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Whoever has a mustard seed's weight of pride (arrogance) in his heart, shall not be admitted into Paradise. And whoever has a mustard seed's weight of faith in his heart, shall not be admitted into the Fire.

Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1998

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About Isam Rajab

Isam Rajab

Dr Isam Rajab was born in Kuwait and graduated with a BA in Sharīʿah from the Islamic University of Madinah. He holds a Masters and Ph.D in Islamic Studies from California University.

Dr Isam has over 10 years of experience as an Imam in the US and Kuwait. He has specialised in and is licensed to instruct in the inheritance system of Islam. He has 2 ijāzas in memorising the Qurʾan and is the author of a book about the Qiraʾāt of the Qurʾan.

Sheikh Isam has recorded a number of programs for television and his shows have appeared on Ramadan TV and Islam Channel. He is also founder and director of AREES Institute.

Sheikh Isam currently resides in Damascus with his family, and we are delighted that he has added AlKauthar to his list of daʿwah efforts.

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