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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Amala are back. Welcome to the second edition of this krissa of Novi Moosa in our studios of the prophets series.

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Just to make sure that we know exactly what we are doing in the month of Ramadan, it's the second the second taraweeh this evening, and hamdulillah we've decided to undertake this journey of the life of Nabi Musa to get an understanding as to why we are doing this and what we can expect, I would suggest that everyone watch the first insert of this insha Allah, we have covered thus far in the surah verse number 123. And we discussed a little bit about the background of NaVi Moosa and his importance at hamdulillah. So, quickly, vision toss in mental chaotic, eatable movie, those are the verses of the clear book NetFlow net Lu, we recite alike upon you may never immersa of the stories

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of NaVi Moosa was around and the pharaoh will have with all truth, they told me, you know, for people who believe so, we said, we will mention a little bit about

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who Iran was. So, the Fado before they were Pharaohs in Egypt, they used to be kings, and that we can see from the story of the use of However,

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they then started you know, taking the form of the feetoes. And this should be much like a kingship but they consider themselves divine they consider themselves as gods. And they were very oppressive, in that they would you know, while considering themselves as as great they would actually replace and enslave others, to accomplish whatever it was to install the greatness in the eyes of people. We then move on now this evening, to the next set of verses in sha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says, in the field owner, Allah fill out indeed Freetown Allah, he considered himself as high so you really added a superiority complex, he put himself as as really high, I can just minimize this so you can

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have a good vision of the of the woods in sha Allah.

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He exalted himself fill out the in the land, what gyla and he made its people Yanni the benissa eel are the Israelites Shia and split them up into groups into factions stop the evil, he would replace pi fetta mean him a group from among them, and you'll be holed up in a home he would actually kill the sons were yesterday he sat at home, and he would enslave the women folk, and also keep them alive in there who can Amina move city and he is in need of those who cause facade corruption. So behind Allah,

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why would anybody do this? Why would they murder all the male children? So history tells us in the Quran hints to this unexplained that fear around received some sort of divine inspiration or news. Some claim that it was a dream that he received others claim that it was it was prophecies from previous prophets. And yet others still claim that he was advised that you know, the people of the Israelites, they actually had this as the tail among them that one day you would have somebody doing this, what is this vision? What is this divine inspiration that he acted upon?

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He heard that he would be one of the children of Israel, one of the Israelites, who would rise up and gain dominance over him and actually overthrow him. And he was so obsessed with being powerful, he was so obsessed with having this great superiority in the lens, that in order to to circumvent this Israelite coming up and actually throwing his throwing him over, he decided to kill all the male children. So he did this for a while, until, you know, his advisors told him listen, you know, if you're going to continue killing the male children, then you actually going to end up with a huge economic problem because no one will be the to build your pyramids and to build your Sphinx and to

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build all these other great monuments in your favor.

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And the Bernice raio, the Israelites who are actually your slaves, they would cease to exist. So, you know, he was hesitant and reluctant, but fear around decided to then change the methodology and allow the male children to live one year, when, and then the second year he would, he would murder all children who are boys and they were born in that year. Now, I would like at this point, to just hint at the fact that throughout this story, we're going to see a phrase coming through and that phrase is against all odds, I want you to really remember that, you know, you could hashtag it, you could make it your profile, you could, you know, just sort of handle against all odds is the

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defining phase of this story of this entire story of the life of an AVI Moosa for that matter. In my opinion, it's something that continues to come up again and again.

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This is our first hint at that because Allah subhana wa dialler could have caused nebby Moosa to be born in a year in which the male children were kept alive. And this is not what has taken place. So, you know, it would have been better it would have been easier to have not been Mousavi born in a year that male children will keep their lives and let them be moussaka and prosper. But instead his brother Harun was born in a year we male children were kept alive he himself Nabi Musa was born in the year in which the male children were killed so his mother really feared for him so she didn't know what to do imagine your mother You give birth in a year we your son cuz she gave birth to a boy

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of course is going to be killed. So she was she was really scared and all this behind her with Alice's

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you know, further on in the sort of, you'll see it in just a moment. What fear this mother actually had, but against all odds alone wanted him to be born in a year with the male children were killed, so that he could against all odds, beat that and make it and live through this. This particular massacre was number five, when you read an Muna Allah Latina, stood a fulfill of the manager Allahumma imata. When Allah when ye and we, Allah, nudie Do we want it and moon to favor Island readiness to die for those who were sought to be weakened, in other words, the police people fill out in the land when I left home. And we want to make them the plural of the word Imams, we wanted

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to make them the leaders when Naja Allah whom and we wanted to make them aware if in the A's in other words, we wanted to allow them to inherit the land, and really take over, of course, this is referring to the Benes, right, you know, the Israelites, just the point, a side note. When we say we, you know, I'm translating the Quran, and I say we did this and we did that. This is referring to Allah Subhana Allah. If you haven't heard this before, then this of course would seem strange, you know, why you referring to Allah as we,

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you know, this is a laser only one. So, in throughout the Quran, Allah refers to himself as Allah as he, as I. And as we.

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The most common explanation for this is, of course, that it is the Royal pronoun, in other words, that Allah Subhana, Allah speaks like kings speak, because he's the king of kings. So in King speak there and say, I do this, and I do that they say,

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we declare that this is the law and we declare that that is the law. So they call this the Royal pronoun. These are evil, another explanation that I like as well. And that is, Allah Subhana, Allah does not want us to have an impression of a physical being, we continues to call himself he or I, and then we think of a person. And a male person at that alone changes the pronoun all the time in context. So that's just a side note. So back to the story, allow one to two favor the oppressed people. Yo Didi, against all odds, people who are downtrodden and oppressed, you know, somebody can be so oppressed or people can be so pleased that you think how are they ever going to get through?

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So you see the people of Palestine and you know, throughout my life, at least, and I'm only a few decades old, we've seen the people of Palestine suffer and other countries as well. And you know, we live fairly short lives, I mean, less than 100 years, then we imagine that's behind the law. We nothing's going to change, how are things going to change? But the reality is, if you go through, if you go through the history books, you will see that people are not just a priest for a decade or two or three, sometimes it's four centuries and yet when they are at

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at the lowest of the low, Allah azza wa jal could just choose at that time to allow them to rise up somehow the other against all odds. And this is exactly what we are seeing. We can learn from this, that do not underestimate the power that lies with the old priest. Remember that the prophets RSM told us that the door of the mob loom they do have the one who is a priest is Mr. Jab, and this is it regardless of whether that person or those people are Muslim or non Muslim. When people are oppressed, they have a special connection with Allah Subhana Allah. And we may, we may think that it's obvious why but if it really is that obvious, then we would, we would somehow find more comfort

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in the challenges that we face. It is important in our context, you know, facing the covid, 19, pandemic, etc. to take note of the the the the plight of the oppressed. Why? Because we might not be oppressed by a group of people or by a tyrannical leader. But when a believer undertakes or other goes through any form of difficulty to the point of the prophets smcs, if a believer picks his finger on a thorn, then that removes sins. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam told us that a plague is a punishment for the disbelievers. But it's actually a Rama for the believers is a hadith about this. So we can learn that when we are in the position of the priest, that there's something

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magical that happens the what's the magic, the magic is that being down, you know, forces you to go down onto your knees, and sometimes even down into the ground. And it is when you are down on your knees and when you are down in the ground that you are closest to Allah Subhana Allah, sometimes when we don't voluntarily bow down to Allah and don't voluntarily submit to Allah and makes you do to Allah, then Allah brings us down to our knees and it brings us down to the ground. My dad, Allah, I've done the afro in India is a, you know, Allah does not increase a servant to pardons except in honor. Similarly, a slave who wants to go down, study, a slave who wants to go up, must first go

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down, and bring himself low and humble before Allah and Allah will lift him up again. I believe that, that as a species, we have really forgotten the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah because we were so impressed with our own greatness. And then COVID-19 happened. And we were once again reminded that Allah is powerful beyond our imagination, that he can bring us down to our knees and cause us to submit and to him, whether we like it or not. So we move on from that, and Allah says,

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when you makin Allah home filled out, we wanted to position them and establish them in the land. Now the Israelites were once in the promised land, in the time of Abraham. And the promised land is of course, you know, Palestine, and, and Islam and the areas of Jerusalem.

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So, what caused them to move away from Palestine? And the answer is femen. So the, the Israelites have been through a lot of difficulty, so they were stuck by famine, and they moved towards Egypt, they they found, you know, this water this this is life for them, but then they were enslaved by fear around but Allah wanted them to be there. And even though they had to go through this entire cycle to first be stopped by famine and then to be enslaved and to suffer, and only then the only after that did they reach the point, but that point that they reached was the plan of Allah all along. So sometimes I'll let takes us through a journey in life with is a desired outcome that we

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have no clue what it is that Allah really knows. And this is what our call comes in. When oma kin Allah whom we position them in the in the landfill out when nutria Freetown and then we showed him around Wareham man as well as man now how man was one of the the ministers of Iran in fact, he was the main minister.

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They used to be involved in a lot of magic, black magic and

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illusions and so forth.

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What you knew the home as well as the armies of Iran and ham and mean home among them, Mack and we had our own path which they had feared. So the very thing that Allah azza wa jal caused them to fear which was that they'd be overthrown by the Israelites and by this person alone wanted them to actually see that coming before them. How against all odds again, oh, hyena, let me Moosa, we inspire you know why Yeah. And this is a discussion that we could actually focus on for quite a while, but I'm going to try to summarize it over here means

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According to the majority of scholars, because why in the sense of how Allah speaks to a prophet is specifically for prophets and the majority of Muslim scholars of Anderson Ahjumma of the opinion that they were no female prophets there are others from Arsenal Gemma who believed that they were female prophets, because of expressions such as this one oh hyena, you know, Mimosa we gave way to the mother of Musa and similarly that you know, we spoke to Maryam but it stick to the majority opinion not to get into into any elf. What Oh hyena We inspired Illa Mimosa to the mother of Musa and out of the IE, to give him suckling. In other words to breastfeed him for either 50 la so when

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you fear over him for a lucky phillium then cast him into the river, you know, the the box the the Moses basket that we call today, put him in a basket and put him in the river phillium Yum is a body of water Of course, we are told that this is referred to as referring to the Nile while at the hoffy and do not fear regarding him while at the has any internet be sad? In indeed we Allah or or do you like we will certainly turn him or return him rather to you was there a new who And not only that, we will make him levy Moosa min l mursaleen. of the Prophet Subhana Allah ajeeb imagine

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I take you back to the the darkness of the well, we never be used to fire reset or tsunamis in the well. And he's waiting to die and then his lowest of the low, Allah comforts him and tells him that you will inform your brothers of this, this event of this and we learned so much from that. And similarly year, we learn that he has a mother sacking a newborn child fearing that this child is going to be murdered simply because he was born in the wrong year and to the wrong tribe that you know, don't fear because I'm alive in charge says Allah Subhana Allah to her, in fact, breastfeed him and simply put him in a box or basket and put him in the in the water. Think of of the mother at

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this point, you know, I must put my baby in a basket in a river, and it's just gonna float away.

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SubhanAllah imagine that though, of course, that you need to have to obey the chicken mind. Without question. Not only should you do this is all led to her but while at the hoffy don't fear while at destiny to not be sad. You have to you have to do take the necessary precautions, you know, don't just hold the baby as the soldiers coming and then you go kill the baby, you know, you can't kill my baby, Allah is going to protect it now unless he's take the means with the baby in the basket. That means I can now condition you know, you don't say well, I'll let him control of COVID-19 I'll die if I must die. So I'm just going to go outside and I'm going to not do social distancing. And I'm going

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to shake hands and I'm not going to wash my hands etc. No, take the means. But while at the hoffy Don't be overcome by fear. While at the Hasani Don't be overcome by grief. Because even though you must take the means and even though you know things seem like you are against all odds.

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Don't fear Don't be sad because I was in charge in our I do who elect we will return him and to you why jack Lew and we will make him meanwhile mursaleen of the messengers, so in her time of, you know possibly depression or anxiety for for what she's experiencing Alessia. We are going to make him of the Prophet. So behind Allah. Imagine this is a mother with a newborn baby and God is revealing to her that your baby is going to become a prophet, Allahu Akbar. And the level of the workqueue and yaqeen conviction, you know, trust in Allah and conviction in Allah that she had to have to fulfill this. And of course, what's going to happen? I'm sure we've all heard the story. The basket goes

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down the river and who finds it What happens next? You will be so amazed at how Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals this story to us. But for that we'll have to wait until tomorrow night be in the light Allah sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad to handle over honey. So behind Niccolo Mohammed ignition to Allah, Allah, Allah and the stellar fuuka when it will be like I said, I'm Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato