from the father of Allah? Look at these questions. Very similar to what people tell us today. Right? Oh my god who realizes there is a plague in Serbia decide to go back to Medina to someone's house he Are you running away from the puzzle of Omar. Omar in Qatar. Balaji replies, yes, we are running from the father of Allah.

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Because it could be healthy is in our future and also falling in love. If going back to Medina in our future that also called the role of whatever is happening is called the ruler. Right. It includes

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Someone who's taking precautions that is further along. Why? Because nothing happens, it's the bottom level. So, this, this narration of aluminum top teaches us the proper understanding of the workload at the time of pandemic, which is that you take your precautions and taking your precautions is part of the workflow. It is hard to believe because it does not go against it. And so for those people who shame on us about this, who tell others, why are you wearing a mask? Why are you social distancing, you don't have to walk reply to them, this is part of the this is part of the work Allah has created means we are taking the means we are adopting the means and we are trusting.

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And so the same applies is feeling that you know, will all these sales going on, people will be tempted to go in into a crowded mall into the crowded store, and you know, risk their health for the sake of getting an item and say,

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part of our our core part of our take note precautions is that we stay away from large crowds. shop at the smaller shops at the quiet shops, or shop online.

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Right? Do what's next do what's wise to take care of your health and your families. Because at the end of the day, our health is an abundance of love, and our family

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and the great Sahabi Someone

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once told me a good friend

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of mine who he told me when he Basilica, Arnica. Your body has rights.

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Your body has rights, meaning what is your responsibility before a lot of detail.

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So that as not to risk our health. unnecessarily. Let us be people who put out the work on the web by adopting. May Allah grant us all good health to protect us from this virus. May He end this pandemic soon and maybe make it May He grant all of us is after this as well.

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