Tom Facchine – Patrick Bet-David says Islam is more attractive HERE’s WHY

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the power and popularity of Islam, stating that it is intuitive and comes with a message of " race between creator and creator," and that anyone who creates something harms the self and needs to be worshiped. The speaker also discusses the intricacies of Islam, including its natural disposition and people accepting it.
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The message of Islam is powerful and popular because it's intuitive and it makes sense one God, strict division between creator and created, if you didn't create anything, you don't deserve to be worshipped. If you created everything, you deserve to be worshipped nothing that harms the self, right? No self flagellation, or you know, whipping ourselves or any craziness like that prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, things that make sense. You don't have to think about well, is it three persons and one entity and how do they interrelate? How could the divine become incarnate on Earth if everything on earth is limited and changing and finite, and et cetera, et cetera? Islam is

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intuitive. Islam makes sense. The message is very simple. It's not elitist. It's not something that's some sort of obscure theory that it takes years and years and years of study to figure out though the intricacies of Islam when it talks to the law and things like that you could study a lifetime if you wanted to, but just to get into the door. It's extremely basic. It's extremely powerful, and it adheres to the natural disposition of human beings. If you ask any four year old or three year old or two year old, they understand the concept of praying up to one God right one Creator, they intuitively get it so that's why Islam his message is extremely powerful and extremely

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popular. And as the years go on, more and more people are accepting it

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