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The emotional state of grief and the negative impact of people not being aware of their emotions on couples is discussed in a video on the emotional state of Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of not losing hope of Islam's mercy and the need for people to be aware of their emotions to avoid damaging their relationships with Islam. The use of words like "will" and "will" to describe emotions and moments is also discussed, along with the historical use of La union waover and the use of taqwa in people's behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning the history of Islam and taking action in addressing one's actions.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla Rahmanir Rahim. The brothers of abuse of Allah salat wa salam are now trying to convince the father in Abuja Kumara Serato salam, listen, we not lying we promise you this is just this is just something that overcame as we were unable to get our brother back he still and now that he's been kept behind and of course now nebia qub la salat wa salam is not convinced because this has happened before. So this studio has now reached us all the way to verse number 82 and we begin this evening with verse number 83 audible ammunition tone rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim nebia coupe responds, coil a bell so while at Luqman fusuma murrah No, no, he says, This is again a matter which will

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enforce plural of the word knifes your enforce your neffs as conspired this plot once more. For sovereign Jamil and once more, I will practice beautiful patience, the same expression that was used early on when he responded about an abuse of malice that was Sam, he said I'm not going to act unjustly. In other words, as we explained it, the he doesn't have any evidence, but he has a strong feeling that this is a plot from them. So you cannot act based on a suspicion he has to act based on what is just and what is just is that he has no evidence that they did anything wrong. So he says for sovereign Germany, he will apply beautiful patients. And I saw lava yet the beam Jamia and look

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at the hope that he still has behind Allah He says perhaps Allah will still bring both of them back to me. This is now yours often abusive Allah Sato Salam is gone. Chances are in anybody's mind that abusive Iris setosa would have died would have been killed. But he still has hope in who who will and he will hockey virally he Allah he's is all knowledgeable and he's always

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with the wildlife and who will call a SF Yusuf our delta Karina homina, who's nifa who are Calvin, super Han a lot what love He turned away from his children for me science. And he turns and he says, Yeah, I suffer od great grievances, oh grief, rather, and oh remos. Allah Yousuf over the matter of use of wobm. But I know and his eyes became white nymphai soon explained, this means that he literally became blind, mean, and because of the sheer grief, and out of crying incessantly over these are these sad occurrences for what Calvin, to the extent that he was a suppressor of anger, he was he was keeping his feelings in. And that of course, that Calvin is, is used in the Quran to

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swallow your anger. He was keeping all of these feelings in and it was, it was having a physical effect on him. corlew he says to them, de la he again, this is like one law, he but it's it. So it means the same thing as one law, it's a different instrument, the law, he by a law that would tell us this is the brother speaking, while law he you continue to remember and mentioned use of hat that akuna Harada, until you will destroy yourself meaning this grief will overtake you and you'll become fatally ill, or you will completely collapse. otaku nominal, highly keen, or you will destroy yourself completely, you will perish you will die.

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So this is of course, not mild grief, mild depression, this is serious. You could call this clinical depression is in a serious state of grief. And we could even look at this and say that anybody who's under the impression that it is unrighteous, to become depressed, or it is against piety, or it's against, you know, that which is morally and ethically in Islam to become depressed or to become sad,

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is really fooling themselves. Because if it is possible for an IBM Allah subhanho data, this is not Bianca, we've come across examples of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam previously, then obviously, it means that this is part of being a human being. But what we can also learn from this other than, you know, issues of mental health is how Islam prescribes. Our response should be, because look at the response of nebia qub la salatu salam, and you can really learn a lot from this. He says, Yeah, Benny, yes, Abu Fatiha Swami Yusuf says, Oh, my children go and search and find out about Yousuf was he and his brother so he hasn't lost hope. And he's not he's not being

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unreasonable. Interesting. Go and find out about him. See if you can get any information while they assume

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Miro Hilah and then he says to his sons, he's sitting with all this grief, but he's saying to his very sons, who he suspected that you know, has done these evil things, he says, they do not lose hope of the mercy of Allah. He still has this immense hope on Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is not enough to encourage others, this tobio full of Allah. So this shows that even when we are in a rat, you know, we find ourself in an emotional state of grief of despair, even then, the one thing that we should not become the speed of is Allah's mercy, we should never allow our emotions to ruin our relationship with Allah subhana wa tada whilst we can be sad, and we can be depressed, and it can

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affect everything else in our life. There's one thing that that emotional state is supposed to make stronger, and that's a one with Allah. And unfortunately, this is where we get things wrong. So people who get into this state, this emotional state, of depression of sadness, they lose connection with everything, including Allah, and that's the mistake. But there are other whilst everything might deteriorate in the lives and the feelings for everything and the inclination towards anything and everything to the extent they did, they didn't look after themselves properly, they don't eat properly. The one thing that must never decrease, in fact, it should increase is the connection with

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and this is what nebby aku lsfo salaam is teaching, he says that they assume you're in a human sense you don't lose hope, in the mercy of Allah. Now the word used here is not Rama. The word you the word used here is rough. And raw. hierro hora means rest relief, because in a more general sense, he's saying to the signs, look, our family we've been through a difficult time we've lost two of our sons still is not directly blaming them. He's not saying you did this because he has no evidence. But he's saying that collectively we've been through a tough time. And on top of all of that, we're going through with drought, we're going through a famine. But don't

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lose hope that Allah Subhana Allah will bring relief soon. So that's more than just his mercy in now who lay asuma rohilla ilco McAfee rude. He says because no one loses hope of Allah's mercy. No one loses hope that Allah will bring relief elanco McAfee rule except disbelievers. If you don't, if you don't have a concept of the isn't Illa is a God is a divine that overseeing everything, then only then will you lose hope of Allah's mercy. And Dr. Koop is teaching us again here beautifully, that we as believers, we can never have a situation in our lives in which we can be justified in losing hope of Allah's mercy, no one or hardly anyone can can speak of the type of sadness that nebbia is

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facing. Imagine so depressed, so grieved that he loses his eyesight and losing not only one but two of his sons. Anybody who's a parent will understand the love that the parent has for the children and so behind Allah, even then you should never lose hope of Allah mercy for llama death hollow la now the brothers come back because they were sent back by the Father. So they come back to an abusive Allister to Islam and again, they sitting in a situation where they don't have food. So now they have to come up with a with a manner in which they're going to approach abusive and ask him for food but at the same time they want the brother back now how do you do that? How do you do that when

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you know that your brother was found guilty of theft and the law has decreed that he's supposed to be kept behind falam Idaho la they ended up on us call yeah utilizes. They say oh minister must adore our family. We've been going through tough times. Our family has been going through such hard times such such adversity YG in our BB law team was jammed to the extent that now we have brought measly goods we've bought we've brought inferior goods. Because at this point, the feminine has been going on for so long, that all that they have left was the leftovers, whatever wealth they had in their home, whatever means they had to trade with is now gotten depleted. They only have like, you

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know some things that they did in the garage for example, to trade.

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But now they are asking you for a big favor. The same for all financial gain. Please give us full measure.

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don't deprive us don't give us based on what we are giving you give us full measure

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what the Santa Elena and otaku that makes other

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makes other harder they may not make sadaqa give us our brother back and they can't say directly because you know the in the court of the king now they asking a lot of the minister they asking give us exactly what we supposed to gain add we brought normal goods and on top of that give us a brother back to the same mix

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in the last

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edges elucidating and then they appeal to his religious consciousness think Verily Allah will reward those who are charitable. You know, if you use I'm sure you've seen biggest doing this sada Casa Taka and Allah reward you. So they're doing a similar thing here. Now Now the use of speaks and for the first time in all alone knows how long it's a decade at least two decades or so abusive speaks to them as you

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listen to how he opens and reveals himself he says Carla has a link to my file to be used. He says Do you know what you did with Yusuf and his brother? Obviously he's not supposed to know the name Yusuf because they never mentioned us to him. So the moment he says Yousuf, they will stand in thinking Subhana Allah

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is antonija he loon he says and when you did that, remember you were doing that when you were ignorant, to get before anything even takes place. Now the use of La salat wa salam is already showing mercy. He's not saying you did that because you are oppressors you are evil, you know,

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you murderers.

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He's saying you will ignorance. He's saying oh you can and that's a mercy in and of itself.

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corlew now the brothers are shocked and the response is in Canada and the use of Arabic it's a beautiful way of explaining the surprise in Canada and the use of how do I translate this? Is it that you indeed rarely Are you you you are you really use of this is basically what they saying? Cora Anna used to for HANA he he says I'm used to this is my brother called mn Allahu la Nice's Allah has favored us. He doesn't say, look at where I am today because you are. You see how I've succeeded in ufl. Now you are begging for manana. Allah is favored over us. That's the reason why we are standing here and you are standing me to get these humanity. You know how many times in our

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lives we think back and we triumphed over someone in a little bitty argument to something and we come out on top, they come out to the bottom and be like, No, you can be You are the guy. This is this is lessons that we can learn just in terms of character, the character of inability to handle in the who may or used to be, he says, really, anyone who has taqwa wildsmith and anyone who practices savoured, for in the law law, you do

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know that Allah will not let the rewards or the good outcomes of the good news is be lost. Allah will look after them. Beautiful. He says, It's not because we deserve this. It's because we practice taqwa. And because you practice sobor and Allah had looked after us, that is it. And we learned a lesson from this as well and the other places in the Quran where Allah says this directly to us. That will make tequila hija Allahu Maharaja who serve as taqwa of Allah, Allah will make a way out for you no matter what. And now number Yusuf Ali said to salami standing in a real life situation, and he can show that look, Allah made a way out of out of a well out of prison, in or out of being

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accused of Xena out of treason. And yeah, I Stan, Minister of the lands in charge of the drought control type of thing. And you are the very people who once upon a time lift me for this, and you're asking me to make use of the power over you. But this is only because of taqwa and Sabah we are in the month of May Allah God has taqwa and Allah make us people of Southern I mean Europe Alana me and when we are like that Allah will always be there to look after us call outta la he they say Tama he again is that expression, la parada, ethercon La Nina virally, unless preferred you and favored you over us. We're in couldn't afford him and we we made a mistake. So now they're showing remorse.

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They're showing remorse. Now, they admitting look, Allah has made you in a better place than we have been. And we have made a mistake. So now, use the thing with all the power. You can imprison them you can have them crucified, you can have them killed, you can have been kicked out of the lands. Right What would you do?

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In this following?

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the embodiment of human kindness and human Mercy is found the personification of what it is to be a humanitarian, to be a person of

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a person of goodness towards others is found. And it's not only found because this was the words of never use, but we find these exact words this ayah was used by an Abbe Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was also in a position to exact vengeance upon his enemies and when was their Fatoumata. In fact, hamaca when they conquered Makkah, once more, and people

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The likes of which not only killed but mutilated the bodies of his friends and loved ones and his family members like Hamza, these very enemies who stood the he had the chance and the power to vanquish all of them. What did he do? He recited this ayah now we use every Saturday, this iron color lat a three by la Coolio today, no blame is upon you.

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You are completely freed of all blame. I declare you innocent. Yes, Pharaoh Allahu la comida top of that, May Allah forgive you making the afternoon while we're out hammer Rafi mean, and he don't worry because he's the most Merciful of those who show mercy. So behind Allah, if we look at our own history, of all the things, Nelson Mandela became a hero around the world, for what because of that one act in all the other things in his life, it was the fact that when he got into power, he did not say right now the tables have turned in reverse. This very act is an example of prophetic characteristics. Now we have to learn this in our own lives as well. There will be times where your

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enemies or people who have oppressed you or have done wrong and you will be on the receiving end of a bad deal. And you have the power to change that. When you change that. You see because in this instance, you don't have to and that's when it becomes even more magnanimous it is when you have the right to exact justice you have the right to take revenge because he's an arm gives you that Islam does not say turn the other cheek. He said arm says Well, if you get harmed like this, then you can harm equally you know within within the law of course. So we in those situations you practice,

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you overlooked in your pardon and you forgive that is when you buying a ticket to Jana, because like you are forgiving them committed into them. Allah Subhana Allah will certainly forgive you, Allah subhana wa tada make us of the people of alpha and urashima. Now, the question is what happens next? Because now we are qub has become completely grief stricken, he's lost his eyesight. He doesn't know that you suffer is still alive. He doesn't know that being your minister Allah, the brothers just found out so obviously neusner needs to reach him. But we'll find out more about that tomorrow night in sha Allah. So Allah anissina Mohammed

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amin Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh