When is it Allowed for a Woman to Ask for a Divorce

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Many questions came to me about when it is allowed for a woman to ask for a divorce. She's even allowed to ask for divorce. The answer for this? Yes, she is a lot to ask for divorce.

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And if you say what about the Hadith, where the prophets also them said, You mumble it in Saturday Baraka Minh zoji Hemingway at bats for catalana low alcohol I had an agenda.

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Any woman that asked her husband for a divorce for no good reason that the last month Allah forbade her from smelling the fragrance of paradise. And this Hadeeth Yes, it is authentic. It's in this video than others. But we have also more authentic hadith are much stronger Hadith in Sahih Bukhari where

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a woman she came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa, he was sending them and she asked him for a divorce from her husband and her husband. She said, Lee Dini,

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I don't have anything against his Deen or his manners, lacking the alcohol cofra FileZilla. I don't think I don't want to make that or do the action of the kofod while a Muslim and she meant by that I cannot fulfill his rights. And in one of the duration, she said, in one letter, she said that he was very ugly. And she said, because I feel a lot it would if it threw up or spit on his face, because it's very, very ugly, on attractive at all. In so many duration. She explained that to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So the process of them simply didn't say, Hey, hold on, I think is not allowed to get divorced. You know, what's the punishment that they have? Gentlemen, some husbands and some in

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laws do or some family member do? You know, she's not you just can't be married to this man. So the process would give him back his head if I give him back his mom and just divorce. So from this had Ethan rudimental him on the law and the first lady came to the following conclusions. They said it is permissible for a woman to ask for a divorce or she initiated the divorce in this case, and we caught a toddler in the following cases. Number one, if the man is abusing her, and when we can talk about abuse, I'm talking about physical abuse, I'm talking about emotional abuse, all kind of even sexual abuse and any form of abuse to the woman. It is a valid ground for her to ask for divorce. At

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number two, if the person do not fulfill her rights, he doesn't give her the money. He doesn't fulfill his right to her as a husband, when it comes to intimacy and things like that she has the right to ask for divorce number three, if the person is doing evil things and hot on things like she found it he's got he gamble and he doesn't pray he drinks alcohol he used drugs and and things of this nature. So in this case, she has a valid reason to ask for divorce or she can give hood

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ask for her. Number four, if she basically not attractive to him at all completely like this woman who was not attractive to the person and she could not maintain that the relationships and this case also she is allowed to ask for divorce. What the Hadeeth the first heading is talking about that a woman that will not smell the fruits of dinner if she asked for a divorce this honey this talk about a woman has no valid reason or no any reason for she just the walk up to Larry john she just want to try men she married this guy for a while, you know kind of slipped me change him Let me look for another guy. Let me see that good other guy. If a woman like that this is how I'm and that's not

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allowed. Because that means you're using the religion to fulfill your own how long last and her own desires. Instead of just making Zina you just doing that and you call it marriage and you have every intention not to to make this marriage continue. So I hope this will explain to us when it is allowed for a woman to ask for a divorce. But if even though these are the ground for it, I would advise every sister not to rush for us in divorce. You know, take your time, try counseling, appraise to hotter, do a lot of stuff Sharla. And I mean by that counseling and asking for advice, talk to your family, talk to his family, you know that the family try to bring a peacemaker between

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both of you before you come to this conclusion to break the relationship. And in Ibiza, some of them said well, castle holla

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Ha, what breaks the relationship is the divorce. May Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us and give us happy life.