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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delivers a beautiful lecture with regards to Surah Al Qalam and we get acquainted with the different aspects of the positive uses of wealth by analyzing the story of the Companions of the Garden in the Surah. The Surah bears testimony and highlights the magnanimity of the Prophet ﷺ as opposed to the misguided who reject him and his guidance. 

The story being discussed here is that of a family from Yemen who inherited their father’s wealth but did not inherit his character. It bears numerous lessons for the Muslim believer in every phase of his life. Some of them can be summarised as below:

  • The blessedness of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ – his noble character and emphasis is laid on it.
  • The evil behaviour and the devious and treacherous ways of the non believers is brought to the fore.
  • A mention of the people of Paradise as opposed to the evil polytheists.
  • The Day of Resurrection and the disbelievers torments and punishments that will be meted out to him.
  • A word of comfort to the Noble Prophet ﷺ to persevere and exercise patience against the evil men.
  • The glory of the Noble Qur’an.


AI: Summary © The Prophet system is used in the United States, with evil and rewarding actions such as alcohol and drugs. The use of "ar lie" and "ar lie" to describe negative emotions is also common. The importance of acknowledging the mistake and using money for good deeds is emphasized, along with the need for generous resources to support people in difficult situations. The use of "naive" in English is discussed, along with the importance of helping people in the face of difficult situations.
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hamdulillah men who want to start a new one I still

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want to be like Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Lena manga de la Fernando de La La MaMa you've been who Fela ha de la vie shadow Allah in in La la la sharika wash shadow now Mohammed Abu humara sudo yeah you hola Xena Amanita por la hapa Ducati wala tomo tuna Illa. One Two Muslim moon. Yeah Johan de su Takara de como la de Hala hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhada Baba salmon humare Jaiden Kathy Romani. What Taku la la de Tessa una be one or ham in the LA haka 90 Km la Kiba. Yeah, you holla Xena Amano, choco La La ku Conan sadita use la la cama de como para la comida Robocop home, when my daughter in law hawara Sula, who has 1000 Altima, I'm buried,

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but he brothers and sisters in Islam, of the earliest suitors that Allah azzawajal revealed in the Quran is Surah tell column and column is one of the first five suitors revealed. And in this surah there is perhaps the very first story that a lot ever revealed in the Quran. The very first parable that Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Quran. And so today's topic will be the very first parable, the very first lesson for us to learn from the stories of those that came before us, sort of known begins by also the very first word that Allah ever revealed from the words of the Quran that we know Alif Lam Meem hammy noon yacine cough these words are called mocha thoughts. And the

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very first one that came down with sudo at noon because the pseudo begins no one called me Mama yesterday on the first time Allah use this rhetoric this literary device and the meaning of these words. There are many opinions but the strongest one the meaning of these letters, is that Allah subhana wa tada is saying, this poron that you read, is composed of the same letters that you also know in the alphabet Alif Lam Meem hammy minesing cough Alif Lam la noon, the same letters that you use I am using. So why don't you try to produce a speech similar to the speech of the Quran? Because the letters are the same. And that is why if you look at it every single time Allah mentions a

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letter or the letters he follows it up with a mention of the Quran and Islam meme that you can get out without a fee. Ya seen? Well Quran in Hakeem cough well, Quran in Majeed noon well call me Mama your student which is the Quran and what they are writing down with it. So every time that Allah mentions one of these letters, it is followed by a mention of the Quran and Allah subhana wa tada says, In the surah, before we get to the story, we need to understand the context of the story, that the people were accusing the prophets of sort of being a madman, a liar, of being somebody who's not coming with the truth. So Allah says, ma and debonair, maturo Baker Imagine you are not by the grace

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of your Lord, a madman. They're accusing you of being a madman. You are not by the grace of your Lord, a madman, you're not a crazy person. And you shall have an infinite reward. What another item I'm known for in neck Allah, Allah hodaka, nauseam, and you have a perfect exemplary manners and conduct and adapt. And then Allah criticizes those who criticize the Prophet system. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that these people who are rejecting the Quran, Allah says, and Canada, Merlin woodburning, they are doing this despite the fact that I have blessed them with wealth and with money. They are inventing excuses for the Quran. And Allah describes them in very harsh terms are

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totally embedded, because the name Allah says that these are Hannah's in Masha and Binyamin manna in the Hadith warranted in a theme. These are all characteristics of evil, they are miserly, they are stingy, they're preventing people from good, they are spreading tales. These are all the characteristics of those who rejected the Prophet system. And then Allah says, they do this even though I gave them money and children and Canada, men and women, I gave him and I gave him money, and he still does this. The reference is to actually dibner Moliro. The reference is to one of the famous opponents of the Prophet system. Then Allah subhana wa Taala mentions the story. And the

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story therefore is a story that we can say the very first of the Quran that was meant to show the kurush the reality of this world. Allah says in Bellona come up no no's herbal agenda.

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We are testing these people, the people of Mecca. We are testing them just as we tested the people of the agenda the people of the garden in Buffalo now come up no no's habit agenda is alcohol some layer three Muna Hamas behind when they swore to one another, that they would pluck the fruits before the morning comes what is the reference here, you go to the books of Tafseer. And Allah says this was a story that was well known. The story, the story, the scholars of Tafseer say this was a story that was well known to the kurush and involves a famous land in Yemen, the land of sun, the city of Santa, that outside of the city of Santa was a luscious garden. This was a story well known

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to the Arabs and allies, reminding them of that story. There was a luscious garden outside this city. And the owner of the garden was a pious Jew. This was before the coming of Islam and the people of Yemen, there were many Jews living in Yemen, up until the coming of Islam, there were many Jews in Yemen. And so this person was a righteous man, a believer in a law. And he was a very rich person. And so he acquired acquire this large property outside of sun app, which was a luscious garden. And he said that the fruits of his particular area of this garden are all for the poor. Whoever once can just come and pluck no questions asked. And he didn't put a wall around it. He

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didn't do anything. He let it open. And so it was well known that anybody who was hungry and Sunnah would go to that garden. When the man died, he had a number of sons. And the sons got together as soon as their father died. And they said, Why was our father giving it to the poor? What did they deserve? What did they earn? Why should they get it? We are people who have wives and children, why should our father's inheritance be given to the poor people. And so they came together and they made a promise right after their father died, because they're greedy for the money. And they make a promise that by morning time, we're going to put an end to those poor people coming and plucking the

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fruits and eating it was just a small percentage of their land, but they were so stingy and greedy, they made a promise. And the law says is alko someone they swore to one another, if someone else was behind that when the morning comes Laos Ramona means all the fruits will be plucked, they're gonna pluck it and put it in their house. We're gonna try to make sure that poor people don't get there Laos, Ramona Hamas be in what is death noon? And Allah says they didn't make is this nice. This now has two meanings here. The Quran, as you know, is very deep and it has multiple meanings. One meaning what is that known? They didn't set aside a share for the poor people.

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They didn't set aside a share for the poor people, they wanted it all for themselves. What is that doing? The other meaning? What is death? No. And they didn't mention a last name by saying insha Allah we're gonna do because even though they said they're going to do it tomorrow, how can they say in sha Allah, when they're going to do something evil? And this is a profound point in the Quran, that when they wanted to do something evil, even though they were Muslim, and they were Jewish Muslims, they believed in Allah, they're supposed to say, tomorrow inshallah, we'll do something. But how can you say tomorrow inshallah, we're gonna steal tomorrow, inshallah, we're gonna stop, you

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can do that. So Allah is indicating what is that known that they knew they're doing something evil, they couldn't even remember a lot. They felt so guilty. They couldn't even mention the name of a Lola is that known? And both of these meanings are valid. The first meaning what is that known, they didn't put aside a share for the poor, because it did not means to take aside a share as well. Another meaning of his death now is to say insha Allah, both meanings are linguistically valid. So Allah is saying they couldn't even say the name of Allah because they knew they're doing something bad. Why is that known photographer they have a former Rob bacova home, not a moon. So they went to

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sleep, thinking that all of these fruits will come for them. And Allah said while they were sleeping, oblivious,

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Allah His Messenger, not a physical messenger, but a, perhaps a disease, perhaps a punishment, something that Allah sent Botha thought from something that Allah sent. Some scholars say it was a disease. Others say it was a fire that came a thunderstorm that came and completely eliminated their trees. Photographer they have thought if we are not immune, so while they are oblivious, Allah azza wa jal is not they sleep Allah does not sleep. And Allah azza wa jal took care of their garden in a way that

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eliminated it in its totality photographer they helped

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us bahat Casa de m, when the morning broke when the dawn broke for us by handcuffs on him. It was as if it was a ruined field. It was a burned crop. Sunny him here means it's completely as if it's in a burned crossbite castaneum fatahna they're almost behind. I need to do either how to think woman quantum sodomy, they wake up in the city energized, enthusiastic to commit this evil and they tell one another. Come let's let's go rush to the garden. I never do either. How do you No, no sorry, mean? Fun palomita half a tune, and they rushed forward with spring to one another, not even knowing that the state of their garden is not even there anymore. From paddock Amita hoffa tune. Yolanda

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Hello, Monica Miskin. They're boasting to one another. Today, no beggar is going to get any of our stuff. Today, no poor person is going to get our money. So they're boasting and bragging. They're rushing to the garden. And look at the beauty of the Quran. In these five words, we have such a perfect image. The garden is in ruins. They're energetic and enthusiastic, the garden is destroyed and they're boasting that not one poor person is going to get it and they're absolutely right. Not one poor person is going to get it because there is no garden to be gotten

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fatahna there must be a need to do either health administrative thing from tala komeito hoffa tune.

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Polycom, miskeen, Allah holdin cardarine is a beautiful verse here, scholars have over 10 different interpretations because the Arabic is simply so powerful. The Arabic is using such powerful words that even the average Arab doesn't know what this means. Well, Allah has been called dealing. It's a very profound verse and we cannot give a detailed have seen but two interpretations suffice here, one interpretation that Allah azza wa jal is saying here would mean full of anger and full of a type of

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what would you call it, you want to be skimpy you want to be miserly is the word I'm looking for. Right? they're angry and miserly. And this is the only thing they're capable of. However, the here means an anger and a stinginess. And then Allah says, all the rain means this is all that they could muster up, they couldn't muster up generosity, they weren't capable of being kind, they weren't capable of being good. All they were capable of was this type of hoarding of the wealth. That's all they were capable of. Another interpretation again, both are linguistically valid. And there's actually many more than these is that a lot is saying,

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out of the means they had the money by the dean, but they were still stingy.

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So the point here is, they were stingy, despite the fact that Allah had given them so much. And both interpretations are valid for otherwise I hadn't called him. And then furthermore, Oh Ha, when they finally get to the garden party in Nevada alone, they say, we must have lost our way. This isn't our garden. And there's a beauty here that they call themselves balloon, thinking they're talking about physically losing the path a lot is using their language against them. You are door loon, because you went to stray from the true path of what you were supposed to do. Not just the physical path, you actually have the garden correct. But you are all alone because you weren't following the Sultan

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was talking. And so they testify against themselves in a manner that they didn't even realize how to enter lowball Dune, then they keep on looking and they realize No, this is our garden. They couldn't recognize the garden. They could not recognize the garden say the thought we've gone the incorrect direction. Then Allah says that they say, no mahalo moon. No, now we realize what has happened been means now we realize what has happened. No, no mahalo moon. We are the ones who have deprived ourselves of the garden.

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We are the ones who have deprived ourselves by our greediness. We had the best garden in the city, we had the most famous plot of land. And now we come in the morning and there's nothing to be seen. We were the ones who cause this. Paula osato, whom, and by the way, even in this so many benefits, again, we cannot give details of seed. It's a hook, but so many benefits of the benefits. It shows these people had some good in them. And that's why they weren't destroyed. Unlike, for example, our own

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our own. He had, he was guilty of the same of being stingy. But along with stinginess, there was one more problem and that was arrogance. And because he was stingy and arrogant, Allah didn't even allow him to live after that. A lot took care of our own and the wealth of our own. As for these people, we clearly see

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They have an element of good in them. And so they are allowed to live, but the garden is taken away, because they have some good. Another benefit we derive from this this is a healthy benefit the process of explicitly says that it is possible that Allah deprives you of money or risk that otherwise had been destined for you because of a sin that you commit zahedi. So hey, and this ayah proves it. This ayah proves it. They were multimillionaires for the time they had the best garden in Sun app. But because they desire to commit this pettiness And the amazing thing, it's not even an immediate sin. It's rather being stingy and greedy, which is an indirect sin, it's a long term sin.

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Because they were going to be stingy, Allah said, Take the garden away. And this shows us that committing sins diminishes our blessings of this world as well, of this world as well. And this is what we learned here. Yet another point of benefit. Again, this is a tangent, but it's important and interesting that thinking of a sin doesn't make you are a sinner. But beginning to act upon it will make you a sinner, even if you don't actually act upon it.

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I repeat, thinking of a sin does not make you a sinner.

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Thinking just merely imagining a lot of xojo will not call you to task. But suppose you wake up and you want to drink some alcohol, you want to drink some wine, you want to buy some some beer. If you daydream about this sin, in and of itself, the Daydream will not it's not good. It's not healthy, but it's not sinful. Now, suppose you get in your car, you have your wallet, you're driving to the store,

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now, and your intention is you're going to purchase that beer, that wine. Now this isn't just a sin anymore. This is azeema. This is a model. This is something you are dedicated and determined to do. Now you have fallen into sin. Even if you get into a car accident, and you don't get to the shop and you don't buy the wine, you still have committed a sin because you began the action upon it. So when these people were imagining to be stingy, nothing happened. But when they actually implement it, and they want to do it before they even are able to do it Allah punishes them.

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And therefore, the punishment is legible if you like it is deserving. The punishment is legitimate when a person begins to act upon the evil Nia and that's where we benefit from this hadith. So it's fundamental in a balloon. Bananarama Roman pada osato, whom he the outside literally means the middle one, but here it means the most intelligent one, the one that had the most wisdom? I am a hola como la to Serbian? Didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell you? Why didn't you praise Allah here to set Boone doesn't just mean Subhana Allah, it means Why didn't you be the better person and do something that would glorify Allah IE be charitable? This is the meaning of to Sabir on here, didn't

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I tell you? This wasn't a good idea. Didn't I tell you that we should have been more righteous thought I was taught to him nm Aquila, como de la la to Serbian. So again, this clearly shows there was some righteousness in these people. So they're trying to and we can look at the same with the brothers of use of that one of them says, look, let's not kill us, okay, let's try to do something else. There's some good in them. And that's why Allah saves them. Similarly, there's some good in these people. Why didn't you follow me know that you said Baron, but notice, he too is punished because and this is another point, merely objecting to evil while your body walks along with it.

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That's not good enough. That doesn't, that doesn't get you the blessing. he objected verbally, he didn't like it in his heart. But in the end, his greed overcame him. And he was with his brothers walking all the way. These are group of brothers remember these with his brothers walking to the garden, because in the end, the greed overtakes him, even though deep down inside, it wasn't his idea. He wasn't happy about it. But hey, if everybody's doing it, let me do it as well. That's not gonna save you. It's not gonna save you a lot. Give you a will. Allah gave you determination. You didn't have to walk. You didn't have to go there. But he followed and he was also his part of the

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garden is also punished. Call also to him. Adam akula como la to San Paulo. Subhana robina been in kuna volume in immediately. And this is why these were good people that Allah didn't punish them. This is why they were saved. Immediately. They say Subhan Allah

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Subhana Allah been an inner cannavale mean? We were the ones who made this mistake, last week's code by talking about this attitude of acknowledging the sin coming from oneself. This is the essence of our salvation. We see it again.

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When they say we

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The mistake that is why they were saved and in fact they were blessed in the end as we, as we shall find out all the soup handed have been in a coup, Nevada mean for alcova battulga Hamada baglietto Moon they began blaming as well, one another. Why didn't you stop us? They tell the who the one who was the most intelligent. Why didn't you do this? But in the end, everyone is guilty. And this is the point that when everybody's guilty, it doesn't matter putting the blame on everybody else. You are just as guilty as your partner's

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called, we are waiting in the canal Pauline, they say Oh, woe to us. We have transgress the bounds. Notice they call themselves ball loon var, the moon ball hoon. Notice they call themselves misguided. And they meant physically but Allah uses it spiritually misguided, they call themselves unjust volume, and they were unjust. And they call themselves palsy which means to go beyond the bounds. And it is because of this, that there is good in them. And the only thing that was damaged was their property and not themselves are not even worse than this because we'll look at property damage. It is the least harmful damage, damage to one's life damage to one's health damage to one's

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children, one's wife, some analog This is a million times more difficult to bear. So Allah azza wa jal simply sent this small punishment in order for them to wake up. And this also shows us the wisdom of every trial in this world, every trial, every trial for the believer It is like a vaccination for the child. It hurts but there is a wisdom that is for your own good if you understand every single trial in this world. It is like a vaccination that we give to our own children. That Allah subhana wa tada is sending down something for us to wake up before it's too late. This is your mercy if you only understood and so they say Apollo's Vitamina Davina Sara buena

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and you didn't hire Amina in Nairobi now. Rosie Boone, perhaps Allah will give us something better than this garden. We are going to turn to Allah we are going to establish your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala it's been about said that they were given a garden better than this garden because every time Allah uses the word Assa in the Quran, he will do it. Every time Allah says Assa, perhaps Allah as a widget will do it. And so in this, they decide we made a mistake. And notice, how are they going to get their garden back, not merely by business and money, but by recognizing it was taken away because of us, we need to turn to a law.

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The real source of is is our Rosa.

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The real source of our wealth is the one who is uncanny. And so they recognize we made a mistake, we need to turn back to Allah, perhaps he'll give us a better garden, because radical.

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Allah is saying, This is what the punishment is, this is how it's going to come. And of course, remember the context of the surah. The context of the sutra is what the people of Mecca rejecting Islam, and Allah has blessed the people of Mecca, an immense blessing in the middle of the desert, they have carved out an existence, water is coming from them to the miracle that which we still appreciate, we still have no idea where does this water come from? In the middle of the desert, millions of people are drinking from this fountain of Zamzam. And still we do not understand science can still not explain where this is coming from. And people are drinking and drinking and drinking.

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And the world is never seizing and never stopping. Allah is saying this is a blessing. What should you do with this blessing, thank me like the people of the garden before I punish you, like I punished the people of the garden canonical.

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Hero to

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the punishment of the next world is much worse. This was a minor punishment. It was a trivial punishment. It wasn't the worst punishment. And it was a punishment that awoke them from their senses. And the punishment of the next is much bigger than this low calorie and the moon if they only understood and really appreciate it, and thought about this story, no can we and the moon if you think about it, every blessing from Allah is a Bella. It is a test. every blessing from Allah is a test. And what is due from us for those blessings is what the people of the garden should have done. And that is to acknowledge those blessings and be generous with them. And when we try to be

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stingy with those blessings, then not only will that work against us, perhaps the very blessing itself will be taken away. That is of the many lessons we learn from the very first story that Allah revealed in the Quran. Baraka loaded up and for him when I finally will be my fee him that he was ticketed he came up odometers my own was stopped for a lot of the muddy welcome What is it I'm assuming put them in first Alfredo in one of our food or him

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Can we have the people move forward those people coming from outside

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al hamdu lillahi wa ala Haddad for the summit eliminate what I'm used as well I'm Nicola who Khufu and I had to do

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Muslims. The story, as many of the stories of the Quran as well deal with deals with the concept of wealth and sustenance. This story deals with that which we find very alluring. Allah says in the Quran was a boon and mother urban gem Ma, you have an immense love of what you just want to gather it. And Allah says in the Quran, Zoo, you know the nurse europeu chahatein innosight. Well, Benita was an athlete in Kampala, many of you will feel but well, it was a woman

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that alluring it is in the eyes of men that which they covet that which they're jealous of that which they're greedy about that which they desire, women and money and gold and silver and land and property and horses, Allah says all of these things, this made alluring in your eyes. And the question arises, therefore, are these passions or these desires inherently evil to want wealth, to want to be rich is money itself evil, because this is what many other religions manufactures of Christianity also say that money is inherently evil in our religion. In fact, this is not the case. In our religion, this is not the case money is not inherently evil. It is potentially evil. But it

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is also potentially rewarding and bless it.

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There's a

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incident of amitriptyline mouse that when he first accepted Islam, I'm living in a house and he was a wealthy man. And he was of the leaders of the harsh house when he accepted Islam. The Prophet system said, I'm going to put you in charge of an expedition. The very soon after you accepted this them, I'm going to put you in charge of an expedition because he was a leader. He was a warrior. He was a well known statesman. And he was to become as many of you know, a well known statesman later on. So the process that I'm going to put you in charge of an expedition in sha Allah, Allah will give you victory, and alone will give you great wealth because of it. ie you will win in this war

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and you will gain victory, you will gain the people the land all of this will become yours as well. I'm not said Yasuda law. I didn't accept Islam because of money. In other words, he felt, do you think that this is why I accepted Islam? Because the process that you would probably get wealthy? I'll give you you know, you'll get some money from this, right? So I'm going to set Yasuda I didn't accept Islam for the money. So the Prophet says that I'm said, Yeah, I'm a near melmetal saw.

00:28:01--> 00:28:54

How beautiful is pure money. It's got to be pure. For a righteous worshipper of Allah, to conditions to conditions, money can become a blessing. Yeah, I'm Nam, Allah Al Assad solid, if the money is pure, and it is in the hands of a God fearing righteous person, then this is beautiful. Nirvana means how beautiful, how beautiful. And therefore the Quranic message is not that money is inherently evil, not at all. A man who will buy noona z natural hayata dunya. Money and children are what make this life beautiful. And a lot doesn't say it's wrong. But Allah is saying well about the outsider how to heal, but the good deeds that you do are better. Notice he didn't say money and

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children are evil. He is saying money and children are beautiful, and it is true. But Allah is saying good deeds are better.

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And what better the deed than to use your money and your children for good deeds? What better thing than to use your money and your children for good deeds. And therefore brothers and sisters from this story we learn that the Father, the one who passed away, he was rich because he was generous to the poor.

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Allah made him the wealthiest man of Sunnah because of his attitude that he said, Look, this section of my land, um, no, no questions asked no wall, come and get your food. I'm not even gonna be there. You just go and you get it. How generous what man is there that has a field and he doesn't even put a wall around it. And he announces to the city, anybody who wants it, go and get it. Because he was so generous. He became the richest man of the city. There is a direct causal relationship. His generosity means Allah gave him more money.

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As soon as his sons inherited it, and they wanted to retract from that generosity, they wanted to become stingy and miserly. What happened? The very well that made their father, rich and famous was deprived of them, because they didn't deserve that blessing from Allah.

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The main lesson that we learn, of course, there's many lessons, the main lesson that we learned from this story, brothers and sisters, if we use our money for the sake of Allah, if we're generous to the poor, if we're generous to the needy, the more we open our wallet, the more Allah will stuffed with dollar bills. The more we're generous with our bank account, the more Allah will provide Min heyfield a lesson from places we don't expect. And this is the reality that our profit system has said the Quran has said over and over again. Ma na casa madam and sadhaka, the process of swore three times that charity does not diminish a man's wealth, it increases it that everyday the

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president said an angel comes down to angels come down. One of them says Oh Allah, everybody who gives give him more. And the other said, Oh Allah, everybody who would hold you withhold from him, everybody who gives give him more. And everybody gives me to Allah for the poor, and everybody who was hold, you would hold even more. Brothers and sisters in Islam, we as a North American, as an American Muslim community, we are perhaps the wealthiest portion of the oma in this entire world, on average, don't quote me, the rich princes in the Arab world, because they're the princes. Look at the people. The fact of the matter is, as a people, perhaps American Muslims, definitely in the top

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five, perhaps even number one, Allah has blessed us that we are not hungry, we are not thirsty. We don't have to worry about covering our our, Allah has blessed us with good houses and good cars. Allah has blessed us with plenty of wealth. What are we doing with this wealth? And what are we doing with our responsibilities to the people of the oma and I cannot conclude a hotel, but especially in this time, except, except, except by also reminding myself and you What have we done for the Muslims of Syria, we know that the situation rather than getting better, has actually gotten worse. We know that even today, the news, the latest news, that this volume, this faster. This this

00:32:23--> 00:33:02

tyrant, we don't even have words for him. Well, like he's not even a human, he has prevented the Red Cross from coming in to giving food and medicine to the people who need it. What type of humanity is this not even the Red Cross. This is not an Islamic group that not even the Red Cross is allowed to come to give vaccinations and food and treat the people who are sick. What type of person is this? So if we cannot help the people financially inside of Syria, at least outside the refugees, at least those who have gone to Turkey to Jordan, many hundreds and 1000s have had to flee. We have money we make to offer them we give our money for them and for all the Muslims of the world. And when we do

00:33:02--> 00:33:29

so realize that this is why Allah is giving us more money, that if we continue to give, we will continue to get and the minute we become stingy. The minute we say oh, I don't have surplus and we're lucky every one of us has surplus. The minute we say I want to keep it for myself. Remember what happened to the people of the garden? The very first story that Allah revealed in the Quran, may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to benefit from that story. Allah Khomeini died for a mineral

00:33:31--> 00:34:21

Museum in LA Fatah, WA Manila for Raja Wallah deignan in la cabeza de Manila, Elijah feta, what I see on Elijah SATA Allahumma fildena. One in La Nina Saba Puna been a man what a teacher I feel proven as a Latina, Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim, aloha monsoon one and an Amazon Athena de su de Allahu monsoon one animal slaughter Athena fue su de Allahumma one animal so dafina fue sudy Allah hormone so one animal so Davina Colima can a llama in Humala terrain it him a llama Kula whom Allah Azza Kannada him Allahumma or hamara hamina de one a chrome a llama machinability motiva, Charlotte said Alabama should not be Motihari, Paul de Allahumma arena fee would be our new here

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Yeah, you read about the law in the law that Mr. can be unburdened by the IB even FC within North America the Odyssey was selected.

00:34:31--> 00:34:44

Min Genie he were insane for call me calling idema in Allahumma coteaux soluna nebby Yeah, you Allah Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik

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ala Mohammed, NY da da