Irshaad Sedick – Surah Yusuf 8

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of cutting fruit and women in relationships, as well as the potential consequences of actions taken by women. They also touch on the use of pornography and the potential consequences of actions taken by women. The speakers briefly mention a woman named Sir Ben Haynor who claims to be the person who committed a sin, but the speaker denies this. They also discuss the potential for evil behavior and the use of pornography.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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What is the reason for the ladies of the town?

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To speak about this incident? Is it purely that they were just fascinated by the fact that the wife of the minister did this horrible thing? Some of us don't have the opinion that they actually were more interested in seeing this man. This man that was apparently so good looking that the wife of the minister could could, you know, steep to such lows and actually try and seduce him.

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But the news came to the wife of the minister heard about it falam Masami atapi mockery when he heard about these plots and plans of these in other words, them planning to see an abuse of Alice let wassalam because they found her to be an imbecile How could you fall for this, you know, she This is a sleeve boy,

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out of salad in a in here and invited them come.

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We're at Lavina and she prepared nicely for them in a place of seating, in other words, a banquet, she she prepared for them a nice feast, well added our EDA team in hoonah sukeena. And she gave each one of them a knife. So then first you don't explain that she gave them fruits that would require for them to actually cut the fruits themselves specifically was mentioned some oranges and citrus fruits and so on. She gave each of them a knife while karate rajala hin and all the words that we use of La serrato cinemas in a different part of the house. And as they busy now we're getting ready to eat the food and you know enjoying themselves. She Lindsay's been abusive. Now go out, go and

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just walk in front of them.

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So now the use of being the servant of the home at the time, he obeys. He goes out for malama Aina who when they saw him a cabana who In other words,

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we say Allahu Akbar, right? They say Akbar know who this is the feeling that they had for him You can difficulty translate this. They deemed him great or he had a great impact in their heart. We just hit them for six like we would say they had a huge impact on them, or Katana add on. And in the process as they busy cutting the fruit. I didn't even realize that they still cutting they even country own hands, because they were so mesmerized by the use of La Serato Santa Hakuna hash la la. And they said hash alley lies is a different form of saying so behind Allah, you know, transcendent is Allah perfect is Allah. So hash anila perfect is Allah

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Maha Bhatia. This is no human being convinced now. No, this is not the human being in half. mela can carry him. This man he is better noble Angel, he must be an angel. So behind Allah will call it and then of course Akala T the wife of the disease she now speaks because she sees what's happening. And she says Ferranti Canella De Luca, nanny fee. As you can see, this is what you were talking about with regards to me and what I did. Now you can see what you are busy actually blaming me for? How can you blame me for this? In other words, when you yourself have this type of effect in your knee, so even once I'm living with this man for so many years, Subhana Allah Wa, FC, then she admits to

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them. Yes, indeed, I have, in fact seduced him faster song by he was chased, he refused to give into my seduction. In this sentence, she's actually informing them that not only is he beautiful on the outside, but this is actually a man of piety and righteousness, which now, despite what it might look like, makes it even more beautiful in the eyes, because he's not just the man who looks good on the outside, but he's a man of virtue and characteristics and qualities and, you know, a dream man. In other words, this is the type of men they really want in the lives.

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While I'm 11 years old, when I listen to what happens next, now she's got supporters, because now she knows that is not only her that feels this way about him, all of these women feel the same way. They're cutting the ends. So because she has supporters now, he she listens to them, while at 11. We have Alma Maru, who, if he doesn't give into what I'm commanding him to do. In other words, she still wants to seduce him, she still wants to sleep with him. Then she she actually threatens him at this point. Like use gentlemen, when he will most definitely be imprisoned, while I akuna, Minnesota he and he will be from among those who have been disgraced and humiliated. Right. So she's going to

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make it such that he's going to be in prison. Now how is she going to do that? remember the first time around, she told me Aziz that

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No, it was an abuse of either solid or solid actually tried to seduce her. So she's obviously just going to try this, again with a different angle this time, and she's going to do it in such a way that is going to be no mistaking it. And then we use of Alice that person's reputation is going to be, it's going to be tarnished. So people would not think that he actually did that. Now, the Villa wahaca. Let's just imagine for a second we are in the situation.

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zuleta is not only the wife of the azeez, meaning she's in a position of authority, she's also reputed to be from a very good lineage. And to top it all off, she's also reported to have been an extremely beautiful woman herself.

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Not only did she continuously seduce and abuse of Alex Serato, so now, she's got supporters that spring on to seduce him, and she's threatening him with prison. And she's threatening to humiliate him for the rest of his life. In that situation, what would we do?

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I mean, wouldn't it be easy for the man to just say, Oh, well, you know, I don't have a choice now. Call us. Just go for it. So my fault. So like I'm doing it. Listen to the response of an abusive anesthetist. And this is one of those beautiful statements that you get every year in a scenario such as this. This is called Rob BCG, aha boo, Ilya mimma, their own Ne Ne. He turns to Allah. And he says, Oh, my Rob, prison is more beloved to me than that which they are calling me to. I will rather go to prison. He's turning to Allah for help. He doesn't want to go to prison. No person wants to go to prison, but he is appealing to Allah and Saint ole Allah, I detest the evil that they

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are calling me towards. I would rather go to prison. But I'm turning to you for help. That's all contained within the story that is making the letter either. This is what inland does refer Nikita Hoon, but I'm a human being. Right, is admitting it's not mentioned verbatim here. But in the understanding of this, do I say I'm a human being. So if you do not avert the plan from me, I mean, how strong does a man need to be to avert the player not only of one woman in authority, but an entire room full of ladies in authority and getting a threat on top of all of that, same to all Yala? If it's up to me, I might fall into this. But if you don't save me from this, Qaeda hoonah

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from the plan, as Bula hin I might even incline towards them acuminata johannine and then I will be from among those who are ignorant, will be from among those who are ignorant. How ignorant in other places in the Quran, which you're not going to elaborate on too much. Allah explains that you say if it does an evil act out of ignorance, and then repeat soon after that, although forgive them, the Mufasa don't explain verses like this indicate that anytime we commit a sin, anytime a believer commits a sin, then that is actually done out of ignorance of Allah at that time. Because you can only you can only be ignorant. If you truly believe in Allah. And you believe that Allah is watching

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you and Allah is listening to you and Allah knows what you are doing, then you won't come into sin, isn't it? If you truly believe so it means that at that moment, you are actually ignoring Allah. You're actually ignoring Allah's existence you are ignoring that he's watching you. You're ignoring that is listening to you. To some extent, you are even forgetting about Allah at that moment, in this hadith in support of this to say that when a man or woman commits Zina, the man is removed from them at the time of committing that crime. It's like it's suspended above them until they are done with that act. Because only if you completely leave all the data behind you can you perpetrate such

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an error, saying if I were to do something else, I would be doing it out of ignorance, we can take heed of this. In return, we commit a sin, especially those type of sentences be perpetually committed in our lives, think I'm actually ignoring Allah. I'm actually forgetting about I'm actually deliberately putting all that aside in order to accomplish this and that will protect us. Elaine's gets a response from a learner remember, again, this is an abbey of Allah ambia or Matt assume so they are protected from sinning in a way that other people are not protected from setting because they integrity has to be upheld, because they are the link between us and Allah. And if they

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integrity is in question, then how can we trust that what they give us is actually from Allah, the moment they do something wrong, now you're going to suspect okay, but now Why should I believe you, you did this and you did that. So that ambia on mousumi. So he's predictable la festa Java horombo. His load responds to him for sarafa and who Qaeda hoonah and gives him the strength through some way or the other to avert the plot away from the abuse of Elisa to Sarah in the who who is Samuel and he fatally he Allah he's the one who hears everything and he knows everything. So even in our situations when we turn to Allah, understand Allah SME, Allah the soma by della whom embody Mara

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will yet use genuine

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had in the past Union had him then after it appeared to them that you know, the signs of the disease.

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This is not going to happen right by that became clear to them embodied. After they saw all of the signs, they asked, you know,

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it was clear to him, he's going to be in prison. Now we're going to throw him into prison. So as he is, was obviously now manipulated, so that he could see an abuse of Ra serrato ceram is the guilty party really believe it or not allow them. He didn't have evidence before he died. Now we don't know what the plan is plotted, perhaps all of them conspired, and that is what actually becomes revealed later on in the surah. That they all conspired to say No, in fact, it was never used if we saw him, right, they gave testimony to that.

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What we can also learn from this

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is the lesson of turning to Allah Subhana Allah for help from our sins. Don't think that if you are committing a sin, like for example, is a common sin that is like a taboo, nobody speaks about it. But today, it's all over addiction to *. Right? I know this one TV presenter says recently, he couldn't find any volunteers to come on, even though the identity was going to be kept hidden. But nobody wanted to admit that actually addicted to *, it's a sin. We don't, we don't think about things like that, and associated with making drontal save me from the sin of watching *, but you will learn that even when it comes to these illicit indecent things,

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we have an Allah that doesn't want us to do those things and he will help us if we sincerely want to be helped, you will help us if we turn to Him, when we ask of these assistance, he will be there for us. We just have to make a concerted effort and actually turned on logs to behind our data and not just ignore his existence and just you know, carry on with things until we get caught on until Allah Subhana. Allah takes us to task for that. Now, the next part from verse we are now in verse 36. onwards, when we come and discuss this again tomorrow night, the story now as in each and different angle, because after his childhood drama, after growing up in this in this home of authority, non

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abusive story takes a toll again, and he's now getting back to prisons. It seems like he's getting down again now back into prison. But again, it's all part of a less plan because something amazing happens in prison. Allah allows you to go to prison with two individuals and this part of the story actually takes him to a new level but will reveal more about that tomorrow evening inshallah Davina and Al Hamdulillah heroin me

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