Dealing with anti-Islamic Encounters

Hatem al-Haj


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So, like you said that we should not be hanging out in a gathering where people talk bad about a mustache

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until they're talking, we have to leave, then we can join them after that. So what happens is we stand in the streets and give that out to people.

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Many of them is not, sometimes some people come and they start saying really bad words

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and weird things. So that moment, if we just wait for them, or they finish or whatever, walk off, so is it okay for like, I'm actually trying to tell them what they're trying to tell all kinds of really bad stuff, something really gets boiled Yes, like blood on it, we just have to be patient, is it a thin time to just listen to him, because you don't want to

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carry on, this is a different story. These gatherings were social gatherings, they were chatting with each other. But you know, given God I didn't want to give him power, you're expecting you're expected to encounter the sound for this behavior. And no matter how much it hurts us,

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but it is for him that we carry on with the discussion, it is the mouth of traders like us in this salon instead of so you listen to what they say.

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And you tolerate the pain. And when you carry on, to honor his legacy, some of

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this is power, this is humanity is on like $1

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if you do this, it pays off at least one person one of those people, men, most of you who are still somehow you know that sometimes

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it clicks in with some people and the may change and

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they change their behavior even if they did not accept this. But then you're good conda does affect but it's hard to come down because you just can't continue to be confrontational with someone who is very impatient and overpaid and forbearing just not natural. So if you show for mirrors, they started to calm down. Grab