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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Muhammad amin

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either unity

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or breezy due to Allah subhana wa Tada, me oldest peace and blessings be upon his final messenger the mercy of this universe, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and for everybody who follow his way with righteousness until the last day.

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The topic I have chosen for this session

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is a glimpse at the life of Ayesha in the abbey burger rajala one.

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I have chosen this topic because very often, we discuss the biographies of scholars, we focus on the biographies of the male scholars.

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Well, Islamic history is also rife with many female scholars of Islam, who serve as role models not just for Muslim woman, but also for the Muslim men as much that we can learn from them lives, which applied to both genders.

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Ayesha Raja was perhaps the most prolific of scholars, and she was the wife of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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She was one of the early scholars of his alma being from the Sahara, and she is a woman whose scholarship is agreed upon by the scholars of Islam. Tolima have agreed upon her high level of scholarship.

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So who was Ayesha?

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Ayesha was the only wife of the Prophet Muhammad to allow the saddam to be born into a Muslim home, rather than converting to Islam.

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She was born approximately three years after Prophethood in the home of our workers at rajala one two She was the daughter of the greatest man after the prophets, Abubakar Raji Lalanne, who the greatest of the Sahaba, I shall was his daughter.

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And she grew up around the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, because her father was the prophet

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Isaiah Raja on how we did not know much about her life before she learned the Prophet as she married the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam at a very young age.

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And this age in recent time, has been deemed problematic permitting all Muslims

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in depth, it does not agree with the customs of marriages of modern people.

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To be precise, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. He visited Ayesha when she was six, but the only consummated the marriage A few years later after she had attained puberty. So

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this marriage in modern terms seems problematic because of the culture we are used to we are accustomed to. However, when you look at it in the historical context, there was nothing wrong with it. Because at that time in Arabia, it was normal for people were sensitive different age groups to get married. It was normal for men or men to get married at a very young age. People used to mature a lot faster in terms of the mental capabilities as they were raised to be husbands and wives. And so at a younger age to be more prepared for marriage.

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If the Prophet Muhammad Ali Islam, his marriage was something bad, he's in the midst would have been the first to jump on it, but not a single enemy of Islam at the time of his marriage.

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And if it was something bad, it affected her in a negative way. Normally, when a young woman is forced into marriage to someone who she does not like, or she forced into marriage at a young age when she's not ready, she grows intense dislike for that individual who she's married to. And it stemmed into hatred, and this is seen in her life later on. But with Ayesha and the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salaam, the case is the opposite.

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For the profit slowly, some grew so much that she became his most beloved wife. And even after

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the Prophet Muhammad had passed away,

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she became one of the leading scholars to propagate his message to the world.

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Showing that she will a patrol woman who studied from the Prophet slowly and loved him so much that she wanted to be one of the main propagators of his religion. So this marriage is something no Muslim should feel ashamed about, or to try and distort historical facts about it is something that was a blessing for you.

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I share with you the what how was the third woman that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Islam married.

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In the early part of his life, he was married to her DGM into Hawaii.

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And he remained in a monogamous marriage with her until she passed away.

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After she passed away. He married Souder with his armadillo and her

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elderly woman to help raise his daughters.

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A few months later, he had a dream, in which the angel Gabriel presented to him I shared his pride.

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And as we Muslims know, the dreams of the prophets are revelation. So acting upon this dream, he married Ayesha Aloha and she became one of his wives. The Prophet Mohammed says Allah Islam had many ways this is something which all historians agree upon, and his wives with the best performance. We call them Omaha To me, the mothers of the believers. They were the role model woman after sama. Asha was one of them is nothing wrong with the Prophet Muhammad still loads them having many waves.

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This was something which is normal, and amongst the prophets, and amongst the people of their time, Islam came and put a limit to polygamy, and said, Men are allowed a maximum of four ways you can treat them with justice.

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But an exceptional need for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he had up to nine rights at one time, because he was a prophet of Allah, and he was able to do justice between them. And each of those marriages played an important role in the dour and in the political situation of the oma and most of these ways were divorcees and widows whom he had been assisting and caring for.

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I saw was the only virgin bride of the Prophet Muhammad Slavia Islam, every other woman he married either divorced or widowed. So this automatically made her seem like a special one. And his love for her grew very intensely. So much so that under Sydney magic Raja Luna rates that the first example of true love we Muslim thought was allowed in Arusha. And Muhammad Ali

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is looking for a show so much that the otherwise could see it, even though he treated him with equality and justice, but he could see his love for her. And when he was asked to be just in his love between his wife, he replied, that the hearts and by a control that Allah will need within his capabilities he is just with, but the hearts are in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is something that Allah control

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once as a hobby by the name of Allah, as the one who asked the Prophet Muhammad slowly Islam Who is the most beloved person to you?

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The Prophet Muhammad's life lumpsum Ayesha.

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So he said, I'm talking about the man, the promise loves and replied again, and he said her father.

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So from here we see that the Prophet Muhammad slowly so not only did he love Ayesha, but he wasn't afraid to express this in public.

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We find many stories of the love that occurred between them. We find that Aisha radiallahu anha, and the Prophet Muhammad Ali, so these two raised with each other. This generation when she was a young bride, during the early years in Medina, when returning from an expedition, she and the Prophet Muhammad slowly some stayed behind.

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And when the people had gone forward, they raced each other to catch up with the rest of the people.

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When they had reached the people who had one Denise many years later, she had picked up about a week.

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And now the same situation occurred and the proper slice them decided to meet with her again, and this time he won, and he told that this was for that. So it is very fairly a very loving relationship that they had,

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for example of the day of EAD. Our worker walks into the house of the prophets lawyer for them to Ayesha's house and finds that some girls were playing with drums.

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The hand drums the Duff, and they were singing some songs. So Obama got very angry and today they cannot do this in the house of the Prophet slowly as the prophets will allow volumes until Abu Bakr radiallahu it is a day of

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the day Have fun. So couvercle left, and the children continue to play with Aisha radiallahu anha and sing their songs. After these girls had left, Ayesha and the prophets Lord Islam went outside to the masjid. And in the masjid, they were some young abyssinians who are playing with the spears, putting on a little demonstration. So the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he held Asia in a way that she can see properly what was happening, as she kept standing there with Ayesha in his arms until she was tired and she had had enough and she had enjoy the entertainment and ready to go back. So the Prophet Muhammad Ali from we learned from this, not only was he loving to his wife

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Ayesha, but he also took our time to have fun with her, and to, to enjoy some entertainment with her, which is something which a lot of people don't realize it's part of Islam, that men to couples need to spend time having fun together, that time must be made, when you need to take up time for your spouse, and enjoy time together. This is something which is from the solar

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system was the most beloved wife of the Prophet of Islam. But despite that, she would still get jealous of his other wives. And she was most jealous of Khadija even though Khadija had passed away before. The reason being that the prophets lobbyism love Fantasia a lot, so much to the scholars differ on whether he loved Ayesha more of a DJ. So I shouldn't aerates

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that no woman made her more jealous than Khadija even though she had never seen her. Because every day the prophets loads of them would talk about and talk with about her. Until one day I shall get angry and she told the profit loads and then I'll give you something better than her talking about herself. And the profit and loss long he got angry and he replied that Khadija believed in me when nobody else did. And her teacher was the one who assisted me would with her world. And she was the one to Allah headless me, whichever. So from there, I realized that he should not speak about the jargon. I bring up the story, to show that the Sahaba with the greatest of humanity after the

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prophets, they were also human. And they were also subject to the mistakes of human beings, to emotions that the rest of us feel sometimes we paint too beautiful a picture of the Sahaba and creasing unrealistic, and it seems like something we can't follow. But when you look at Asia or the low and high Hubba Devi humans like ourselves, but they strive to be amongst appears. And as a result. Because of this, Allah elevated the status. There are many other stories of jealousy, which shows some of human mistakes. For example, once when

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the prophets lollies and some of his guests were in her house, and one of the other wives had sent some food. For these gifts, she got very angry as to why she was sending food in her house, and she threw the plate and he broke the law, he did not scream at her shelter. He did not get abusive or vulgar as well as nature. He was the merciless universe. He was a mercy to his wives as well. And he simply laughed and he told his companions that your mother is jealous. And she'll he told Aisha to replace the plate. And that was it.

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end of the story. He didn't blow it out of proportion, understanding the human nature and understanding the nature of CO waves that they will be jealous of each other. So I showed you that how she was a human being like us. But she strived. She strived to be the best. And she was a very gifted woman in terms of her intellect.

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And this can be seen from the fact that not only did she read me in relation to the prophets law, you saw them. But in many of these narrations, you will find that not just in the reading, but questioning as well. If the proper law is on would see something, she would ask a question to clarify it.

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And it was questioning nature of us, which led her to gain even more knowledge. It the scholars of Islam know the depth from her life and the life of other scholars that one of the signs of a true student of knowledge is the ability to ask deep questions which expand upon the issues being discussed. So the purpose lies on the return to Asia, the Hadees that on the Day of Judgment, humanity will be raised, uncircumcised and a good answer on

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on how to ask the question, would people be looking at each other?

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A very good question. And the prophets Lozano replied that on that day, the affair will be so severe, it will be so scalable that they won't even think about looking at each other. So from her question, you got to understand just how scary the attachment is. But you are these type of questions and then how to become a great scholar. He found that the age that most of us spend in school and in our studies, she spent this age in the company of the Prophet slowly Islam studying under him. So from the age of nine, I could 18 or 20, she was in the company at the profit Congress lalibela. So when he passed away, she now has ocean of knowledge, which she began to share, not just

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with the female companions, but even the meals that are there, and the males are being used to come and study underneath her, and she can teach them from behind the niqab. But they reduce, we allow her to her, and they would study with her without a job, as the best example of this was her nephew, intubated, Roger, Roger, the one who was from the beginning, he was the son of Ayesha sister asthma and husband is a bit of an hour. So I wanted to go and study Islam and he asked his father who is the best color for me to study under and to be told to go I told him to go and study with Asia, because Asia was the greatest female scholar of my time, and

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the other men did not have a show as his art. So they will do need for a job so you could study underneath her in a much more personal and direct manner. So over began, began to study in Asia and became one of his her closest students and injuries that he had not seen anyone with more knowledge in Hades Tafseer, fake Arabic poetry or even medicine in Russia.

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And he had very high respect for

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so this was Ayesha Raja, she became one of the greatest scholars, she became an advisor to the scholar to the leaves, after the time of the prophets, the values and there are many other great stories about indeed we can spend many hours discussing a life alone. One story about a life that stands out, and is perhaps the most often discussed story is the story of the greed, slander.

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In this story, it happened during the lifetime of the prophets lolly, sala

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de la ha, she was on a journey with the Prophet. And as the returning from an expedition, she left the camp to relieve herself.

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When she was coming back, she realized that she had dropped a necklace and she went back to pick it up. While she was gone, the people did not realize that she was gone. And they continued with the journey. And she was in

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her job type of carriage and carriage will be carried. And so people could not see insight and he thought that she will insight and it comes to the life of

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one story, which is most famous about her is the story of the greed. slander, had these

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once while on the journey with the prophets of value Salaam, I share a deal on her she went to leave herself and usual misunderstanding. The caravan left without thinking that she was inside a hotel inside her college. When she returned to the place where the caravan was, there was nobody there. And she was now alone in the desert. So she sat down on a rock and she began to wait. She fell asleep and while she was asleep and niqab came out and one of the Sahaba who stayed behind. He came riding up on his horse. And he saw and he recognized it because he knew from the days before the laws of HRP revealed. So he just said in nearly lay we're in a Lea Raji own. And she immediately

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woke up and covered her face. And without speaking to each other. She he let her get onto his horse. He walked and took him back to Medina. So you can see the pirate images of a shepherd of this man as well, that they didn't even speak to each other out of fear

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not just of what could happen. But what people could say because this is the wife of the Prophet and people are looking for to try and tie forward to him and his family. So in the most purest manner possible, he took a shot back home, but the neither of the pockets of the Libyan obey. He saw this and decided to use this to his advantage to try and slander Ayesha. And so he began to spin a rumor that Ayesha and this Sahabi has to be loved in some kind of sense. And this rumor had spread I saw was really sick and she was in a home for a few days and she didn't know

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knew that this rumor was spreading.

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When she finally found out about it, she went home to appearance. And she says before that, that she realized the Prophet slowly Islam was being a bit cold. He wasn't as sweet as he normally is. And she couldn't understand why. When she heard about the rumor she finally understood, and she asked permission to go to a parents house. She went home and asked appearance, if it's true this as rumors are spreading, and appearance. Cynthia says rumors are spreading and the were very sympathetic. And she stayed there. And she began to meet to the prophets, lawyers to them. He went around doing some research investigation to try and find out if there's any truth to these rumors. And he finally came

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to visit her and speak to her and her family and help me not know what to say. So she said that I knew that I am innocent, but people won't believe me. So I leave my affair to Allah Allah will help me.

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And after that the verses of surah newly revealed surah Noor about 10 or 20 verses who are new, clarifying the life the name of eyeshadow, declaring chastity and condemning those whose accuser of any kind of sin to have.

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When these verses were revealed appearance told her to thank the Prophet slowly solemn, and she said the shoe only thank Allah. Now there are many lessons we can derive from the story. The first lesson is that not only is it important to stay away from sins, but it is important to stay away from situations or circumstances, they can help they can make people accuse you of them. Because if people see you doing something, which can be interpreted in the wrong way, then they can very easily misconstrue the situation and attack your name.

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And depending on honor, and keeping a good, keeping honorable face in public is all part of the deal.

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The next lesson we learned from the story is that the coddling of the face was something in the ways of the purpose of law Islam used to do. Scholars differ on whether it is obligatory or recommended. I personally follow the opinion that it is recommended. It is not an obligation, but it is something they used to do definitely refer those Muslims who tried to stop women from covering their face and creme de la from Islam. This story is very clear, Ayesha Raji, you should cover her face in front of men we're not related to.

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The next lesson we can derive from the story is that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he did not know the unseen.

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He did not know the unseen except what Allah revealed to him.

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And this is really important because there are many Muslims who think that the Prophet slowly Islam had been good knowledge of the unseen. If he had granted knowledge of the unseen, he would not have worried he will not have changed his attitude, he would not have done any investigations. And he will not have waited for why he would already have known. I show an innocent, but he was a human who received revelation, and only whatever revelation he's received, that was the amount of dancing that allowed him to know.

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The next lesson we learned from the story is that

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gossip and slander from the worst of sins that affect our society. There is an issue that says that backbiting is worse than Zina. And then here we can see the effects of backbiting, how it ruins the lives of good people, that they can be a good man or good woman in the society. But people would lose tongues, talk enough about him, spread rumors about him, and this affects their lives and he makes life difficult for them. I showed you that now we're not the only person to be affected by rumors. There were others who are afflicted so badly that even led to the death.

00:24:12--> 00:24:58

We look at the life of Mr. Bahari Rahim Allah. In the final years of his life, some of the scholars who are jealous of him, began to misconstrue some of his statements and spread rumors that he has one Akita and so he went, people did not want to listen to him. As these rumors had spread before he finally mumble hardy rahimullah raised his hands immediately. He said, Oh Lord, your earth is vast, but he has become narrow for me. So choose me for yourself Take me to and one month later Mr. Bahari mother passed away. What led to his death. Many of the scholars say it was this slander, rumors, gossip, unfounded accusations.

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If you can

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affect the lives of two righteous people like Mr. Mohali and Ayesha rajala one Huh? What about us? What about your neighbor? What about your family members? So this is a warning to every single believer to control your time. Be careful what you say about others. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said

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uncanny mean to be law he will human after for your call, hi oh yes, we will believes in Allah and the Last Day should either speak what is good or remain silent. That is the way of the people if what you are seeing is not good and beneficial. Don't say it. Don't speak about others. Another IDC said that from the perfection of email is to leave things that don't concern you. Don't get involved in other people's lives, who is committing what sin? What is their interest cost? What is the latest rumors, this is evil and this destroy society. Stay away from this, stay away from these type of things. This you can learn from the story of the slander of eyeshadow to learn how to many other

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lessons, which other speakers might be able to extract other authors would have extracted as is the nature of the story for the Sahaba and the prophets in the Greek scholars of the past, the lessons are not limited.

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I share

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another amazing story her life happened after the death of the province lawyer Salaam at the time for small rajala who

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towards the end of his life, there was a great fit now. And in this fetullah it actually led to many Muslims of so called Muslims attacking him and assassinating him.

00:26:42--> 00:26:47

At this point in time I showed Angela on heart she was in Morocco performing the hajj was smuggled in Medina.

00:26:49--> 00:27:05

So the people of Medina they choose Ali to be the next Khalif and Ayesha and her companions in lockup, they will have the view that Ali should first bring the murderer to justice, and then they will accept him, accept him as the holly.

00:27:07--> 00:27:13

And so Ayesha Raja Maha according to one of the generations in Bulgaria, when the higher she

00:27:14--> 00:27:55

went in front of the Kaaba, and she delivered a lecture about the virtues of a smart, and she rallied the people to go and speak to Ali, about this issue. And so I so I share Rogers on how she left at the head of an army with Delta, and today by her side to go and speak to Ali. Note that the intention was to speak to Ali and to discuss the issue not to fight with him. When they reached the habit discussion, and they came to some peaceful agreement, that they will accept Him as Holly, and then he will do what he can to bring the murderers to justice. Some of the hypocrites when the army when they heard about this piece,

00:27:56--> 00:28:05

they decided to talk and start a war. And so they split themselves up into either side of the army and begin to attack each other. This caused

00:28:06--> 00:28:10

battle to break out between the followers of Ayesha and the followers of Ali.

00:28:11--> 00:28:30

And in this battle, known as the Battle of the camel butel hands will be murdered. And Ayesha, she was on her camel, you know that. And in order to stop the battle, Holly had these men attacked the camel. So once the whole dish fell, people stopped fighting.

00:28:32--> 00:29:00

And that was the end of the battle Ayesha and Ali came to peaceful terms. And that was a regrettable incident amongst the Sahaba. Going back to what I mentioned earlier, that the Sahaba were humans and they made mistakes. And these mistakes cannot be held against them. Indeed, we have done a lot worse in our lives, to look back at the one or two mistakes that Greek scholars and Greek Sahaba had done, and to hold it against him or her in her army.

00:29:02--> 00:29:06

both of whom were given the glad tidings of gender in this world.

00:29:07--> 00:29:35

And Ayesha herself was praised in the Quran. And Allah Himself was given the glad tidings of gender. So on both sides, righteous people, and we look at them as our righteous Sahaba and we see for each of them Raji Allahu anhu, and we do not attack the character in any way. Because the way the Sahaba they were much more righteous than us. And whatever mistakes they meet, we just make what may Allah be pleased to them, and Allah have mercy on you.

00:29:36--> 00:29:53

So this was Ayesha rajala. One ha a very short glimpse at the life. We look for a short while at the slander incident. We looked at the Battle of camel, a very brief rundown, barely the battle alone can take one or two hours to discuss with all these lessons.

00:29:54--> 00:29:57

Then we also look at a marriage.

00:29:59--> 00:30:00

I'd like to conclude

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

One more story. The story of Ayesha Raja how he passed away

00:30:06--> 00:30:16

is also I read this in the diary when you hire Ayesha Rajan who was passing away, Abdullah bin Abbas rajala, who requested permission to visit her.

00:30:17--> 00:30:25

So he came by her bedside. And he spoke to her. And she said that she was feeling Allah.

00:30:26--> 00:31:09

And Abdullah bin UPASS said good news to you. She said, Why? He said, Because you are the one who Allah has revealed verses about you. Clarifying your name and his verses will be safe quantity of judgment. And you mentioned all the good qualities he said that you were the only virgin wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and you were the most beloved of his wives. And you were a scholar of Islam. And you were the only one in whose house every nation would descend into prophecy. Most of them were sleeping in your bed. And many, many other virtues he began to mention of Ayesha until she said, I wish I had died before this hour, something unknown.

00:31:10--> 00:31:26

This was paraphrasing the words of money and Elisa mentioned in Surah. Maria, when she was pregnant with Petia with the Sally, sue them and go into the pains of LIBOR. And think about people will see when it's here with the BP How will they react? She said the same thing. I wish I had died before this oil was unknown.

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So I shall Rajaraman Ha. She passed away after this. And from your story, we see the high respect the Abdullah bin Abbas and the other Sahaba had for her because Abdullah bin Abbas himself was a scholar of Islam, the Greek professor of Islam, and he is also a scholar of fic. But he also looked up to her as a scholar. He also had great respect for her. She was from amongst the mothers of the believers, one of our mothers, another lesson we can extract from this story, which also can be taken from the story of Heidi so if is the Ayesha Rogers and she had such a strong connection with the Koran. The many times her words her speech would be from the Quran.

00:32:14--> 00:32:17

So during the incident of the slander, when

00:32:18--> 00:32:28

they asked her what she had to say, she simply said, I see what the father of Yusuf Ali says, I've said that possibly Jamil will love Stan as a matter

00:32:30--> 00:32:49

that patience is beautiful, and others help is fought against what they are saying. So she her words with the word of the Quran, likewise, when she was passing away her words with the words of Maria Ali Ali, salaam, nation, so she had this strong connection with the Quran, and she was able to put it like that.

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In her own speech for our own answers, she was called Quran and this is a really strong connection that we all should try to have the Quran so that I show that the antis a very fast topic. And there is a lot that has been created about her in the in the various books of history, which inshallah we can discuss in more detail later occasion. This was just to give a glimpse at her life, to get people interested in studying her life in more details, and to extract a few basic lessons that both men and women can follow. And to live by Ayesha Rajaratnam is proof that a woman can be superior to a man in knowledge and piety. And there is no such thing in Islam, that men, all men are better than

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all woman. Or some people think that humans are deficient. You know, I showed you Anna, she was approved, she was approved, who lived in this world, that a woman can reach the highest levels of scholarship, she can be extremely pious senior p or low role in politics, and she can be remembered as the righteous Muslim for all time after her. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help the woman of this oma to follow in her footsteps to help the men of this oma to follow in the footsteps of her husband, the Prophet Muhammad slowly Islam and in those issues which are general to help both the men and women of this woman to follow in the footsteps of her and her husband, Prophet Muhammad, Ali

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Islam and to become just like them, and to be able to not only extract lessons from these lives, but to apply it in our own lives to be become working examples of this una vaca da Juana and Robert alameen. Wa salaam aleikum wa