Taimiyyah Zubair – Tafsir Surah al Qasas #08 S28 V36-42

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the confusion surrounding the concept of god and the belief that one God is involved. Moosa claims to be a god and is being punished by Thassim for his actions, while Thassim's actions are described as false and embarrassing. The segment discusses the use of magic and its potential for fraud and falsehood, as well as the pride of the Hulk's message. The speakers stress the importance of following trends and avoiding blindly following people.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish. Rafi Sabri were silly emri Dr. tam melissani Yakubu Kohli. Allah Almighty Academy Kirby was said deadly Sani was with him at akorbi amin Europa alameen.

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inshallah, we will continue with our study of suitable causes. And today inshallah we will begin from Isaiah number 36. Now in total costs so far, in the story of Musa alayhis salam we were at the point where Allah subhana wa tada gave Prophethood to Masada he set out and Allah subhanaw taala instructed Musashi, Sadam, to go to film and mozzarella is Salaam expressed his fears, his hesitations. And Allah subhanaw taala reassured him, that Masada who sent him would be given victory. And Allah subhanaw taala equipped him with the resources that most artists are needed in order to meet this challenge. And those resources were first and foremost the miracles that Allah

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subhanaw taala gave him and secondly, the the help of his brother How long are they he said I'm who was also given Prophethood so most RSM did not have to do this work alone by himself. So then we learn in Ayah number 36. A loss pantherella says philam murgia homosassa Biya Tina bayonet. But when mousai salaam came to them, Jet a home came to them meaning to fit our own and his people. He came to them be it now he brought them Our Ayat. And these Ayad these signs, these miracles these evidences were baking at they were very, very clear. Many these these miracles were clearly true, meaning their truth was evident. Nobody who saw them could deny them could deny their truthfulness.

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We see for example, when when the magicians of our own when they witnessed the the miracle of Massara his salon where he threw his stick and it turned into a snake, those expert magicians, they knew they understood that what moosari is said I'm sure it was not actually magic. This was something far beyond the power of magic. And this is why all of those magicians believed. So the idea that Musashi Salaam presented, they were begging that they were clear evidences

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but he not is applauded of the word by Yuna and by either is a clear evidence, it's from by him by Yun is something which is evident itself and it also clarifies or makes something else evident. So musala histogram he showed those miracles and along with those miracles, most artists and I'm also gave proofs and evidences in his speech. So we learned that for instance, one fit our own asked Mozart he said that what is this Lord of the world that you're talking about? mozzarella Sam, he responded. He gave very clear evidences. So for example, in sort of the Sharla we learn the putter fit our own WeMo Bula aalameen that fit our own asked him that what is this Lord of the world that

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you're talking about? Masada has said I'm he answered. He said Allah Ragusa Matthew will audibly warmer baina Houma in control mukuni that He is the Lord of the skies and the earth and whatever that is in between them, meaning the entire existence. The Lord of the worlds is the Lord of all of this stuff in our own he was really taken aback by this response he said, All element hola who allowed us them your own, fit our own set to those who are around him Do not listen to what Moosa is saying. mozzarella has said on went on. He said color up bukom What about ecom? We'll have one availing that he is your Lord and also the Lord of your forefathers, the earlier ones meaning those

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who came before you, Allah is their Lord as well. So for our own got really angry at this point, and he said color in the Rasulullah commune Lady orthosilicate la Camila junoon. He said that indeed your messenger who has been sent to you is surely a madman, meaning he he called Musashi Salaam emerged

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Noone a madman musar listen and didn't stop there. He continued to give evidences he said Rob bull machinery will mercury be warmer Bina Homer. Allah is the Lord of the East in the West and whatever that is in between them now for their own got really angry and he said let in it has the Illa hammer lady ledger Islander coming in must you need if you dare to take another god besides me I am going to imprison you. I am going to put you in a dungeon on an overload to publish a movie Masada Salaam said even if I bring to you something very clear meaning even if I show you a clear evidence, so then that our own said to be in quantum in a saw the thing then show it if you are of those who are

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truthful. So then, after giving logical proofs, then musala is said I'm sure the miracle for elkaar Saga either here Thor Burnham, rubine musala who sent on through his stick and it turned into a clear snake. When as our Yoda who for either here by Allah really nailed it, and he pulled out his hand and it was shining white for those who could see and then fit our own said Allah, Lil mela II hola who in the head Allah Sahil Aleem for our own said to the to his chiefs who were sitting with him, that indeed this man is surely a magician, who is very knowledgeable. And that is what is mentioned over here also, that Allah subhanaw taala says follow murgia homosassa bi atina by hinnat

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musala A Sam give clear evidences, logical evidences. And then he also showed the miracles palu they said meaning for our own and his people. Their response was that Matt had that illa seaholm of thought, Ah, this is not except invented magic, meaning he basically said that the miracles of mozarella his Salaam were some, some form of magic, some new kind of magic, several moves that are moved arise from the root, felt or Yeah, and if de la is to invent, to fabricate something. So he said, this is only fabricated magic. Now this is something interesting because that our own is calling the miracles of mozzarella isn't a magic. Why? Because magic is all the fit our own new

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magic is what he used. Magic is what he used to control his kingdom to control his people to maintain his power. And this is why in his nation, there were so many magicians in the expert magicians, and this is the reason why almost panel thada equipped most artists with these kinds of miracles, because every prophet was given a miracle that would be that that was relevant to his nation, meaning something that the nation would truly be amazed by, would truly be impressed by not not just to, you know, impress them, but but to really convince them that this cannot be the work of a human because they knew what magic is. They knew what the limits of magic were. And what musala he

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said I'm sure it was beyond the limits of magic. So they said that this is magic. Now if we don't call it magic, because that is all that he knew. And he also called the miracles magic in order to belittle the miracles as if he was

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you know, calling the miracles magic in order to insult them in order to belittle them. And this is so hypocritical, you see if at our own used magic, right if his own people used magic, that was perfectly fine. But if someone else was using magic, then that was not okay. Not that most artists and I was, was showing magic, no, this was not saying this was Ayat of Allah. However infant Arlen's opinion, this was magic and for Moosa to use magic was not okay. You see the double standard over here, you see the hypocrisy over here. And then we see that he called what Musashi said I'm showed him several muthana, muster fabricated, invented, and what is meant by this is that this is newly

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invented uni, this is a kind of magic that was unknown before, right. So Moosa is presenting some new form of magic or he has invented it and he is attributing it to God or that this is invented meaning a meaning by himself, right. This is something that he has, you know, made himself This is actually from himself and he is attributing to his attributes.

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to God. So he said this is not except invented magic into the eye in number 71. Also we learn that one for our own, accused most artists and I'm of using magic and he brought his magicians to compete with Masada, his center and all of those magicians believed in will sorry his setup.

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fit our own said in the who lukka Bureau Kumar levy Oliver como says that Moosa is just your elder who has taught you guys magic. Yanni, he is the one who has taught you magic stuff that you need the truth was so evident, yet he called the truth magic, even though the truth prevailed, right? It prevailed it one yet fit our own was not willing to accept it. Any of the expert magicians even they recognize the truth of Mussolini's salon, this surrendered, but for their own was not willing to accept and it was only falsehood that he was clinging on to. And we see that from the beginning for our own used different ways to avoid the truth, to not accept the truth somehow. Here it is

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mentioned that he called it magic, right? And we learn

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we learn in sort of the shora that when for our own when Musashi said I'm supposed to fit around, fit our owns initial response was the first thing he's he did was that he attempted to, to disparage musar to his center, to insult him to demean him and to really assail his character. So we see he said he said first honor alarm neuron Vika feanor walidah their own began his response to Mossad he said I'm by saying that did we not raise you amongst us as a child? We are the ones who did you a favor? We raised you as one of our own one of the best the foenum in ermotti Cassini and you stayed with us of your life many years meaning you you remained with us for many years of your life and

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then with our the fire letter cullity files were and terminal carefully and you did the deed which you did. Meaning you know exactly what you did you murdered a man and then what and terminal caffeine and you were those who denied meaning you were extremely ungrateful you you left so Musashi Salaam he defended himself on a foreign to her he then we're enemy no Berlin Yes, I did it back then. And I made a mistake. And then for foreign to mean come Lama have to come I ran away from you when I feared you. For what hubballi lobby who come on and then my lord granted me wisdom, withdrawal and email mousseline and he made me of the messengers. What till can near my twin tamanu

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her aleja and our butter Bunny is Sati and this is a favor that you are you are tamanu her aleja which you could say means you you're rubbing it you know you're basically you're basically showing that you did a huge favor to me You're bragging about it Why Why did you have to do this favor to me that you raised me It's because you had enslaved the bunny is slightly right. It's it's because of that, that you know, I ended up in your in your home and you had to raise me. So we see that from the beginning that our own tried to, you know, avoid accepting the truth. He began by attacking the character of Masada, his center. And then when he was shown the miracles, he called it magic. So

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moosari Islam responded to that insult of Yunus is 77 we learn color Moosa other coluna will help in a merger a con a see Haroon hada that do you say about the truth when it has come to you that this is magic? How dare you call this magic This is not magic. So for our own tried any different ways to avoid you know accepting the truth of the message of most already salon and then the eye continues almost Pandora says that their own said webmaster mirror now be had their feet above in a worried and we have not ever we have not heard of this among our forefathers. Any what Moosa is saying is something that we have never heard of before. This is something completely new, completely strange,

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completely unfamiliar

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It's not you know backed by any of our traditions or our you know culture or our knowledge when asked Samir Nabi how they feel about you know a woody and when I say we're not behind that we have not heard of this any we have never ever heard of this in our lives fee a bear in a Waleed amongst our forefathers and a willing the first ones a winning is a plural of a willen Abba is the is the plural of up, meaning our ancient forefathers even who came way before us even then never mentioned anything like that. Anything like what, what Moosa is saying, and what is it that most artists and I'm was saying, oh, sorry, Sam was telling them that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah.

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And so for our own set that we have never heard of this, right or Musashi Salaam said that we that I am the messenger of the Lord of the worlds. So if at our own is saying that we have never heard any human being, you know, given being given Prophethood. So, the concept of prophethood, this religion that Moosa has brought this this concept of there is only one God in it, this is all something new, we have never heard of this. Now, is this true? Is it that never before had the people of fit our own? Heard about the concept of prophethood? Is that the case? No, actually, it is not the case. What What did our own was saying over here was a complete lie. Why? Because the people of our own,

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were very familiar with Yusuf Ali, his center and use of artigas Sam was a prophet of Allah. Right? We learn that the bunny is like you. Why were they in Egypt? They were in Egypt, because they were the descendants of the children of your Cobra, his sinner. And how is it that he are pulborough Suleiman his children ended up in Egypt through use of early history. When you subrata you set up, he had a very high position in Egypt. And

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his his brothers came and, you know, he, he revealed his identity to them, and he told them that bring your families over here, right. And his, his parents came, his family came, everybody came in, we learned in in sort of abusive, that he will work far away here. And then we'll have a ruler who suggests that, that use of earlier said I'm raised, he brought his parents up on on his throne. So you Safari center had a throne, meaning a high seat of honor, in in Egypt, right? His his parents were there. So

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and Yusuf alayhi salam, he, he used his position to call people to Allah, he did not, you know, hide that part of his identity. And we learn about that clearly mentioned insert of use of were use of artists and I was in the prison. And he invited the his inmates to the worship of Allah alone. So the people have in our own,

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you know, they knew about the concept of prophethood they knew that there are people who only worship one God, right? The bunny is not even who were they Bunny is what you were living in Egypt along with the people of their own. And what religion did they observe? what God did they worship they worship only one God. Right? So what what fit our own is saying over here is a complete lie. Well, my Samir and I behaved Effie ever in a while in, in sort of profit. I am number 34. This has mentioned that when when Finn our own decided to kill Mozart he sent out a man from the family of their own actually spoke up and he is described as Roger movement a believing man and he said that

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one aka aka Musa, Fomenko bluebell by hinnat, that you serve had already come to you before with clear proofs, any you know about use of he he was a messenger, he lived among you. And then later on in diversity said had to either halakhah when he died on to labor ethylamine bar, the healer Sula, you said that Allah will never send another messenger again. And you just you made that up yourself. So for all in his people, were very familiar with the concept of prophethood. They were very familiar with the concept of, of believing in one God yet. They said over here

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My name is Amir and I behead Effie Abba in a Willie, that we have never heard of this before among our forefathers, and he this was a lie to basically

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refute what mozzarella his salon was saying. So then mozzarella is Sam responded what color Moosa Robbie arella Moo Beeman Jaya a bill who dominar indiahe. And mozzarella is Salaam said that my lord is more knowing of who has come with guidance from him. My lord is most knowing he knows best about who has brought guidance from him. Woman to Kula who are our people to doubt and to whom will be the succession in the home? He Allah knows even though you say that I am lying even though you're you're saying that I I have presented magic even though you're saying that I have invented all of this. Still, Allah knows about who has brought guidance from him. And who was that it was most artists and

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most our listener had been sent with this guidance, right? Woman to cannula who are actively to doubt and Allah knows about who will have the the succession in the home. Now all people to dog are occupied is outcome an adult is home, the outcome of the home What does this mean? This has been understood as a good consequence, because only those will end up in paradise who are successful in the sight of Allah. Right? So So aka to da one is understood as paradise. Another interpretation is that it's referring to a good outcome in the world. Meaning who is it that will live on? Who is it that will survive?

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Woman to cornella who Arqiva to da moosari Center, Allah subhanaw taala promised in victory and success right even before most already sent him came to deliver the message. So mozzarella is made clear over here that Allah is more annoying. In the hula flee her lolly moon indeed, wrongdoers do not succeed. This is such a powerful statement. This is such a comforting statement that when people don't believe you, when people twist the truth, right, when people are not willing to accept the facts. And if you you know, how are you supposed to convince a person who denies reality? How are you supposed to change the heart of a person who does not want to accept the truth that is that is

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so evident before his eyes. You can't force them to accept and if you make it your life mission, that I have to convince them, you're you're going to be miserable. At such times, your only comfort is that Allah knows the truth, that Allah knows the reality. Right and the outcome of of all actions at its its decision lies with Allah subhanaw taala so I put my trust in Allah. Because you know what, when you know that you are being honest, when you know that, that you are on the truth, you are not guilty of what people are accusing you of. You know, it's it's a very hurtful thing to be rejected. Right? It's it's very painful to know that people are not accepting the facts. It's very

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painful to know that people are twisting your words. And if you make it your mission to try to convince people that in my goal is that I have to convince them. I have to make them accept me, then you will never succeed and you will only be miserable. So at such times your source of comfort should be what Allah knows the truth. Allah knows the truth. You see, when I showed up to LA Mourinho was accused of a sin she never committed. Right? What was her response? That for subbrand Jamil that I am going to observe beautiful patients will login with Stan Allah Moto Z phone and Allah is the one who's helped Assad against that which you fabricate that would you admit that she

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repeated the words of your co party, his center, your cover is set, I'm also in he exhibited so much patience. So you know, we don't have control over the hearts and minds of people. We don't have control over that. We don't have the power to make people love us to make people accept us. We can only convey to them

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and ultimately, we can only find comfort in knowing the facts.

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After Allah subhanaw taala knows who is right and who is wrong. And I put my trust in Allah. And we should believe that in the hula, you flee her Bali moon, that the wrongdoers do not succeed

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the wrongdoers do not succeed this is a very This is a warning Lie of the holy moon who are lolly, Moon volley moon are people who commit learn and what is one volume generally we understand this as injustice, right or oppression and why is it that people commit oppression? Why is it that people use their power and their force and the resources that Allah subhanaw taala has given them to abuse others why in order to you know, accomplish something in order to gain something, but this effort is completely counterproductive because the force the resources that people are using to oppress others in order to accomplish certain goals, will they ever accomplish those goals? No, because in the

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hula, you flee her volley mode. The fact is that the lolly moon, the people who commit oppression will never succeed. So, never use oppression as a means to accomplish your goals. Because while we can see people using different forms of injustice, right to to get somewhere, we see that their success is temporary, their so called success is is it's very short lived. Because

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ultimately the lolly moon can never succeed, right? loan is something that that that Allah subhanaw taala does not tolerate in the world in the sense that the law nim is allowed to enjoy his freedom for some time, but then Allah subhanaw taala seizes him right he stops him,

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Allah subhanaw taala seizes the volume and then the London he no longer has any freedom. So in the who livelihood.

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Now, London is also understood as no one understanding alone is that it was oppression or injustice, right? Why because learning is defined as the you know, placing something where it does not belong, right? But what is also remember learning is also to, to cause loss, okay to cause loss to someone meaning to not give someone what they deserve. Okay. For example, in the Quran, we learn about the story of the man who owned two gardens, right. And his gardens are described in the Quran in great detail and one of the description is that that kill tell Jenna tiny Attard akula while I'm toggling minutiae that both the gardens have produced their yield, and they did not cause him any loss,

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every harvest, whatever the man expected, that is what he got. It was never the case that he got the less than what he expected lamp toggling there was no deficiency, right? So, loom is also to not give others what they deserve to cause them loss, okay to deprive them of what they deserve. And was fear on doing that? Absolutely. He was what is the right of a prophet of Allah, that he is believed in? What is the right of, of the truth of the facts, that they are accepted, that they are not twisted that they're not rejected. So people who deny reality, people who twist the truth people who don't accept you know, others are not willing to give others what they deserve, whether it is in

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tangible matters or in, in matters which are intangible. In either case, this is learning. So, for example, a form of learning is that people are not given the share of inheritance which they deserve, rightfully deserve. They're deprived, right one person who has more power over the matter, they just come and take over everything, and the legal heirs are deprived. Another form of limb is that, you know, people are neglected children are neglected spouses are neglected. They're not given the rights that they deserve in that relationship. So people who, who deprive others of their rights than such people will never succeed. Ultimately, such people will suffer loss

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momentarily for now in the world, yes, they might enjoy, you know a lot of power, or they might enjoy a few $1,000 they might enjoy owning a certain property they might enjoy, you know, all the time that they have to themselves all you know all the things that they are enjoying by depriving others, but you know what, ultimately such people will not not succeed in the hula, you flee her volleyball. And what was around doing over here, loom upon loom, right he was not willing to accept the profit of most artists and and because that meant stepping down. That meant accepting someone else's superiority, someone else's power, right, that meant submitting to Allah, and the end that

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would mean losing a lot of privileges that fit our own was enjoying at this point. So in the whole life, the whole body mode, the truth hurts, but our success lies in accepting the truth. And if we commit oppression, if we commit injustice, if we go on depriving others of their rights, then ultimately we are the ones who will suffer in the who lay you flee her lolly moon, and this is why we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from committing injustice, right? What are all the weaker un olema Oh Allah, that Allah protect me I seek your refuge from committing oppression and also from being a victim of oppression your ally you save me that I do not do low on others. And I

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also do not become a victim of other people's volume on me.

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Now what happened what call of it our own? Yeah, a U haul mela and for our own said, Yeah, a U haul mela Oh, eminent once Mullah. This is a word that we have come across a few times when that is basically used for the the the leaders or the elders of a people, right? The Chiefs you could say the people who are eminent and they're called the mela because Mullah is from the root mean lamb Hamza and mill is is the feel of something. Okay. So for example, in when we get up from the core, one of the ways in which the Prophet salallahu Urdu center would glorify love, mill, Asana, watty, were made out of the right there Allah, I praise you as much as you know as much praise as that

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which will fill the skies and which will fill the earth mill a somewhat one mill and up. Okay. So why is it that Muller are called malloc? Because such people, what do they do they fill the hearts of people with all right, they fill the hearts of people with admiration, so for their own said to his nobles, to his chiefs, right to the people who are closest to him, to the people who are in his court, right, his Court hears he said to them, he started brainwashing them, right, that ma or limb to law, common law, one lady, I want you to think about the statement. He said, I do not know for you any god besides me. Meaning, in my knowledge, the only God that you have is me. The only being

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that you worship and you should be worshiping is me.

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According to my knowledge, my limb to the common Illa him lady. So basically he's claiming that he is supposed to be worshipped. Allah is not supposed to be worshiped stuff that Allah and he literally considered himself as a rival to Allah. Right. And this is the definition of power. Right? That someone who rebelled against, you know, who rebelled who goes beyond the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has set for people that from a Buddha from servitude, right this person, or this individual goes into

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any the right of Allah, claiming that that he deserves worship? So if at our own said that I, I am the only God that you have, you're supposed to be worshipping only me and this god that Messiah is talking about? I don't think that God exists at all. Now, he said, Man, I live to LA common illa humilating I do not know of any god for you besides me, he did not say mela comin Illa in lady that you do not have a god besides me. But he said, I do not know of any god for you other than me. Why is he talking about you know, according to my knowledge, because to them fit our own was the most knowledgeable right there.

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blindly followed fit our own, they adored him. So even if he said the most atrocious things he said the most immoral, factually incorrect things. They believed him. They supported him. They followed him. they obeyed him. He said kill babies, they did that. He said discriminate against and oppress an entire people, the people, an entire people who follow a certain religion. They did that they enslaved but he is ill, they tortured Bani Israel. Why? Because they, they believed in funeral they literally took him as a god. And why is it that they adored him so much? Because they also benefited from him? Right? They benefited from him. They benefited from this relationship fit our own

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benefited by controlling them. And they benefited by being controlled by federal, right they enjoyed a life of ease. They enjoyed a life of, you know, superiority over Bani Israel by oppressing the Bani Israel, they were the ones who were, you know, enjoying the comforts of this life. So, why wouldn't they support federal, so, the thing is that leaders are nothing without their people. And we should also remember that a leader is actually a representative of a people because it is there mutual cooperation, right, that allows that allows, you know, their leader to to be over them, right. And it was through their mutual cooperation that on our own and his people committed all of

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this oppression. So, when he said I do not know of any god for you besides me, right, they they accepted that, but also remember that to say I do not know of any god besides me, this statement is actually weaker than saying there is no god besides me, right? Because this means I do not know right? I have little knowledge. And remember that even among blind followers, there are people who use reason so now he attempted to sway them next night he attempted to make up for any damage that he may have caused by making such a statement. So he said for opioid Li yeah hermano on a plane. He instructed her man to do something to do what he said for Oh fiddly okay this is from the rude well

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cough done and Okada is to light a fire so all her man you light a fire for me are clean upon the clay meaning before burning and baking bricks of clay. Okay. Why Why make bricks of clay why bake them for john Lee Samhain and then use those bricks of clay in order to build for me is such a tower. Right now slow is a building which is very tall. Okay. And it's also built very, very strong. sofa john Lee sir had built for me a tower a very tall tower. Why lie Lee abellio illa Illa he Moosa in order that I may look at the God of Musa meaning in order that I may go up and I look at I become acquainted with I see who this God is that Moosa is talking about what in Nila aluna, luminol,

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Caribbean, and indeed I do think that he is among the liars Cathy bean is a Florida of candidate, someone who is lying. So, he said that I think Moosa is lying. But you know what, I am going to prove this lie to you by going up there and finding no god that Moosa is talking about this was a fit our own pathetic attempt basically to ridicule mozzarella, his center. Right? what he was saying is that I don't think the God of Messiah exists, right? And you know what, but I'm still gonna go up there into the sky, and then find out if I can see the God of Musa right, because if we can't see him, he's not there. We don't believe him. Any This was his attempt to, to, to defeat Masada, his

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center, right to mock him also. Now, one thing we see over here is that he ordered Herman and Herman was mentioned at the beginning of the surah as well and we discussed about who her man is in verse number six

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have sort of courses. We learned when we were working at our home field or the one area for our own our home and our you know the home. I mean, who McCann we are.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:56

Now, Harman is not the one who gave these orders. Harman is not the one who was competing with mozzarella, his seller who was ridiculing him, or her man is not the one who was saying such horrible such atrocious things. But what was her man doing? Her man was supporting fit our own. Her man was working with fit our own. And this is something that we really need to reflect over that who is it that we are supporting? What kind of people are we cooperating with? What what kind of works? are we supporting? Right? Now? It's very obvious that if someone were to go up into the sky and try to see if there's a God, they're not going to see. All right, because we know that no matter how

00:40:56 --> 00:41:53

hard no matter how high we go, we cannot go beyond the the first sky right? Now fit our own, is basically making fun of most artists. And at the same time, he is trying to fool his own people. Right? He's trying to convince them that there is no god besides me. And it's amazing how these people were fooled by fit our own. how, you know, it's amazing. How did they get played? in it? How is it the pharaoh managed to play with their minds? Were they really that unintelligent? Were they really lacking common sense that they didn't see the truth of Masai Salaam and that they fell? You know, for these arguments that Ron was presenting. It's not that they were unintelligent. These

00:41:53 --> 00:42:38

people built the pyramids, these people in a room you know, their their their sign that their language that the the hero graphics. They're the people who mummified their dead. They're the people who built store houses and remnants of their civilization exists today. Also, you go to any Museum in the world, and you'll find some kind of remnant that has come some kind of artifact that has come from the Egyptian civilization. These people were not lacking intelligence. So what happened? What happened? How is it that they were convinced by fit our own, it's because they were blinded by their own sins, by their own oppression by their own greed.

00:42:39 --> 00:43:24

Supporting phenomenon meant these people would enjoy certain privileges, they would enjoy certain benefits, worldly benefits, they would benefit in the short term. And that is what they were greedy for. They didn't care about what the bunny is what you were suffering from, they didn't care about what the truth is, and what false hood is, they were only concerned about the immediate benefit that they could get, which that our own was facilitating for them. And this was their selfish nature, which caused them to become so blind, we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to see the truth, allow them to happen. One zoeken ativar that Oh Allah, give us the ability to see the truth

00:43:24 --> 00:43:40

as the truth and then give us the ability to actually follow it. We should ask Allah subhanaw taala Robin Allah to zylka lubaina Allah do not allow our hearts to be deviated. Because there are people who managed to

00:43:42 --> 00:44:29

you know, who who really managed to lead people astray. And people who are being led astray, it doesn't mean that they that they lack knowledge that they lack intelligence know, the thing is that they are blinded by their desires, they're blinded by their sins. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from becoming like that. So what happened was stuck about a who what you knew the who fill out all the belated health stuff in our own is stuck about who he was arrogant. And it wasn't just that fit our own was arrogant. Would you know do who and his armies, even his soldiers even they were also arrogant. And notice now, it's not just the leader who is to blame. It's all the

00:44:29 --> 00:44:59

people who followed him. All the people who supported him, they're equal in their guilt in their crime. They were arrogant Phil utterly in the land belay to help without any right. There's a couple of things we should appreciate over here. We should notice over here, by the way that we're gentle, there's a poor legend. Okay. Now, firstly, we see over here that they were arrogant in the earth without any right

00:45:00 --> 00:45:52

Meaning they had no right to think so highly of themselves when they were upon the earth. And where's the earth, the Earth is beneath the sky, right the earth, the ground is beneath your feet. Right? meaning for those who are low for those whose reality is that they're on the ground, right? at such a low level, it doesn't be fit them to think so highly of themselves. And this is something that we should remember. Anytime we feel very, you know, arrogant in our hearts, we feel that, oh, I am better. I have this I have that. Right. I am so great. We should remember that you know what all greatness is for Allah. Because we are upon the earth, the same earth that the rest of the people

00:45:52 --> 00:46:35

walk upon this the earth, which is below the sky, which is which is low, so it doesn't befit us to to be so arrogant. So we're stuck about a who or what you know the within or the belated. Secondly, we see that we have no right to be arrogant. Remember, Allah subhanaw taala has Yes, he has chosen people, you know certain people over others in the sense that he has given them preference in different ways. So there are people who are taller than others there are people who have more knowledge than others, there are people who have more power than others, but this is almost a partial Tatas distribution, right? And because of something that Allah gave us, we should never

00:46:35 --> 00:47:27

think that we have the right to brag or we have the right to belittle others or we have the right to assume greatness. No greatness is not determined by your height, or by your your physical appearance, or your money or your power. greatness is not determined by that greatness. Honor is given by who it is given by Allah subhanaw taala. And real greatness is that which is in the Hereafter, not in the world. In the world, we see people who in their character in their faith, or, you know, according to the laws that Allah subhanaw taala has given, you know, those people may not deserve any height. But still, there are people of power there are people of money, any we see fit

00:47:27 --> 00:48:15

our own. Did he have greatness? Technically he did in worldly terms he did. But did he have real greatness? No, he didn't. Why? Because look at what happened to him. He was he was drowned, he was destroyed in the way, you know, he was punished, his entire civilization was was finished. So real greatness is not in the world that isn't the hereafter. So don't get fooled by the things that Allah subhanaw taala has given you and because of them never think that you have you know, superiority over others and you can mistreat them and that you can think highly about yourself. So we're stuck about a who or what you know, the wolf will only be late and how could they had no right? Without

00:48:15 --> 00:49:05

any right they were arrogant. And what was their arrogance, specifically their arrogance was towards the slaves of Allah. Right? We see that they they humiliated the bunny is slightly they enslave the bunny is evil, they tortured the bunny is slightly they killed the children of Bani Israel. They look down upon them. This was, first of all their arrogance right against the slaves of Allah. And remember arrogance, the sense of superiority, it certainly leads to oppression and mistreatment of others. So first of all, this was there a stigma? Secondly, they were also arrogant towards the messengers of Allah morsani, salaam, and Harun are they sent two messengers came to them, showed

00:49:05 --> 00:49:53

them clear evidences. But these people were too arrogant to accept the truth, right? They rejected the truth. And then we see that there were also arrogant towards Allah subhanaw taala. And he looked at the kind of things that fit our own was saying, Look at his audacity that I don't I don't know of any god other than me and let you know build a tower. Let me go up into the sky and see if there's a God that Messiah is talking about in Look at his Audacity. So we're stuck about our who would you know, do who fill a fill of the belated Hulk, and why were they so arrogant? What was the reason behind all of this pride? It was well, one No. And now home Elena layer, Jerome. This is the real

00:49:53 --> 00:50:00

problem. They believed falsely that they will not return to us that they will not be

00:50:00 --> 00:50:53

brought back to us. This was their mistake. One No, an you see alumna is to think to assume, but when the word one nice followed by another it means to know or to believe. So they believed that they were never going to be returned to Allah. They did not believe in the hereafter. They did not believe that they were going to be held accountable for their deeds, that they were going to be recompensed for their actions, because if they believed in that, then they would be careful. They would have some some, you know, some sense to not oppress others so well one no unknown Elena law, you're German. And what was the outcome of this arrogance for a husband now who would you know the

00:50:53 --> 00:51:42

who phenibut now home fairly young for a while now who so we seized him who fit our own last panel predeceased him. What do you know the who and his soldiers, all of them, all of those people who supported fit our own? All of them were seized, funded by the Nahum filly young and we threw them into the sea. Meaning they were drowned in the water. Fun about now and Valium. You see Nevada now this is from Nevada, Nevada is to discard something to fling something. And, you know, for example, there was a piece of paper, it's garbage, you don't need it anymore. You just you know, roll it up you and then you toss it into a garbage can. This is never so fun about the noun phillium and it's

00:51:42 --> 00:52:27

not even worthy of being gently thrown in the garbage can no tossed in the garbage. Can he completely discarded if they had no worth? Near Allah subhanaw taala for the noun phillium funds also look k for Kanaka to lolly mean, how was the end of the wrongdoers? What was their October and October? This word we read earlier as well. final outcome, right consequence, what was their final outcome? You see our October is from our paperclip is heal, right and the heel is at the back of the foot. So what was what was it that came after any what was their final outcome?

00:52:29 --> 00:53:17

What was the final outcome of the people who commit oppression? Were they successful? No they weren't. They were destroyed everything that they built finished. And now they're just a people who are mentioned and there are artifacts you know, whatever they left is seen and yes there are those who admire them but there are those who curse them till today. Funds okay for Kanaka to lolly mean and this is a further clarification of the fact that the people who commit oppression are never successful that it is said which are no inmitten yet Runa Ilana what you're allowed them and we made them impotent leaders. What kind of leaders yet their own that Elon now they were calling inviting

00:53:17 --> 00:53:52

people to the fire. This is what fit our own did which are now home Image and Image the plural of email. Now who is an email and Imam is someone who leads people. Right? He says follow me and the people follow Him and think about you know, Salatu jamara the Imam says Allahu Akbar and all the people who were standing behind him say Allahu Akbar Eman goes down into the core. All the people standing behind him go down into the core. Right? The purpose of an Imam is that an Imam is supposed to be followed.

00:53:53 --> 00:54:45

And here we see that for our own use people. What were they doing? They were inviting people to the fire. Right? This is what they This was their reality. And remember, it wasn't just fit our own and his junoon who called people to the fire. There are many other individuals we have seen historically. And there are many people who are calling people to the fire. Do they literally say Come with me to *? No, that's not what they say. They're calling people to such actions that will cause them to end up in hellfire. And this is why we have to be very careful. Who is it that we're following? And what is it that we're doing? Sometimes? We We We don't use any we're not critical

00:54:45 --> 00:54:59

enough. It doesn't mean that we have to criticize everything everyone would The point is that before you participate in something before you you know you do something you say something? Check your check is this

00:55:00 --> 00:55:45

Even something worth doing? Is this even something which is correct? Is this something that is pleasing to Allah? subhanaw taala? Is this morally correct? Does this make sense? Does this make sense for me to do? Right? We have to be very careful. Unfortunately, you know, we, we are all about following the trends. So whatever we see people doing whatever we see people posting on social media, that is exactly what we want to do. Right? And we don't give it enough thought that is this islamically correct. Is this something that would be pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And we have become such good imitators. Such good followers of people, even though we like to claim, you know,

00:55:45 --> 00:56:30

that I am very independent. I'm a very independent thinker, I have a mind of my own in reality, you know, we just say these things. But in reality, we're following people. We're all followers. We're all followers. So we need to see who is it that we are following? Whose trends are we following? And I would say even, you know, check yourself, you know, for example, on on, you know, on social media, what, who is it that you're following? Because whatever it is that you're following, even though you say, No, no, I just follow them to keep an eye. Right? Check yourself, because whatever it is, that you look at, over and over again, is what you will become accepting off, right? And one day, you're

00:56:30 --> 00:57:17

going to want to give it a try. And then one day, it's going to become very normal to you. So be careful. Take care of yourself. Who is it that you're following? Where is it that they're leading you to what you are now at ima Tania de Runa, Illa na, don't, don't fall for popularity, don't blindly follow anybody use use the mind that Allah subhanaw taala has given you use the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has given you, when young will pm at lion saloon and on the Day of Resurrection, they will not be helped. And he put our own in his people. Yes, they had so much power and influence in the world. But look at what will happen to them on the Day of Judgment, they will

00:57:17 --> 00:58:09

become the weakest of the week, how that there will be no one to rescue them, no one to help them against the punishment of Allah, and they will be unable to help themselves even. And isn't this weakness, where a person is unable to defend himself and no one comes to rescue them. This will be the state of federalism and his people, his armies, his soldiers, well, multi Amati lay and so on. So the fact is, that those who are arrogant with Allah subhanaw taala, than such people are humiliated, humiliated in this world and also in the hereafter. And we have to be careful that we never give preference to someone over Allah subhanaw taala that we follow people carefully in sort

00:58:09 --> 00:58:55

of hood i a 98 to 99 we learned that fit our own will your Perdomo coma who he Oh my PMT for our other homeowner. He will precede his people on the Day of Resurrection and will lead them into hellfire. Why? Because in the world, he led them they blindly followed him. So on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen, he is going to lead them and they will follow him to *. They will enter Hill in his footsteps will be said we'll do my route. We ought to be roofie heavy he learned and whale mafia. In this world they were cursed and on the Day of Judgment also, they will be cursed. The Prophet sallallahu producida warned us in Hades we learn that there will be leaders

00:58:55 --> 00:59:40

whose word will not be refused because of their fear. Any people will fear those leaders so much, that even though those leaders are saying things which are completely wrong, completely incorrect, but still people will not refuse them people will still obey those leaders. Why? Because it will be afraid of those leaders. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said they will be admitted into the fire and some will follow others meaning such leaders will be will be entered will be thrust thrown into the Hellfire and following right behind them will be those who follow them in the world.

00:59:41 --> 01:00:00

So we have to be very careful. We're at the bar know whom fee heavy dunya learner and we cause to overtake them in this world a curse any in the world also they were cursed. So because of that we see that their civilization could not could not survive because

01:00:00 --> 01:00:47

When the leader and the majority of the people and he they drowned in the water, what happened to those who remain behind, they couldn't survive? What happened to that entire civilization? The remnants are there, right? The pyramids are there, what they built is there, but the people who built them, the people who established all of that are gone. Why? Because they were cursed in the world. And we see that in addition to their humiliation and punishment, any that they will have in the hereafter in the world also, they're cursed. And they're cursed, especially by people, and if at our own is not praised for what he did, he is remembered for what for the evil witchy for the

01:00:47 --> 01:00:57

oppression that he committed. And he symbolizes arrogance. He symbolizes oppression, right? He symbolizes failure also.

01:00:58 --> 01:01:55

Whale milky amati, who minal makuu hain, and on the Day of Resurrection, they will be of the Mk boo hain that our own and his people will be up the Mk Whoo, hey, Makoto hain is a plural of war. And MK war is from the root letters off behalf. And Cobra is basically a state any such such a state, the site of which even is upsetting, any it's it's repulsive, you look at that and it causes disgust and discomfort, any extremely despicable, extremely disgusting, even our best for the long run, who said that they will be those whose faces have been this disfigured any on the Day of Judgment, they will come in with a with a horrible appearance, any there will be made ugly, repugnant, this is what is

01:01:56 --> 01:02:44

and in the world, yes, perhaps because of the kind of foods they ate and because of perhaps the luxuries that they enjoyed, and all the routines of self care that they had any perhaps they looked extremely beautiful in the world but what good is that physical beauty if on the day of gentlemen, it's going to be converted into extreme ugliness. stuffit Allah, well, multi Amati home in unlockable hain Some have said MK bu means MOBA rd. Ne they will be removed and distanced from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, meaning they will be cursed. So they will receive the anger of Allah they will receive the anger of the creation, they will receive their own anger in the imagine how

01:02:44 --> 01:03:34

angry they will be with themselves. So even though in the world they were very prosperous, on the day of judgment, they will look hideous, they will be hated, they will receive the hate, the hatred, the mocked, the anger of Allah, the anger of people, the anger of the angels, the anger of themselves, any what failure is this, this the so the oppression which they committed? It didn't bring them any good. It brought them some enjoyment, temporary enjoyment in the world that was short lived, but the final outcome was complete failure. And this is something that should think that should cause us to reflect upon ourselves that what ways Am I using what kind of things Am I doing,

01:03:35 --> 01:04:21

to get what I want? Sometimes, we use prohibited means, to get the house that we want to live in. We use prohibited means clearly how long prohibited means to get to enjoy the luxuries of the world. Right to gain certain advantages over others. But remember, in the hula, you flee her lolly moon, the lolly, Moon never succeed. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from committing any kind of oppression, oppression against ourselves against people in the right of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us inshallah we will end over here. So panicle lahoma will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta stuffy Luca Tobu la cosa Morelli como Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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