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The transcript describes a man who had a dream of eating alcohol and was confused about his interpretation of his dream. The use of Mahdi's interpretation of dreams is discussed, as well as the importance of understanding the spiritual experience of the speaker's father. The speaker emphasizes the need to learn about Islam and its implications for one's life.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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De Palma husi, Jennifer, Diane, two young men into into the prison along with Debbie Yusuf Alayhi, Salatu was Salam. So they will now be his soulmate. And of course, some time passes by, in this story and many others in the Quran, Allah doesn't mention each and every moment, just like when he entered into the home of the disease years went by, and then we heard about the incident. So he spent some time with these prisoners. And of course, now they would have been discussing many things because if you if you're sitting in a cell with two people will be discussing all details. So it must have come out and the use of has this ability to interpret dreams. That's the one possibility

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and then the other is the fact that they're actually going to point out now that they notice that none of us have is a good man. So obviously, in his blog, and in his worshipping of Allah loves behind Rhode Island, they've observed him, and thus they need to confide something in him right now. They say to him, Allah huduma, one of the two of them said, in the early amazulu camera, I have seen myself pouring wine. This is a dream that is said. And in his dream, he actually saw himself pouring some wine. Now he's an old before he entered into the prison was that he was the competitor of the king.

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And his dream that is now convicted abuse of La salette was around, he wants in an interpretation. We'll call it alpha. And the other guy says, In the arani, metaphor, policy hubs, I have seen myself carrying on top of my head, some braid

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Taku toyotomi. And they are birds that are eating from the spread, not big navitor wheelie, please inform us of its interpretation. In Nana Raka, mina masini, we see that you are a good man.

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Now the other person that's saying that he carried the braid, and he said he was the banker in the kings.

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So now the use of Alistair that was sent out is being approached with a question. Think about this for a second. Is this a very important question, so much so that it's going to make a difference in the agenda or jahannam outcome of these two individuals? The answer is, of course, no. It's an interpretation of dreams, no matter how severe or no matter how serious the outcome of these dreams is going to be. It's just the interpretation of dreams. It's not a matter of Jana and Johanna.

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And this, it's important that we observe this because we all of us as Muslims, at some point or the other. Our friends and family members and neighbors and colleagues and employers and employees will come to us and ask us questions about our religion. And it's not going to be in the agenda janam questions 99.99% of the time, it's going to be things like why do women wear hijab aka meaner waiting periods? Why do men wear these long dresses? You know, why do Muslims fasts in the month of Ramadan, etc. Now notice what Allah is teaching us here as an indirect lesson. The direct lesson is the dreams and the interpretation of the dreams and what the abuser is telling them but there's an

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indirect lesson you know, Yusuf alayhi salaatu wa Salaam proceeds to not answer the question immediately 1000 the following color Leia Tikka Mata Iman to Rosa County, Indiana to come up with that way you food Walker yet come to you. The food which you will be sustained with will not yet reach you accepted, I would have given you the interpretation of your dreams. In other words, I'm going to tell you about your dreams. Don't worry soon I'll tell you about them but there's something else.

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He says common idea to come up before these for your food comes to you radical mama Alemany Robbie, I want you to first and foremost know that this ability to interpret dreams. He says, This is from what my lord has taught me. So he's attributing this gift and the skill firstly to Allah.

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In other words, he's now introducing them to what to Allah subhanho wa Taala next he tells them in mitakeumi letter comi verily, I, I've lived the ways of my people lie You mean una bella, because they did not believe in Allah, wa whom will ask you not to McAfee role, and they just believed in the afterlife as well. What does this got to do with the dream?

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But the use of knew that this was more important for them to know than the meaning of those things. He carries on what the American military, he brought him on his way out. And instead of following the ways of my people, I followed the way of life of my father, even on him

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and his heart. And Jaco was mentioning his forefathers and following the ways in order. So that's why he's mentioned to them about Allah is mentioned to them about the era and I was telling him about the MBA

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These are all fundamental pillars of faith. He carries on makin and an illusory Kabila him in shape it is not appropriate for us it is unbefitting that we make any partners with Allah that it can be unfolding. Because this is all from all this bounty upon us or Island Nancy and upon people while I can axonopathy law school, but unfortunately most people will not be grateful. Nice teaching them about Khufu and the civility of friendship. Then he, he continues and he says he has often been a surgeon, oh my companions of the prison, our bamboo

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he makes them think now, he says, are many gods many false idol gods? Are they better? Or is it better to have one ultimately powerful, irresistible God, a God that no one and nothing can be compared to?

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Mata buena Min dooney Hila, asthma and some way to move up and do

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what you worship besides Allah, all these statues and idols, they are nothing but names which you and your forefathers had given. manzanilla will be humming Sultan, Allah himself had said no evidence to you to worship these things. in your home in learning law. Judgment is only for Allah.

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Allah, Allah daboo.

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He has commanded that you worship none but him alone. This is a different way of saying La ilaha illallah wa,

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then he can do by him. This is the right way of life. This is the upright religion, the upright subservience while I came back from NASA mode, but most people will know. So this is special information that I'm giving you. And only now act five verses later, does he then proceed to give them the interpretation of the theme. But for our observation, the things that I've pointed out, somebody is going to come to you and say, Tell me why do you mean really skullcaps? or Why do midway periods? or Why do you go to the mosque five times a day? Why do you play and we receive these questions all the time now most people, most people would immediately proceed with an attempt at

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answering the question. Now think about it. somebody asks you something random, like why do Muslims mangosteen Java bottles in the toilet you get them so thirsty, you drink in the toilet or whatever. So now you need to try and proceed to explain these things. And you're going to use logic if you don't have Quran and Sunnah. You have an insult against Allah when Allah says there's no paralysis, and then the person walks away. Did that person now believe in Allah? Is that person now going to become a follower of Mohammed Salah liason? Is that person now going to not go to join them and go to gender for eternity? Because of your answer? Did you move the penance? No, so much so that now

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Islam is known in the world? No, it's absolutely almost useless that you answered the question directly. But it's not a fault. It's actually your fault. You should have thought you should have followed the way of now the use of Alexa to a seller. Brother, that is a brilliant question. You know, the cigar service team job. So I'm gonna explain this to you No problem. But you know what, in order for me to really give you a true understanding on this, you need to know who Allah is, you know, we worship, we actually worship only one God, one through God, believing that there's no partners on him.

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Besides that, one through God, the Creator of everything.

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And we believe in all of the prophets and messengers, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, peace be upon them all. And the last and final messenger that we Mohammed Salalah, while he was alone, that's the fundamentals of faith. We as Muslims, we believe that this life of the faith, and we believe that the worst thing you could possibly do is ascribe partners and to God Almighty. This is the basics of Islam. Did you know that? This is no, I didn't know that. So do you have any questions for me? This is okay. Yes. Tell me more about your, your God and about your prophet. Now you're giving him a life changing information. Because now you are giving him what we call in one word,

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dalla. You're giving him the opportunity or giving her the opportunity to see the truth of Islam, they are walking away with such a profound knowledge as opposed to why you throw water on your backside when you leave the toilet is a big difference. And now if they still time if they still interested, go ahead and answer the questions about the stranger or whoever asked the question may have been if you don't know how to answer, you can refer them to somebody else. But this was the wisdom of the MBR and aim. So that was a they understood, this person coming to me is an opportunity for me to speak to them about a lease. And they knew what is most important about the snap, and all

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of us each and every one of us as the followers of Navy Mohammed's allies and we all have a duty that every single person we come across must not hold us accountable and the deaf gamma, oh god, how can I go to hell when that person made me even tell me about this amazing religion. He thought I was good enough for this message.

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So let us take a listen from the story and then tomorrow night I'll tell you about the interpretation of the dreams in Sha 111.