Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 25 – The Month of Prayers

Haifaa Younis
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Day 25 of Ramadan Subhan Allah we already has 24 days may last Pankaj to accept from all of us and our last pantalla forgive our shortcomings. The 25th name that we chose for Ramadan and there is about more than 50 names for Milan. The shotspotter is the month of prayers and prayers is literally loosely translated because it's prayers in the English language in his supplication. But for Salah there is no real word to translate other than prayers. So Shahada, Ramadan is the month of prayer. And one of the landmarks offer move on is actually salah and we all have the letter Oh Blimey, it is heartwarming that I hear it especially at the time of

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the COVID and one of the blessings if we have if we are looking for blessings with COVID is that people felt more comfortable praying at homes. The man of the family is leading in taraweeh Alhamdulillah Blimey, this is really good and this is really

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again heartwarming And may Allah reward this home. So definitely one of the landmarks of number one is Shaco Sala. But what we want to

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talk about word order or explain more is not the number of the salt as we are doing or what or what name we are giving to the sonar we are doing fact what we want to look at and what thermoball need to teach us and practice and what kind of assala I am doing. And the verse have sort of uncovered that we put it on the planner or tomorrow here in a communal kitabi What can you solder in Osaka? tenha and fresher and more and more. What are the khoy acabar Allahu Allah momentus now we're excited this is a fourth round come with the spider and was pantallas tamminga Rasul Allah Satoshi thumri site but to the Mount way at Lake and Nikita what has been revealed to you recited what

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happened inside out

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performs stand up in solar enough for that early solar 10 prevent, push away at fascia will nickel and fascia will Mancha everything that is rejected and immorality or adekola. And remembering Allah is more

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gray a greater Allahu Allah more metal stone and Allah knows what you are doing. Well, I want to

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comment here or we're not what I want to stress here as a slider. Perform. So now what does it come back to salamin? Honestly, is it just saying Allahu Akbar standing and then we did our Salah, and we are done or it has another meaning. And the scholars when they commented on this verse commented on our kind of Salah, they said, in comment of Salah, meaning I'm going to do it on time,

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I am going to perfect and perform.

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When I am reading, meaning I am going to read with

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understanding, the longer take my time,

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I'm going to upgrade you sign up perform my salon mirecourt when I go down, in my record in my pseudocode when I sit, I take my time, I feel it. I try to bring to my heart that I am in fact talking to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah is seeing me in my center. This is really easily said, but how do I practice it? How do I believe Ramadan, and I definitely have noticed that my Salah has changed.

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Something in it has changed. I am more loving to perform. So now I am spending more time I'm enjoying it more. I leave so now I am better. And one of the righteous people was asked about how do you get to the Oshawa to really feeling salah and focus on solar. And that's what he said. And his his name is had thermal awesome. He said keep it to himself. He's highlighting how do you perform solar with Oshawa. And he said, when I want to pray

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when I want to pray, and I heard that the call for Rosada I get up and perform my world war. And then I come to my masala to the place where I pray whether it's in the masjid or in the home.

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And I say Allahu Akbar and I mean it. I mean Allah is greater than anything else in my life. And then I lead with 30 slowly with focus and I go for record and I

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I'm full of humbleness, and I go to show to see God. And I feel that I am at the lowest point. And I make my Shahada, I shadow Allah, Allah, and I enforce certainty that there is no God but Allah, and I sit with complete serenity. Now, this watch will help you and me in sha Allah. And I imagine when I am in my center, going to my son out during my son, how to bring my whole show. I imagine, Jeanette is on my right hand, the * fire is on my left hand.

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The death angel, the Angel of Death is behind me.

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With the thin, hair like path that we are going to go on is under my feet. And I look down

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and I see the Hellfire on my left, and the gentleman on my right.

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If I want to try to practice this, bring it to myself every day. Five times a day is perfect at least once a day. In these days of Ramadan. Not only the numbers, not only taraweeh not only sell out on time, but I want to work on the quality of lifestyle. I want to leave them alone to leave and have definitely taught me and changed my cider. Again. Think of it I'm gonna repeat it again. As I am going to my Salah, I say Allahu Akbar. I mean it's I mean that Allah is greater than every fifth thought I am thinking, every problem I have everything that distracts me from him. Then when I read I read slowly when I go for Roku, I will go with humbleness when I go for sujood I feel I'm the

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closest to Allah. I sit and I take my time. And then I try to imagine Jenna the paradise on my left side, Hellfire on my left side. I am walking on the Surat and the death. The Angel of Death is behind me meaning this is my last signer. One of the very good points to help us in improving the quality of our Salah is that we imagine this is the last Salah we will perform I always remind myself that How about this was the last one I am going to die in this solar and number to really help us free try to bring even for a second the thought that Allah is watching me is seeing my solar and then how will I perform it and I know my solar is improving when I changed after salah and it

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really helps me to stay away from what Allah pantalla does not like your ally hilkhot yackety Yak aka you make lasala Cora tiny learner make the Salah the coolness of my eyes the RBI me

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