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Why never again,

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is the rallying cry of all of the people who fight to prevent another holocaust. The amount of millions of people to died was absolutely unnecessary. And it was something that we should never ever repeat again. Now you guys have heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'll be back. I don't have to get into who he is. Most of you have watched many of his films

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as The Lavista baby.

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Recently, he was asked about what's happening in Gaza, would you do about the ISRAEL PALESTINE question, and Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his response. I think that what the Biden administration is doing is the right way to go. You know, I think that we have to acknowledge that Israel was attacked viciously unprovoked I'm 100% of the Israelis in this case, but us only concrete is a piece go ahead and subscribe right now hit the notification bell so you don't miss exciting program just like this one. Now. My question to Arnold the Swartz Nagar is Have you seen Arnold? Look, have you seen the 1000s the 1000s of innocent human beings, the latest count and it keeps going up was over 8200

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innocent civilians you got over 3300 A number just keeps going out. It's like every, every day, kids are dying. You got so far over 3300 innocent children over 1800 innocent women and we as Muslims, we have the Koran and was called the Sunnah. And this is easy for us. We don't justify even in war at any time. The killing of non combatants this is clear killing one innocent beings in the Quran is as you killed the whole of mankind saving one innocent life as if you saved the whole of mankind. And if you didn't know the instructions that Prophet Mohammed gave went in a battle He prohibited killing innocent human beings non combatants so are no we're not connected to any political party.

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We're doing this sincerely to help no matter on what side it is innocent human lives innocent children to help be a voice for those who are voice less. So I'm asking you that question. Have you seen this Arnold? Beyond the mainstream media narrative? Have you taken a deeper dive a deeper look into this? Are you seeing the footage that is coming out of all these children with just being dismantled body parts all over the place? Have you Arnold Schwarzenegger also had an anti hate message that went viral? Why never again?

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Is the rallying cry of all of the people who fight to prevent another holocaust? I would just kind of confused why he didn't why you didn't. Arno address the hate that's coming out from the country that you endorse yeah

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the godly thing to do we respect one another

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the godly thing is to kill me That's right. There's the Torah says the Torah says to kill us the Torah says that I know people who worship idols such as yourself when there is a Sanhedrin

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to kill us. Yes. Okay. That's what the Torah is we know how the Jewish people feel about Christians Yes. That you discriminate against Christians or discriminate.

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Christianity is idol worship before Israel 1948 It was Palestine

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No, it was called Palestine before 1948 Maybe it is and it still is right now. It's occupied Palestine. Yes. Yeah. IDF

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find you. Okay. Why?

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And if you like again, I do in your Okay. By the way, does he innocent Palestinians. I have a Boston see to every Palestinian you see you.

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See, I just

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because we don't say we stand by a certain political party, a certain party resist party. You're not hearing us say that. So the people who are saying look we stand with I'm 100% of Israel is this Theodore Hertzel prophet who organized and made this stick and then you're standing behind this, you're endorsing this. Now you are the one who should be answering the questions. Do you endorse the killing of innocent human life? It's kind of like you know, if you had a school shooter came in, and he came into a public school with hundreds, let's say 1000s of kids in there and auditorium. And next you know, would you

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indoors for the whole building, and everybody in it to be just annihilated to be killed, I mean to be bombed. I mean, would you? Does that make any sense, but this is what's happening. And then excuses obviously are being given this was not unprovoked This isn't provoked by decades of occupation of killing of surveillance prison camp, you know, what was your answer? Look, I mean, I'm sure that always people would have an excuse to justify it. So in this anti hate, you included so many people in this, I've seen enough people throw away the futures for hateful beliefs. It was more geared towards your visit, you know that this evil event that happened? And this was something that

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the Jews at that time Look, don't take it from me take it from a Rabbi. Let's go to this clip. And you can actually see the history here and you can go this way I'm taking a deeper dive have you because if I start talking about how Jews have always fled persecution, from actually Christians had to say, and they've come to the Muslims, to the Muslims, they have seeking refuge, they flourish. Let's take a second to look at this clip from an actual Jewish rabbi till Zionism came about Jews flourished as distinctly religious Jewish communities, and they weren't massacred. On the contrary, they went to these Arab and Muslim lands, to escape persecution, from the Crusades, from the

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Inquisition, and from many other trials and tribulations and the end, even World War Two, the Arab and Muslim lands, opened their hearts, opened the lands, and provided a safe haven and a gracious hospitality for the Jewish people. Clearly, they we have different religion. And yet, we were we were accepted. In these Muslim Annapolis, we believe in one God and we were accepted, we have different ways of serving God, and but yet, as they were respected, and even the Muslim religion requires of that, of the the Muslim people to to provide protection and hospitality and they do carry that out. It's clear, nobody could refute this fact. So this is historically documented. And

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you can also look at the history when Muslims were ruling Jerusalem when they were in charge who had peace between Muslims, Jews and Christians. It wasn't all of this bloodshed and all this injustice that's happening now. And the Islamic

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warrior saladan, conquered the Crusaders

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and took control Jerusalem. Alright, he entered into an agreement that the Muslims would protect the Christian churches.

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And so he appointed two Muslim families. Both of these families have been in Jerusalem for close to 1000 years.

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And each generation has passed down. The key the key, this is a Muslim, I mean, this ought to be Judah is a Muslim. And he said, it's also it's a great honor for most of them to hold the key to the Church of the Holy sepka which is the most important church in Christendom.

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That's not disrespect that if we don't hear this in America, we don't here guess what we had been told as Christians, Christian Americans, you know, you should hate Muslims, you should kill Muslims because they're going to tear down all the churches and and you know, basically just ransack them and everything else but here we have two families that for nearly 1000 years have actually been watching over Yes, Christian churches right. So who planted into our minds here in America that we should hate and kill Muslims? Who planted that thought in our head? So are no What about the anti hate towards the people there who are in an open not I wouldn't even say it's a prison because even

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prisoners have certain rights we're talking about this is the one of the largest concentration camps that they're in right now. I took Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp. So you went to go see what was done in history. You're seeing it now repeat itself? Why aren't you speaking up Arnold? Why are they crying? peacemakers? Why aren't they calling for peace? Why are they negotiating? Why are they putting pressure on Israel? You have to stop treating the Palestinians like their animals. You say you're the children of God, but you treat it the Palestinians like they're rats. Why are these Christian leaders telling the Jewish Zionist This is ungodly? You say you're the chosen people of

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God, you can't behave like this. Now, you did say that Palestinians have a right to live. The Palestinians have a right to live. It's very nice, but listen package that I'm really Jewish American as well. My partner is Palestinian, and I can do things that he can't do. I can travel quite freely. And even though his mother is a refugee from what is now Israel, it's

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He can't pass areas that are off limits to Palestinians. I have excellent rights. I have health there are cities in Israel being built for Jews only. And also in the West Bank settlements being built for Israeli Jews only. While Palestinians are hemmed in, unable to build cities and their homes are being demolished for lack of permits that are almost impossible to get, the Israeli authorities are engaging in forcible transfer, where they remove Palestinian communities in the West Bank to make room for settlements. All of these are part of the root causes of the violence. There's terrible abuses going on. You just have to listen to what people on the ground are telling you. And

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adjust accordingly. Let's unpackage that, that right to live. What is that? What's something that you'd approve of? Do you endorse that they live under two sets of different laws, one for the followers of Theodore Hertzel, is actually to maintain an apartheid system. Very, very early on, I understood the rights that the Jewish settlers have, I know the rights of the Palestinians have and just to that, I cannot touch a Jew settler. If he is attacking a Palestinian, the best I can do is call a local police department to come handle it, like I would do at home in Jerusalem. So this Jewish settlers that live in Shavon, are living under the same rights that I live in, in Jerusalem.

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But the Palestinian next to them next house over next building over sometimes next apartment over there was under my rule, my military rule, and I can do whatever I want with him. I can take his home as a temporary base for a few hours to a few days to a few weeks, I can decide that I'm arresting the people of the house and tying them up to the fence of my base.

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If you will get an order to demolish their home or just lock their front door and don't let him out into the street. There are houses on a street that only Jewish settlers can walk on. And Palestinian cannot so they have to walk through windows two yards into the other side into the cusp of heaven. I think realizing all of that, in a very, very early stage in my service

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helped me understood that someone was lying to me along the way. I didn't feel like I'm protecting anyone. I didn't feel like I'm helping anyone feeling more safe. I felt like I'm terrorizing people, two sets of laws for two different people. Do you agree with this? Do you endorse this Arnold don't take it from me. Let's let's look at people who are also part of the terrorizing of these innocent people what they have to say, you have 650 combat soldiers on a day to day basis. And I was one of these 650 soldiers for a while. And that's their job to make their presence felt. You start your nature patrol 10 o'clock, till six o'clock in the morning, eight hour shift.

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Walk in the streets of the Old City.

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break into a house. Start a house we have intelligence about a Random House and the sergeant at the patrol. Choose a random house break into the house wake up the family. Men one side women the other side searched a place you can yourself imagine the dynamics. What happens when you break into family. Two o'clock at night wake everyone up, search the place finish. Go out to the street, knock on some doors, make some noise, run to the other corner of the street, invade another house, wake up the Family Search go out, run to the other corner of the Old City another random out and that's basically how you pass your eight hour shift

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24 hours a day seven days a week from September 2000 When the Second Intifada started till today, it didn't stop for one second.

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Yeah, the idea is very simple.

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Every Palestinian needs to feel the military is right here.

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Yeah, you never know when we're going to show up. When we're going to start when we're going to end how many we're going to be what we're going to do

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is to do what we call in the military elite soldier push up near the foot to create the feeling of being chased. Can you imagine that these are people it's their job. Every Palestinian needs to feel the military is right here. Next on the back of the back of these innocent people. Can you imagine someone coming in your house coming in your house terrorizing your family this was the guy's describing this was his job. So you are you okay with this? Arnold? I'm 100% of the days realism this case two sets of laws for two different people. It's called apartheid. You've met Nelson Mandela. You met him what Nelson Mandela had to say about this about the Palestinian people. His

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work continues also what his family members is take a look at what his grandson has to say about this. We can no longer

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Why we want our brothers and sisters being measured by the Zionist state of Israel.

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Apartheid has been declared a crime against humanity and apartheid. Israel is

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is an apartheid state, Arnold Schwarzenegger also, he mentioned that it's something we should never repeat again, it was say to people, that the atrocities that were committed, the amount of millions of people that died was absolutely unnecessary. And it was something that we should never ever repeat again. Again, he's referring to the Holocaust. This was something evil. Islam condemns this, Muslims condemned this. But now, things like the holocaust of our evil. What about the Muslim also Christians who are there who are going to the same thing?

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Will you speak up against this Arnold? More recently, in 2012, during a 60 minutes piece, the late Bob Simon, dare to report on what day to day life is like for Palestinian Christians who live under Israeli occupation, Israel has occupied the West Bank for 45 years, turning the little town where Christ was born into what its residents call an open air prison. Chrystia Nastas lives with her mother, Claire, her father, brother and sister in this house, which is surrounded on three sides by the wall. How do you live with this assignment report was seen as so unusual, and so incendiary. That Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, actually tried to spike it, censor it, leading Simon to

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directly confront him on camera, when I heard that you were going to do a story about Christians in the Holy Land.

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And my assumption and

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had, I believe information about the nature of it, and it's been confirmed by this interview today has been confirmed by the interview, Mr. Ambassador, because you don't know what's going to be put on air. Okay, I don't true, Mr. Ambassador. I've been doing this a long time. And I've received lots of reactions from just about everyone I've done stories about. But I've never gotten a reaction before. From a story that hasn't been broadcast yet.

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The first time for everything Bob.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger also mentioned how the German people were lied to, and that we can learn from those mistakes, from those mistakes of miscommunication, how the people in Germany were lied to, and how we can learn from these mistakes, and how now, you know, people are running around and trying to spread those kinds of lies in America and all over the world. But you're seeing we're seeing right in front of us unfolding the lies, the atrocity propaganda, and the direction, and the motivation of hatred has never really paid off. You know, I think there's a better way of going and this has to come together and then not to villainize each other, but to come together and to figure out the way,

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how we can coexist and how it's being repeated over and over and pushed by the mainstream media. And this is helping to dehumanize the Muslim Christian Palestinians over there. So then they can go ahead and fulfill the agenda. So they can go ahead and make it easier and get the support from the American public and the world to go ahead and continue with this ethnic cleansing with the extermination the holocaust of these innocent children. Do you approve of this Arnold? Oh, one goal Knock Knock that will overshadow the Nakba of 48. Nakba, in Gaza, and Nakba, to anyone who dares to join me know, this world, the propaganda machine, the atrocity propaganda at that time, how the Jews

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were called rats, how they were called and made, they were called disgusting names. And what happened they were dehumanize. They were oppressed. And now it seems like the oppressor is become the oppressor has become the oppressor. And you have so many Holocaust survivors and others who have tried to come out and speak against this. They've been demonized. And I found out that it wasn't exactly like that. That in order to make this Jewish dream a reality, we have to visit a nightmare on a local population. And there's no way you could have ever created

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a Jewish state

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without oppressing and expelling the local population, Jewish is very stories, has shown without a doubt that the expulsion of the Palestinians was persistent. It was pervasive, it was cruel, it was murderous

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and with deliberate attempt. So that's what it's called the Nakba, in Arabic, the disaster or the catastrophe. There's a law that you cannot deny the Holocaust. But in Israel, you're not allowed to mention the Nakba.

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Even though is that the very basis of the foundation of the state, you have Israelis and Jews, okay? It feels important to say this, I am not pulling my perspective on ISRAEL PALESTINE out of my ass. Okay, I'm not just guessing that Israel is committing a genocide against Palestine I have studied and researched this. I have bone a few days and I will share them. First of all, I'm a Jewish woman. I was raised by a Zionist family. My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor, my family talks about our spirit of resistance and resilience, constantly desiring goodness from the nation of Israel is in my blood. And still, I can see that the Zionist state is vicious, violent and evil. If someone who was

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raised by a Zionist family, by people who believe that Israel has the right to exist, and that it is our salvation, if I can overcome my pro Israel bias and learn about this conflict, so can you and frankly, I should not be calling it a conflict. It's a genocide is really historians in Israel's perception of itself is a very decent, liberal, peace loving country, which was surrounded by predatory Arabs, and it had no choice but to stand up and defend itself. So this is a defensive war. And there is great reluctance to look at the dark side of this wall, particularly at the end ethnic cleansing that happened in 1948. The broader historical context for this film is the ethnic

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cleansing of Palestine in 1948.

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Over 500, villages were our villages were destroyed 750,000 Palestinians were made refugees benimar is counted 28 massacres of which than to raise only one something isolated, Israeli human rights organizations inside and outside of the country who have condemned this who have also spoken up, have you taken a deeper look into this and what they have to say. So these are not people who are following the way of the prophets even though they are using the Bible, using this to try to justify this holocaust, to justify this extermination of a people. This is not something that God Almighty this is we have in the Quran, where God Almighty is telling us woe to those who write the book with

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their hands. We know that the previous scriptures were changed, altered. You know, when they quote, when you have even rabbis and you have others it's unfortunate on this side that followed not the Prophet, one of the mightiest messengers sent to mankind Moses, peace be upon him who's one of the most mentioned, mentioned prophets in the Koran. You think he would go ahead and support this? Do you think now that they would stand behind this only innocent people that are in Gaza now are the 229 hostage that was taken? Once they will go back to Israel? We went home. She called us because all the hospitals all the tunnels and killed them all. It's about these are people who follow a

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prophet by the name of Theodore Hertzfeld, not Prophet Moses. These are those same people who change the text to justify so when they quote the verses like Samuel one, there is no permission from the Torah to have any mercy whatsoever.

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During war,

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not on children, not on women, not on anybody can come in when they come into the town and annihilate men, women, children, donkey, whatever is alive, just destroy it. And you seeing it right. And people aren't making the connections, you see people that you see the man getting up there and them and they're talking about annihilating a whole people and using the Bible to justify it. Where's the outrage? You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible. And we do remember and we are fighting our grave troops and combatants who are now in Gaza, or around Gaza, in all other religions in Israel.

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Joining this chain of Jewish heroes, a chain that has started 3000 years ago from Joshua Ben noon, no, so these are not the people following the example of the prophets. No, because God Almighty sent them with the same message to worship the Creator, not the creation to be morally upright, and what kind of morals are these killing indiscriminately? innocent men, women and children. This is something that is an abomination. This is something that's evil. And this is something that even though now they're trying to use it there, these are those texts that have been altered and changed. Because the scriptures that we have, what we have of those they have been altered and changed.

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That's why God

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mind this is an example of it. Because there's no way that the all loving, the Most Merciful created the heavens and earth is going to give people like this a green light. And most of these people don't even believe in God, these, this whole movement was started by people who are atheist void of God. This is a nationalistic supremacy movement. Because people of God, you have good Jewish people, you know, good Christians, you have people of God who truly not now people who are trying to endorse this justified this thing this evil take good people who are seeing this evil taking place in their hearts are alive, they have some kind of moral compass, still, it's working, they see that the all

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just is not going to give a green light to this in these injustices. This is pure evil, and this is just evil. So Arnold is your call to take a deep dive, you probably get some now some love from the Muslims, who will help to facilitate maybe share me you don't have a Muslim friend, meet a Muslim, meet someone, a Palestinian, someone who can go ahead and educate you in this matter because a person can live almost like you your whole life. And you've been just following the mainstream narrative, you got to take a deeper dive. There's so many documentaries, there's so many, so many people who've done some sincere independent investigative reporting on this. It's like a detective,

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you look at one side, you're like, hold on, okay. Something here, it goes to the other side, he gets a he gets a bit, he gets a clearer picture goes again back to the other side hears the same talking points. Then he goes back and then he's like, hold on. He's starting to see how these things are falling apart. There's a context to it. It's not the this whole narrative that's been given to him is not adding up. But you have to take that first sincere step to go ahead to get the whole picture. Because it's not something that's confused and vague to try to make it like that. It's something very straightforward and clear. If you want to know the truth, your sincere Your humble parted, and

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more importantly, we made a video for you Arnold, you can just type in autumn Schwarzenegger, for those who haven't seen that put Islam in front of his name. And we invited him to the way of Moses, to the way of Jesus to the way of Abraham that complete and total submission is surrendered to the Creator of the heavens and earth, submission to the will of God in one world that's defined as Islam. And then when you look into this, you might like Liam Neeson had one said,

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Stan, I thought maybe Islam is the answer. And I'm gonna leave you with this a message from a Jew himself. He says, As a Jew, I've been to many Holocaust museums, they often have a pile of shoes or clothing of those who are killed. It's painful to see it's moving. One day there will be a museum to remind us of all the genocide that's been perpetuated against the Palestinians. It very well might have a pile of 1000s of children's shoes. Will you be able to say you did what you could to stop the massacre?

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Well, you you have great responsibility, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and your time is almost up. You're at the end of the road of life. And some do some good in the world, as to created the heavens and earth alone for guidance and be a voice for justice, a voice true voice for peace. Thank you very much peace be with you. A salaam aleikum cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen show.com We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll

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see you next time until then Peace be with you a tsunami cool. Brothers and sisters we've all had loved ones that passed away. A mother father, brother sister, a close family member but one of the mercies of our deen is that with the right intention we can go ahead and continue to do good deeds on our loved ones behalf and what greater of a continuous good deeds so that the Giardia than investing on their behalf and to D center a masjid and mega Dawa center that will benefit generations to come in sha Allah. So click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you