Haleh Banani – 30 Days To Your Best Character – Mindful Ramadan 2021

Haleh Banani
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We've been through a lot this year. It's a critical time for us to realign ourselves emotionally and spiritually. in Ramadan. There are two areas to master our worship which are our rituals and our character, which is the fruits of our worship. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to perfect our character. Allah says in the Quran that the main objective of fasting is to attain taqwa piety. Do you have the right mindset for this Ramadan? Do you have the mental and emotional tools to transform your rituals into your most beautiful character? The majority of people think fasting and praying in Ramadan is enough. Some people don't even think about improving their

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character. Many people think that a good Ramadan is making a list of things to do. I want to finish reading the Koran I want to pray to hatchett every night I want to do my best Cod. We both know that if our worship does not include the mindfulness of developing our character, it's incomplete. By the second week of Ramadan, over 80% lose their drive and stop trying for some people. mindless rituals are the end goal. They don't see building their character as the actual finish line, and they miss out. If you want Ramadan 2021 to be the year you transform your life and your relationships. Then I'd like to serve you. We need to prioritize the mission of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam who was sent to complete our character. Last Ramadan. I really wanted to help people who were stuck at home during lockdown with no access to the massage. We did what I call a mindful Ramadan entirely for free. Over 20,000 people joined and benefited and hamzat a lot. The feedback from the sisters was phenomenal Mashallah Tabata Cola, so I'm going to do a mindful Ramadan. 2021 character counts. It's a new Ramadan in a strange new world and it needs you to be at your best, exemplifying a beautiful character that shines brightly for your family bringing joy and blessings to your home. I know that this program will help you develop your character this Ramadan

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inshallah, if you'd like to join us, there's a link below that you can go to say you've been in a tough place in your marriage. Maybe the kids are stressing you out. You have a hard time balancing your life or you're worried about your loved ones. You need to figure out and learn what you need to do emotionally and spiritually. Or if you're overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed or sad about everything you're going through, you want to change and you want a better life and a better Ramadan. You want to make a peaceful, loving, supportive home. Regardless of where you are right now in your life. You have the potential to turn everything around this Ramadan in sha Allah. It's always

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amazing to see someone who turned their life around and reach new heights. If you want to reap the maximum rewards this Ramadan, we'd like to serve you. You can share this with your friends and family and grow together. It's entirely free. Click now below and you'll join us starting the first day of Ramadan at 12:30pm Central inshallah, we will stream the lessons every weekday during the entire month in sha Allah so click on it and sign up if there's anyone else you want to share it with, send it to them and they can join you on this program starting the first day of Ramadan at 12:30pm Central for 30 minutes a day. We want to help make this Ramadan the best ever inshallah,

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click the link below. Thank you so much for your time, live and love with a higher purpose.

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