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Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The Chinese culture uses shale, incense, and wteenth-weekers to protect against evil behavior. The United States military uses permission to fight against evil behavior and the history of rogue states and how they affect people's political beliefs and interests. The segment also touches on the issue of accountability and how it is not just about protecting citizens, but about protecting their beliefs. The transcript describes the history of the United States military and the lack of the ability of men to fight in the way they were seen in their religion.
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That's the real warrior. And that's ancient Chinese. The Chinese said the true warrior is one that Congress himself. This is an ancient tradition. Now the second type of Mujahid that is the Mujahideen of Chopin and chiffon in the Islamic tradition is a force that exists within the world. There's an obsessive element within the soul, a whispering that comes into the soul, and also outside of oneself. And it has two forms, it has human, what are called Shelton ins, and then shale theano, Jim shale, Dino Jin, are the demons that work in another realm. And just as we are here and can see each other and there are other creatures that live alongside of us that have impact on our

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life, and we have impact on their life, but we cannot see them and they can see us, every culture and every civilization has reference to them. There's no culture that you can find. I don't care whether it's Japanese, if it's Indian, if it's Russian, Irish, no culture, except that it has reference to this round German, the Poltergeist mischievous spirits and things like this Japanese culture is filled with a Chinese culture is filled with it. And they're real, and they do have an impact. And the way that one struggles against them is by cleanliness, maintaining vigilance, and cleanliness, urine, feces, will do ritual washing, things like this. And that's why most cultures

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have some traditions that they ward off these elements, some of the Native American tribes would burn Sage in the southwestern parts of the country to remove these elements. And incense traditionally was one of the things because the idea is that they don't like good smells. And that's why incense is almost a universal. And you find incense in the Christian tradition, and Shinto and Buddhist and in the Islamic tradition, decided the Prophet said, Rama says, fumigate your masks with incense. And that's part of why that is there. And also wearing perfume was also a good thing. So and not listening to these impulses in the self, because everybody has and whether you call them

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obsessive compulsive thoughts, whatever people want to call them, psychiatrists have words for them. When they become out and get out of hand, people start having auditory hallucinations. This is what they're called auditory hallucinations. Muslims believe that they're real, and you can't deny their reality because there are people that experienced them, they can hear them. So to say it's all in your head, well, it might be all in your head, it's still there. So these guys walking around, you can see them going someplace, and they're talking and shouting, and they're having these battles going on. And that's called Ms. noon, somebody who's measuring now the third type of jihad is the

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jihad, which demands that you defend what is right. And that is the Jihad of the sword. There are many verses in the Koran, which indicate this, it did not come down all at once. It came down for 13 years, the Muslims were not allowed to fight in Mecca, they were given no permission whatsoever. And that is why they simply suffered silently. They did not fight, they did not oppose what was happening to them. And that was very difficult for these Arab men. It was incredibly difficult people like Abu Bakar on the line. I mean, these were men who were raised in a tradition of Moodle, shujaa Shahada, these virtues of the Arabs of strength and bravery and magnanimity. And so for them,

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to watch people being persecuted in the way that they were watching and not able to do anything about it was incredibly difficult. So that in itself was a test, not being able to fight was a big test. It's not the other way around. But when the the verses came down after 13 years, the Sahaba migrated to Medina. Now at that point, what the difference now is that there is a state authority and I'm using the word state loosely. In other words, I don't want to use state, like it's understood in the modern concept of a state because that's not really what Medina was, but they did have power that was centralized, and it was a city state in that way. So at that point, they were

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permitted to fight this is the first verse that comes down permitting them to fight is una Latina. ukata una be unknown louis mo, waiting a lot and

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that permission has been granted for those who have been fought to fight because they are oppressed. Now, remember that this is 13 years later. In other words, they were persecuted right from the start, but permission came when they start

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Circumstances changed. So the idea of fighting where you do not have legitimate state authority is not permissible. It never has been. The Muslims have never viewed that permission to fight comes when you have state authority, that does not mean an individual has the right to defend himself from being killed. But if you look at the Sahaba, and the situations that they were in, some of them were tortured, some of them were killed. sumio was stabbed with a spear, the first shahida the first martyr in Islam. This was the first verse that came down and Allah subhana wa tada said, a Latino Khadija woman dare him really happen. millennial guru or a boon Allah, those who were chased out of

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their homes without right for no other reason than saying our Lord is Allah. Now this is really important because these are the two reasons that permission is granted to fight people who oppose your religion, and people who steal your land. This is why Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, they and how come Aloha and Alina Lim yo partido COVID-19 welcome you to come in dare come and Roma tokoto la occitanie. Allah does not prevent you from showing kindness to people who have not opposed you in your religion, or chased you out of your homes, to show them kindness, righteousness to share your wealth with them. And Allah loves those who are upright and just and fair. Allah does not

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prevent Muslims from being kind to non Muslims. But if they are fighting you in your right to worship your Lord and stealing your land or chasing you out of your homes, then you have a right to fight them. That is the permission that is granted by our last panel to Anna in the Quran. And the second period was to fight the machete keen will partido vcv de la isla de new party to come fight a feasibility let those who continue to come who fight you what to do, and do not be aggressive in Allah Allah.

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Allah does not love aggressors, the owner say the fact that a lot is not love aggressors, you cannot change that. In other words, the muhabba of Allah the love of Allah is not fickle love. If Allah doesn't love aggression, he doesn't love aggression in any time replace. And so aggression is always wrong. And that is why when Allah says that fight those who fight you and do not aggress do not show aggression. Now, the next level, Allah subhana wa tada said, What are you doing machete kena Kapha kameoka chinookan Katha fight the policy is completely just as they fight you completely. Now this came because these people broke treaties with the province allied Islam. And this is something very

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important to remember about the nature of war. That war occurs generally between two states. This is the nature of war, you can have what's called a civil war, but in Islam that's called fitna what occurred between the Muslims and the machete. Cain was in a sense of type of fitna, and the reason for that is because they were one tribe. They're actually related by a shared father, Polish was the father of all of the people in Mecca of the tribe of Quraysh. And so in a sense, it was a type of fitna and for that reason, Allah subhana wa Tada. When they fought in the sacred months, the machete concept you said, Oh, come on. shahrul haram peterlin fee, they'll ask you about the sacred months

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because the Arabs had four months that they never fought in. These were called the assura forum. And these were months the Arabs would never fight in. They asked about the sacred months fighting in it because they'd never heard of this. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says on petofi Kabir that fighting in the sacred month, it's an enormity it's a grave thing, while Sedona and CBD law will cover on v one machine that haraam with a heavy that preventing people from following their religion that disbelieving in what was given to them, rejecting it completely, preventing them from the sacred sanctuary Mecca, and then chasing the people out is worse. A criminal Kataria is worse than that,

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and the law and the lie It's worse than that will fit in into a bottle minim capacity and this type of social division and dissension is worse than killing itself. In other words that there are times the actual engaging and Marshal conflict is better than allowing certain situations to emerge. And that is why when Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran within an illenium Cardinal obiano badimo Allah says when Allah de facto nasci Baba

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bar. The huitema salami will be almost underwater on Saturday with Korea is more like an era that you would have seen churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques wearing our last name is recited, often destroyed, because of predations of aggressive and bellicose people fighting each other. And so Allah is saying how to learn not use one group of people to stop another group of people. And in another verse, it says, one owner of our line ness Baba and be bound by the visitors, and there would be nothing but corruption in the earth. This is an admittance or rather a teaching in the Quran, that the root of human nature is aggressive. The Founding Fathers when they were arguing

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whether you had a confederation, I mean, this was the first big debate when they were ratifying the Articles of Confederation. Hamilton wrote a piece saying that we didn't want Confederation because if you have a confederated group of states, each one of them an individual state, you are setting yourselves up for war. And that's why he said there should be a centralized government. And this is what monarchy means one source of authority. It's what it means in Greek war occurs when people do not accept the same sources of authority. This is at the root of war. And that is why the idea of international law is only valid in an international community that accepts the law if you have rogue

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states that do not accept the law. Now, part of the trickery of modern

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state theory is that the international community itself, there are rogue states, and this is part of the problem. So for instance, the real calamity right now even on those but it's not in Palestine. It's in Chechnya, right now. They're just massacre ingestions is not in the newspapers. Why? Because the Russians struck a deal with the Americans War on Terrorism will let you do whatever you want to to change the ends go wipe them out. That's what's happening. David Elliot, now in Newsweek, at the end of the article, pity about Chechnya, I mean, that's how he ends his article. And the whole article is just about real politic, that this is the nature of the world we're living in. It's just

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all that moral high ground is lip service for the masses. And so what happens in a world where you have people that all they have in mind is their interests, they don't have higher concepts in mind, because at the root of higher concepts is the idea of accountability. And to whom are you accountable to if you're not accountable to your Lord, because if you are the state, and you're not accountable to your citizens, because the citizens are no longer willing to challenge the rights and wrongs of the state, you had people in this country 200 years ago, if you look at the reasons that they rebelled against King George are nowhere near as significant as the type of oppression that

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exists in most parts of the world today, things were not that bad in the United States when the British were running, and that's why a lot of Americans didn't want to fight the British. They didn't have problems they were doing fine.

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